Being Mother and Father


Being a mother is hard work at times. But when you find yourself being mother and father to your children, it sometimes seems impossible. Let me assure you, with you, it probably is, but not with God. Single women with sons may feel very burdened, especially coming out of abusive marriages, custody issues. So how do you teach a boy to be a man as a woman? Teach Him about the perfect man, and how He treated women.

You may find yourself in the predicament of raising girls and wanting them to have a father, then dating becomes a problem. As a Christian, you should not be one of those women who has sleepovers or allows their children lots of  ” Uncles “, that being said, there is a real need for girls to have a protective and stable, firm and loving man in their life, possibly, a relative. Girls with absentee, alcoholic or drug addicted fathers and step fathers often wind up marrying the same kind of man she would love to escape.

But make no mistake ladies, God gave women inner strength and if you have to step in and fill the role He will help you do it. There are so many snares of the enemy to fall into. So having a dialogue is essential with children. Be honest, get on the level of smaller ones, try to remember being a teen, and strike up the conversation with them. You don’t have to get into your personal life. That’s is still your decision, but be aware of making a good choice for all of you. God can help with that and the discipline.

Many men may tell you that women can not raise boys to be good men, it takes a man. I beg to differ, knowing of women that have done it. And very successfully I might add. That’s another lie from the enemy. Not necessarily told intentionally by men but a deception, is a deception nonetheless. Jesus was gentle and had more power than any man. Being macho is overrated and being gentle is often confused, it is not being a sissy or a wimp, is not going to make you change your gender.

I think a real man can put on a hat and have a tea party or kick a football. He can bake cookies or cook on the grill. He could be at home at the ballet or the baseball game. Real men who follow Jesus know that while he is the head of the house, that he has someone he is accountable to as well. While I believe hands are not for hurting, in the south, a smack on the bottom never hurt anyone. Abuse is another thing entirely, and men should never lay hands on a woman expect to love or pray for them.

Boys will copy the behavior they say and even girls, years ago it was smoking and language that was the problem. Women endured whatever came along, believing divorce was wrong, even some accepting it was alright to be hit, it must be their fault. Verbal abuse wears you down, you must believe what God says about you. And should it come to the necessity of you being both mother and father, He will a make a way.

It may take a firm hand. You might have to ask the Lord to toughen you a little, but if you have the willing heart to take over both roles, and wait for Him to send you the right spouse, He will help you. I see girls all the time with two or three children, different fathers, never married. I know there are struggling single mothers. I had one ask for prayer once for two jobs to help her girls, I prayed for her one, the best one, pay, benefits. I have to admit, sometimes I struggled with my own worries so that I didn’t think about how hard other women worked or what they suffered in silence, God shines light into the dark, and the devil fears the fact that depression and abuse are topic of discussion, if not in churches, through bloggers.

God will let the Holy Spirit discipline hard to handle boys, you may not see Him at work but He will, if you allow Him to. So don’t be afraid. God is on your side. He will fight for you and defend you if you just be still. Rest is important for any mother.

I know women suffer many things and many trials but God will see you through every one of them. Give God your best and He’s already given you His. In my own prayer time seeking the Lord I was reminded that a loving Father instructs children in love and sows God’s Word into them, they are never too young to start learning about Jesus, or knowing He loves them, I pray mothers know that and teach their children, even if they are both mother and father. Rebecca Jones / public domain

Being The Beloved



To compliment Holley’s post let me add that I have a one on my blog called Mary, Mary.  And also, she is the woman with the alabaster box, though many people think mistakenly it is Mary Magdalene. I apologize for such a late addition to our Wednesday but my internet has been out.

I ususally write posts in advance with whatever God lays on my heart in my prayer time. I have been working on series about rest because I have found it very needful. I am wrapping up a 21 day partial fast with a friend, it has been very blessed. It is called the Bridegroom Fast. October promises some restful posts for sure as I have managed to get a lot done, including working on a children’s blog.

I am learning what it means to be beloved. So many women don’t know. They work, they stress, they don’t sleep. I, myself, have been chasing those dust bunnies that multiply by the dozens, I had to hit the house with some spray, either the heat or rains have driven little spiders inside. It seems I spray the furniture, dust, and then can write my name in it in a day or two. I watch it while I type sometimes, feeling guilty and I see my laundry piling higher, some days of doing it is like climbing Mt. Everest. So, we can understand both sisters.

But I made a conscious decision to be, Mary. And no one knows the cost of the oil in my alabaster box. Just like no one knows yours. Some things are better left between you and Jesus. I wasn’t a big sinner, and it does not specify Mary’s sins. I think that may be the reason for the Mary mix up. Mary Magdalene has a history. See John 11:2.

We all need to take time to rest, become the beloved. If we don’t, we’ll never find the one thing that is needful. Jesus? No, we have Him as a believer. The power of His rest, the rest He intended the beloved to have, we can rest, knowing He completed plans for us on that cross so long ago. I don’t want to insult Him by not taking this gift, that goes with the Holy Spirit and His peace.

I’m not telling anyone to to sleep all day and do nothing, though it’s nice on occasion. But nap, pray, set aside the quiet for you and Jesus, just like a date night with your husband. We have to make time for the people we love, and who knows, he may even pick up the vacuum for you. Have a paper plate or sandwich night. Make things easier not harder for those you love.

We’re making it harder for Jesus to help if we try to do it all, we can’t. He did!!! Rest, relax, enjoy your life and your Lord. Let’s all be Mary. Rebecca Jones

This post should have went up on Coffee For Your Heart. The link would not add, my apologies. Please read Holley’s post.

Show Me Some Respect


Father's daughter:

Years ago, I went back to the church where I was saved to see a televangelist. I remembered where the bathrooms were, and slipped out the back and went with my mother. We would have slipped right back in had  a lady not stopped us . I suppose she was an usher, but she was taking her job way too seriously and being confrontational. Yes, there was a prayer being said, but I wasn’t saying anything, didn’t have a screaming baby or unruly child in tow. She was rude, I wasn’t, I just waited.

I thought later how that might have discouraged someone less devout and determined. What if I had not been a believer? What if I had walked out without ever knowing Jesus? There are no ill feelings toward this lady, from years ago. I totally respected her decision, if not her demeanor. She must have been showing respect for the minister or maybe the Holy Spirit. I don’t know. I can’t recall anything that stands out, other than a little fear, a man trying to hit on me and this lady that I didn’t want to mess with.

I was respectful, and I ‘m not saying she wasn’t but ” Would you mind waiting until the prayer is over? ” would have been nice. Show me some respect. And when I ignored the pick up artist, he moved to the next girl, now he needed to show respect.

We have all been taught to respect our elders, most of the time I do. I have disagreed with some though. Children should obey their parents in the Lord, but “in the Lord” is the key. If you are always critical and condemning, you won’t get respect, that’s true of grown ups as well. That is not being “in the Lord.” He didn’t get offended like I will, I have said, ” How dare they do that or talk that way to me? ” Jesus knew who He was and didn’t have to argue. He kept his mouth shut way better than we do. He carried Himself, like a King. He dismissed a lot of things, like He woulda servant. His faith in the Father made His words a servant, and everything obeyed Him. He also cried and sought the lonely places to pray.

WWJD, what would Jesus do? No, watch what Jesus did! He didn’t argue, get into disputes, He didn’t get dragged into gossip or conflict. Was He the Son of God, yes! Was He love and peace and truth? Yes! Was He demanding? No. Was He commanding? Yes! Was He passive? Not in the least. He irritated and angered people, too bad. He’s in charge. He deserves respect!

Jesus carried Himself not in, pride, like that old fallen enemy but with with a divine purpose and presence. The King enters, demons bow and flee. We should bow our knee or head and show Him respect. We don’t have to disrespect people to serve Jesus, I’m still learning too. Sometimes, we give respect and don’t get it. Sometimes, we get no respect at all. Children need to know you mean business but not that you’re mean. Men do too. I’m still surprised at the good old boy attitudes. Don’t rail but don’t ever let someone start treating your badly and you won’t end up with problem. Take your spiritual authority, don’t allow, the enemy to kill, steal or destroy. And don’t take ushering quiet ladies from the bathroom like a secret mission.

Jesus loved and respected women and as Daughters of God, we should expect it. Demand it in an appropriate way. We can wear confident crowns because He wore our crown of thorns. Let’s do our Lord proud and show some respect. We are modern day Esthers and He put us here for such a time as this, to teach and give respect. Rebecca Jones


Intentionally Pursuing

All Wrapped Up In You


Can’t we manage to find ourselves wrapped up in so many little things? Our jobs of course, but housework, homework, planning this or that. We all answer e-mail, delete spam or throw out junk mail, there’s barely time  to grab a gallon of milk much less linger in food aisles.

We manage accounts, pay bills, do online shopping, make lists. Prepare meals, fold laundry, get stuck in traffic. We’re so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t consider others, maybe they need a kind word. So wrapped up, do we consider Jesus? What if the Holy Spirit never gets a word in?

What if you miss a hint of His presence and also a blessing? What if life is taking you down the wrong path or you’ve become involved with the wrong things or people and as a believer, He gives you a dream? Do you dismiss it? You’ll never how many times that I hear people say,  ” Oh, anybody can dream anything. ” Driving dreams are common, what about doors?

Believe me, there are foolish dreams, dreams the enemy tries to torment you with and true dreams from God, that a Godly person can interepret or God will for you. I encourage people to be careful of this. There are many false interpretations, trust the Holy Spirit to guide you in this if you are a believer.

When I was very ill four years ago, I was considering going to the hospital in pain. I won’t go into detail but, I prayed  had my mother pray, it took a while to recover from the enemy’s attack but I dreamed I was at the hospital and two doctors were telling me I should be with my Father. Prayer had overcome a life threatening illness. To be more precise, it was praying in the spirit. I encourage people to seek medical attention and take medicine in faith, God will confirm your healing. He did mine with a dream. And the devil comes to see who he can devour, that’s why

I realized that God was telling me, if I had gone to the hospital, the doctors would not have known what to do, He did! A prayer warrior did. But as I say, do not take foolish chances with your life. Never! I really had to walk a line of faith on this, it was hard.

I had had a few instances when I was told to listen to the Lord and I let fear get the better or me in that instance. I was afraid I was doing something wrong, really afraid of what God would do, but He loved me and showed me a better path, in fact, that I was on the right path, just under attack. what a loving God. I got wrapped up in tradition that made His word of none effect, I was always rebuking the devil and he was happy, my focus was off Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him.

It’s better to be wrapped up in Jesus than anything or anybody else! Rebecca Jones

God is a Rewarder


Hebrews 11:6 declares that without faith it is impossible to please God…and it is but many time we leave off the verse’s last line…He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

I knew this verse many years ago, I desperately sought the Lord, but I was so mixed up by doctrine and never truly knew or undersand the sacrifical passage of the Old Testament and how Jesus was so cruelly tortured to redeem us.

I knew lots of Scripture had it memorized, forgot a lot, reread, relearned, and listened over and over to teaching. I was saved, I loved Him. I even thought I served Him and had enough faith. So I went to deeper study.

But I was right the first time, I had faith. People talked me out of a lot of things, fear talked me out of a lot of things. I was reading comments today on false teachers. Truthfully, they are most of the people I like. They have big ministries. They have money. They have joy, and they teach healing. And people can’t stand that.

What do they think Jesus taught? He left us His peace, one of the favorite quotes appears to be about suffering, Jesus said we would, but also said to be of good cheer. He overcame the world. Many of these people may be readers of the King James Bible only. Believe me, I have had, in your face discussions about being wrong. King James did not write te Bible, God did. He made sure it was recorded by people continuously, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek.

I have had people tell me they’re not Jewish, don’t have  to translate. And of course, how much is left out of other translations. Yes, some were written for people who were not a proficient at reading. Do you realize how many people cannot read or at least read well. Text messages reduce language skills further with OMG! and C U LATER. Oh, I love computing, I’m not as good with phones, the typing is small, but I’ll get it! Oh, and admittedly, I don’t have a college degree.

Let me answer you, pray tell and yea, verily, what sayst thou? People don’t speak 15th century English. I have found all version helpfuls in study, and I love Hebrew word studies. Though I’m not a scholar at either. So if you study to show yourself approved as you are supposed to and God  sees your faith and rewards you openly, what’s the problem.

I know they will say they study, read the Bible all the way through every year, and they are warning you about false prophets. Okay, you did your duty, give it a rest. Don’t keep beating your poor dead horse, or worse your precious Lord who desires that we all owe each other brother love. And by the way, I doubt if I’ve even read it cover to cover.

Call me a false teacher if you want to. I know who healed me, blessed me and prospered me. So, if you don’t want to read my blog, don’t. Don’t want to talk to me, don’t. If I spoke at church, sang or wrote a book and you don’t agree. You have a free will.

The psalmist asks us to taste and see the Lord is good. If you’ve never tried something, and I’m not talking about stupid things or even food, how do you know what it’s like? God says to open you mouth and He will fill it with good things. The Jews were such strict religious people that tongues of cloven fire appear over them. Why? Because of their food laws and the split hooves. They knew it was alright to accept that teaching.

Some people are stubborn, stiff necked, and they grieve the Holy Spirit. I did it myself, because I didn’t even know. If you don’t choose to believe what I do, I won’t be at odds. But if you don’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues of healing, just ask the Lord for the gifts, but not with doubt or an attitude, just tell Him you want to know, to show you if your right or wrong. And let’s stop judging, bickering, our enemy is the devil, the wicked one who deceives. Not all the people you think are deceived are the ones who really are.  And I used to wonder why people didn’t just go in a clean out hospitals, you are not  supposed to lay hands on suddenly, people who go to crusade are asking for help. Do they always get healed? Healing is there. Sometimes, you just have to step out on faith.

Believe me even the best of us, have our worst days…we need grace. I am grateful for His heaing, His love and whatever He gives me because I will do things for His glory not mine. I am thankful for His mercy. And that I had a little faith that grew, was attacked but flourished, and the He is my reward. Rebecca Jones

Just Love Me


Just love me. I may not ask you. I’m might even run from a kiss because I’m bigger, and lots of children don’t want lipstick on them or for their friends to think they’re a baby. I might not play with dolls or dress up, I might not want to hang out at the mall with you, in case there are boys I know there.

I might roll my eyes and want to stay up or out late. I might think I’m entitled, expect you to do everything for me. You probably think that I think I know more than you. You’re probably right. I might talk back, won’t put down a phone or tablet, might balk at coming to the dinner table.

But no matter what, just love me. I will remember, I promise. Not the obligatory, see I know a big word, and the quick ” I love you. ” That’s typical. But we are special, we are supposed to be becoming or already be daughters of the King, right?

Well, then, stop me sometimes for a big squishy hug in hallway, only God will see. Put a note in my lunch, I’ll read it. Ask me what’s going on, sometimes, don’t just listen. Pay attention to me. I need you to love me, don’t get too busy. Don’t be too tired, try not too get to mad at me. Make me pick up my clothes and room, clean the bathrom.

I’m spoiled, I can be rotten. But I’m still a child no matter how big I am, and not matter what I say? Just love me. And the child inside me will still love you. Rebecca Jones


Why Couldn’t You Just Love Me?

My Post

I’m your daughter, wife, friend, mother. I could be any one of you or all of you. Why couldn’t you just love me? There were days when a kind word from you would have made cry. I needed them so badly. I didn’t need a text message, I needed a telephone call to hear a voice comfort me. I shared my hopes and dreams and you thought they were pie in sky, pipe dreams or silly. Why did you extinguish the little flame that flickered in my heart?

I wanted to start my own business, write a book, go back to school, open a bakery, some many dreams.  Did you know that?  Didn’t you not know I needed a sunset, a rainbow, or even a rose?  Did you offer to take me for a weekend getaway? Did you never see how tired I was? I would have happily walked on a beach with my feet in the sand or slept in your arms in an over sized chair just to be near you.

I know it’s wrong to settle for less than God’s best but I would have settled for a milkshake. A refrigerator magnet. A real birthday card in the mailbox. Have I been invisible? Were you ashamed of me? Was I too fat? Too skinny? Not good enough? Pretty enough? Smart enough?

Did my favor and blessing carry so much weight that I made you uncomfortable? Was it my faith? My anointing? Where were you when I prayed and cried and felt alone? When I was emotionally spent, so alone in the world, my world of hope that I felt I was alone? Why couldn’t you just love me? I can tell you this Jesus was there. I should have listened closer to that voice. But I had to be still, I could not hear Him in chaos and confusion. But He heard me. He loved me.

This is simply a possibility of how many women feel. And I know feelings can be deceptive, they aren’t always as real as we think. The devil is always attempting to hurt  us with feelings, even exaggerate them, though these are real enough.  I knew a girl once who was tall, blonde and beautiful, but when she told me she sat in her mother’s lap, I just didn’t get it. Not until recently, when I took my mother aside in her room, and cried in her lap, finally I understood. But I was not as emotionally unsettled, she had never married, had given up a child, had two others and fiancee who drowned. She once told me she just wanted a family, I told her she was just going after it backwards.

It doesn’t matter what you do for your children, how much money you spend, how many computer games you get them, where you send them to school, if you buy them a  car. Just love them, don’t embarrass them in front of their friends or call them honey. Just love them, give them an extra hug. Talk to your tweens, they’re growing up they need you. I once asked my mother about that, we even used to read together as adults We were like glue when I was little. What happened, life?

Never look back and think that, ” Why couldn’t you just love me? People are human, human love fails, God’s love doesn’t.


Declare the Battle Won!


There has been a war on women. It started in Eden. It’s going on even as we speak. The enemy is the devil and he has hated women from the beginning. He hated them because they would bear children and one day the Messiah would show up.

He makes men think they have to dominate to be men, that women are subservient. He makes them think they are entitled to enjoy marital priviledges without marriage, that they can father children and the sytem will take care of them, and the women will take them back, after they’ve found a new baby mama, then left her. And he’s deceived loved starved women into terible relationships. Now, admittedly, there are those who choose their lifestyles but others are victims.

It’s time to declare victory! Victory in Jesus! Our Savior forever! He loved women, when He touched them, they were made whole, clean, healed and free. You could not bathe enough to get the filth of unrighteousness off of you. But accepting Jesus makes you righteous, for He who knew no sin was made sin, and took the curse for us. We’re better than that ladies! Declare the war on women over, we are victorious in Jesus!

Too long have we fought to be heard, to vote, to be paid equal, and to have control of our bodies. I am not for abortion, but what women have not always understood is that they have had control, but like Adam and Eve, handed it over to the enemy. And he will beat you over the head with it. You can choose not to engage in things that will affect you adversely. Don’t buy the devil’s lies, he’s a vacuum cleaner salesman trying to get  a foot in the door, shut it! And he’s a telemarketer trying to get you into a back brace or sell you burial insurance, say no thanks and hang up!

This war has gon on long enough! Forget the war on terror, the war on drugs. Declare the war on women over. It’s gone on long enough. Women are not possessions, objects, maids or baby mamas. We are caring, loving, nurturing, sisters, wives and mothers and deserve equal treatment and respect for that. They work, they clean, they teach. And they complaiin and why not? ( Even thugh complaining can be sinful. ) Who’s listening? I’ll tell you, Jesus is, theit Father is.

The rabbis warn you to be careful of making a women cry. Jehovah counts their tears. Listen up men! You are messing with a mighty God! Jesus loved and cherished women, and respected them. The word womb and the formation of woman, have Jewish roots with the same word as God’s own love. Women are precious to Him. Children are precious to Hm. And yes, so are the guys, after all He didn’t leave you alone. He sent someone to help you and it wasn’t a giraffe or a kangaroo.

It was a beautiful woman formed to be beside you, not behind you. Oh, sometimes she may get ahead of you but that’s so you can catch her. And she’s not to be under your thumb or feet, that’s where the devil is supposed to be. Keep him there together.

Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, it makes no difference. God speaks all languages. We should all be speaking Hebrew I suppose but His first language is love, because He sent Jesus. The war’s over ladies, we’ve won!!!  Thank you, Jesus. And in the end the men win, too and the children.

Let’s start praying for and complete each other. Stop fighing each other, stop the gossip, the backbiting, the cat fights. We are daughters of the King. He gave His best. Let’s do the same.

He had counted your tears, your bottles are full. Your are Hepzibah, His delight is in you, you are a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. You are Beulah, married. Married to the Lord and your husband. Your maker is your spiritual husband. He gave you  His love, His desires for you. You are His beloved, His masterpiece, now let He who began a good work complete in you. Let me pray for you today,

Abba Father, in Jesus name I come boldly before the throne of grace. You sit upon the mercy  seat. The Day of Atonement is October 12th, and we remember your eternal sacrifice that gave us salvation. We have fallen short of your glory, and been reminded of it constantly. We arm ourselves only with a robe of righteousness, the Holy Spirit armor, and the sword of the Spirit, your Word. Crown us with your peace. Many of us have sown in tears, and you promised joy. We are looking forward to the day you wipe them away. The war on women waged by the evil one, the destroyer is over. We are more than conquerors because you love us. We walk before you in white, sealed by your Spirit, favored, graceful, daughters of our King. Blessed be His name.

Rebecca Jones

Hebrew rechem sound like rah – kem, womb, is the root word rachamim sounds like rock a meem, compassion, the  love of God

*You have taken note of my life and caught each of my tears in your bottle. Psalm 56:8 Search the Scripures, my post is loaded today. God bless!


Rest In His Stillness


Twice in one day I heard the phrase, holy stillness. That’s not a coincidence. It’s Jesus. He doubles things He wants us to know. Verily, Verily.  Even the woman with the issue of blood had had that twelve years, but then Jairus’ daughter was also twelve.

The Bible repeats things, line upon line, precept upon precept. He always wants His words confirmed in the mouths of two or three witnesses. The New Testament often quotes the Old, Jesus, Himself did.

I know how tiresome it is to hear thing repeated, like prattling children. ” Are we there yet? ” And I counseled someone the other day about feeling depressed, another lady had said she got tired of people throwing Scripture at her as though she couldn’t read, she wasn’t rude. I understood and told her so.

There have been times I hated hearing ministers. I knew the verses. It was always like there was something wrong with you and you should know better. I hated seeing people happy when I was sad, couples together and me alone.

I hate repeition too. Laundry, load after load. Dishes to the point of using paper platesas much as possible. Hearing the same old stories over and over, do people only remember what I was like at seven? Or the day I was born? It appears they haven’t been paying attention.

But I have to tell you the truth, I love the same old movies. The same songs, the same poems, and especially, the same Lord. He was the best gift I ever received and I will not deny that nor neglect Him as I feel I may have.

If He tell me over and over in His Word how much he love me. I want to read it. I want to hear the Holy Spirit whisper His love and preace. I need to hear grace upon grace. Grace and peace multiplied to me.

I need to hear the Lord’s sacrifice again and again. I need to hear Jesus call to me, draw me to the throne of grace. I need to know He sits on the Mercy Seat. I need to knw He answers prayers. I need to know His gentleness and I need to know He never leaves me or forsakes me.

I feel like I have walked through hell itself at times. But Jesus walked with me to get me through it. And if I ‘d been a little more  trusting I wouldn’t have been there as long. My wilderness days are over in Jesus name. Rest, rest. Holy stillness. Holy stillness. I’m repeating myself again. Are you with me ? Rebecca Jones

More or Less?


More or less? Before and after? No, this isn’t an advertisement for anything, this is not the “after girl ” of a weight loss program, though she looks great. It’s more about the weighty thought that the Christians face, should we be greater or less because of Jesus?

I can answer that for you. John was saying that he must decrease so that Jesus could increase. He was referring to ministry. John’s ministry was to decrease, so that Jesus could begin His ministry after the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.

Many people think that John meant that we were to decrease and let Jesus take over. That is true to some extent. We often  must step aside to let the Holy Spirit move on our behalf, but Jesus nevers take over our personality completely  to make us robotic. We are not carbon copies, even though we are to be be like Him.

He is our friend and companion, but we must welcome Him.  Embrace Him. Love Him. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and must be invited to come into your life. He delights in you, gives you the desires of your heart, which are the desires of God’s heart for you, His perfect will. Praying in the Spirit is praying God’s perfect will, so in effect when we submit to God, there is less of our carnal nature or flesh to deal with. More power, love, sound mind of Christ. But that’s a good thing, in submission to God, there may be less of our willful ways, but if we learne this, there will be less tension, stress, less of the devil. We know He’ll be running, when we recognize all his little fox traps.

Submission is a key word, maybe a difficult  one for women, because men probably don’t understand submission either, it is not domineering but firm and gentle. You won’t have trouble submitting to someone who loves you and wants whats best for you, who talks to you and helps make wise decisions. That’s what Jesus does. More of Him, less of us. Why not? It’s a make over for the better, I’m still me, with my like and dislikes, I’m free to do as I please but I won’t do thing that would not please Him. I’m still me, just a better me.

So Jesus changes you, enhances you, brings out the best in you. He keeps your secrets, He never tells anyone anything about you that is not for your benefit. When people intercede for you, they are told to pray for you by the Holy Spirit, usually in generalities. For protection, for healing and deliverance.

I have interceded for many people, usually prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues, He will give you names, a picture might flash before you. The more you seek Jesus, the more He puts His Spirit in you. He will consume you, literally. He soaks you, is profuse in your body, His glory shines through you. His light is in your eyes. You will glow with His glory and love.

You become like Jesus but you also stay yourself. So many people misinterpret the verse that they have to give up themselves. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. He loves you. He will never leave you. He just causes you to become more like Him. He is the life in you, the light, the love and He is bringing up the personality that you already have, the real you, the true you. The best you!

So don’t worry about more or less. He loves you just the way you are. He meets you at your level and helps you to grow. More or less, His yoke is easy and light. Rebecca Jones