Who’s Watching The Watchers? 31 Days of Angels



This might appear to be a silly question, but who is watching those who watch us? The Holy Spirit always accompanies angels, it so it important to know that while God gives them charge over us, we have charge over them too.

Psalm 103 describes them as having superhuman strength, and says that they hearken or listen to voice of His Word. That means if we are speaking God’s Word over our problems and situations that they are listening and acting in obedience. Since angels can only obey God and His Word, and believers as they speak it. We are in a sense watching them, we will get to judge our guardian angels. 1 Corinthians 6:3 How many people actually know that or really believe it? That is why I chose to write about angels for my 31 Day October Writing Challenge. This is my 3rd year. And I want to thank Crystal Stine and everyone who has offered encouragement.

I want anyone reading this to understand clearly, I am not advocating card reading, psychics or anything except the pure and holy presence of angels sent to assist believers in Jesus Christ, the devil has counterfeits, he will use lies and confusion, but Jesus gives you clarity and peace. We must know what the Bible says and not trust just any book about angels, though there are several good ones, and each of us will have to decide for ourselves whether to believe stories, some may sound as way out as alien encounters but you will know the truth, as a follower of Christ.

I often pray for ministering spirits to strengthen me just as they did Jesus, though my forty day fasts only give up a meal or two. I do not pray to the angel, they are servants, not to be worshiped. Though I love reading angel stories, I use wisdom as to who is credible. The same is true of those photographs you see. Most are double exposed, photo shopped or just blurred, orbs are often glimmers of sunlight. One lady claiming to take dramatic photos around a statue of Mary was just a poor photographer getting the sunlight.

However, I have seen some that definitely outline a white figure, one caught by a hospital security camera, makes it more credible. And the story of a girl in a wreck who asked paramedics to pray out loud, brought a priest to anoint her. The absence of the priest, who told them they would get her out, in any of their photos, adds credibility to that as an angelic appearance, no Catholic church in the area had a priest who was there either.

I don’t want anyone to doubt the existence and reality of those who watch over us. A woman who had heard about Psalm 91, was walking home when she grabbed and dragged to the bushes, all she could remember to say was ” feathers” but she was released. Knowing or at least remembering one word of that Psalm probably saved her life. I encourage everyone to pray over themselves, families, houses, workplaces, plead the blood of Jesus over the person and place as well and also every route and mode of transportation, from subway to SUV to 747.

We know God is watching, and angels. We are watching those who watch as well. We know God is a promise keeper not a promise breaker. Sometimes, you will notice that babies are very aware of angels, especially, when being sung to. Pets are also very aware,  my Yorkie will kneel in the Lord’s presence in our house. He is in the midst of two or three who gather in His name to talk or pray or seek His face.

Isn’t it amazing to have angels to go to and fro, ascend and descend the ladders of heaven, who can strengthen us and protect us and even touch us with the healing of Jesus, that He places upon the wind of their wings?

You know that funny feeling you have when your being watched? Well, this isn’t one of them. It’s a great feeling to know these watchers are watching. God watches His Word to perform it. I hope you will enjoy my 31 Days of Angels, and be alert to the watchers, we all could use a guardian angel. Rebecca Jones

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Day 4: Friends In High Places / A Look At Angels and the Children of God


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Day 5: Wrapped In Wings / Prayers and Comfort From God’s Angels


Day 6: The Healing Pool / A Look at Angels and Healing Through Jesus


Day 7: Ministering Spirits / Angels and the Heirs of Salvation, Believers.


Day 8: Warrior Angels / God’s Mighty Protectors


Day 9: Gabriel / The Annunciation Angel


Day 10: The Devil’s Mouth Piece / Lucifer’s Fall and how he wants us to fail


Day 11: Angelic Protection and Divine Intervention / Looking Back At Life’s Moments


Day 12: Fallen Angels / Taking a Look Into Evil


Day 13: What Angels Really Do / Not Just Cherubs or Valentines


Day 14: Angelic Appearances / Who Saw Angels in the Bible


Day 15: Commanding Angels / God’s Powerful Host


Day 16: Angel Stories / Some Memorable Stories About Guardians


Day 17: Angels In Heaven / Do People Become Angels?


Day 18: The Reality of Angels / A Very Real Look At Angels


Day 19: Earth Angels /  People can be ” angels ” in a way.


Day 20: The Tongues of Angels / Do Angels Have a Language?


Day 21: The Angel of the Lord / Jesus Through the Old Testament


Day 22: Abundance Angel /// Jesus came to give life more abundantly.


Day 23: The Demonic Side / A Look at Fallen Angels, But Fear Not!


Day 24: End Times Angels / Angels and the Tribulation


Day 25: Praise Him, All Ye Angels / Praise from Psalm 148


Day 26: Michael, the Archangel / Jesus’ Right Hand Man


Day 27: The Burning Ones / God’s Closest Angels, Seraphim


Day 28: Heavenly Stairs or Ladders /  Jacob’s Dream


Day 29: The Promise of Angels / Some verses to study or memorize.


Day 30: Harvest Angel / A Poem for Thanksgiving


Day 31: Even Death Bows His Knee / Jesus Defeated Death


Even Death Bows His Knee



I recently heard about Jesus as the demons had Him in hell those three days when He was in the tomb. He went into hell defeated death, hell and the grave. He took the keys of hell, He overcame the devil.

Jesus led captivity captive, He brought the souls of those who had believed and entered Paradise with Him out of the grave. The thief who believed as well, who while on the cross recognized Jesus innocence and His own guilt as repented arrived about the same time as the Lord.

The souls in Paradise rejoiced, I’m sure, to see Him come and free them. Heaven at that time was referred to as Paradise and there was a gulf dividing it from Hades in the center of the earth.

No doubt, as that horrid enemy watched Jesus carry a cross after being beaten and scourged, spat upon and mocked, His beard plucked and blood run down His forehead ripped by a crown of thorns, thought he had defeated Jesus once and for all. When in fact, even after agonizing in Gethsemane, sweating blood to break Adam’s curse upon the earth, He was able to stand and declare I Am He and knock over 600 men with His power, He even healed the ear of Malchus to keep Peter, the denying one from prison.

No, Jesus was all man and all God in all ways tempted but perfection itself. Sweetness, Himself, allowed the Romans to take Him. No one could hold Him. He willingly gave His life to save us, heal us and provide angelic protection and divine intervention.  He keeps His promises and we should Amen them, these and so many more. Clearly, Jesus was the Lamb of God, sacrificed, atonement for those who would believe, He died once and for all.

As for the devil, his demons must have been dumbstruck, He was seen in Hades, they must have dragged His soul from His body, this is the first teaching I have heard that describes Death as a demon, or perhaps even higher dominion or principality.

They laid hold of Jesus alright but His power overcame every demon, they were probably trembling and whatever plans they had Him the Holy Spirit did not allow, He had the keys of Death and Hell, the devil was probably off celebrating and highly disappointed to see his arch enemy missing on the third day.

We can only speculate on what actually happened, I know people have had visions and I believe some are very credible. And still I know some who would even dispute He was in hell but the Word is clear…it was prophesied in the Old Testament.

For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see corruption. Psalm 16:10 ESV

Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. Act 2:27 KJV and again in Acts 13:35

Death bowed its knee to Jesus as the Holy Spirit brought Him forth and rolled away the stone, He folded His napkin that covered His face as a sign of His return, a custom at the time, but at meal time, they would understand His return.

God did not leave Him there, he had Joseph of Aramathea to offer His tomb, people who were crucified were usually thrown into  a fire pit another reference with Hades or hell. And He was not dead four days like Lazarus, imagine the groaning of the Holy Spirit to bring Him back even more than Jesus did for him. Lazarus was beginning to decay.

And there was no way the already tortured and mutilated body of Jesus would be put in with the bodies of prisoners, animal carcasses or trash, or even feces or whatever was rotten that needed burning. No way God would let it happen. Jesus really had to trust His Father. Remember, the law of the Spirit of life makes us free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:23, and the wages of sin is still death, even believers who continue in it, sometimes unwittingly. Roman 6:23, we should keep His words in our hearts and our minds on Him.

I realize this is an extreme post, that was impressed upon me as I overcome my own health problems. Jesus took the sting of death and is merciful to those who have fought bravely and are just to tired, but if you can trust Jesus, and whatever spirit Death may be, it bowed it’s knee to Him, It has to bow to His name. Jesus gives us authority, it will take faith, hop and love, and the greatest is love, His love, but He makes all things possible and new. Can you believe Jesus, and let Death bow to you, because He is beside you. Rebecca Jones

I hope you have enjoyed 31 Days of Angels, in the future I may even learn how to make an e-book and offer it to subscribers, but you can find it all on Pinterest, Writer’s Challenge 2017, and all links are on the October 1st post, Who’s Watching the Watchers? God bless you, may angels watch over you. Thank you for reading any or all posts.




Harvest Angel

Harvest Angel

Harvest angel, gather in those that are blessed.

Invite them to Thanksgiving dinner.

Saint, no longer sinner, He gives us  grace for living.

In a time of giving, He gives us rest.

We give Him worship and praise,

He gives us His love, over the beloved, always.

We come from west and east.

To celebrate His Feast.

I’m honored to be His guest.

He is at the head of my banqueting table.

The Lord will provide, God is able.

Harvest angel, gather in the blessed.

May our homes be filled with His presence,

The aroma of His love, may it be found.

In hearts that are full,

In sleeping sweetly and sound.

Harvest angel gather together the beloved and the blessed,

And let us come to praise and thank the one who gives us His peace and rest.

Rebecca Jones

The Promise of Angels

We’ve been talking about angels all month, so I thought I would give you some angel promises. Or at least give you the promises God made about angels. The verses are useful in prayer, not to the angels but for Jesus to send them on our behalf. So I will give you a few verses and a brief summary, you could always look them up for yourself, but I’m here to help, and I want this to be an enjoyable study, and then when you have some Bible time, seek His wisdom on the subject.

He said to me, ‘The LORD, before whom I have walked, will send His angel with you to make your journey successful, and you will take a wife for my son from my relatives and from my father’s house. Genesis 23:20

Abraham is sending his servant to pick out a wife for Isaac. And we know about Rebekah. God is good at picking husbands/ wives.

I will send an angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. Exodus 33:2

What a great promise to Moses, in the same way. He drives out our  ” ites “, whatever their names may be. Thank you Lord, go and ahead and get rid of them.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them. Psalm 34:7

Fear is more reverence and respect. And other translations say surround, protects and defends. I like the Aramaic translation that says the army of the Lord’s angels…delivers them. And we talked about the Angel of the Lord at times, referring to Jesus, this is more about angels but, hey, we’ll take Jesus.

Do we really picture ourselves being defended by score of angels? Well, maybe we should. Encamped around us? Circling us like the pioneers with their wagons. Instead of us being surrounded by enemies, we are surrounded by our friends in high places, thanks to Jesus.

For He will order His angels to protect you in all you do. Psalm 91:11 the NET Bible

I really like this version. Whatever we are doing, should always be for the Lord, but even if we get sidetracked or don’t sense and enemy attack, He’s there. He’s got us covered. I can almost feel the feathers.

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10

Remember, this verse is not just for children but for believers as well. Our angels are looking to Him on our behalf and we must always keep that in mind. We need to walk in His love and grace. If only people could work together like angels do.

Of the angels He says, “He makes his angels winds, and His ministers a flame of fire.” Hebrews 1:7

This is where we learn about Jesus becoming lower than angels, coming in human form to be crucified and risen, this verse says He makes His angels spirits, but the word wind is not wrong. It translates, wind, spirit, breath. In Greek pnuema, and in Hebrew, ruach,  ( roo – ok ). I like that it says winds, the Holy Spirit is a wind. I like to check different versions on Bible Hub, this is from the English Standard Version.

There is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents. Luke 15:10

This is how we we become an heir to salvation and angelic protection, healing and many other gifts and benefits.  When we come to the Lord and believe on Him and accept Him as Lord, we are accepted into the beloved, Jesus. His Father called Him that. Many people are also baptized, as opposed to sprinkling or dedication at birth. The Bible calls this John’s baptism, Jesus received the Holy Spirit here also, but John says He will baptize you with fire and the Holy Spirit, they are two separate baptisms. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you will speak in tongues. Angels are happy to see people saved.

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

In a previous post we talked about how angels minister to the heirs of salvation, and believers are that. It is the new covenant with better promises all cut into the flesh of Jesus, His will, what He bequeathed us. Angels will minister to us and we can minister to others, and the Lord. Angels also ministered to Him.

I often ask Him to let them strengthen me. They will work on our problems and situations and go before us, we can ask Him to charge them for our most pressing needs. We can pray aloud or whisper His name in our hearts. The angel will know what He tells them, in a tongue we may never understand.

And don’t forget to be hospitable to strangers, they may be angels in disguise. Hebrews 13:2 Rebecca Jones

Heavenly Stairs or Ladders

This is an interesting story, falling asleep on a rock and having a dream of angels ascending and descending a ladder, though I think it is more like a heavenly staircase. It is translated as such in other versions of the Word. You know, I have had nights when I felt like my head was on a rock. Or even when it hurt so much it was like a rock.

Now imagine you are seeing angels ascending and descending and at the head of those stairs, the Lord. Jacob, was of course being given the land for his descendants, and they would be many. Jacob means supplanter, and indeed, having twelve sons, he sowed into Israels future. When he awoke, he thought surely this was the gate of heaven and that God was here. He called the Beth- El or the house of God, for He promised He would bring him back here. It had originally been known as Luz, or light.

He took his rock pillow, I hope he a robe or something on it, and poured out olive oil on it. God puts His anointing on things and people, doesn’t He? This is also a type of Christ also. like the brazen serpent,or burning bush, Jesus was the Lamb of God as our offering and is depicting Him throughout the Old Testament.

The ladder was representative of his steps or levels, his journey. We know Jacob would want to marry Rachel and end up with Leah, and would have a lot of sons with handmaidens as well. And they would eventually become the twelve tribes of Israel. we know they would destroy a town over the rape of their sister Dinah, and sell Joseph into slavery.

Jacob would lose his beloved Rachel, she held onto some idolatry, and died in childbirth, bearing Benjamin. Jacob was attentive to and favored these two, because they were Rachel’s and he loved her, and they were the youngest. I have heardthat Joseph was an annoyance to the older brothers, especially with his coat of many colors, but I think as grown men they acted childishly and foolishly. Jacob’s life ended after a famine and being reunited with Joseph, as he was Pharoah’s Prime Minister. His dreams had come true.

And God’s plans for Jacob were for descendants to inhabit the land and they did. But since our study is on angels, they were working night and day, to protect Jacob along the way. His sons caused a lot of trouble, and of course, there was his own brother, Esau, who was after him. He is the one who sold his birthright. They did come to some understanding.

The take away from this story is that God makes good on His promises. Jacob was not the best person in the world, having deceived his father Isaac. It shows God has plans and offers forgiveness to us, A better covenant is in place, because of Jesus. And He is the head of our ladders or stairs, commanding angels to and fro to work about the situations that will bring His promises to pass in our live.

Jesus is our rock, and He put His head on a stone in the garden of Gethsemane, and on a cross at Calvary. The oil of His anointing that gave Him courage to face and overcome death, another stone rolled away, and He was risen, that olive oil was pressed from Him, He was crushed for our iniquities.

Jesus is what it is all about and He is all through the Bible, whether simile or the simplicity that He just loved us so much, He’d rather died horribly than live with out us. I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t understand that and love Him in return. I want Him to be at the head of stairs, and angels are always welcome to move in my life. Rebecca Jones


The Burning Ones



In Ezekiel 1:13 And Isaiah 6:2, we read of the burning ones, the living creatures, the seraphim. The seraphim are signifigant in Scripture as having six wings, two to cover their face in adoration or worship and two cover their bodies, and two at their feet allow them to fly, to move through the courts of heaven, inner sanctuary or just to hover around God’s throne.

They are God’s closest attendants, personal assistants if you will. They are there crying or voicing the ” Holy, holy, holy…” phrase. It was a seraphim who anointed the lips of Isaiah the prophet, with a coal he took from the altar.

We have talked about  both angels as winds and flames. I have even seen a picture that appears to show a fiery angel. It could be credible as the man had a successful surgery the next day. But let’s read it again.

He makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants. Psalm 104:4

Now about the angels He says: “He makes His angels winds, His servants flames of fire.” Hebrews 1:7

The word is also used of the snake bites in the wilderness, Moses made a Saraph, brazen serpent. When those bitten looked upon it they were healed.  Just as when we look at Jesus  upon the cross we are.

There are statues depicting seraphim at Persepolis. And while Ezekiel 1:13 describes fire and lightning flashing between the beings, we also see too that the cherubim are beneath the chariot wheels, the Ancient of Days sitting on the throne. It could be that both have a fiery or lightning quality. Seraphim are mentioned in Revelation. I have long thought that when Ezekiel saw the wheel, it could have actually been the rotating of the cherub wings.

It said that seraphim will excel in love and cherubim in knowledge, yet I am not convinced that angels are capable of love as we know it or there would be more rebellion and they would save babies and people. Angels are to be obedient to God, and can respond to our prayers.

As personal attendants to both God and Jesus, they are very close to them. do they attend us? I suppose it is possible. But what we can take away from our study of the burning ones is that they are on fire, glowing, intensely devoted and even passionate about their heavenly role. Shouldn’t we desire to be that close to Jesus, and God the Father?

As we draw closer to God and he to us through His Son, we are on fire, burning with a passion for Him, shouldn’t we be glowing? Take a lesson from His closest servants, and He calls us friends. Rebecca Jones ( If you are joining me from Grace and Truth, scroll back and read about angels all month. )



Michael, the Archangel


You see this picture quite often. Michael is positioned on the devils back with a scale and his sword raised in victory. I like that he is stepping on his head. You see cherubs in the clouds and a dove above his head.

Some of the others depict the devil in more detail but what matters to me most is that he is defeated. Michael is victorious, he is the angel over Israel, his name means who is like God. Personally, I believe he is the closest to Jesus.

I believe that he is the angel that returns with him, hence the phrase with the shout of an archangel. There are those that would teach that Jesus and he or perhaps Gabriel are the same but that is not the case,  The Bible makes it clear.

While Jesus was secreted throughout the Old Testament as the Angel of the Lord, as we discussed earlier, He is never called Michael or Gabriel, and while God or Elohim as he was called may have mentioned angels as the sons of God, it is not that He fathered them, they were created, it was a term of endearment just as we are termed His sons and daughters.

Lucifer, was created, God did not create sin, but free will. the devil is a fallen angel, he was never the brother of Jesus. Jesus was and is the only begotten and beloved Son of God and that by an Immaculate conception as the Holy Spirit entrusted Mary’s womb with the Savior of the world.

There is way too much irreverence and disrespect for holy and sacred things, in the days of these paintings, people were aware of what the Church taught. Many people came to believe that Catholics, were worshiping angels and exalting Mary above Jesus, I don’t think that is true of most people. There are extremes on all sides.

Perhaps Protestants and the Reformation changed how some looked at angels, also those who claim to have had visitations and started their own religions. But angels have always portrayed by artists and I love those old paintings, whether they are accurate depictions of them or just an artist’s rendering, we know from Psalm 103 that they excel in strength. One statue of Michael is twice as tall as a person. I’m glad he is on our side.

Michael is clearly identified as having contended with the devil for the body of Moses. He also did not have to rail or be loud, he was just victorious. God buried Moses. And he came to help Daniel, when the Prince of Persia, is blocking his prayers, in Daniel 10:13, and he stands guard over Israel in Daniel 12:1. Jude 1:9 also mentions him in reference to Moses body again.

1 Thessalonians 4:16, Michael accompanies Jesus with the shout of the archangel and trumpet, the return of Christ, or the rapture, catching away of the church. And I realize there are different opinions on that. In Revelation 12:7, we see Michael again going  up against the devil. Of course, he is always the victor as Jesus is. No matter how much the devil thinks he is winning, he is a defeated foe.

While this is a reference to a war breaking out in heaven, I believe that that occurred at the fall and that this is also a battle in the future, when Jesus will eventually defeat the Anti-Christ, and reign a thousand years before beginning eternity.

I am happy to know the Lord has placed everything and every time in a certain order, and has angels at the ready to gather a harvest of souls. it will be an interesting time in history to see heaven on earth again. And it will be nice to stand among the angels, ans walk with them on the golden streets of heaven. Rebecca Jones ( Remember to scroll back to read about angels all month long. )

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Praise Him, All Ye Angels!


Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD from the heavens; Praise Him in the heights! Praise Him, all His angels, Praise Him all His Hosts Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all stars of light!…Psalm 148: 1-3

Isn’t this divine? I love this and it is a chorus I used to sing quite often. Sometimes, the angels have been referred to a stars. Let’s look at praise a little more, shall we. While we think of seraphim round the throne and crying, ” holy, holy, holy “, because He is and worthy to be praised, we see how praise is heralded by angels wherever they are.

They praise from the heavens, the heights, every level. The apostle Paul was caught up in the Spirit into the third heaven. The earth’s atmosphere, and beyond.  They praise from the sun or perhaps sunlight, and from the night, the stars. Every twinkling one of them, like an angelic lullaby, praising Him for the day and calming the night.

They praise Him as stars of light that guide the ships upon the sea, and walk lovers home hand in hand in the moonlight. They know that Israel is the apple of God’s eye, but they are the twinkle in His. Have you ever seen the so called Eye of God, shot from the Hubble telescope? And there is even a cross in the center of a whirlpool nebula.

Yes, praise the LORD, you armies of angels who serve Him and do His will! Psalm 103:21 New Living Translation

If Joshua’s armies sent singers and praisers ahead to bring down Jericho, surely angels are gathered in song and trumpeting over the places they are charged to go.

Let’s look at the birth of Jesus, suddenly there appeared with the angel a great multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying, Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, Peace. Good will toward men.  Luke 2:13 The shepherds were frightened but the angel spoke to them not to fear, Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Praise the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His word,

Praise the Lord, all His heavenly hosts, you His servants who do His will.

Praise the Lord, all His works everywhere in His dominion. Psalm 103:20-22

Praise the Lord angels, you are mighty before Him, and you hearken and obey His Word, when spoken by Him or prayed by a believer, for you are beholding His face, Matthew 18:10, you and sing and dance and twirl and whirl through both time and space and wing your way to and from, heaven and earth with wings full of His glory to shine on us.

You are the heavenly, hosts, musicians and orchestras. Some do play the harp but not all, there are many instruments of praise. Let all creation or dominion praise Him with the sounding trumpet and harp an lyre, and the clashing of cymbals. Praise Him angels, heavenly host, over all His works, He is worthy of all praise.

Whether a star upon the night as we kneel in precious prayer, or a song of praise picked up on by an angel to sing as she flies through skies of blue, or whether a choir gathering at mass behind little boys who sing Amazing Grace, or a mighty warrior with trumpet in hand, or the angel that stands in the shadow of the soloist, or even the kindly spirit that whispers a forgotten word. Praise Him, all ye angels, praise Him in the sun, and praise Him in the moon. Rebecca Jones ( Please remember to scroll back and read about angels all month. )

Please enjoy Glorious Wonder, Listen for the Chorus!


End Times Angels

Revelation tells about angels, angels with trumpets with vials, angels that pour out bowls during the tribulation. I always tell people to read John, about love, before even beginning to attack the prophetic. It takes a lot of study, some knowledge of history, even ancient history to tackle it.

Jesus talks about the last days in Matthew 24. He talks about how His angels with gather His people, His elect. I have always been taught a pre Tribulation Rapture or catching away of the church. Many object to that term saying it started in 1800’s. There are differing beliefs, pre, mid , and post Tribulation. Some expect Jesus after 31/2 years, others believe we will go through the Great Tribulation.

Admittedly, Jesus says we will have tribulation in the world but to be of good cheer. He says He overcame, by the blood and His Word, we do as well. It even says so in Revelation. Matthew 24, explains the wars, rumors, the famines, pestilences and earthquakes. With the recent earthquakes, fires and hurricanes, it has had people worried and indeed we have been in the high holy Jewish feast days. All of which could be a time He could return for the church or His bride. Some people believe that is Israel, I do not. Israel was referred to as God’s bride and He will redeem her in the Tribulation.

Jesus tells us not to worry that these things have to take place. He warns of false prophets. Many of the people that some are calling false prophets today unfortunately are ministries I have benefited from, but I know how ill I was and He is the healer, I’m here, I tasted His goodness and grace as He tasted death for us. So it up to the individual to seek the Lord and study, to follow Jesus and desire spiritual gifts. No minister I know says they are Christ. In my opinion, we are not in the Tribulation.

Jesus said it would like the days of Noah, there is lawlessness, racism, tolerance of most anything, any belief, except Christianity. The spirit of Anti Christ is at work. Yet, there more than eight souls saved now, Jesus is a type of ark, Noah found grace. the grace message abounds, and is true, though many are abusing and disgracing their gift of salvation and their grace. It is not a license to sin, it is the desire and self control not to. So that answers that question.

When He comes, one will be taken and one left. I am not good at math, but I believe that is an illustration, an example, if you will, otherwise, half the planet will be caught up.  That may not be the case now or then, depending on the population, who believes, or is deceived by an Anti-Christ and who is put to death, or killed during the Great Tribulation.

Jesus also talks about the owner of the house. He would not let the enemy in, if he new the hour, NO ONE DOES, if they say they do, do not believe them. Jesus wants the house of our minds, our souls, clean. It is also a parallel to the wise virgins and to keep the light of the Holy Spirit in you burning. So, whether, we are caught away, in the Rapture, or the people in the tribulation, angels will gather them. It is why the harvest is ready and laborers should be shining a light into the darkness of the world before it does fall into complete lawlessness as He says it will. We still have laws, we still have some order.

Finally, let’s look at 1 Thessalonians 4:17, where the dead in Christ rise again and we who are alive and remain.  I have to believe that remain is not simply those left upon a scorched, destroyed earth but those who remain in faith. The Lord uses the word remain in many instances, so He would have to Paul also. The word for catching away indicates force, I believe He will remove the church before or at the very beginning of the Great Tribulation.

With all that is going on, even still, it is not like that. And He will come on a cloud as He left. I know it says every eye will see Him. And I do, in the Second Coming believe they will, in a Rapture of the church, every one of those eyes will see Him as well. I must emphasize that I make no attempt to add or detract from the Word, I can not make up anyone’s mind. I am relaying what I believe and was taught, I can’t make myself belief He will leave us in that type of world when we already believe. The great tribulation will separate wheat and tares, and that is why encourage anyone to receive Christ now. It will be harder to accept Him them and you could pay with your life, and if you ever take the mark of the beast, you seal your fate in hell. Why wait, why take chances?

Why refuse the love of Lord who gave His life? He will come quickly, 1 Thessalonians 5:1, like a thief in the night, which was a popular phrase in the 70’s after Vietnam, we have never seen blood to the horse’s bridle, at least not in America. And not a nuclear holocaust, though Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrendous. There are still those who want to rule the world, only Jesus can sort it out and save us.

There are rumors of the Rapture on Pentecost 2021. No one knows the day nor hour. Jesus refers to that and the trump, it is blown over a period of two days to call Jews to the feasts. Since He was crucified at Passover, He could have been giving us clues, to those two days of the shofar. But we do not know. However, there is a sense of urgency among believers to repent, pray and witness. And angel will play a role in the End Times as we know them and be a beautiful part of the new heaven and earth, and eternity.

I will enjoy forever with the Lord. So let’s not worry but watch and pray. He is still in control no matter when He comes. And two other thoughts, Acts 3 say He will restore things, He could do it all together or first, and Weymouth translates prophesying as rapture, that could be a reason people believe Pentecost is a possible time of His arrival, one mind one, accord. That’s possible at any given moment with the Lord, believers everywhere praying at the same time, God exists in eternity, not time as we know it. And we are changed in the twinkling of an eye. Rebecca Jones



The Demonic Side




There is a dark side to every thing I suppose. Let’s talk about demons. They are nothing but fallen angels. Yet, they can instill fear.The word demon is not in the Bible, it comes from the word demonstrate, it will usually say devils. But like angels, in an attempt to copy God, the devil has ranks, principalities. powers, rulers. The irritating imps and tormenting spirits, you probably have run into a few. The nagging little nuisances of life.

While Mark 16:6 say we can speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick, take up serpents, drink deadly things and not be hurt, cast out the devil…we should delve further. Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift, we do pray for the sick, and I’ve seen people raised from the near dead anyway. The serpents are spiritual, you might see them in a vision or dream, usually snakes are representative of lies, the type and color may have meaning also. People should not think they have to grab up snakes to prove their faith.

As for poison, wells could have been in those days, but it can refer to leaven or false doctrine. It means we will know by the discerning of the Holy Spirit, the truth. He is after all, the Spirit of Truth. When Paul shook of the snake bite, by the Spirit, it won converts, another story entirely.

I know of a couple of instances that speaking in tongues has caused people to avoid becoming involved with the wrong people. One of these people later died of a drug overdose, the demon that was seen in a dream was a better looking one, sources inform me that they are principalities and look more like people. This man was obviously a drug user, either oppressed or possessed by this demon, And the thing about it, the intercessor knows who she was praying for, the girl still doesn’t know but she was being protected from a bad situation. She could have married him, or overdosed along with him.

Demons can look like lots of things, wild looking cats, large or jungle kind, mad dogs, bats, buzzards or evil birds, snakes, python and constrictors. Alligators, spiders, people bound together, apes. They can have an odor, putrid about them or even a charming but deceptive tongue. A little girl was lured away by a man who had something his mouth that she thought was sweet, in reality he was going to sacrifice her to his god but rejected her because prayers were said on her behalf and for her recovery, this makes me rethink that I should pray for people and not just assume they have run off.

But most are fowl, even alcoholic, and rotten even smoke smells can follow unclean spirits. As for the reptile of alligator one, a minister was called to pray for a suicidal girl, six people were with her and wrestled a knife from her as the preacher drove through storms. When he prayed, three of the six saw the alligator or reptilian spirit leave her body. Not everyone will be able to see into the spiritual realm, and you must be careful who you trust, namely the Holy Spirit, above all. Not every one needs to.

Please know that I am not attempting to frighten you, as a believer Jesus gives you authority of over all these spirits. Don’t argue, just tell them to go, in Jesus name, three times if necessary. A for the devil, he is not in a red suit with a pitchfork, he is more in line with the he goat, horns that curl back to his feet, black. The movie, Alien, that creature is more like him, though he appears as an angel of light, people who walk in the Spirit will never be deceived. That is why it is a must to follow love and desire spiritual gifts.

Truthfully, we all cast off devils everyday, they are anger, fear, hate, greed, envy. Lust and jealousy, and lies. We all chose to avoid these as a believer or we should be. There have been people arrested who have tried to cast demons from their children. The better thing to do would be to pray over them, for them to have a teachable spirit, plead the blood of Jesus. Make sure they understand  your beliefs and why, and at the right age level. Teaching the crucifixion to a toddler would be scary. It’s better they know Jesus loves them.

Children can be very oppressed, just as adults and attacked with sickness and disease. But if we walk in the love of Jesus the Holy Spirit will show you things and guide you into all truth. So as long as He says fear not, we don’t have too. We have the greater one, Jesus, so there is nothing to fear with Him.

Theodore Roosevelt once said there was nothing to fear but fear itself. The devil is fear itself. I for one have had enough of that. I will walk with Jesus hand in hand and listen to Him say, fear not, everyday. The worst thing to be in is strife or division, it will divide your house, remember, believers  can be unbelieving about some of these things but they are Biblical. Rebecca Jones