Earth Angels?

Is there even such a thing? I just loved this picture when I saw it. It is more in line with what most people will experience. While many of us will have a dream or occasional glimpse of the angelic as we operate in the spiritual gifts, some more than others, the majority of believers will know that there are angels because they show up in person, or at least motivating a person, so, yes, there are earth angels.

I know I have met a couple and I like to try to be one to people. I had someone telling me reading what I had written made her heart smile, that is a good definition of an earth angel. Have you ever just needed a friend to talk to. I know I always have Jesus, but sometimes, you need a person, and maybe that person is not even spiritually deep or maybe not even a believer at all, yet they show up with flowers or ask you to lunch.

Usually, October is pastor appreciation month, don’t wait for a month, and now many women fill that role of leadership, but there are also Sunday School teachers and those who take care of the children, there are missionaries, lay ministers, and those in hospitality, music minister and choir members, those who are up front and out there, and those behind the scenes, I used to clean a small church as a teenager, vacuuming, polishing pews, making sure the bathroom was clean.

Kindness never goes unnoticed, though it may appear to. People remember the bad things very easily and rehash the past to exhaustion, the Lord doesn’t want you to live there. And though a box of candy was a simple thing, someone will remember you on a dark day, I promise, and maybe it will make them think about the love of Jesus, because you were an earth angel.

And this goes further than ministry and holidays or days set aside to honor people. It is about more than  believers. It should just be routine, to show love and respect when the world has gone awry. Have you ever bought a policeman coffee? Dropped off a pizza? Sent your child’s teacher flowers on her birthday? Do you even know it? Bought your sitter a tank of gas? Sent out hand written thank you notes? Gotten together to meet your neighbors? Had a block party?

I’m not saying you have to have someone over every night for dinner, in fact, I would suggest being selective about letting children to other houses and sleep overs, but we are the hands and feet of Christ, the wings in the jacket are and exaggeration, real angels work on our behalf, protect us and even work through us. We are show and give His love, but be wise because there is evil in the world and you may not be able to reach everyone, but there are those who struggle still to bring hearts to Him and they should not have to. Love should not be a struggle.

I once heard a minister say that he was healed as a teenager, but while he was sick ministers would come and go and write him off, most people would come with flowers or candy, but only person kept coming after everyone else had log stopped visiting a sick and dying young man. He was healed and ministered into his eighties, because of the Lord and His plans but maybe that earth angel helped him hold on. He could have easily died listening to those who gave up on Him, Jesu will not, but some people like unbelievers, He will have to deal with, while witnessing is good, we should take care of the body of believers and take care of our own bodies, not just diet and exercise but with spiritual hunger and fruit of His righteousness for we are not going to be any other way, saved by grace. Jesus alone paid the price.

You can’t show and give His love if you can’t receive it, and if you are run down overworked and unappreciated, and mothers are right in that category. Please just hold one hand this week and pray for them. So whomever and however you are lead to bless someone this week and in weeks to come, cover your pretend wings and let real angels go with you, but be someone’s earth angel.


Resting Angels

I will be the first one to admit I would have never thought I needed an angel to rest, or even more than one, but guess what I do and probably all do. That rest of Hebrews 4 is so important, we’ve neglected it, misunderstood it and like the Israelites simply refused it, maybe not intentionally, but rejected it nonetheless.

Those who study Hebrew understand the Sabbath, as a day of no work at all. Orthodox Jews would not cook or handle money, would walk only so far, and now not even drive. There were so many more rule than the Ten Commandments, Jesus freed us from those with grace, by fulfilling the law and prophets. He operated in Judaism, and never sinned, though criticized and condemned for healing on the Sabbath.

His sacrifice brought in grace and truth, He was and is the Messiah, most failed to recognized, Yeshua Ha’Maschiach. Salvation itself. If only they had listened and rested, if only we could. We are still trying too hard as believers to keep commandments and laws, to do what Jesus did for us, so that He could save us. we are supposed to be like Him but we are not Him, we don’t know everything.

You see, Jesus understood rest, He was often alone, and in prayer, but He was also off giving of Himself, going out of His way to help others, that is what refreshed Him also. He obeyed His Father, even to death to give us a chance to be saved, to rest and to heal. Healing has to come with rest, who heals, who gives rest, He does.

It is not as hard as we make it on ourselves, we just need to rest in Him, rest the rest of faith, God rested after His work and so did Jesus, we are saved by grace, and have to grow and discern that new hidden life in Him, He left us His peace, but we can’t operate in that either, we’re just to tired.

We operate in the realm of heaven to earth, prayers go up blessings coming down, or at least we hope so, maybe. Jesus is that hope and there is no maybe about it. He already finished it. Went to heaven is seated at the right hand of the Father, who offered rest to the Israelites, who offers rest in Jesus, and still we refuse or just don’t get it.

Rest, it is okay. He understands, His Spirit is there to teach you, and if you need angels to help you rest, He will send them and don’t forget you serve the Prince of Peace. He operates from the point of view of heaven to earth, finished work, watching over His word to perform it.

Are we receiving it? Are we at rest with what He has already done and paid for on the cross or still struggling to get Him to do it? I spent many sleepless nights in prayer, just sat singing amazing grace in pain, still He already paid for my healing, I had to receive and you can’t if you don’t have the peace that passes understanding guarding your heart and mind. Phillipians 4:7 You will surely drop back into the old mindset, God doesn’t think like we do. He knows about rest.

And it is not just the Sabbath, sundown to sundown Friday or Saturday, or even Sunday, it is eternal. I believe eternal life starts when you become a believer, not when you die, or in the spiritual sense, I suppose it starts when we become alive from being dead in the tresspases of sin. He wanted that life to be abundant too. John 10:10 is the dividing line.

Jesus had to rest and sleep as a man, but He could even sleep through storms. Now, He doesn’t have to, neither do angels but they are at rest just because they are with Him and in His peaceful presence and they are ministering spirits sent to the heirs of salvation, us. And if we need a rest and we surely do. There are surely resting angels at His command.


Praise Him All You Shining Stars!


I just love Psalm 148, I have written about it before. Praise Him, Praise Him, all you angels, sun, moon, and stars. everything praises or should be praising God. The birds do just with their singing, the butterflies do with their beauty and grace.

The sky is his handiwork, with blues and grays and clouds, and bold colored sunsets. Even the seas must be praising Him with waves of sprays that was over and over the dry grains of and that He has numbered and counted like the stars, and angels, even my red hair.

So why aren’t we praising Him? And if we do, are we receiving His blessings? Or has it become commonplace and routine? We don’t have to praise expecting anything, it just comes.

How can a song in a heart full of His love not praise? How can we see the beauty of His creation and His sacrifice and not praise? Praise Him, Praise Him, praise Him in the heights all you angels, all you shining stars.

Did you know the Bible calls angels stars?  Well, it sure does. We all need to read Job again with a different take, not that the Lord uses the enemy but that he attacked a righteous Job and God really protected him, like He does us. We cannot fight in our own power. Here’s the verse.

…Who fixed its measurements? Surely you know! Or who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its foundations laid, or who set  its core in place— while the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?…Job 38:7

The LORD merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born. Psalm 33:6 New Living

Stars were created on the fourth day, so clearly the reference is to angels, galaxies full of stars sprang into existence at His word and angels/ stars praised Him, and they will continue to, and so will I and  all His creation.


Angel Eyes

Jesus often healed the blind.

He opened their eyes.

The same is true in His Spirit.

He gives wisdom, makes us wise.

His peace He left us,

A gift to receive.

And it opens eyes and hearts,

As we believe.

We sometimes see those among us,

That radiate His love.

Who share wisdom and healing words,

Pure and from above. Often unnoticed.

Until later, when God is revealing them,

What is so appealing about them?

Ministering spirits in disguise.

People with angels in their eyes.

Human hearts who have touched the skies.

Shining like the stars, with no blame or shame.

They are His and He calls them all by name.

His little ones, do not despise.

God is seen by angel faces,

Guardians of His good graces.

Ministering spirits in disguise.

People with angels in their eyes.

Elisha’s servant could not see,

The outlook was appearing grim.

But Elisha prayed, and his opened,

And he saw them.

Angels ready to fight,

Fight for God, and win.

I pray that He may open your eyes,

You can trust in Him,

Whether you see angels or not.

So you will be aware of them.

We often entertain angels unaware.

You may not see them, yet they are there.

God opened eyes from a prayer.

Jesus did the same, just by a breath of air or touch.

When people cried out to Him, and called upon His name,

Praising Him so much.

And you may see them in some believers,

God gives wisdom to the wise.

Ministering spirits in disguise.

People with angels in their eyes.



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To Breathe Angels / The Poem / Wednesday Bonus

To breathe angels,

Expanding chests that rise and fall.

Wings of wind, His Spirit.

Filling us all.

Inhale the air, pure and cool.

It is so easy to breathe.

Exhale the pain and worry.

No hurry, His wings are beneath.

The Lord is near, He is there.

Breathe in angelic air.

With a verse and a prayer.

Releasing every trouble and care.

Breathing angelic breath, is cleansing,

Taste and see a God so good.

Breathe in His lavish love.

Oh, how I wish you would.

For when it is hard to breathe,

And emotions lie upon your chest.

Breathe in angelic air,

Heavenly air is the best.

God knows what is good for you,

What you should do,

And He gives the weary, His rest.

And breathing angelic, peaceful, air.

We are certain to be blessed.


To Breathe Angels

I thought of this as a poem and I still may do one. How sweet a thought to breathe angels, they are spirits, and can appear and disappear, in  a flash. Jesus even walked through a wall with a glorified body.  Many in the New Testament had out of body experiences.

I am always cautious about reading the stories of others, and I would advise that. Even some of the ministers I read books by were a little flaky at first, but there it is in the Bible. The Holy Spirit surely can move you, like Paul, and Phillip whom he translated bodily, he was beside a chariot and witnessing to a eunuch. I read of one such story happening recently, and I have no reason to doubt it, it was very credible.

People can operate in many spiritual gifts and I have learned that nothing is impossible with God and you can’t limit Him or put Him in a box or even on a shelf in a Bible. If you are born again and seek His face, you will find Him, you can be an intercessor for others.  Especially, if you have a lot of time to devote to prayer, study or fasting.

Being baptized with the Holy Spirit is a very real experience, it is like a baptism of fire. If you read carefully, you will see baptism in water is referred to as John’s baptism. Healing, tongues and a lot of things are very real and happening everyday. You have to just believe. And love is the most precious and sacred of all the love of Jesus, trust the Lord and His Spirit.

How precious the love of God to send His Son, He is a breath away, as close as a prayer or the whisper of His name. His angels are ever present, you can literally breathe the air of heaven and His holy presence as you worship Him, and angels are also a breath away.

To breathe angels, the fragrance of His love, the mist of His healing rain. Let them walk with you, minister to you, bring healing on their wings, even though the verse is from Malachi, and refers to Jesus with healing in His wings, they are His messengers.And they are at His command.

Many people suffer breathing problems and I read about prayer breathing as a way to meditate on His Word. It is good to breathe in and out something like a Psalm 91, meditate on it. It is not a false religion, even Joshua was told to meditate on God’s Word day and night, it should also not depart our mouths

There is a very special bond with Jesus and the Father through His Spirit, and angels are a part of it. Be cautious as to what you study but never let fear keep your from His love. There is a great outpouring of His Spirit that goes on whether we are aware of it are not.

Now is the time to breathe angels, let them minister strength and healing to you and rest in His promises and His peace, which is special gift He left us. And i did the poem so please enjoy that too.


Healing In His Wings

I got this from Pixabay, I realize it is a woman, in a sun and I suppose she is an angel. But for my post she is in in the very presence of the sun of righteousness, the Son of God, Jesus, who is rising over her with healing in His wings. And I know it says sun with healing in its wings, but Son is Jesus and figurative wings.

Now, I will give you the verse in Malachi. But let’s enjoy the imagery. When the Holy Spirit came upon people, they could kill giants, receives supernatural strength, escape disaster, defeat armies…..or have a virgin birth.

The Lord is powerful and tender. In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came upon people, but Jesus was intent on returning to heaven so He could send us the comforter, to live in us, to teach us and guide us.

Jesus doesn’t have wings, but His arms were outstretched on the cross, He gave up His glory to take our shame. He rests on the mercy seat of the hearts of believers, that mercy seat had two golden cherubim with wings that touched from the opposite sides.

The high priest was only allowed in once a year then, but now Jesus is the High Priest, His body, the rent veil of the temple He said would be destroyed and raised in three days. He paid the price of healing, it is all in Isaiah 53. But here is Malachi 4, while it is prophetic, and refers to His future return, for all will be healed in the Rapture, and some say this is the Second Coming, that is actually to me, His coming to rule and reign after the defeat of AntiChrist, because we meet Him in the air, and not everyone will know what happened. It also can be about even His birth, life and healing in general.

“For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble; the day is coming when I will set them ablaze,” says the LORD of Hosts. “Not a root or branch will be left to them.”   “But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, and you will go out and leap like calves from the stall.  Then you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day I am preparing,” says the LORD of Hosts.…

The truth is, I have had people want to medicate me, give me megadoses of vitamins, have me drink water, lose weight, exercise. And while I did some of the theses to excess and then again not all, the pain, grief and anxiety was still there. It would be better and worse, a vicious cycle inflicted by the enemy and redeemed by Christ. I had to study it, overcome it by His grace, be seperated from it. I had to call out to Him, and He called out His angels for me, and He rose with healing in His wings and embraced me.

I don’t care if you walk or run, take vitamins or medicine, eat just perfect or not so much. Whether you drink water or tea or coke zero like me. And I am telling you to take care of yourself and see the doctor and take medicine but even so, let Him bless you.

I pray you will let the sun of righteousness, the very Son of the living God embrace you today and every day, if you fear His name, reverence or respect Him, because there is no fear in His love, them let Him embrace you with healing wings today, there is healing in Jesus because He purchased and redeemed our souls. He calls our name and we call His.

We often send little pins about Jesus hugs, and they are cute, and might even have a little power going out with them, but a real Jesus hug, we all could use, for there is healing in His wings. And another note to this is that you see Jesus in a talit or prayer shawl, when arms are outstretched in prayer or praise it also resembles wings , and what did the woman with the issue of blood touch? Yes, there is healing in His wings.


Another One For The Lady

The summer breeze blew through my hair as I leaned over the railing of the patio, at a favorite seaside restaurant. I was here on assignment to photograph the beach and island, but secretly a part of me was interested in another story. One that had been talked about, splashed over the newspaper headlines, and after many years, forgotten.

I was deep in thought wondering what had happened to Marissa Clayton, had she vanished after a torrid love affair had gone awry? Was she depressed over her movie career in decline? I was hoping to dig up some research, some of the locals would surely remember her.  I picked up my camera, and got a few good shots, I was about to call it a day, when I heard a man’s voice  behind me say to a waiter, ” Another one for the lady. ”

I was about to say that I was good when a man picked up my bag and guided me to a table. He was extraordinarily handsome for his age, the years had been kind to him. I sat at his table, he began to introduce himself. His voice was gentle, and he had an elegance about him, but I said that I knew him, “It is nice to meet you Mr. Morgan, I’m Loretta Winters. ” “Call me Jess. ” He replied as the waiter brought me another tea.

I was hungry, I had not realized how long I had been walking around the island, or how many pictures I had taken or how many people I had already spoken to. Jess ordered dinner, and obviously word had gotten around that I was interested in more than a vacation photoshoot. He was more than happy to share what he knew about Marissa. They had arrived in Hollywood around the same time in the late 1940’s. They had even joked that they would be the next Bogey and Bacall or William Powell and Myrna Loy.

They enjoyed their time together on backlots usually as extras to the real stars, and while they did make a few film noirs, neither of them had the appeal they had hoped for, yet his looks kept him in as a co-star. Marissa had sense humor and tried comedy, but she wasn’t always on time with her lines and was just too cute, she was told, as she was given her release from the studio.

She had met Jess here before for weekends with friends, but this time she was planning to come alone and spend the weekend  at a local hotel. He had a beach house and a yacht and was doing very well and had found a niche as a writer and done some directing. Marissa didn’t want to explore other options. Jess told me that he met her at the pier and she checked into a hotel and they planned to set sail the next morning but she never showed up.

I knew some of the reports but let him talk. Her phone was off the hook and there were some pills on her nightstand, but only a few were gone. When the police searched the beach, she was nowhere to be found. No one had a clue, until about a month later when someone found a scarf in a cluster of rocks beside the shore. It was hers. Had she gone swimming, or drowned, had she committed suicide? No one knew.

I thanked him for dinner and he promised to call on me at my hotel before I left. He was vague but said he wanted me to meet someone who could tell me a lot more. I was curious and cautious, but I agreed. This man was gentleman and he was over eighty, I wasn’t afraid and agreed but told him to call me first.

Needless to say, I spent a restless evening, looking at old black and white stills and researching stories that ranged from the far fetched to deranged. What had happened to Marissa Clayton? There were suspects questioned, but there was never any proof that she was murdered.

And there was something that nagged at me about Jess Morgan, he had left Hollywood and and a lucrative career, he had even been in a Doris Day movie. There was even talk of casting him as a doctor in a soap opera, but he returned to the island and began writing, he had sold a home in BelAir, and some real estate, really, all the money he had amassed was now in a Swiss account.

He had built onto his home here on the island, the Pacific was full of small ones but close enough to larger ones or you could easily get to Hawaii. what was Jess Morgan thinking? Was he just tired of the attempt at fame? Though he was a reasonably successful, he was not a star. Did he have something to hide?

The police had investigated, he was never charged or even under suspicion. Had he murdered a long time love? Or had the sea claimed an aspiring star? Or was it as the papers reported a tragic attempt at a comeback with a publicity stunt that went awry? Was she attempting a dive and in hopes of having someone save her, only to lose her life?

The next morning I packed and went to order coffee in the hotel lounge. A waitress who knew me whispered, ” Loretta, you have a call. ” It was Jess Morgan and he was not waiting until the evening, he told me he had sent a car and to bring my camera and a notebook. The phone clicked before I could ask anything.

I got into a car and was driven to a gated estate with a large fountain, a pool, and a guest house. There was even a little golf course complete with cart. On a beautiful patio, I saw a woman in a wheelchair, she appeared to have been her eighties as well, could it be? A nurse brought me over to meet her, and Jess waved from the cart, I waved back.

” Sit down, Loretta. ” She said politely, ” Jess tells me you’re the one. ” ” The one? ” I asked. ” Yes, ” she shook her head and laughed. ” The one to tell my story, I’m Marissa Clayton, or Mrs. Jess Morgan, he saved my life, you know. ” Over the next few weeks, I learned how a girl of fourteen had run away from home and met a handsome young man in 1948. She lied about her age and was cast as the sister or high school student, he was in a few westerns. Most of their work was as extras.

She often waited tables and he worked as a caddy, and inherited a passion for golf. They got married in in 1952, when she turned eighteen, he was twenty two, they kept it secret hoping for careers. Though some people were suspicious, they lived in the same hotel, there was never any scandal, they were not that famous, her name was lower in the credits though Jess had a few breaks, and worked in directing.

One day in 1965, she was tired of making beach movies, and was soon released from her contract. Jess had wrapped up his movie and they went separately to the island getaway. He was to meet her as he said and and she checked into the hotel, she had taken a sleeping pill but went for a moonlight walk, when her scarf blew off and went onto some rocks she went to get it and fell. Her head was bleeding, when he found her the next morning and she was blind in one eye, she begged him not to tell anyone.

Jess had carried her home and taken care of her. The story was out that she was missing, and she made him promise not to tell, because their marriage might ruin his career, she had not wanted her accident to cause him problems. He was able to pay a doctor friend to take care her, and the rumors and gossip died down, she just wasn’t that big a star. People wrote her off as a suicide. And she never minded that.

She told me she had worried that Jess would be accused of her murder but he hid her and the police found nothing to charge him with, they had even used aliases on their marriage certificate. No one knew but them. She had had a daughter, but gave her up for adoption although Jess begged her not to, saying he would help raise her and get her a governess. But she said agreed because he loved her and he loved their daughter, he always sent her money and even paid for college.

” Where is she now? ” I asked, ” she must be my age. ” ” Just about. ” Jess patted my shoulder. He sat down and had some lunch brought over.  Marissa told me she just wanted her story finally told and that Jess was right I was the one to tell it because I would understand. She had been blind in one eye a long time, and even though some sight returned, a difficult pregnancy had also left her with more health problems. She had been limited in her walking, and a stroke had slurred her speech, the old head injury from her fall was a constant source of pain. She cried a lot in her husband’s arms over the agonizing decision, he had friends he knew would adopt her and take care of her and respect any wishes or decisions they made or rather he made, she was still presumed dead.

She explained that she was not a vain creature, though her beauty had faded she was still quite lovely. She just thought it best to let them believe what they wanted to, Jess stayed in Hollywood a while longer but returned to her and stayed in the 1970’s, he took a few bit parts and directed but was handy with screenplays for cop shows, and even a few novels. Occasionally, he would field questions about her, and all he would say was that she was quite a lady. I had seen the interviews, there had even been a fictional book written about her murder and a mysterious lover, Jess wanted that cleared up.

I remembered getting gifts from an uncle J, my mother said he traveled a lot. I grew up in Monterrey and went to USC, I always had friends, a car and a condo and have been able to travel, I never thought my parents could afford this, I always sent them money from my assignments because they had been so generous, now I was wondering about this daughter. Why was I the one? I continued to ask questions, and soon they admitted they were the couple I would always see at the park, or sometimes at the theatre, and indeed I was their daughter, Angela.

We hugged and cried and I felt as though I had known them forever. What a blessing to freed of a guilt that I was a burden on my parents and to find the ones who loved me enough to not want me to grow up in seclusion or in the shadow of a Hollywood mystery.  Although I had in a way, I was always interested the fate of starlet, Marissa Clayton. And now I was kissing my precious mother.

And my father Jess assured me later and in a more private setting after she had gone upstairs to nap, that he really had begged her to keep me, but she had been at times. mentally challenged with her head injury, she would forget things, and just wanted to avoid people. I told him I understood. He blushed a sigh or relief, ” She had such a hard life as child, when she told me, I promised to marry her when she turned eighteen, we have always helped children ever since, and it broke our hearts to let you go. ” I never felt so much love pour over me.

I hugged my father tightly, and he whispered that he loved me, and that Marissa was quite a lady. I was always telling the mhow much I loved and appreciated them. I spent the summer and wrote the book, and both parents were happy they got to reading it before passing away, only a few months apart. My father even left a few manuscripts, I promised to finish and co-author.  I sold the house on the island and returned to California, I set up scholarships for the arts in their names, and help children to find adoptive parents, as for my own they are still with me, and I will tell my chosen daughter Angela about her grandmother and grandfather, what wonderful people they were who left the world for heaven in 2014.

I am still a photographer, writer, wife and mother, and I still have to be Loretta, I am so used to her. The summer breeze blew through my hair as I leaned over the railing of our patio deck outside my office, my husband Steve handed me a glass of tea, and before I could thank him, I saw what he was reading and smiled, remembering Jess, I was the one alright, and his words were the perfect title for my book, Another One For the Lady.

Photographer Kristina Bratko / Unsplash / edited

Rebecca Jones, for my friend Marilyn.

These of course, are fictional film stars.

Angel Food

Oh, what shy and pale creature. Real angels may be white and even  fair or pale. I think they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We like our little ornaments and making things from paper plate angels for children to photoshopping, drawing. painting or sewing angels.

Angels are powerful creatures and do as God tells them. My title is sort of in fun, and an angel food cake sounds good about now.  But this is about Elijah, now we know that Elijah was prophet. He ran afoul of the wicked queen Jezebel and king Ahab whom she actually ruled.

If she wanted a vineyard, no problem, just kill the owner. Kill all the prophets. Elijah had made a mockery of Baal on Mount Carmel  and had them soak the wood and called down fire from heaven, we know too about how he prayed for rain when there was a drought.

Elijah left in a chariot and tossed his mantle to Elisha. But even though he once outran a chariot, he was human and suffered depression, he even wanted to die. Let’s look at the Word and see about his angel food the ravens brought him.

“Depart from here and turn eastward and hide yourself by the brook Cherith, which is east of the Jordan. You shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there. ”So he went and did according to the word of the LORD. He went and lived by the brook Cherith that is east of the Jordan.  And the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook. And after a while the brook dried up, because there was no rain in the land. 1 Kings 17:4-7

Ahab has been told it would not rain until Elijah said so and now the ravens are feeding him. He will go on to Zeraapth and the widow’s oil will not run out and her son is raised from the dead. You can read all about him for yourself. I just wanted this to be a lesson in provision, some translations use ravens for birds of the air, when Jesus tells us not worry about what we will eat of drink. He is Jehovah Jireh the provider. He can provide even through unrighteous people.

Now, ravens were unclean by Jewish law, yet they brought him bread and meat, likely fish. It is the symbol of what is false and destructive, which robs the nests of the birds of song and feeds upon their young. After we cross Jordan or get saved we can be fed also by false or worldly things and that lasts awhile as He sustains us and we go back across the Jordan into the spiritual things of God.

You will notice too, that he questions God about the widow’s son, still God raises him, He did not have the benefit of John 10:10, and the real enemy. Or more important. Jesus. He gives us the Spirit and in the Old Testament He only comes upon people. Now, He is in us.

You can read about his wish to die. But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a broom tree. And he asked that he might die, saying, “It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life, for I am no better than my fathers.” And he lay down and slept under a broom tree. And behold, an angel touched him and said to him, “Arise and eat.” And he looked, and behold, there was at his head a cake baked on hot stones and a jar of water. And he ate and drank and lay down again. And the angel of the LORD came again a second time and touched him and said, “Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you.” And he arose and ate and drank, and went in the strength of that food forty days and forty nights to Horeb, the mount of God. 1 Kings 19:4-8

This time an angel does feed him, and it says Angel of the Lord which could also be Jesus, in an Old Testament appearance. And then there is a wind, an earthquake and a fire and the Lord is not in those, Elijah covers his face with his cloak, much like a prayer shawl and at the entrance of the cave, he hears the still small voice or as in this translation, a low whisper. God doesn’t have to shout though He can, so what are we facing today, fear, depression, are we ready to give up.

Let’s not give up or in and wait for the still small voice and may be some angel food.




Sunday Bonus: It’s All About The Rest

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I was just reading a post written by someone in the ministry a long time, she was writing about rest. How have we managed to miss God’s rest of faith from Hebrews 3 and 4? God offered it  to the israelites and they refused.

They murmured and complained and even when fed manna which is like Jesus as our manna from heaven, they weren’t satisfied. I have been that way, like being hungry still when you should be full, I’m grabbing a roll before I go to sleep.

We should hunger and thirst after His righteousness, for being righteous is what keeps the wicked one at bay, the fear, terror, and torment, even the anxiety and stress. Why can’t we rest and then work?

God created the world in six days and then rested, our first day of the week is Sunday, though I think most people think of it as Monday because of work or school. The Sabbath is actually Friday evening to Saturday for observant and even Messianic Jews, but we are under grace because Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets. So God finished His work and rested, there was nothing left to do but watch over it, He gave His creation a paradise to enjoy but also a free will and they made a bad choice.

If it had not have been them it would have been someone else. When have any of us not made a bad decision or not decided to rest upon His promise. Oh, the peace that comes with the passing of understanding, receiving His gift of peace, John 14:27, is vital to a successful walk with God.

So why don’t we rest? God finished His work and rested, almost like an eternal Sabbath, and so did Jesus after being raised from the dead, and get that, please, were were crucified with Him and seated in heavenly places. He went and sat at the Father’s right hand and we are supposed to be spiritually seated with Him. He really raised our  “dead” spirits, do we want to fo back to that, wouldn’t we want the fruit instead, love, joy, peace, and look them up. Galatians 5:25.

Now, we are going to have to rest or we won’t get to the Promised Land, well, we might make heaven but with a lot of stress in between. So take a nap, cut out things that are not necessary, learn to say no.

You don’t need every app, to see every movie, you can’t read every book or join every group. I turn down things all the time and I can’t read everything even from fellow bloggers or writers who have good and helpful things to share. There are just not enough hours in a day.

But I have managed to get a lot done today even though I really rested. I know you may have to juggle a little to make yourself rest, specially with a family but it can be done and it is never too early to teach children about rest. Or about Jesus. I have seen children over my life become more hyper and more easily bored, don’t let technology take the place of fresh air and fun. Or so many activities that fill your schedule that you can’t rest, I see children going to school earlier, and with afternoon sports of classes, it is a lot.

Self help people will tell you about your body’s clock, but guess what? Evening and the morning were the first day. in the beginning, time was divided into watches. Jesus walks on water about 3 a.m. in the fourth watch, they were using Roman time, Matthew 14:25. But I believe daylight may have been twelve hours and dark twelve hours at one time. People lived a long  time, did they get twelve hours sleep?

Gradually, we let time close in or creep up on us, and Sunday morning and Wednesday night is not enough for most Christians to make it to  ” the rest of faith”. even if they have heard of it, they don’t necessarily do it or receive it, or even understand it.

Mark 13:34-36, tells us to watch,  ..… It is like a man going on a journey who left his house, put each servant in charge of his own task, and instructed the doorkeeper to keep watch. Therefore keep watch, because you do not know when the master of the house will return— whether in the evening, at midnight, when the rooster crows, or in the morning. Otherwise, he may arrive without notice and find you sleeping.…

In this case the Lord is the Master, and indeed the church is a asleep, because it is not resting in Him. So let’s remember, He makes things beautiful in His time and get some rest.