Magnify The Lamb!


How much do you know about Simon Peter? Do you know what Jesus said to him? I ‘ll tell you in a moment. First of all, Peter was a gruff, hard working fisherman. And he lived with his wife and mother in law, he probably had children.

Remnants are still there of his house. It is where Jesus answered questions about divorce, perhaps even holding a child, we don’t know. Peter was a man of action, and a man with a mouth on him. He was rebuked by Jesus and swore at His trial, he was ready to cut off Malchus’ ear and fight, ready to die for Jesus but then denied Him three times. Even ran away from a girl.

We also know Peter walked on water, but sank when he looked at the storm instead of Jesus, before we crucify Peter upside down again, haven’t we all been there? I have. I have not denied Jesus, but perhaps not stood enough for Him. The devil has tried to sift us all hasn’t he? It is better to listen to Jesus first, let Him shake you up, He warned Peter, even calling Him, Simon, Simon, doubling His efforts to get Him to listen as the name implies.

But what Jesus asked Peter was wonderful. He completely restored Him although Peter said he was sinful man. Jesus asks him three times if He loves Him. The first two times He asks, and Peter replies, Jesus says to feed His sheep, but on the third time He says feed my lambs.

The third time is more in line with children. Though God sees us as His children. What better thing could anyone do that to inspire, to teach or love a child into the kingdom of God, even birth a child into the kingdom of God. Jesus asks three questions or three times because He was denied three times. And while He may be at agape, Peter is still hanging around friend love.

But that is the beauty of Christ. While Jesus is all about agape, all the time. His love is perfect. We are hanging around like Peter, friend, agape…well, “Do you love me? ” the Lord asks this spring.  ” Then not only feed my sheep but my lambs.  What better way to magnify the Lord, than to live life as a witness before others, and especially to influence children.

Jesus will bend down to our level and meet us where we are, the Good Shepherd leading His flock and He will guide us along until we get to heaven, even if we are like Peter and fail to see the devourer coming, even if we fail to heed the warning, Jesus said the shepherd gave His life for the sheep, so how important to hear His voice and follow no other.

As we celebrate spring and resurrection, let us keep looking to Jesus and remember to teach our children well the story of the one who gave His life and rose. Simply put, start with the knowledge that Jesus loves them, I have seen little babies under a year of age  try to sing and praise, and do the sign language to songs, it’s never too late for lambs to learn about the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

And it’s never too early to feed His lambs. Have a beautiful and joyous spring. And magnify the Lamb! Rebecca Jones / pexels

I hope you have enjoyed our series this month, and there’s more Good News in April!



Magnify Freedom


Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Jesus talks about freedom, in John 8:36, so why are we still held so captive, bound by thoughts, worries and fears? If the Son sets us free and really He has, by coming and being crucified in our stead, aren’t we supposed to be free indeed?

We are still wrapped up in the cares of the world, we often don’t take time to just rest in His love. We are still prone to hearing the lies of the enemy ringing in our ears, old insecurities and injustices on us, some we allowed and some we had put up on us.

We should listen to the Holy Spirit, the tender voice that beckons us to His rest, and to His peace, the Spirit, that is the Lord and that where He is, there is freedom. And isn’t he with us as women of faith. we don’t have to shout about it though we could.

He is gentle and He is beckoning us to lean on Him, into His presence and into His freedom. Even His power to overcome, He prays for us. Romans 8:26. We have a hard time wrapping our minds around the love of a God who would send His only Son for us.

That said, why would he withhold any blessings? Why would He not want that same beloved Son to set us free, indeed? Don’t let the old ways and patterns of thinking and life in general keep you captive, take the thoughts captive, into the obedience of Christ, who was obedient to death. He tasted death for us. Magnify Him, Magnify freedom. Magnify Jesus!

I used to think that verse meant bring my thoughts into captivity, into my obedience, but I was never as good as He was. I said some wrong things, still did some wrong things, tried way too hard to have the mind of Christ, when as a believer, I had it. I just had to renew it.

You can’t be free if your mind is in a whir, if you overthink, overdo, or overwork. Jesus died for salvation and that includes a whole lot of blessings and provisions. Things like healing, protection and peace.

Many of us have been inside much of the winter, I was, but not because of the weather. I have been blogging up a storm. A storm of peace from the Prince of Peace. The beloved Son of God, who left us His peace. John 14:27

And God is a Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17, so let’s magnify God by unwinding from the tangles of life, by magnifying Jesus, forget that enemy, talk to Jesus, and magnify His freedom. Rebecca Jones / Jill111 pixabay

Magnify His Perfect Love

Let’s face it, our love isn’t perfect. At least in the natural. we have our moments that we are not at our best. we get tired, frustrated and angry. Fears creep in and darkness would cover our souls. But even in the natural, the Lord’s love is our love and we should walk in it enough that our fears are moved by grace and His peace comes. He makes our love perfect. Fear makes it imperfect.

His love overcame and overcomes ever fear, every terror and every torment. It overcomes every sickness and disease, every sin and every, distraction, destruction. Every faux pax and phobia. We can’t begin to fathom how much He accomplished and finished on the cross for us. We need to magnify that, we can’t magnify it enough.

I’m sure I can’t even get that deep. His love is deep. How else could He ever forgive such people? Or even people like me that just was so oppressed, so hurt, so dejected? It took tremendous love to suffer and die for a sinful world. A world lost in fear and disobedience, a world deceived by an enemy. We are not greater than God, we cannot exalt ourselves above the Almighty. We don’t have all the answers, do we even know the questions?

I so want the peace that passes understanding to cover my heart and mind, so that fear will not creep in. He loves me. His love is perfect, even if mine isn’t and He makes it so. What manner of love has the Father bestowed upon us that He would lavish us with His love and call us His children? Magnificent and perfect love.

Natural human love fails, people argue, get divorces, fight and turn on each other, betray each other, would gladly sacrifice someone and throw them under the proverbial bus. Not many are willing to give their lives, literally and with such a horrible death, their sacrifice would not be good enough anyway to atone for sins.

And those who give up their time, in serving others and even ministering to people are still human. To many, it is a career, to some a calling, and others a vision or a dream. We start out wanting to change the world and often are so hurt and dissuaded, but His love is perfect and it never fails. We lose sight of things easily at times, some days we are more vulnerable to the temptation to give in.

It never fails to comfort, to console, to lift my spirit or to make me smile. It will even bring laughter to some of the worst days. His love never fails me, to find me, to hold me, and invite me into His presence, His peace and His passion. For God is love and those who know Him have His love, and when they love others they have passed unto life.

How great is His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds. I give thanks to the Lord for His love, His perfect love that never fails  me though I may fail everyday. We must not fear to have has perfect love, it is the only love that is perfect and the only way to overcome fear is to reach the maturity of knowing that intimate love of God.

We are not perfect but He is and our love may not be perfect except when His comes beside us, and we are loved by a perfect Father and His love is perfect. Let’s magnify His perfect love, and let it cast out fear, He is not punishing us. Rebecca Jones / pexels, thanks.



Magnifying Verses

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We all like attention, right? The compliments, the kudos, the promotions? Who doesn’t want to come in first, get a promotion, or feel like they are way ahead? The trouble is often that we are running to keep up, we magnify ourselves with any achievement, sometimes we believe it is ourselves and our work, when it is His grace.

We should humble ourselves and let Him exalt us at the right time, His time. He can make it beautiful and we can lose the race, the rat race of  competition, for in His race we all will win, though we have different gifts and will receive different rewards, we are victorious in Jesus only by His sacrifice and that is the only way we get to heaven.

What we do has to be done in love and not people pleasing, or to impress others, God hates sinful pride but like I said in another post, we are autographed with His excellence and should take pride, the right kind in our work and effort. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be or being the best at something, just know the source and give thanks, and don’t wait for some flashy ceremony, always be thankful and magnify Him.

That is what I hope we can begin to do. Magnify Him, instead of the problems, the loss, the illness, or whatever it may be. He already has the answers, made a way, settled it on the cross. I know that is hard to hear when there is suffering, but isn’t it better to have hope in Him?

Here are a few verses.

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication; And let them say continually, “The LORD be magnified, Who delights in the prosperity of His servant.” Psalm 35:27, NASB

Magnify the LORD with me; let us exalt His name together. Psalm 34:3

May all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; may those who love Your salvation always say, “The LORD be magnified!” Psalm 40:16

Therefore you are great, LORD God. For there is none like you, neither is there any God besides you, according to all that we have heard with our ears. 2 Samuel 7:22. This is a verse showing how He is magnified.

You see David magnifying Him in the Psalms. And Solomon is magnified by the Lord, 1 Chronicles 29:25, Joshua, in Joshua 4:14, while Jeremiah 48 is an account of Moab falling because of being magnified above the Lord.

This shall they have for their pride, because they have reproached and magnified themselves against the people of the LORD of hosts.  Zephaniah 2:10, also in regard to Moab.

This became known to all, both Jews and Greeks, who lived in Ephesus; and fear (reverence) fell upon them all and the name of the Lord Jesus was being magnified. Acts 19:17

To magnify, means to exalt, extol or hold in high esteem. We see all the places fall who exalted themselves above before the Lord or failed to be thankful for His grace. We know that is the enemy’s downfall from the beginning, he wanted to be exalted over God, it will never happen, and even in the last days, the Anti-Christ will not prevail.

pexels / Adobe Spark



Magnify His Joy

I recently made a new friend who writes a lot about joy. And like many of us, joy eluded her. I too, have had it stolen, it is like a punch in the stomach, the wind knocked out of your sails, for you to be enjoying your life, expecting good things from God and then it hits you, or it is just a person with a cruel word. It happens.

And so many of us tend to blame ourselves, even for the actions of others. Let me set you straight, you are not responsible for their choices. You do your best as a believer but you cannot control others thinking nor actions. And not what they say. And you are not responsible for their joy or lack of it.

I tried once to help a lady move, she was alone, could still drive. I found her a nice house in our neighborhood. It had a backyard for flowers or a pet. She had the money. I told her I would stop by help her clean, take her to the store. She really only had a nephew, a friend who was a nurse, who occasionally stopped by, and talked mostly to older people on the phone. She wouldn’t move, not until she had to with her house falling in around her.

I have tried to help a lot of people and a lot of them simply would not receive. It took my joy, the joy of helping and really making a difference. How they reacted should not have determined or deterred my joy but it did. Even the divisive beliefs over healing and other views. I sowed healing Scriptures to people, while they kept on believing the worst, and sometime laying that at my feet. Believe me, I would never join a cult. But I do believe He heals.

Bottom line, like most everything else in life. Jesus determines your joy as well. How much or little you care to believe in Him and what He done for us. Don’t let people or circumstances determine it or deter you! Now let’s sow joy, let’s receive joy, let’s magnify His joy.

You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. – Psalm 4:7

Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

You have been my help. In the shadow of your wings I will sing with joy. Psalm 63:7

The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

Those that sow in tears will reap in joy. Psalm 126:5

Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

For you shall go out in joy and be sent forth in peace. Isaiah 55:12

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. John 15:11

Consider it all joy. James 1:2

Be joyful in hope, endure in affliction, and persevere in prayer. Romans 12:12

So be truly glad, there is great joy ahead, even though you must endure trials a little while. 1 Peter 1:6

And lastly, Restore to me the joy of your salvation. Psalm 51 For a long time I read that wrong, I even prayed for Him to restore the joy of my salvation but as you see it says, His. Like everything else, it is all about Him isn’t it, nothing we do but what He accomplished on the cross. So my prayer is for Him to fill you with great joy. That we choose joy for it is the day He made for us to be glad in. Psalm 118:24  Rebecca Jones / Kal Loftus, thanks.

If you click the girl skipping with yellow flowers on my Pinterest board, it goes to another post. Obey Your way To Joy. Thanks for read, His peace, RJ.


Magnificent Thoughts

Sarah Sharp Unsplash 2

First of all let me say this. There is absolutely no way that you can think about God as much as He thinks about you! No way! I can tell you and laugh,well, almost, about it now that I was called obsessed, and it wasn’t far wrong. I was so trying to do what He wanted me to. I didn’t exactly have perfect peace with my mind set on Him, Isaiah 26:3, but that was His aim, I had it, I just didn’t know I did, and I was trying too hard.

Why do I say you can’t do it? “For My thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.…” Isaiah 55:8,9. Of course, the previous verse says to give up your thinking if you are unrighteous and let Him have compassion on you. As believers, He makes us righteous, He’s the only way we are.

I can picture His compassion, He must have really had pity on me at times. ” Look at her, what is she up to now? She knows all these promises and there she goes again with the thoughts. I had to learn to think more like Him and be sensitive to His Spirit, and still I don’t love me like He does. He thinks too many thoughts. I used to think way too much, cast down imaginations, pray. Now, I can rest in Him. His thoughts are not only high, and way above us, they are magnificent.

I love the night, walking on the beach is a dream. But can I count the stars or name them? The sand would be warm in my toes. But can I pick up a handful and tell you the exact number of grains? And in the night sea air blows through my hair, and I breathe in the mist of the ocean. But do I know how many red hairs there are or have blown away, or how many drops of water fill the Atlantic? Or wherever I am.

Do I know every cell of every person knit together? I love to do nice things for people and I have made good plans but they don’t always pan out. Now that is something I have in common with Him, because people don’t always cooperate. But do I really have as good a plan as He does? No, way.

Can I stir gifts in souls? Somewhat, but not like He can. Can I save people, no way. I can tell them. Can I heal or change them, only He can. I just give them words. Can I give you a new heart? Spiritually or for real? No.

How great is God’s love for all who worship him? Greater than the distance between heaven and earth! Psalm 103:11, Contemporary Bible. His thoughts of love toward us are vast like space. Psalm 139:16-18, read it all.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them.

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
I awake, and I am still with you.

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. Psalm 147:4

…Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows Matthew 10:28, 29, 30.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:2

So, if you ever start to wonder about whether He loves you or not, though sending Jesus should be enough to convince us, just read some of these. You know, no matter how much you think you know about God, He knows a whole lot more about you, and He hears every word, sees everything you do, knows every thought and intent of every heart.

We don’t know nearly as much as we think we do, but He has us covered, and He has magnificent thoughts.

Rebecca Jones / Sarah Sharp, Unsplash, thanks.

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Magnify Loaves

Roman Kraft

I know this is something I may not have thought about magnifying, bread or loaves. It was a topic I did before on multiplying. we know the story of the boy with the loaves and fishes, how Jesus multiplied it and fed the 5,000. He actually fed crowds on two occasions. Probably more.

But what about magnifying loaves? We could say it was like magnifying Jesus, the bread of heaven. He is like the manna, give us this day our daily bread. But even that is not what I felt the Lord was asking me to write about. So what was it I was supposed to say?

How about, ” Give me a little, and I’ll turn it into a lot. ” Wow! That’s what I think He meant because I started about thinking about the widow’s mite, how she gave a little and He called it more than anyone else, it was all she had. And being a widow, didn’t mean she was older, we have no way of knowing if she children. It was a sacrifice.

I know we are not to limit God. He can move mountains for us, when we speak His words over our lives. Whatever the little is, bread, fish, coins, even a shepherd boy. And magnify it or him or her as the case may be. I used to complain about little churches, with no young people. I even taught Sunday School at one, to older ladies.

But as I have matured, I know He may have magnified or multiplied as the case may be, what I sowed in them. One of them blessed me with a book on angels, now that did multiply, I have written and studied about angels for years. I have always helped teach children, I started small but I have had that to grow.

My blog is small in comparison to some, but I have more than one, and I still reach people the world over with link ups, and group boards, and I’m on a prayer wall. I take prayer requests over Pinterest. My little pat a cake, baker’s man, or muffins, or croissants, whatever I am doing is magnifying and glorifying Jesus, so its multiplied by leaps and bounds.

I am in no way in competition. there are some smart cookies out there, each with our own niche and amount to give, whether large or small. The main thing is that He is glorified and we win souls in these end times. Reach out to someone with a word about Jesus.

It reminds me of casting bread on the water, it will come back, we reap what we sow, don’t we? We are to sow generously, and not sparingly. God gave us His very best and we should give Him ours all even if it is all we have or very little and I don’t even mean money.

Give Him our little in, love, the best we have and He will magnify the loaves and fish. We will fish for men, women and children. My words written in love and inspired by Him, go the world over and I hope people are picking up baskets of leftover bread from the multitudes who read them.

I know He blessed that widow, made David king, magnified others. Truthfully though, the bread was placed into His hands and He magnified the Father first and then it was multiplied. So let’s place in His hands, what we have or even the requests for our needs, let’s magnify Him and watch our blessings and favor multiply. And I hope He feeds thousands, and a lot of fish are won for the kingdom.

Jesus was also acting a High Priest, even though He had not yet been crucified or risen. It is the way the priest waved the offering in the Old Testament, now Jesus is the High Priest, and He was all the offerings. He takes a little and makes a lot, magnifying loaves. Rebecca Jones / Roman Kraft, thanks.

The Tear Bottle


How often have I cried,

That for me, Jesus died.

And even more tears shed,

He was risen from the dead.

How I have shed tears,

And wept for years,

In pain and disgrace.

Only to envision, His smiling face.

The many tears I have wept,

The thousands that He kept.

On an altar, or the mercy seat.

He gathers my tears,

As I weep at His feet.

Not anointing like Mary’s oil,

But anointing just the same,

He gives rejoicing for tears,

As I call upon His name.

Oh, the tears I have wept,

On nights I could have slept,

In His warm embrace.

Held by His amazing grace.

Some tears I must hold back,

Never look through,

Going back to grief is not an option,

I choose not too.

But some tears I had to pray,

In agony, wrenching through.

And it was alright, and it was true.

And still He held me in the night.

Beauty for ashes,

Joy for sorrow,

Should I cry tonight,

He holds me ’til tomorrow.

And I will in the morning, embrace the Son,

Rejoicing in what He has done.

That He cried for me, and I have loved Him many years.

And He loves me, enough to keep a bottle of my tears.

Rebecca Jones

photo…Marefee, pexels, thank you. Adobe Spark



Magnified Tears

Woman Holding Vial Glass

Did you know that God keep our tears in a bottle? He sure does. Now that is love, isn’t it? We dry them and throw away tissues and wash our faces and look at our puffy eyes. Try to fix our makeup and hope no one notices. We choke them back, hide them, and sometimes even wallow in them alone or at night. We are minimizing, the hurts, the sorrow, the grief, many times, especially in public. Even Joseph turns his back on his brothers, when they did not recognize him after being sold into slavery, and now governor of Egypt.

Tears are sometimes, something we wouldn’t want anyone to see or know about. Unless, we are alone. But He does. And sometimes we wish someone would take notice and help and are often even overlooked but He sees. And He has a bottle, maybe more. Personally, I may have buckets of them. Or maybe one of those huge, elaborate, vases. Maybe my tears water roses.

Whatever our bottle looks like, whatever the shape or color or glass, we as believers all have one and it hold our tears, our tears are precious to God. Why would such an infinite being be interested in the tiniest teardrop? Why? Why would He magnify a bottle of water? He can see each tear. Because He is our Father and He knows how much we love and need Him. He longs to care for us and take care of our every need. Are we allowing Him to? He is so much more the perfect parent, never distracted or hard at work, He sees, hears and smells and even wants us to taste and see His goodness rather than the salt of tears.

He sees every sparrow, all the tears. Even the ones cried by other creatures, whether they have a bottle or not. If we are worth many sparrows perhaps we are worth many tears. Jesus, Himself, wept. Over Jerusalem and over us and He knows how precious tears are for He spent time alone with the Father, and maybe He even cried then. And in the garden of Gethsemane, His sweat became as great drops of blood, that fell to the earth and broke the curse of Adam and Eve.

Jesus pain was cruel, and His tears were magnified in the garden, if His sweat was as blood, were not His tears mixed in, an on the cross, andas He gave His life, perhaps He envisioned ours, mine were at eleven embracing a friend, we were saved the same day, went all through school together.

But it doesn’t say what became of His tears? Does Jesus too, have a tear bottle? It is something to consider. Would not a loving Father who has the blood of His Son at the mercy seat of heaven, not have also what gathered His Son’s tears? And if Jesus had a tear bottle, what would it look like? It would be magnificent. If letters or lips are sealed with a kiss and our souls are sealed with are sealed with His Spirit, what to so tears seal?

Signet rings seal wax, covenants and scrolls. Wills, our inheritance from the one who loved us and died for us to receive. What do tears seal, His love, His grace, His peace? Do they seal the Book of Life, or golden altars before golden candlesticks, do they fill golden lavers that cleanse hearts, souls or minds? How miniscule yet magnificent the power of a tear, especially a woman’s tear. Beware making a woman who is His beloved cry, you could be licking flames and wishing for a tear to quench that cruel tongue.

Is Jesus; tear bottle a huge pearlescent one? Or solid gold, silver for the redemption He purchased or encrusted with diamonds or rubies, that we are worth more than to Him. Is it at the mercy seat, or secreted away somewhere in Heaven? Does it stay full or does the Father pour it out as He answers prayers?

I would imagine Jesus’ tear bottle was amazingly full. It would have to be. And I thought mine was. I have cried with  pain, over hurts, love that was wounded, rejection, and just because I knew what He did for me. Jesus cried over all of humanity, for centuries, over wars and bloodshed, aborted babies, cruelty and injustices and for the one who would believe in He endured such agony and it this with sadness He allows others to be turned into hell, because He had made them a way. And they refused.

It is not anything you have done that sends your soul there, it is that you neglect the one needful thing, to sit at His feet, to know Jesus and believe in and follow Him. Just love Him. So where are you tears, misguided and misplaced overs ome foolish things? Or are they real tears of heartbrokenness for the one who loves you and gave His life? He keeps them in a bottle. He is magnified in prayer, and magnifies each tear. Rebecca Jones / Huy ProShoot pexels, thanks.

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Magnified Questions? Grace Answers.


We all wonder why things happen. I was reminded of a conversation about angels almost thirty years ago. We all want to know why something didn’t go as planned or someone has a disease or a ” Why me? “, sort of thinking at times, it is just human, though it is not a good place to settle down and dwell in. Doubt, unbelief and self pity or even loathing and hatred, blaming yourself is not a good idea, I know people also who have not complained and still not made it. The enemy magnifies doubts, makes us question. He understands that but when you get to unbelief after many doubts, you have let that enemy into a door to your soul that is harder to close,

Some answers are simple, so simple a child of God like me can answer them. We live in a fallen world, we are susceptible to what goes on here. We can however, build a hedge of protection, the blood of Jesus, angels, obeying the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Not everyone does that, even believes that or even receives the prayers of others.

Why do people suffer? God allows it. It is to teach them a lesson. It is punishment for sin, Yes, no and no. God does allow things, but a lot of the time it is because we do. Some things we can get rid of, bitterness, jealousy, strife. We have grace to help us overcome all these obstacles. If you allow the enemy to run loose in your mind and heart, He can’t, not won’t but can’t until you ask for help. And somethings that come on us just happen.

Is He teaching you something? Not by using the devil. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and we can look to God’s Word for wisdom. Is He punishing you with infertility for abortion or cancer because it runs in the family? No. As a believer you are forgiven, and Jesus broke curses, God is not tempting you, the devil will. God gives grace and truth, He authors peace.

Does He test your faith? He will refine us like silver as we go through trials but He is always there. Does He say no? I found that one a strange question, that people actually believe that, the Bible says in Christ, it is yes and amen or so be it. We give up too soon at times or wait for something we already have if we will take hold of it, at others. God has perfect timing, sometimes it is a last minute intervention.

Why do some people die and not others? Why do bad people prosper? That one bugged me. I was not envious but annoyed,  how do some people succeed when they are just rotten to the core? He lets it rain on the just and unjust, to a point. He extends grace, but people can refuse it, while I already had it in abundance and I didn’t realize lavish and rich blessings. Some  of them I just couldn’t envision. He thinks so much higher tht we do, why we should be in that Word.

As for who lives? Some people are faith warriors, and refuse anything the enemy throws. They have strong souls, their words and praise and thankfulness matter. Others may be strong, but we all get weary in well doing and in illness, so some choose not to fight any longer. It is not in anyway, a fault or failure to go to heaven.

Does God answer prayer? Yes.

Does He love us? Enough to send His only Son.

Does He punish us? He corrects us.

Does God even hear me? His ear is not to heavy, He bends to listen to the prayer of believers.

Does God really forgive? As far as east to west.

Does God save everyone? Everyone who believes on His Son.

Does God send people to hell? Short answer, they send themselves, by refusing His love and forgiveness, or abusing the grace offered.

Long answer, hell was created for the devil and fallen angels. People who don’t know Jesus are are already there in a way and even the gates of it will try to assault believers and keep them from knowledge, we are never to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, fear is a major one, so is a temper.

I know people get into all sorts of argument over religion or beliefs. Jesus gives us freedom and a loving trusting relationship. It is easy to let the enemy or others who aren’t as skilled in the Word if they believe it at all draw us in, they will magnify questions, question everything, but it is much better to search grace answers and magnify God who is omniscient.

I hope I have answered a few questions today. There is always more to learn about God but one thing is sure, He is love. And grace answers. Rebecca Jones / pixabay