The Holy Spirit’s Fire


He (Jesus) shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and Fire. Mathew 3:12

Many people remain confused about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a believer, you receive the Holy Spirit when you are born again. Your spirit, is new. But you can go deeper, the Holy Spirit is a gift at salvation and you can also receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is evidenced by the gift of speaking in tongues.

This is, to me, a more definite way of seeing people saved, healed and delivered. Salvation gives you a measure of the Holy Spirit, and the baptism of fire, will increase that measure. The Holy Spirit is your teacher, He decides gifts. He also knows how much or little you can handle. But I believe you learn quicker with Him as opposed to without Him, I know I did.

Many people are skeptical or afraid. You never have to be afraid to trust Jesus. Tell Him about any concerns and He will help you. I know there were some who thought I dove headlong into new age or the occult, but actually, it’s the opposite.

You may feel heat, electricity or wind. It’s like a thick cloud of pure powerful love. Don’t be afraid, let Jesus help you, let Jesus love you. He will open your spiritual eyes and you will learn discernment and overcome things you never would on your own.

If you have not made Jesus Lord, you need to. Our world is in such a state, that we need to be sure if Jesus came today that we’d be going with Him. Just believe He died for you and rose again. Ask Him into your heart and for His Holy Spirit and His fire. If you are ready to take this step, I pray the blessed Lord take you under His wing and save and cleanse you and put a fresh new Spirit language into you.

If you are a believer, and had doubts about this or fear. There is no fear in love. 1 John 4:18 We sit by waiting for punishment from our Heavenly Father like we’ve experienced from earthly ones. Human love is flawed but God’s is perfect. Jesus took that punishment in our place or we could not even approach God. Look how the priests had rituals,and even a cord tied round them in case they died in the presence of God.

We have a High priest who is easily touched by our infirmities and His blood is on that mercy seat. You don’t have to beg or plead, come bold as His child to the throne and make you petitions known. If you call on Him, as a believer, tell Him your concerns. If you are ready to move on in God, I pray the the gentle Jesus who walked in power and authority will release that upon you in a fresh, new and powerful way.

And maybe you have this gift and have neglected it, you don’t need to ignore the third person of the Trinity. It will grieve Him, you must want Him in your life. When you step away from Him, He backs off. He will not interfere or intervene without being asked and you can allow the enemy’s oppression back in. You are still saved, but you may be struggling. Let Jesus end the struggle.

Receive your peace, your prayer language, your healing. The enemy want to tick you out of believing but he is a liar, he’ll accuse. And even he knows, He’s no match for God. He never has been. Rebecca Jones


The Holy Spirit’s Wind


The Holy Spirit blows through like the fresh wind or breath of heaven. You can literally breathe Him in. Let the gentle breeze cool you or warm you. You may feel power or heat, you are a spirit, created in the image of God and you must worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Whatever trying times you are going through, you can step back, take a deep breathe and pray and be refreshed in the Lord. He knows our every longing, our every need and He sees the depths of our souls in a way no one else can.

Don’t be afraid to praise and worship Him today. Jesus Christ is the purest of all love. Rebecca Jones

The Breath of Heaven


I get so much more done than I thought, more than before, even if I’m letting go of things and my house is not spotless. I’m more focused on Jesus and more relaxed, I sleep better with that weight off my chest. I am working on that rest of faith from Hebrews and I’m not allowing my mind and body or soul to be overtaxed. It is a blessing to be so much more at peace and relaxed.

That inner calm is not new age, it is created by God when you truly rest in His Son, and rely on His finished work at the cross. He is not still there. He is in heaven watching over His Word to perform it. He wants us to be saved, but He is salvation itself, and He paid for so much more than keeping us from hell.

Don’t ever be afraid to let Him into your daily life and decisions. You are His, you belong to Him and He cares deeply for you, nothing separates you from His love. The burden He carried was for you, so roll them over onto Him now. You are His pride and joy as a believer, He suffered for us to be healthy, whole and to be joyful in Him, sharing His love.

Jesus was crushed under the weight of crucifixion, it is suffocating. So is fear, anxiety, panic, illness, mental oppression, worry and every other arrow that comes at us. But He is our shield of faith.

It’s time to rest in Jesus, let Him direct us, throw open the windows of heaven and bless us.  It’s time to live again. To the fullest, His abundant life. It’s time to breathe again, to breathe in the breath of heaven Himself, Jesus.

God breathed into Adam, he became a living soul. Jesus breathed on His disciples. Let them breathe on us so we can truly breathe, the Holy Spirit, the wind, the breath, the pneuma. His precious Holy Spirit, a breath of  pure Heaven. Rebecca Jones

A Breath of Heaven

When I awoke yesterday morning, it was early and I dozed off again, Around 8′ o clock, I could see my blinds look as they were full of holes, I could hear myself rebuking the enemy and turned over. I let go of my pillow and had my arms outstretched this way to the most beautiful sunlight.

It filtered through the curtains and blinds and warmed me over with the morning sun and the love of Jesus waking me to a crisp, warm, spring day. It melted the deep sleep from  from tired blue eyes and put me into pure and holy worship. I  was able to get up an take care of a few things, and post a blog to link up, send a word of knowledge to a friend, write out prayers and blessings to send out.

I started yet another novel, I’ve never finished one yet. But nothing is impossible with God. I know poetry is seriously my forte’. But I’ve always wanted to write one. The most important work I’ll ever do is to share Jesus and His love, and anyway I can do that will be fine.

I’d like to pray this for you, if you are a Spirit filled believer, you may have experienced this, and if your are not, Jesus loves you, He’s waiting to wake you, literally, and spiritually, come away with the beloved Son of God and seek His face today.

Father, in Jesus name, I pray for precious souls, may they sleep in perfect peace with their minds stayed on you, open the windows of heaven for them, pour out your love and your amazing grace. Wake them to the loving light of your beloved Son, heal them, renew and restore them, set them apart in and for your glory.


Angel Renee / Unsplash

Breathe in Heaven

Breathe in heaven,

Drink deeply its purest air.

Breathe in heaven’s language,

Let the Lord meet you there.

Breathe in heaven,

Smell the flowery air.

Breathe in the glory,

The Holy Spirit is here and there.

Breathe a deep sigh,

Say goodbye to the night,

Walking in the love of Jesus,

Who encompasses love and light.

Breathe in heaven,

With words of worship and praise,

Jesus is our heaven, the Ancient of days.

Breathe in heaven,

It’s not our breathe alone.

But is God’s holy breath of life,

Coming from the throne.

Breathe in heaven,

Is air is so rare and fine,

Filled with joy and music,

Breathing the divine.

Rebecca Jones

Expressing Love


I thought I’d write a post while I had a moment to think about it. I will go back and watch the You’re Already Amazing video.  Galatians 5:6, “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

I never really thought about a life statement. To be honest, my life plans didn’t go as I expected or I guess I wasn’t following God’s ideal plan as closely as I thought. Time dragged on and I still wasn’t on track. In fact, I was almost lost in many ways. Not that you are not born again, but you lose pieces of yourself along the way, pieces of your soul, which I do believe is made up the mind, will and emotions. We are spirits, created in the image of God, and have a body and soul.

We are affected by our thoughts, words and choices. We can be under spiritual attacks. We can also be deceived by our own selves if we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. But we all have to grow in His grace and God really is forgiving and loving. He doesn’t make mistakes, we do. He knows best for us and we don’t.

A lot of people do follow in their parents footsteps about careers, and that’s fine. It is good to have sound Christian advice. So, if LIFE is, Love Is Faith Expressed. I would have to say that this would be mine….

I was created and called to write and share the love of Jesus with people everywhere I can, especially women. Though I tried to that on many occasions I attempted that, it seemed that I was not succeeding. For a long time, I debated giving up that dream. I did not have a college degree, wasn’t a great typist and while I worked with children, I did not pursue and Early Education Degree in that either. I still wanted to be a writer.

And then there’s Jesus, I know it was His dream also for me to write, although I once asked Him to heal me and I’d forget it. Wasn’t that stupid? We must not be snared by that little fowler. Of course, He wanted to do both for me and He did. He wants us to have it all, as long as it doesn’t have us. But He has a better plan, a better promise, and He keeps them. Isaiah 53 is a complete account of His sacrifice and it covers a lot.  So, I’ve taught  children, Sunday School to little old ladies, one of them gave me my first book about angels, God bless her, and I taught Bible study. I may only have the equivalent of a few Bible college courses, but I have a lot of experience in faith, hope and love.

So, I was called and created to write and I do. I would tell women everywhere that if you know Jesus loves you, you can count on the fact that you’ve barely scratched the surface of that love. Icebergs are amazing sights but most of it is underwater, look at all those shows about lost treasure. Imagine the gold coins at the bottom of the sea. There is likely even more oil in America.

We may be diamond girls or ruby wives, but we have flaws. But God looks at us through the pierced hand of His beloved Son, who holds us in His palm and turns our tear stained faces to God, and angels wing their way in with tear bottles and prayers that are continually before the Lord, they are sweet smelling. God is pleased with us and He answers those prayers, so don’t let go of your faith or dream.

We look good to God because of the sacrifice of His Son and we are being polished in the hand of Jesus who is altogether lovely, so much so, that He can make all of us so. that is deep love, love that pierces our hearts as surely and deeply as His hands and feet and side were. That’s love. That’s life, love that is faith expressed. And while I have felt and actually been left out at times, so was Jesus, He had to withdraw to pray and be set apart. He understands feeling overwhelmed. I can do it all only for Him and in Him.

Rebecca Jones

The Balancing Act


Look at this dress! What a great illustration for my title. I never did gymnastics, I could barely tumble as a child. But as a Christian, I find myself more and more walking a fine line in what to tell people and what I say and what not to.

If you share too much truth, even with believers. You may get a cold shoulder or the boot. Mark 11:23 has been a source of people’s ridicule if I say too much, people are critical and if I don’t say enough I’m left feeling as though I didn’t do as God asked.

I have warned people about demonic influence to no avail. I hate letting people see for themselves. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and most people speak death, I pray for greater wisdom and understanding and as a friend of mine says to say only what God wants me to and for angels to hold my tongue down if I’m even tempted to have a slip.

Also, the balance is for women to be rested, alert. The challenge is to stay faith filled and not drained or zapped out, which is what I have been feeling. Refresh yourself by praying in the Spirit. Relax, trust Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide you. I used to over study, overwork, over stress and that’s not God.

He is the God of peace and only He can give us true rest and peace. Don’t go through life like you’re walking a tightrope over a waterfall. Just be you and let Jesus be Jesus. Study, work, rest. Rest in Him, He is the answer to every prayer. Don’t worry too much about what people think, it only matters what He thinks and He loves us if we are believers, we are His children. Rebecca Jones




Now that we talked about words and the importance of lining our prayer lives up with the Word and focusing on Jesus and not ourselves or our circumstances, and believing that God made us amazing, we can go back to 1 Corinthians 5:17.

We are new creatures in Christ, no longer wanting to be our former selves, we have a new spirit aligned with the Holy Spirit. A spirit that hungers and thirsts after the righteousness of God that He has imparted to us.

Lying should not come naturally now, we have respect for ourselves and others, the thought of stealing or harming someone is not part of us. We are not under the law, but under grace. And if you follow Jesus’ command to love we are new creatures.

We are graceful butterflies setting out to worship our precious Lord. the past is The past and we are to let it go and look forward in Him. We seek His face and it will shine on us, if the enemy comes in thought or trial, cast the thought or imagination out with the Word, replace all the negative with the confidence in Christ.

I once read that arrogance smirks but confidence smiles. I know that is true first hand having been scoffed at with that smirk. The smiling confidence of a graceful woman of God will slap that grin off the devil, as much as we might feel like that toward people, it is better for us to turn the other cheek and keep that quiet composure that only Jesus can bring out.

Okay believers and butterflies, let’s dance to the peaceful worship of a Lord who bends to listen and rejoices over is in song. Rebecca Jones


Mariposas con destellos gratis.



I have been studying the lessons from the book, You’re Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth. A lot of women are truly weighted down with the cares of the world, between work, family and church, if they are believers and attend, are tired. Even women who don’t know the love of Jesus yet are bogged down.

There are many who are blogging good messages of hope to encouraging women and sisters in Christ. Women are apparently not very good at seeing themselves as God does, through the blood of Jesus, His blood is on that mercy seat, a perfect atonement.

If we struggle with condemnation over the past, then we are not receiving God’s Word into our hearts on a daily basis, it has to reminder, that Jesus came not to condemn but to seek and save. John 3:16,17 If it’s fear, 1 John 4:18, natural human love can not overcome fear alone, but the love of God can. If it’s healing, there are verses about that, Isaiah 53, is a complete account of Jesus sacrifice.

So often, we have been led to believe that we are not enough, worthy, or that something is wrong with us or our faith.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you are a believer, Jesus paid a high price for you and He loves you, He wants to love you , to bless you, and the Father is waiting to pour our His Spirit.

Go boldly to Jesus as a woman of faith, you don’t have to beg or plead. You are not disqualified from receiving if you can just believe and walk in His Word. I pray this hope blesses you. Go free, be loosed in Jesus name, He loves you. Walk in His light. Rebecca Jones


The Fragrance of Prayer


Prayer is essential in the life of a believer.  We must pray and pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17  What you believe will affect your ability to get your prayers answered. It will also determine if you can set the enemy to flight or if the devil will dictate your life. Pastor Rod Parsley

Jesus prayed for His Father’s will be done. He prayed continually, as a human being He was tempted and tried. He resisted everything perfectly. We don’t. We really need Jesus, every day all day. How often the enemy comes, to torment,  to delay and deceive. But He is a defeated foe. He has to go, we have the authority to resist and to use the name of Jesus.

So pray! Resist! Use that name! He is Lord and He loves you!

Rebecca Jones

Adina Voicu / Pixabay