Gardening the Blessings


The Old Testament and New Testament are joined and continue a thread to the redemption of believers, while before they were the ones making the sacrifices, obeying numerous laws, depending on a High Priest to atone once a year for sins, Jesus brought us a better covenant and better promises.

Jesus made the sacrifice, He fulfilled the law and the prophets, and ushered in grace and truth. He gave us the commandment to love one another, and if you do, you’re not breaking the others. And He is our priest, He didn’t atone for us each year, but once and for all.

The verse in Proverbs, 4:23 says for us to guard our heart, for out of it flows the issues of life, fast forward to Phillipians 4:7 and it is the peace of God, that passes understanding that guards it. Though it is good to watch our words and pay attention to the things pertaining to the heart, we are not the sole guardians or gardeners of it as a believer. Jesus’ blood bought us with a price, forever sealed in a covenant of love that He keeps even if we fall short. He will leave us to our own devices, and wait for us to listen and be corrected.

Jesus is a much better guardian of my heart, He has protected it from bitter weeds, and sown better words, He protected me from insults and offences and lies, accusations of the enemy. And He has rooted me in love and grounded me firmly in a garden of His delight, where there is more joy than I can imagine.

Roses may have thorns, you prick your fingers and bleed, but His crown was thorns, and His thoughts were of me, as my heart broke at His sacrifice, His was broken for me, even before the crucifixion in the Garden of Gethsemane. As we are showered this spring with His blessings, let us guard and guarden/garden our hearts. Let the roses bloom, and wherever life plants you, do your best to bloom and shine with His glory. Turn your face to the Son.

And remember, He is the truth and perfecter of the heart. Mary Magdalene, mistook Him for a gardener at the tomb, let’s not mistake Him as the gardener of our heart. Rebecca Jones / stock photo


The Blessing of The One Who Sees

Frenk and Danielle Kaufmann

It was Hagar who called God, El Roi, the God who sees. Having been sent away, she was alone in the desert when an Angel of the Lord, probably Jesus, told her where to find water. She was also sent back as was again under Sarah’s authority. She had over stepped her bounds, but it was also Sarah’s mistake. But we are not talking about Bible women. We are interested in the God who sees.

I could tell you from personal experience, He looks at your heart. He knew that early on in life I have had a devotion to Him, though I wasn’t always at church. I could see His beauty in so many ways, I always expected good things from God. And I got them. Many times it was just me not realizing it, or someone or something, even the enemy playing deceitful tricks to stop His will, but he can’t do it. God sees, He alone restores.

He sees the girl shed a tear unable to find her school clothes that fit. He sees the girl who was quick to love and always wanted to help. He sees that girl taken advantage of, rejected time and again by fellow Christians. He sees the words that stung, scalded, soured inside her, that pierced her heart for Christ. He sees.

He sees a prayer on her knees, in the prayer closet, in the secret place. He sees her faith in Him. She sees her pain, her struggle, her desperate need of His rest, His grace, and His love. He sees. He sees her heart. He sees her tears. He sees her love pouring forth, when it rejected or received. He sees all the plans for her, the enemy attacks on her body and soul.

He sees her friends, true or false, her hopes and dreams, He sees her obedience to Him or lack of. He sees if kindness is still falling from her lips when trouble comes, when the wicked one takes another stab at her. He sees her when she bleeds. He has seen it all, and was always there, why does He allow this pain? He has given all free will. It is not He who inflicts pain to teach but uses what has happened to make us strong in Him. He has seen the mistakes, miscarriages, failed marriages. He heals her broken heart, He binds her wounds.

He has seen us fall and picked us up time and again. He sees the longings, the lies we tell ourselves, innocent, the guilt. He sees the shame of the past, the stuff that is never washed away by the blood of the Lamb. He sees and He still loves us because of Jesus. Even when we didn’t  know Him, He saw us. He is the God who sees, He looked at us through Jesus, who died for us even as sinners, He knew the hour we would believe.

He knows every word and every moment of our life, He has a memory book. He planned our life perfectly, do we receive it perfectly? Of course not, but that doesn’t mean He is not there. Some of these descriptions are me others are not. But still, He sees. And much like Hagar, we are dying of thirst and desire His living water, we may have to submit to authority we don’t necessarily agree with or like, until we are delivered, but He sees. He will not leave us widows nor orphans and He will come. This doesn’t mean to put yourself or children in danger, just know He sees, and He is the God who makes water appear in the desert.

Whether, slave ( to something or someone ) or sinner, like the woman at the well who had many husbands, perhaps a prostitute or just passed along according to Jewish law, you can draw from the well of life in Him, drink living waters and never thirst again. Whether, pure like Mary or needing Him like Mary of Bethany, or even as oppressed/possessed as Mary Magdalene, He sees. He sees when hearts change. He sees when hearts break.

Even as I wrote this post today, He saw me, I took a hit for just having a heart for healing the hearts of others. If my words don’t move you, His story should. I am a lot quicker now not to be offended, it just means He sees.  And sometimes i know He doesn’t like what He sees in believers. I hope you give this some thought, one of the many names of God and the dire situation that He was called that in. How do see yourself? How should you see yourself? More importantly, how does He see you, hear you, how are you speaking to Him? Let’s be more careful and aware of God the Father, El Roi, the God who sees. Rebecca Jones / Frenk and Danielle Kaufmann, thank you.


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The Blessing of Protection


I wanted to show you a baby killdeer, called a kill deer, because of the noise he makes, that’s what it sounds like what he is saying. Kill deer birds show up early in the spring, they live near playgrounds and  sports fields, on the ground, the nests are protected by the mother bird. She fakes an injured wing when threatened and lures away the attackers. There is a cute YouTube video of one running from people at a camp site, she leads them away from her nest.

No wonder these little birds are dwindling in population, the mothers are probably giving themselves for their children? Sound familiar? No greater love. As we study April’s blessings, I promised to write this story for my mother who was watching one of the birds at a school the other day.

She relayed it to me and I looked up the bird having no clue what it was. Even though I love watching birds, I have not been feeding or making friends with them lately as I have in past years, other things seem to get in the way and I don’t mean writing. I fed cardinals, doves, blue jays, sparrows, robins and even a red headed woodpecker.

But the kill deer that day was running along and sitting down, three of her four little ones scurried up under her wings. One little guy, ( He was probably was. ) well, this little head strong cutie wasn’t going. No matter how much she called. Finally, even with her feathers skirted around the three, she had to get up and so after him. All of you mothers know that feeling.

I don’t know the rest of the story but the imagery is not lost on us. Jesus will leave the ninety nine and go after the one, won’t He? But then again, He wept over Jerusalem, using the term that He would have gathered them under His wings, and like the little kill deer bird, they refused. He’s still pursuing them, He will give everyone every chance, but there is a stopping point, the Spirit of God will not always strive with us, will He? Especially, if we refuse Him. Yet, Jesus would still gather His chicks, the Holy Spirit hovers over us, broods over us.

Some people are just like are just like that little kill deer bird, no matter how much the Lord calls them, or woos them. They refuse refuse the protection of His wing, the shelter from the storms, the salvation He offers. And even the saved, are sometimes running off and leaving that very protection, unaware of the enemy and his devices. We should be running toward Jesus not away from Him.

Dwelling under the wings of the shadow of the Almighty is the safest place to be. No matter how much we chirp or chatter, run from Him or protest. Like the mother bird over the chicks, He has our best interest at heart, He is there to protect us, and even lay down His life for us because Jesus and the Father were one.

As spring brings us many blessings, butterflies and bees and beautiful flowers and birds of all sizes and colors, let’s inhale that breath of fresh spring air and be grateful that we are so blessed. Living under the shadow of His wing, we have the blessing of protection. Rebecca Jones / Alan Shmierer, thanks.

The Blessing of Good Ground


I used to have beautiful azaleas, hanging baskets had to be watered because of the Georgia sun. Now a few knockout roses that can bear the sun is about all I can manage. One year after moving, I planted lilies, if you are not familiar with Georgia clay, it can be very hard, it is hard to dig up.

Said lilies would have been pretty, I watered them. But the ants ate them. We are talking about blessings this month and flowers are surely one to enjoy. But in order to grow, they need water, sun, and good ground. We are talking about the parable of the sower and the word. Jesus sows His Word in us, the devil comes along to take it away. And immediately, he does this to copy Jesus, who healed and cast out demons immediately. Also he will imitate the “from this hour ” and ” as they went. ”  Jesus sows seeds and the devil will worm his way around, cause trouble and eventually get our words. Jesus warns us about His words or seeds falling on different ground, we should be good ground.

We don’t want to be rocky. We want our faith to be on Jesus, our rock. We don’t want to be thorny, Jesus wore thorns for us to have peace of mind. And Paul may have had a thorn in the flesh, but we don’t know exactly what. It is plainly stated that it was a servant of satan sent to buffet or hit him, Paul had extreme revelation from Christ, the enemy wanted to stop him from declaring the word, writing a third of the New Testament, just to keep him human, Jesus says His grace is sufficient. And so it is.

Jesus even gives us the parable of the mustard seed, when it grow ups, even from a tiny seed, the birds will come and lodge. And those birds are demonic, they are like enemy following the sower, eating up what falls on thorny, stony ground. Sometimes, it is just chokes it out of us. We believe, but other people’s persecution or doubt and unbelief or even ridicule  and the accuser of the brethren, who has no right as in Job’s day, will choke it out.

When we hear the word, we receive gladly. But things don’t always happen right away. How strong is our faith, even if it weak, He knows. We must build each other up. The devil comes when we do not understand spiritual applications. Let’s get him out of our ground, he persecutes, afflicts, with sickness or other ways, cares of the world, the every day routine gets it. Then he deceives us about money, that it is evil and it’s wrong to have too much or the pride of poor me. And we lust for other things, sometimes we don’t want to read or study, even love our spouses. It is easy to watch a marathon of television or hang out at the mall. To use a football phrase, he wants to draw you offside. Better to let Jesus draw you, that’s why He went to the cross. And thank God for His mercy and His grace.

We want the seeds sown in us to yield a bountiful harvest, a beautiful garden, roses blooming among the thorns. We want to be rich, dark earth, not hard Georgia clay or desert sand. We want to be watered by the Holy Spirit and warmed by the Son of God. What a blessing to be the women Jesus wants us to be. That is why we need the blessing of good ground. Rebecca Jones / Imagez It is also in Luke 8 and Mark 4.

The Blessing of Common Sense


The blessing of common sense, or I could even say wisdom is something a lot of people just don’t have. They may be smart, educated, intelligent and like some of the geniuses who can’t find their way home, they can’t comprehend some basic things.

You shouldn’t have to tell people to wear a jacket, not let the children eat too much candy. And yet, I have had to do just that. Common sense or wisdom to the believer, should be simple, don’t have that affair, take that drug or drink. I am not saying you will not be forgiven for things you have done, but a Christian should know better, believers may battle old demons, but there is a time to say enough. Submit to God, resist it.

Smoking was always a big deal to Christians I knew. The pulpit was pounded in hellfire sermons over everything from television to going to eat at places that sold beer and liquor. People were afraid of their reputations.  These same people would fire up the smokes, and gossip. Everyone watched television, one woman was a soap opera fan, And everyone went to the grocery store, which has aisles of wine and beer. I don’t think God would send you to hell for a glass of wine, but most people cannot handle it. Better to be drunk on the Spirit.

I am not condemning these poor old saints, yes, as believers they were saints. At a barely grown up age myself, I sat and taught older women about Jesus. I can still see one lady’s face and then there was Nannie, who got me interested in angels. I wish I had had more to offer them, now I could have told them about spiritual gifts, laying on of hands, healing, although I had it in me, it was not mature or ripened.

They had some common sense, to come in from the rain, but never the wisdom to stand on His promises, that salvation is more than being born again, It offers so much more. I wish I could have told them about Proverbs, that wisdom cries in the street. That she was their sister. And that they were worth more than rubies, many sparrows, daughters of the king. That they were the beloved. But I remember reading to them about Jesus, I remember their smiles.

In a time when women were keeping silent, and not allowed to minister in most denominations, I am surprised that I was even their teacher. God must have had me there for a reason, and I don’t want to feel regret that I didn’t do a better job. Perhaps, I was gaining common sense and wisdom. You can’t love Jesus and not want to be like Him, and you don’t study healing without the ability to obtain it, and pray it through for others. It is why I am here for such a time as this.

Never let anyone despise your youth, your maturity, or that you are a woman of God. May you have the blessing of wisdom and common sense and use it everyday. Don’t get into gossip, arguments or worry and fear. There is to much to praise Him for. We are not the people who stare at phones incessantly and cannot pay attention, and we know how to write cursive. Not that any of these things are bad, they too are blessings, but technology doesn’t replace the human equation. Being loved by a real Savior, and a real person, that’s a blessing of common sense. Rebecca Jones / pexels


A Blessed Burst of Spring


Yesterday, was a blast, one of those sleepy, stormy days. Isn’t it wonderful how spring is upon us? Isn’t is nice to have the sun beating down on us? Isn’t it wonderful for the heat of the afternoon to pop up a cloud or two. The dark gray billowing of a puffy storm cloud, and a clap of thunder, did you know when God spoke people thought it was thunder?

Of course, that was speaking from heaven after Jesus baptism. He speaks to us today in many ways, though mainly through His Word, it can be through ministries and other believers, but always read and study for yourself, don’t take just anyone’s word for it, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.

I’ve listened to advice from the wrong people, things people said about me that weren’t true, the labels we wear, it’s just a few of the comments that stuck with me, though the Lord knew different. I was obeying Him but being hurt by others. Old words and wounds that bled into my soul that were leaking like a sieve into my heart. I needed a burst to wash away that hurt, pain and anguish and yes, even anger.

That’s why we must be careful to seek Him and be still, learn to trust the Holy Spirit and let go the voices that sound like storms rolling over us, cloudbursts that cause heartbreak and tears, add insult to injury, and pour salt into wounds. There is no greater guilt or hurt, no greater grief, no deeper wound than that of an old one. There is no place for jealousy,or envy in the body of Christ. We should be growing beyond gossip, guilt and sarcasm. We need not rob ourselves by comparison to others. We should be mature, speak the truth in love and let cover a multitude of sin.

There are storms and then there are storms, like the demonic wind that Jesus spoke to and told to be still, isn’t that what He says to our storms, the old winds of evil tidings and words that won’t pass away. The newer storms or burdens that He longs to lighten, with a mere but powerful ” Peace, be still. ”

Samuel heard the voice of the Lord calling him, the cloud from which God spoke was over them saying this is my beloved Son in who I am well pleased. Jesus said His sheep would know His voice. And He speaks again in Revelation. However, there is this verse, See that you do not refuse Him who is speaking. For if they did not escape when they refused Him who warned them on earth, much less will we escape if we reject Him who warns from heaven. Hebrews 12:25

Life has a lot of consequences and many did not obey or believe Jesus on earth, today, we have the precious gift of His Spirit, and He repeats what He hears from Jesus and God, if we don’t obey His voice from heaven, how will we escape what the enemy has planned. Jesus took our place, so that we can act on His behalf as believers, the body of Christ has a message of good news.

We want to hear the Lord’s voice sating that we too are beloved and that He is well pleased with us. Some people heard nothing, some people heard the voice of God and some thought it was thunder.I’m sure God’s voice was thunder and the devil fell as lightning, Jesus spoke of it. Just a word from Him is all we need and our storms will cease and we will enjoy our spring, our lives and our eternity.

We all want the dark clouds that hang over us to burst, the power and love of His Spirit, will burst the devil’s bubble. What he planned for evil , God turns around for good. We all should want a burst of energy, a burst of joy, and a burst of the Son of God’s face shining on us, I pray we have a blessed new week, and a blessed burst of spring. Rebecca Jones / Pixabay

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The Blessing of Eternity

Pete Johnson

We go through our lives living so in the moment, day to day, that eternity is a far off concept. We never really consider it, except at salvation. We learn John 3:16, and receive our eternal life but go right along without giving it much thought otherwise.

As believers we are often concerned with the souls of others being saved, whether they are or not. We pay a price sometimes of being disappointed if they don’t want to hear it. But let’s talk about John 3:17, that Jesus  is not condemning us. He seals us with His Spirit, so really you could say eternal life begins and ends in salvation. Though eternity never ends.

He wants us to enjoy our lives, He is the source of joy. He holds eternity in His hand and makes all things beautiful in His time, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for heaven. The mere presence of His Spirit in our lives brings heaven close to us, but as I said we are not thinking that way. Eternity is a far off concept.

When I was younger, there was a popular book. I had a lot of innate spiritual knowledge, but in the natural, I was ignorant of it. The way others talked, I never expected to grow up, I thought His coming was that close. I knew nothing about prophecy. Many people young or old never consider the eternal consequences. An unplanned pregnancy, abort the child and you suffer, without repentance and forgiveness, have a baby and that baby is here to stay, it is yours forever. That’s only one example.

The same is true of addiction. I have to admit I am not always the best person to talk to these people, truthfully, I pray for them and suggest people who had experience with addiction themselves and got it together, I just don’t have the understanding or perhaps, patience I should, having been burned by lies and the upsetting of my peaceful life. I have unwittingly, through my own experiences, become accustomed to talking to people about healing and even grief.

I have heard people say that they’d have been better of with a gun to their head, than to have taken that first drug. Drug use has roots in sorcery and witchcraft, the consequences are eternal. All spirits, created beings, which we are, will live forever, it is your choice, eternal life or eternal death. Eternity is in His hand but it touches our lives on a daily basis.

But it is a hand that reaches out time and time again, whether we reach back or not, whether we hold on firmly or let go. He extends the hand of grace but eternity is ever closer. The prophetic passages I knew little about are being fulfilled and His return is imminent, He is knocking at the door of hearts, broken hearts, addicted hearts, hearts that are heavy and troubled with fear.

It does not have to be that way, He can save you from the eternal consequences of your decisions if you decide to open the door to that heart and just believe that he loved you enough to die. Call on Him to save you and He will. If He returns and you are not a believer, during the  reign of wars and the Anti-Christ, it would mean your life. And taking His mark forever damns you.

It is not my intent to frighten anyone, that’s the devil’s shtick. I realize my words go around the world now, so it is my obligation to speak His truth in love and give you the opportunity to know the love of Jesus. I was in a play once, just pretending to receive the mark was unnerving. I’m glad I won’t face that in reality. He set my eternity, He holds it and my soul in the palm of His hand. i want you to know that love and be sure of your eternity too.

Don’t wait though, it’s something to decide as soon as possible. We are closer to eternity than ever before and God exists in eternity, that’s why He can step in and save you through the sacrifice of Jesus, and redeem all of your life. He even promises to save your family, but they too, must believe.

Jesus stepped out of heaven at just the right time on God’s prophetic timeline. he will come again when God tells Him. Let’s be sharing the love of Jesus and enjoying His gifts and be thankful for the blessing of eternity. Rebecca Jones / Pete Johnson




The Blessing of Breakfast

Okay, I don’t eat breakfast. I used to grab a muffin and some coffee early in the morning, maybe some cereal or toast. But that changed. Coffee and juice and the hurried morning rush often left me with heartburn, I must have had acid reflux long before I ever heard of it. I moved into later breakfast, more toward noon.

Sometimes, that didn’t set well, either. I realized that my food and my stomach weren’t always getting along. I snacked a lot either a hurried dinner or a big one and a late night dessert. Though weight was always a concern, it was too much of one. I went through diet programs. The problem wasn’t the food. It was me. It was how I was eating and my meals were not relaxing nor enjoyable, especially the family get togethers. or going out to eat.

I had tried a Daniel’s fast for three weeks, didn’t make it. A three day one, oh, how awful. I would have a piece of toast and a big glass of grape juice, supersizing my Communion. How did Jesus make it 40 days? He was Jesus, I’m not. Even if try to follow Him closely. The past couple of years have been different, He was in control of my fast, I prayed about it. Some ladies I know do it to lose or control weight, I told Him I was doing it out of love and whatever He wanted to do was fine with me. i prayed.

I did managed to do partial fasts, not bragging on me but Him. I gave up Pinterest time, television, just stayed off the computer, I passed on a meal or two a day, and no ice cream, because it is pretty decadent, and can be a lust of the eye. I had some dark chocolate. He works with you not against you, you have an enemy who does that. And he tries to copy Jesus and fails, and he wants us to. Jesus never told us to go forty days and wait for him to want us to stones into bread.

Finally, I was beginning to realize that food was not the issue. I had willpower. But that wasn’t enough. I was not at rest. My heart was never at rest but always troubled and grieved. So my body and spirit never had any rest, and it was not my fault entirely, things were put upon me by the enemies and others, the labels of cruel words and being judged by the world’s ideal of beauty when the beauty of the Lord in me was there and waiting for me to rest in Him, so I did. I was always running to catch up to something and was really way ahead of what I ever thought I’d be.

I suffered from the fear of missing out, the fear of not fitting in, I resisted it but I was not resting. I had His promises. I knew I should not allow my heart to be troubled of afraid, but I didn’t know how to let it rest  and now I do. The turmoil in my day, in my life left me with indigestion. I wasn’t feasting on His goodness or the provision of His Word. I heard and read but did not taste and see or even realize that it was He who tasted death for me.

Now, I still don’t eat breakfast, I like protein bars and they suffice. I will have a glass of milk, I can drink apple or grape juice, I do drink tea, not a big fan of water but I do drink some. Some days more than others. I do drink my share of Coke Zero. I will eat a sandwich or burger, I like bbq chips, and I will eat fruits and vegetables, not a big salad eater. I will even do a peanut butter sandwich  and milk.

I do try to eat a lot of protein, I’m not big on fish, but I will eat tuna or an occasion fish stick sandwich. Some days I just know what I need, now that my body can rest and heal, it knows. Some days it’s apples, sometimes grapes or raisin or the fig newton frenzy. Then there will be eggs scrambled or boiled or western, with peppers and onion. Just the other day I fried okra, I just wanted it. And I’m so glad it comes in the freezer and it’s not so messy to cut. It’s a southern dish, not to everyone’s liking.

God has a plan for everybody. Diet and exercise are not all that keeps you healthy, not vitamins. I had to slow down, relax and take time to enjoy my meals, even if it is a late night sandwich alone with the television. I hat to eat when I was hungry, eat with people who were not stressing me out or judgmental. There are people like that you know. I was afraid to eat in public with some of them, I would eat very little and go home hungry. The same is true of dinner, and the old fat jokes are cliche’ and tiresome around the holidays.

Jesus loves you and is looking at your heart, are you in love with Him, I was. And He love me enough to let me keep on running, but one day I had to slow down and He was there inviting me to rest, want to love me and heal me, and I was ready, I had been  ready. I had to break the fast. The fast paced familiar life that was dragging me down. I could not run fast enough.

Breakfast is a compound word, we eat a meal to break the overnight fast. So breakfast is a blessing. And you should enjoy it. Even it is small, it can be quiet with Him. Even a few minutes of getting up early, is worth it. I used to watch the birds early in the morning, now I am blessed to sleep late. But I want you know the rest of His love and grace, and the peace that passes understanding, if your are on the fast trace or race track, gulping coffee all day, and should you drink alcohol or use appetite suppressants, you could be making your stomach a problem.

I don’t want you to live on Mylanta  and caffeine, I want you to rest in Him. So have a quiet breakfast, at least on the weekend. And break the fast that is holding you back, love is the answer to all prayers, His love, His timing, when your heart is ready, you will understand this should it sound like a parable, the blessing of breakfast. Rebecca Jones

  • as a footnote to this I was asked to pray for a girl suffering stomach problems, in fact she had been at the hospital, I know Jesus bore all these maladies, I had the distinct impression that He was healing a number of stomach ailments. So let me pray for you  today.  Father, in Jesus name heal those stomach ailments according to Isaiah 53, and then let meal time become enjoyable again.
  • I can still over eat some spicy things and pay for it, but without a stressful problem, that has been taken care of, I had a bowl of  chili and fell asleep with no problems, that was Jesus.

The Blessing of the Latter Rain


We have all heard of revivals, Azuza Street, Toronto, Brownsville. We have seen people follow the revivals, there were many that occurred in the last century. The faithful sat under sweltering tents. Some were healing services and some for salvation. Some were just in the hearts and minds of souls, the children of God, there appears to be a movement in the hearts of women especially.

The Bible speaks of a former and latter rain. We are definitely in a season and a time that we are in desperate need of the latter rain. We are seeing wonderful things on the prayer board I joined. But some have not yet received, and He is coming to remedy that, I believe. With even more healing, more of the miraculous.

He may come in bursts, the cities that are seeing breakthroughs. He may come in gusts, the powerful wind of the Spirit rushing through everything from prayer meetings to pavilions full of crowds. He may come in the constant drizzle that keeps us going day to day. The mist that follows us, not a cloud of doom hanging over our head like oppression, but like a refreshing spritz upon our hearts and faces.

He may even come in the night, the gentle rains that comfort our sleep and pat upon the rooftop, splash against the windows. Like tears that we have shed in pain and sorrow over our aching bodies and lost loved ones, strained marriages, and financial ruin, there is a peace about them though, as if God is returning the precious tears, and He is returning them with answers and healing in His Spirit. The latter rain. A precious gift more powerful than any, even more pure, His love.

Is it the last great outpouring before He returns? I hope so. But I also hope that people are save and I know there will be healing and restoration, even if is the very moments before He comes. There were no feeble among the Israelites leaving bondage. I am reminded of it every time there is a drizzle, a steady rain, that patters upon the roof, that dances in puddles on the street. I wrestle with umbrellas at times, but I don’t need one for this.

The Holy Spirit moves as He is told by God, as hearts are prepared as the carol says to give Him room. Let’s make sure that we are making room for Him in the inn of our heart and not leaving Him in a stable or on a cross, or even in His tomb. He is at the right hand of the Father.

He is making intercession for us as as I write. Is it raining in your spirit? Is He reigning in your heart? Is the latter rain a blessing for you? Are you ready today to receive His Spirit and His out pouring of the Holy Spirit? I pray you are. If you have prayed and and believed and remain in a time of waiting, the Comforter is here.

I pray He rains over you and your family, your church and city, state and country. I pray there are floods of the spiritual kind that loose the demonic assignments of the enemy, may the be swept away like the debris they are and bound forever. May the gentle Healer touch with a pleasing wind and soft mist. I have been waiting for Him and sometimes I think He is just waiting for me. I’m here, here’s here, it’s raining already, into each life a little rain must fall, the blessing of the latter rain. Rebecca Jones / Adina Voicu crop, thanks.

  • I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th at first. Let’s forget superstition and opt for the Holy Spirit. Originally, a good number with Hebraic number values, Nimrod corrupted astronomy into astrology. The Jews were to be destroyed on the 13th of Adar. Queen Esther was there in God’s time. Many of the Knights Templar were burned at the stake. Many goofy practices are mentioned in my post Old Wives Tales. To show what a good number it is, Jesus said that He and the Father were one, ” echad, ” in Hebrew,  ” e- hod “, it’s numerical value is thirteen.


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The Blessing of Pain


The blessing of pain? Yes, it is not a mistake. It’s not something I thought I ever write, either. When I asked the Lord to heal my back pain a long time ago., it would ease. It got worse. The more knew about healing and Jesus and the Word of God, it was even more intense. What I’m describing to you is my personal opinion, though I believe it lines with what God says about it. It is hard to count pain joy, but Jesus did for us, on the cross.

We know Jesus is the healer, I tried to have great faith to be healed and that made it worse. Not that you shouldn’t work on having faith, it’s just that you need to be aware the enemy will come after your blessings, your healing or whatever you’ve prayed for. And he will get you to doubt, thinking your not worthy, all hoping you will give up. And a lot of people do. But what’s a girl to do? Your options are limited. But there is always Jesus.

I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture, I am not telling you to suffer, not to take medicine or have  an operation. I paint with God’s perfection, His perfect Word and perfect timing. He will make all things beautiful in His time. I could quote you the verse about death and life being in the tongue and while what we say affects us enormously, what He says is even more so. And I confessed my healing, I had faith, I even acted on it and I loved Jesus, but I was in pain and worse, why?

The enemy was out to disable God’s plan, he will go after both mind and body. You’re mind is a mess if your body hurts and if your mind is a mess some medications mess it up even more. You need more and more and although prescription it can become ineffective or addictive, Psalm one 103 says He forgives and heals. It is possible that a lot of pain can be related other things, the Lord can show you.

I get to read a lot of blog posts, one lady who was a jogger, heard the Holy Spirit tell her that He was the source of her health. It  wasn’t about her, or me or you. It’s about Jesus. He bore it all, it is crucified and nailed to the cross or has been healed by the gashes and lashes, We have to believe that and receive it. That’s all faith is and we need each other’s encouragement and prayers, and sometimes, we have to work through the pain for a breakthrough. I have a great testimony coming in May.

It may not be as easy as it sounds but it not as hard either. Not with your focus on Jesus and not the pain. No, it is a stepping stone to faith, I may have had to cross a stream of them but I know there is another side and an end to pain, mental or physical, we just have to follow the path He leads us on. And rest, the devil will run you down. Jesus will help you through any pain or trauma, from a painful childhood, marriage or depression.

It might take time, not be what you had planned, not be exactly when you expect it. But He will show you to healing and yes, the pain is a blessing in a way, for we are alive and remaining in faith and there is abundant life waiting in Him. I once identified too closely with Him, His pain that He took for me. Jesus endured that for me, I can take some pain in the process of healing, He will both walk it out and work it out with me, the Holy Spirit is ever present and teaches us to rest in His love and finished work.

The Bible says that we are to be like Him in this world. He overcame so we could. His love for us is superseding ours for Him anyway, we are just beginning to see how much he loved us, as we remember His sacrifice, let us not be thankful for pain but for the one who bore it so we would not have to, and as we endure with love for Him and His lavish love toward us, healing will come. And when you look back, the pain was a blessing, because it drew you to Him. Rebecca Jones / Carol Oliver