A Living Soul

When God breathed on Adam, He became a living soul. And He tells us that all Scripture is God breathed for inspiration. I have been writing about breathing, taking deep breaths to combat illness. You can pray and use verses as you inhale and exhale. Recently, I just breathed and let the Holy Spirit relax me to avoid a long week of bronchitis.

God is a Spirit and we are to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. If you can pray in a heavenly language do so, it is a powerful gift you can ask for. But His most powerful gift is His love, His not ours, it what overcomes because ours alone is not enough. We cannot have the power and love and sound mind without Him.

A living soul has a mind, will and emotions. The Holy Spirit of God embraces that soul with His presence and becomes as Jesus said, Comforter, Counselor, Teacher and Advocate. Ruach, is the word in Hebrew, roo- ok, wind, breath, spirit. A soul is called a nefesh, like it sounds. The Greek for spirit is pneuma. Breath, emphysáō, wind and spirit are all associated with the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh.

We are all quick to use the phrase that something took my breath away. We don’t really mean that or want that to happen, for when our breath is gone our spirit is gone. There are many wonderful songs that we sing. Take My Breath Away isn’t one I go through the day with and really listen to some of those lyrics. My family liked country and it’s not that I don’t appreciate a good song, lyrics are just another thing with me. We want the Lord to Breathe On Me, as that song goes. We want to be living souls. Jesus came to give us abundant life.

We want to be alive with His love and His peace and joy. We don’t want to be overtaken by fear and worry, or to let the cares of life be such a struggle that we can’t even breathe. I used to literally catch myself holding my breath, I was always in such a panic and a rush. It has to be something you are delivered of and if you never receive His peace, you may never be. John 14:27.

He breathed on His Word, His name is the breathy Yahweh. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 2:16,17.

Job speaks about being created and breath. And we know of course, that Jesus breathed on His disciples. But I think one of my new favorite verses is this one, He breathed the word, and all the stars were born. Psalm 33:6. But there was the prophet Ezekiel in 7:9 who prophesied breath to the bones. And we love that everything that has breath should praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6

Acts 9:1 uses the phrase Saul was breathing murderous threats. How often are people wasting their breath with anger, rage and idle threats, with foolish words and corrupt communication. We are to be aware of that. Life is precious, our words and breath are valuable gifts from God and we should put them to good use.

So don’t waste your time and energy with fear and worry, or your breath by not filling your mouth with His words, don’t let the enemy make us waste our breath or take it, we want to have abundant life, and keep being blessed and go right on being a living soul. Rebecca Jones /Gabriel Brandt, Unsplash, thanks.




A Restful Soul


Return to your rest my soul for the Lord has been good to you. Psalm 116:7

Do you know anyone who is a restful soul? Are you one? For years I knew nothing about it. Not that I had not heard about it or read it, I just didn’t have a real revelation of it. When did rest get to be a bad thing? Where did our eight hours of sleep go? What about lazing in a hammock or an afternoon nap, ever fall asleep reading a good book?

Technology is not all to blame, we have on / off switches. If only people did, or mute. Women were made to love and be loved not to be running like a sleek racehorse through the supermarket, or to work and superwoman doing it all. Even though we can do all thing through Christ, He didn’t mean we had to do it all. I recently read about even giving up some good things for the best one. Rest will help us get there and stay there.

Our families have a part in that weariness, they can be demanding. It is okay to say no, or get someone else to drive you. Chores are good way to go starting early, children who do  chores are smarter according to a Harvard study. Even if they don’t want to go to Harvard. they can pick up their room. Knowing how to clean and even cook when they’re old enough is good for them.

Women will sit off in the pantry, to eat the hidden dark chocolate and maybe even cry or complain and have themselves a pity party. Don’t do that, it doesn’t work. You, as a woman of faith are a daughter of the King. Go to the prayer closet with your Dove chocolate truffles and tell it to God.

I know many women suffer from chronic pain and illness and that affects sleep. Rest in His healing promises. Read and meditate on them. It never does any good to stay up late or get up early and be run down before noon, He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2 Another translation says loved ones, which includes us all, though I write mostly for women. I know it is not always your choice to be awake but you can still choose rest, meditate oh His Word, listen to music. Sow His peace into your life.

I used to run from super early to  midnight. I had to be on call for so many people or so I thought. I didn’t take God’s job, He never sleeps or slumbers. I was one with chronic pain and I could not run through the malls at a clip. I like to look, not run. I hate being hurried, rushed, like you have to get there two hours early. Since God is watching I can let go, He’s got them. Wheeew!

And rest is like from Hebrews 4, knowing that what He promises, He will do. Don’t go back to wandering in the desert when Jesus finished His work. He already paid the price for your salvation, healing and protection and even peace. He wore a crown of thorns for that so put on your slippers and sleep mask and chill.

Do you know anyone who truly rests? Who appears vibrant and refreshed? Well, I may not be there yet, but I nap, I say no, I turn off the electronics. Jesus asks us to come and rest. I want to be a restful soul and you to be one too. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

The Unloved Soul


First of all, no soul is really unloved. John 3:16 makes it clear the love of God toward mankind. Yet, He calls many, do they answer? And John says He chose us, so there are some very receptive to Him, and while we think we are so bright and made a good choice to serve Christ, it was He who chose us.

Some people are just born martyrs, they never do anything wrong and feel they are entitled, everything else is someone else’s fault and while they wallow in self pity, there appears to be no guilt or shame for Christ to forgive when they ask. If the Holy Spirit has pricked their heart or tried to pierce the darkness to prepare their heart to receive Him as Lord, they are just not listening and in their minds, they are an unloved, misunderstood soul.

Then there are souls they have fallen by the way, the homeless, the baby left in a toilet, the widows, the one on the slippery slopes of life who are on the verge of going to hell, thinking nothing of their actions. Their soul is love dearly by Christ, but they too are ignoring the voice of the Spirit.

Homeless have many reasons for being so, not all laziness, mental illness and alcohol or drug use, though those are major factors. I have heard a few wonderful stories of them actually get help and becoming loved by the Lord. And who in their right mind leaves a baby in a toilet? No one! Now that is a heart of an unloving and uncaring soul.

And this is October, ministry appreciation month.  While ministers and their wives, who may also minister, are not unloved souls, it is more than a card or a prayer, or even a dinner out and a love offering.  Some of us are still trying to understand the mind of a pastor who takes his own life.  More than stress and overwork, finances, if they have another job, lingering depression, old worries and fear, the idea of not making enough of a difference, the accuser of the brethren, all contribute.

Those in ministry can feel very much like unloved souls. So it is important to be supportive, not a gossip or divisive. They need our love and prayers on a regular basis, and an extra kindness now and then, to me, no one who is ministering the love of Jesus should ever be hurting so much as to take their own lives, the enemy’s voice may be loud  but the whisper of His love is greater. It speaks volumes and says, ” You are not unloved. ”

Finally, there are people who are lonely, oppressed and even battling their own fears and personal demons and they too should not struggle or ever feel they are an unloved soul. Sadness and loss and isolation are big factors, sometimes loneliness is a call to to draw you to Jesus, you too are not unloved.

So are you an unloved soul? Of course not, if no one else loves you and that’s not true, Jesus does. So that’s a feeling, a deception, a trick of the enemy to get you to self pity, and often self destruction. Even if you have to dig deep into your soul and heart and deeper still into His Word, say to yourself, I am not an unloved soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels

A Sweet Soul

I picked cookies, pie and went with ice cream, the only thing, God ever really asked me to avoid for a while. It is decadent and a lesson in self control. But I also had wonderful dreams of eating a bowl. So an occasional scoop won’t hurt a sweet soul. So let’s talk about that, what or who is a sweet soul?

Look at Jesus, as He is depicted in the Song of Solomon, altogether lovely, dripping with myrrh, His mouth like a honeycomb of sweetness and every word He says or promises is true. we are to speak kind words, encourage one another, build each other up. We are show ourselves friendly, be compassionate and tenderhearted.

Just be like Jesus. It isn’t always easy. He did not retaliate, back answer, get into arguments, He had nothing to prove, even when accused falsely. He did get angry but never sinned and was always calm and in control. I think I’m making it sound difficult to be a sweet soul.

Not really, when you stop to consider that He put His sweetness in you by giving you His Spirit, you just have allow Him to teach you and give you confidence, reassurance and self control. He never leaves us or forsakes us, and it is a blessing to have Him so close as a prayer, a breathe or whisper of His name, Jesus.

When I think of sweetness Himself being crucified for me, I can hardly believe it, and I am always moved to try to put that kind of love into words and action. I always ask people to go back ad read and reread the book of John. It is different from the other gospels, John refers to himself as the disciple Jesus loved, it was his own idea. He got Jesus.

And he records how Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, how He calls us friends and even after the kiss of betrayal, He calls Judas friend. Are any of us that kind or sweet? He is the perfect example for women, and they will understand love, unless love is not what they are after and sadly it is true of some.

He is the perfect example for men in loving their wives and for boys to be taught how to be strong and sweet, gentle with women. And He is the perfect example for girls to have self respect and expect to be treated a certain way and think more of themselves that to give in to the world’s ideal. Yes, He  was sweetness Himself.

And He died to set us free, and He is still sweetness from heaven. Sweet souls are kind, generous and giving. They have love like no other, they are faithful determined and strong. They face and overcome fear with faith and are gracious. They are giving freely of themselves and of His gifts, for sweetness is not bought or  sold like the Holy Spirit is not, or healing is not.

You cannot give what you do not have. It gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, the song goes on, oh ,what a love between my Lord and I, keep falling in love with over and over again. Jesus is as sweet as it gets, so it should be us, as believers getting sweeter because of Him.  So what about it, are we sweet enough or can we get sweeter?

We can eat our fill of cake and pie or donuts, have a double or triple scoop on a waffle cone, sweeten our tea little more and nothing will ever satisfy our craving for sweets like He will. Not even a box of dark chocolate truffles. So let’s turn down a few delights and enjoy Jesus whom the psalmist calls our joy and our delight. And let’s become a sweet soul by adoring the sweetest soul of all, Jesus. Rebecca Jones / Theresia Pauls, thanks.

A Gentle Soul


Gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit, how many gentle souls do you know? I know I am one, but I have had to grow into a firm person as well because while gentleness is not a weakness, some people perceive it as such and will take advantage of you. Jesus was a gentle soul and He was not intimidated by Pharisees, Sadducees or throngs. And certainly not demons or the enemy. He was the most tender and gentle soul ever and could not have been crucified unless He was willing to be, gentleness is not weakness.

Gentleness is innate, but life can harden that. Little boys who are gentle and sensitive are often falsely labeled and ridiculed, I let them play house and be the father and dress up but not wear heels and carry purses. I wanted them to be gentle with girls and babies, but made sure they were proud of being boys. I worked with small children, so more mature topics rarely arose, I could say when you are older and let it go, but it is something to address. Gentleness is not indicative or gender reassignment or any such lie of the enemy, gentleness is a gift from the Lord. And children should also be taught that not everyone agrees, but to treat everyone with a much love and respect as possible, to live in peace but not be bullied or badgered about their beliefs.

I used to go on bug hunts with boys, one was so gentle, he could lift up blocks and watch snails and put them down again. I checked, when I lifted the block, the were alright, still buggy, he never crushed the walking stick who sat on the screen, he never broke a Christmas ornament as we decorated, he was careful to hand them to me, and he was three. But he did need reminding about my poodle, who napped on his pillow and sneaked sandwiches from him, one day he was putting her on  the couch, and he tossed her at it. And she landed on it, but I quickly explained how he could have hurt her, that he was should have been closer, that he could have hurt her and she was little, he was supposed to take care of her, he understood.

Admittedly, children learn from their parents and caregivers and others, so we want our voices to be the primary ones, to make sure they hear the Lord’s words in the heads and hearts that the Holy Spirit is there quick to remind them. While we want to teach Jesus as the gentle healer, we should reiterate that he raised the dead, cleansed the temple. Jesus was not a pushover.

Jesus was tempted in all ways but knew no sin, He loved women and He loved the disciples, but He never sinned and this was pure and deep, affectionate love, He could touch them, give them and still crossed no lines of sin, the same is not always true of the body of Christ. Some become weak in resisting temptation, the Lord’s prayer asks for us not to be led into it.

It is very easy to fall prey to the deception and lies of the enemy, a gentle soul has to be a courageous and careful soul. Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, a gentle soul needs to be a peaceful soul. You can be tender hearted and tough enough to resist the enemy.

Gentle souls are the people who enjoy the singing birds and the butterflies that light in their hands, the blow the dandelions and catch the fireflies. They enjoy the ladybugs and flowers, the rainbows and sunsets and are at ease with the waves of the sea and its calm and make even the worst of times easier by resting in His gentleness and love.

Gentle souls can rock in a rocking chair on the porch or with a child in a nursery, they sleep like a baby in His heavenly peace and nap away an afternoon. Gentle souls like gentle music, maybe just instrumentals, I do. Gentle souls like and may write gentle words, they speak them too, but are not afraid to speak up either, being bold in Jesus.

I heard about grace being a person, Jesus, well He is gentleness as well and all the other attributes we should hope to attain. Because He was and is a gentle soul, so can we be. Rebecca Jones / pexels


A Sensitive Soul


I was sitting around on a hot Sunday afternoon and writing blog posts when suddenly I thought of the October Write 31 Day Challenge. I decided to get started. I heard the story once of a minister who could not give a definitive answer to what a soul was. It is your mind, which has to be renewed constantly by Christ. It is your will, you still have a free one, you can be yielded to Him or disobedient, it is your emotions. They give us a lot of trouble. Your soul is separated yet connected to your spirit, and a believer has the Holy Spirit, the baptism of Him and spiritual gifts if you grow deeper with Jesus. There are all kinds of souls, generally lost or saved, but even believers can be oppressed, never believe someone who says you can’t.

A sensitive soul is driven by emotions, I know because I am one. And they can make you a nervous wreck. Not everyone sees beauty, the sweet songs of a baby bird, how the clouds drift by. Not everyone is caught up in the rapture of words and meanings. Not everyone recalls a fragrance or a song. They are not familiar with old movie lines. The talk while you talk, and never listen to a word you say, the word ignore steps right out of ignorance, sensitive souls are hurt if you aren’t listening.

Being sensitive is not pie eyed or a pipe dreamer. It is a gift and a blessing. How else could you see the beauty of Christ? Sensitive people are easily moved to pray for others, are full of compassion and are often hurt by the lack of reciprocation, but that is Christlike, loving agape, even if it is not returned. Words hurt and even crush sensitive souls, it is not effeminate for a man to be sensitive. Jesus, was a sensitive soul, and real men follow Him. A strapping, swearing fisherman, a thieving tax collector and a sensitive John, whom Jesus loved. He is the only one who refers to himself that way, though He loved them all including Judas. He was a sensitive soul. John recognized how loved he was.

I often tell people that water seeks its own level, if you scrape the bottom of the barrel for companionship, you will get rotten apples for friends. Sour grapes and bitterness are not to the taste of a sensitive soul. If you are sensitive, you will see the fruit  of others and not gravitate into the deceit of wicked imitations. Faux believers, if you will, who incorporate all sorts of practices, without claiming Jesus as the only way.

Sensitive people are not necessarily more spiritual people, but there is a definite connection in faith. They experience and process deeper emotions, and have to be careful what they share, because it would not be good for them to lose sensitivity, or turn their hearts away. There may be more supernatural experiences, dreams or visions. Some believers are so sensitive to both sides, and that is a good thing to be aware of enemy devices and head them off with prayer.

Be careful if you befriend a sensitive soul, they will be lost in a realm of their own at times, and they hear you and care for you, so you must care for and encourage and even protect them, especially, husbands to wives. Sensitive souls will try to follow the golden rule but can be overly helpful and be hurt by those who take and take but have nothing to give.

Being sensitive is not shameful, it is not a meaningless thing to cry, God keeps our tears. Jesus wept. But you must not give the enemy a target either.  For as you pray and love, he will prey and hate. What you love and and enjoy and stand for in faith with Jesus as Lord, he would like nothing better than to steal, kill or destroy. Fear is not an emotion, caution crossing the street is not fear of cars or being hit, it just common sense. The inordinate emotion of fear is a spirit and God’s Holy Spirit is with us and we are not to fear, but to rest in His love, favor and protection.

Sensitive souls desperately need other sensitive people, and I pray they become both sensitive and strong in His Spirit, who is in their soul, be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit, He will never mislead you. Pursue peace and be like Jesus, a sensitive soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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A Wandering Soul


A wandering soul is one who travels many roads. Whether one of those people who never stay in one place too long because of itchy feet or someone who goes through life with a wandering way that leads them in different directions. Some people are just restless and can’t commit or  settle down.

Wandering souls may be happy to leave home at an early age, like those of another day who would run away and join the circus. They may go to work or have many jobs, may or may not go to college, change majors, drop out or finish. They may move to different cities, or like to travel unlike the proverbial homebody.

Wandering souls will be spontaneous, up for trips to the mall or beach or even weekend getaways.  They are extroverts, make friends, but may not be in lasting relationships. And maybe their wandering is just the way they dream or perhaps from a need to escape. A way of being unconventional.

The wandering soul may also let their spiritual life wander in many directions, try many religions on for size, and be dissatisfied and left with a hunger or a longing for Jesus, one they may not know how to fill or satisfy. People love to tell me about Job, but it was the devil who had been up and down the earth, then God question him as to him looking at Job’s righteousness. God doesn’t employ him tor torment. I used to hear that Job’s fear let the hedge of protection fall, maybe so, and maybe he was a target because he was righteous.

I start by telling them that was Old Testament, Job lived as far back as Joseph, even though his book is closer to the New Testament, which brings us to the blood of Jesus which he can’t cross. so what is in heaven? You guessed it. The enemy can’t stand and question God about us, but he is the accuser of the brethren, night and day, in our own minds and through others. Don’t let him drive you or wear you out. And remember the restless demons that were cast out, they decided to go back with seven worse, our house or minds and hearts have to be swept daily by His Spirit.

Wandering can cause trouble, lead to places you don’t want to go. The need to escape reality through addictions, the teens who destroy their lives on the streets and in back alleys. The cutters, like the man in the tombs who tried to end his pain, which I believe Jesus saw him. He rebuked a demon wind and help the man no one could tame. He had wanderer so long in a dead place, which is like us and our pasts or what we are going through, but life walked in upon him. That man is the extreme, but his kind of soul has perhaps wandered too far like the prodigal and in desperate need of redemption, and the Heavenly Father is there, waiting. You know, I hate that part of the story that he really wished his father dead, and still only came home because he was hungry, but his father, like our Heavenly one gives him a chance, but the Word also says the Spirit will not always strive with a person.

That is a far deeper version of wandering than just wanting to see the world or meet people, I have always wanted to travel, and never been very far, it is a version that is distracting and destructive. Wandering can be a good thing if your heart is steady and focused in faith, it gives you opportunities to share the gospel in ways that many of us would not get the chance to. It is good for a missionary to be a wandering soul.

But don’t forget the wandering Jews in the desert, they would not receive His rest or enter into it, and kept in search of the Promised Land for forty years. And only two were brave enough to see themselves as able to possess it. That kind of wandering is not good, it is time to reconcile certain things and work out your salvation, or else you may forever be a wandering soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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A Veiled Soul

What is exactly is a veiled soul? I thought about that and have two answers. The first is a a person who has managed to hide and shroud the evil side and tendencies. They may look like anyone else, inside is a need to disturb, disrupt, and this soul may even harbor dark thoughts and practice the occult or if not that, certainly engage in gossip and sowing discord, trouble making.  Some people truly aren’t happy unless they making everyone else unhappy. There are people like this.

A veiled soul, intelligent, charming and even witty. Likable, in many cases, they take great pleasure and pride in their ability to fool others. They can work, attend school or church and still run a dagger through you, if not literally, with words or spiritually drawing in torment and confusion around you.  I like old movies and learn a lot from them, can you imagine being strangled as you pray for someone else’s salvation? It happens in the movie, The Stranger, form 1946.  Discernment is key with the Holy Spirit discerning. Some people really want prayer and deliverance and others healing and some people just want it their way and not God’s.

Another type of veiled soul is the one who is like peeling an onion, layer after layer of worry and fear comes off or they endure and overcome trial after trial. This soul becomes unveiled, but in a good way. Not like the character of a novel or film. This veiled soul is freed by the unbinding of years of oppression, being healed of sickness or disease. Or working her way past abuse or neglect.

This soul has survived trauma, whether abuse or something else, God has saved her in a cocoon and as she beat her wings in faith and fought, He has opened it up to reveal a new creature in Christ. Many people never do overcome, but they have every opportunity in Jesus. He is loving, patient, and kind.

You cannot wash away sin but He can. He can make you whole where you have been broken. Even if your heart has been shattered into pieces, broken like a fine crystal glass or a plate of fine china, He can restore every piece. When I break something, I pick up pieces, sweep, and later come through in socks or with bare feet and find a sliver I have missed. He doesn’t miss a thing.

So what sort of veiled soul are you, if you are one at all? Are you a Delilah, playing games with a man, a Judas, who would betray a friend? If so, you really should look at yourself and see another side that can change and find a soul worth saving. Or you a hurt and torn soul, shredded by life in general and other who have been beset on your destruction, pawns in the hand of the enemy. You are loved, you can be healed and you deserve better than who those who oppress you are handing out.

It is time to unveil. Take off the layers and strip the paint from your portrait to reveal the masterpiece of God, let Him touch you up. Many artists painted over other pictures, has the devil painted of over what God designed? Did you let him, through sin and selfishness or unbelief? Or has someone caused you to believe you are so unworthy, that you  allowed his brush to steak tears into the eyes of God’s beloved child. Weeping endures for a night, a year a decade or  season, but He will wipe the tears and give you joy in the morning.

Look into your heart, and decide. Are you a veiled soul? Rebecca Jones / Unsplash

A Peaceful Soul

“There is a peace about you. ” What wonderful words to have spoken over you. And indeed there should be peace in our souls as believers, for He left us His peace in John 14:27 But far too often we forget to repeat that verse to our soul and speak it over the mercy seat of our hearts. For the verse also includes, to not let our hearts be troubled, and neither let them be afraid. Why? Because He left us His peace.

His peace is far greater in definition. Peace is the word shaloam in Hebrew. More than hello or goodbye, like an Aloha. The word Shaloam is also a greeting, more to the phrase of asking. ” How is your peace? ”  Like most people answer, ” How are you? ”  That is the way shaloam is answered. And how is our peace? Well if Jesus left us His, our answer should be great.

We supposed to be like Him, to follow Him, as He is so are are we? He’s not troubled, worried or afraid. He is giving us His peace, actually, He willed it to us. What if you were to inherit a fortune, you would go to hear an executor read what was left to you. We inherited salvation, the love God had for Jesus, we were crucified with Him. I am willing you my peace, Jesus.

Isaiah uses the phrase, ” Great is the peace of your children. ” But first these children are taught about the righteousness of God which we are, only because of Him and through Him. Micah 5:5, says, ” He is our peace. ”  And Ephesians 2:8 takes it farther, that He, Himself, is our peace. ” Jesus loved to double phrases, in fact, while our language frowns on being repetitive, it is significant in Hebrew and other languages. He is promising double. If you study the Bible, you will find it in many instances, including the hem of His garment or talit, that the woman touched, Jairus daughter would have been wrapped in his, when Jesus touched her, she was dead, the woman was dying, she had been ill twelve years and the girl was twelve.

And look what He, Himself did for us to obtain His peace, Isaiah 53 prophesied the crucifixion. The punishment for our peace was on Him. How by wearing a crown of thorns, that dug deeply in His skull. So when you start to worry or fear, and you are believer, you can rest in that fact and let your heart not be troubled or afraid.

He speaks peace before He heals,  ” Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the LORD. “And I will heal them.” Isaiah 57:19. And while the proverb wants us to guard our hearts, the peace of God that passes understanding has a better way of covering my heart and mind. Phillipians 4:7  That peace of God is His peace.

When Jesus is born the list is given again in Isaiah prophesying His names, not the least of which is Prince of Peace. While we need to make every effort to be taught and teach others, and to speak peace over our lives and families, I think it a good idea to ask Him to, after all, He is the Prince of Peace, who better to bless you with His peace. It is a gift freely given, but it has to be received and cultivated or sown over and again in our hearts and spirits, for it to take hold and grow into beautiful plant with large white blooms. I had a peace plant that bloomed for years, I need to work on it, it has been neglected. It is almost twenty years old, I wonder how long they live, why not as long as they can or even forever a symbol of eternal life?

For peace to thrive, we must maintain His presence, in our hearts and minds, and in our homes, they should be the sanctuaries for our peaceful souls to rest and heal and to love and share His peace and joy. I know that is not the case for a lot of people, and though it reads like a fairytale, it is the truth because He is. Women are dear to Jesus, the heart of the family, and He wants you to have a peaceful soul. Rebecca Jones / Babienochka, Pixabay, beautiful, thank you.

 This is a peace plant or peace lily. monicore/ pixabay / Write 31 Days…continues.

A Kind Soul


A kind soul is a kind heart. She will be ready to speak a word of encouragement, write a note and not an e-mail. Flowers might be her thing as well and for no special reason other than to brighten you day and  room.

She can laugh and listen and help heal your wounds with the right words. She can spend an afternoon or whole day with you and she can even spend a night. You can call her and she will come over.

A kind soul will be generous with her time and words. She can tell a joke or a story or quote you a verse or two to help. She will need kindness too, because people who give out so much of themselves to others, have to replenished and refreshed themselves, like a pitcher of lemonade on a hot day, they will quench a thirst, but need to quenched as well.

A kind soul will need to depend on rivers of living waters to flow from her, she may have many spiritual gifts. Not the least of which is a way with words. She fills her heart with His Word and is able to express it well to others.

She may be the figurative only Bible anyone reads. She can also be a beautiful or peaceful soul, many of the qualities are shared by souls. we have seen how one soul can become another, and operate in many gifts.

A kind soul is a compassionate soul and a willing soul, she may not be out front or even a public person, she could even be more the introvert, being an extrovert takes work for her, but she has faith.

A kind soul is helpful and friendly and is a person you will want to be around and get to know and you could find yourself becoming more and more like her, for she sets a good example and is quick to repent of wrongs, you would do well to befriend a kind soul.

Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis Unsplash great work, thanks.