God’s In The Details


I have always loved taking pictures. You would think with phones and IPads I would be right back at it, well I may be when I get the hang of it. I don’t need all those weird pictures you see floating around, not of everything I’m doing, cooking dinner, the neighbors roses, no, I’m more the professional.

I like staging things, I don’t want everything photo shopped, I think you can be still, or you won’t hear God. Psalm 46:10 I like the dressed up, the Hollywood glam makeup. Will it be perfect? If God is in the details. And He is in the details. You know that silly expression, ” the devil is in the details. ” Forget it! God is! He’s the greater one and He knows everything!

I can file that one under old wives tales because God has always had a plan and a purpose and He is in the details, every detail of the life of the believer. He is in your work, He is in your home, your family and your marriage, if you let Him be. And we can live life day by day in His abundance of grace.

Still not convinced? Well, maybe I can help. If you want Him to be a part of something ask Him, love Him and invite Him. I have a chair set aside just for Him. He is welcome with me. I used to think so differently, the enemy battered my thought life. But God restored my writing and creative soul.

I studied the word and got a little caught up in end times and prophecy but i went back to John and how much He loves us. I studied Hebrew. Hebrew is very symbolic. each letter has a word picture. YHVH, the tetragramaton of  God the name, Yahweh has the symbols that read, The hand, behold, the nail, behold, as far back as Genesis or even before, God planned redeem us through Christ.

Let’s look at Shaloam, peace the word symbols read, sheen, lamed, vav and mem. The letters for sheen are like flames or fire. Jesus said He would destroy the temple and raise it in three days, the word is destroy, lamed is a hook or shepherd’s staff, the vav is a nail and mem, which is water.

Jesus willingly gave His life, His body destroyed for us an offering, He was and is the good Shepherd, nailed to cross, the blood and water came from His side, an atonement  and the water is a type of Holy Spirit, He left us His peace in John 14:27

It literally reads destruction of the shepherd who shed blood for our peace. The word ahavah, love is that God watches over His house or family.  There are so many great truths in studying Hebrew, I will do some more as we move on after we get through our month of angels.

Next time you start thinking that the devil is in the details, forget it. God is in control and in command of our lives if we let Him be, He is in the details and He described Jesus in every detail, even His coming in Word pictures. Rebecca Jones



Grace Notes


I happened across that phrase, grace notes. I immediately went back to my piano lesson days and remembered the small, nonessential notes. That they are small, above the other notes and sometimes have a slash.  They may or may not be played and do not affect the melody or harmony of the piece.

Grace notes are often left to the discretion of the performer and can range from pianist to voice. They can be held a little longer or just very quick, or even overlooked. Today, I feel like a grace note, for I have held onto things, good things, a longer longer than most. And also some, I should have probably let go of before, still hoping prayer would change things, and it does, but not all people are receptive. And I have felt the slash of the accuser’s words, and of heartbreak and grief, I know loss. I know what it is to be lost and found.

I had pianist desires, I wasn’t very good. No matter how hard I tried. But God gift’s are not something we have to struggle for or with. I wish I’d known that when I pounded out Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And when the Little Drummer Boy couldn’t quite make his last rum pah pum and drew laughter. I backed out a church performance once even though I could do it. I kept thinking surely they won’t boo me off stage.

But I never really had any stage fright, just the not good enough mindset. A mindset put in by the enemy and not by Jesus, who loved me and blessed me with many gifts, some I never realized or even the potential of. I never thought I ‘d blog or minister to women this way. It’s all about Him, for His glory.

So maybe, He has a lot more little grace notes around. We don’t affect the harmony or the melody of His amazing grace. To a lot of people we may appear non essential or with no purpose, sometimes what we do or say or pray and the difference we make is held, and someties it is quick but powerful. It depends on the performer. I made it clear in an earlier post that I now have to play to an audience of one, Jesus. Because I was a flop at people pleasing, I just can’t agree that He might heal you, He might not, and that you never know what He is up to.

No, I know Jesus is my best friend, sticks with me. He loves me more than anyone, and will never leave me. Nor I Him. I know He heals, I have been in need of it. He protects and delivers. He is my music and I am merely a grace note, not that I don’t matter, because even if I didn’t matter to anyone, I would matter to Him.

And if He is the singer of the song of my life and He rejoices over me in song, Zephaniah 3:17, then His performance can also be for an audience of one, me. Even though Jesus belongs to the world. He has enough love and grace and peace, joy and truth to go around and still treat us as individuals.

We, grace notes are love notes, sung by the Master, played by the classical pianists of heaven, Angelic choirs gathered round His throne. No, we may not affect the harmony or melody, but He certainly affects ours.

Praise Him, praise Him, in the heights, sun and moon. Praise Him all you shining stars. What a glorious wonder our sweet Lord is. And I am proud to be a grace note, it’s still amazing. Rebecca Jones

Poetry prompt- take a song (no lyrics) and write the words that mold to the sounds. Make a song using only words and passion.

The Second Adam



Adam, the first man, was made from the dust of the earth, while Christ, the second man, came from heaven. 1 Corinthians 15:47

I wrote about Adam. So it’s about time I wrote about the second Adam. It took a long time for God’s plans to come to fruition in order to redeem mankind. The devil tried to thwart is lots of times. Certainly, he still thought he could be God. but this man didn’t cave to his every whimsy. He never bowed His will or knee to the wicked one.

Women take a bad wrap for giving Adam an apple, though I think it could have even been a pomegranate. Why, because of the number of seeds and Jewish law, but that’s only a supposition. It stuck in his throat, hence the phrase Adam’s apple. When I was younger, the joke about Adam’s phone number was I812, and that friends is long before cell phones. even before my time.

And men take a ribbing, pun intended. Where were you? Why didn’t you say no? You should have repented. People, any of us could have been deceived. It would take Jesus to come and bring the plan of salvation, if only we would receive. And yes, He brought grace and truth, but let’s not abuse the grace by continuing in sin and counting on forgiveness. Don’t disgrace grace.

Adam was a perfect man and walked with God, probably Jesus. Jesus was a perfect man, but also God. Adam failed, Jesus didn’t. he came to redeem both men and women, and He looks at them as equals in Him. He has a strong cord in a Godly marriage. he honors marriage between an man and woman. He made a plan for a reason.

Adam was disobedient, Jesus was obedient unto death. He died to save us, He literally took out place. Isaiah 53 is the perfect passage to explain it. God finished creation. Jesus finished salvation. I could sit here and parallel Adam and Jesus  even more. Whatever deceived Adam, we may never know. But Jesus was never fooled by the adversary, and teaches us through the Holy Spirit, how to avoid it.

But I write this blog to encourage women. Jesus gave  women a place, a hope, their freedom. The perfect couple in the garden were asked to leave for their protection, not to live forever in sin. Jesus will never leave us or forsake us, we are neither widows nor orphans, He;ll gladly hold us as we cry out to Him for help, He is never far away, when the enemy prowls. He see our tear, our hearts, our fears. He did not give us that fearful spirit, but He understands, and covers you with righteousness.

He may say, ” I love you, come to me with your prayers, make any request or demand of me. There is nothing I can’t do for you. Nothing is too hard for me. If you believe, believe with all your heart and not let it be troubled or afraid. The mistakes you made are covered by blood, I will not remember. Do not listen to the enemies lies about your or me. For he is weak and I am a strong tower to run to. Embrace my love, not lies. ”

” If his voice is a whisper, mine is softer still. And I will calm you, quiet you, let you be still in my love and rest. The wicked one roams and would have you weary with no rest and instill fear, falsely accuse you and attack your faith in me. But I am with you. If he begins to roar, do no listen, for he is not a king. I am the Prince of Peace and King of Kings, and my roar is mighty and defends you. If he is subtle, suggesting bad ideas, impressing worry, depression, illness into your soul, then I am sustenance, and I took upon mt head a crown of thorns, to crown you with my peace. ”

” If he is permissive and persuasive, I am your shepherd, do not follow. You know my voice. It is like honey and myrrh, it is healing and calm, and a balm of ointment and contentment. I am your only rest, will you come and rest in my words. I will not deceive you, I do not want you to fall, or turn from me but from the wicked ways and the wicked one, who would destroy beauty if he could. ”

” If he calls to you from the darkness, do not listen and do not obey and walk into darkness. If I call you from the darkness, hear me, I will bring you into the light of my love and you will not fear the terror by night. I created the night and called it good. It is a place of rest with a moon for light and I will bathe your nights in the light of the Son. There is no darkness in me, even if I stand in dark. My voice is protection, his is affliction. I offer life, he brings death. ‘

” Know little ones that the adversary is not an equal, he has no rights concerning you, if you belong to me. I want you to belong to me. I long for you to belong to me and be beloved and to walk again with me in the garden of God some day. I came and gave my life to give you life. Walk with me, rest with me, if the enemy comes, I will protect you, I am your Adam and I am your Lord. ”

All it takes is one wrong move, one wrong decision, one bad apple. I’m going with Jesus. Rebecca


Pearls Before Swine

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

Jesus is speaking again in parables, you know the moat and beam. This is pretty much the same thing. I like the NIV translation of this from holy to sacred. I have been guilty of this, but you know, He was also talking about the religious people. Religious people can be so difficult to talk to, they are defensive and even rude. They will stick to their guns about what they were taught.

I don’t blame them, so do I. But I had to be like Peter and step out of the boat. Immediately, I went under, but Jesus got me back up. I can’t walk on water without Him, and I don’t really. It’s all about Jesus. I can’t do anything without Him. The Lord had to teach me about being quiet and still. He didn’t answer every accusation, He didn’t get flustered, He was focused on what His Father was  telling Him to do.

Jesus never failed, we do. He relied on the Holy Spirit, so why wouldn’t we have to? We aren’t greater. Even if He said we’d do greater things. He meant we would go farther around the world, what could be greater that what He did? Let me give you some examples.

Joseph, told his brothers things he shouldn’t have. You say it was God’s plan. Yes, but He turned around the situation for His good. I don’t think he ever meant for him to be sold or in prison. he is a type of Christ. I’m sure some may disagree. And I know Jesus said to shout what he tells you from the rooftops.

Get out and declare your healing if you are crippled to your neighbors. They will think you’re a crackpot. Healing is a holy thing, bought with the body and blood of Jesus. It is sacred, don’t throw it to the dogs. Marriage is a holy thing, affairs and not spending time together as a couple and in His Word are also ways of casting pearls. If you don’t value marriage, hold on to the threefold cord, it will break easily.

So healing and marriage are holy. What else? Your relationship with God is holy. You can appear to be bragging to some who just don’t or won’t understand. There may be some who can’t understand because of some spiritual hindrance, but not everyone is going to believe that they can be oppressed of the devil. Surely, not me. Jesus said He came to set us free, but Acts 10:38 says He went around doing good and healing all who oppressed of the devil. People can get offended quickly by that one.

Oppression can be sickness or financial or a number of things. It is not possession. You would have to be unsaved. And also unwilling to repent, I had the Holy Spirit use the phrase ” willing sinner ” to me once as I opened the dryer and wasn’t even thinking of a girl I had tried to help, I realized she was, sure enough, her lies continued.

You have to be careful about being accusational. The devil is the accuser and he will do it night and day. Let me tell you that a gift of the spirit can deliver you from oppression of any kind. Follow after love, desire spiritual gifts, the Lord wants you to prophesy, to receive spiritual gifts, He will help you as you step out, a little at the time,if necessary.

Whatever you do, don’t toss your gifts to dogs, those who won’t or refuse to understand. Try to meet people on their level, but remember those dogs are ready to rip you to pieces, unfortunately, you may lose some people along the way as you grow in faith but you gain real friends, and beside the Holy Spirit is the best teacher and Jesus, your best friend.

I try to share Godly wisdom, faith and healing. If you disagree, you don’t have to read it. Proverbs 9:8 says that wise people love instruction. Scoffers, no. I’m glad you are wise. Enjoy the pearls. Rebecca Jones


To Drip With Myrrh


Esther went through six months of beauty treatments including the use of myrrh. Six months of that, and six more of other cosmetics and spice. It was used as a perfume, perhaps, even a bath.  Esther is an interesting study. The King tosses out Queen Vashti for refusing to dance for a lot of drunken party goes. Even though he probably regretted it, it was done and then he issues orders to fill a harem with prospective brides.

Esther was one, a beautiful girl, an orphan, taken in by Mordecai. I’m not sure if he was an actual uncle or just a family referred to as an uncle. Anyway God placed Esther there for such a time as that in order to save the Jewish race. He ordered her steps and she found favor with the king.

She fasted three days and found out just how much favor as she entered the court without his permission. One commentary reads about how weak she was from hunger and thirst and after being devoted to prayer, it says she was actually helped to dress by servants, imagine pushing back huge palace doors and risking your life, God’s fragrance was upon her.

Now let’s talk about myrrh and Jesus. Jesus drank a cup of death in the garden, He was offered wine mingled with myrrh and gall. It was not an act of mercy as myrrh had pain killing properties, it was in a sense, ladanum, given to suffering prisoners. Jesus didn’t just not drink it because He had to endure the full brunt of the agony of the cross, though that is, in effect, true enough, He was also was not going to be bitter with the gall of others about sacrificing His life.

Myrrh must have been valuable, the wise men brought it to Him, the Bible is rich in symbolism. I will research that one. While the while the magi were wise men, it is important for us to be wise women and understand that God rewards those who seek. Was it the perfume of the alabaster box? It was used also for embalming. Mary of Bethany prepared Him for death.

And we know it is in the Song of Solomon. The Lord is literally dripping with the fragrance of offering, whether in use in the temple, for sanctification, healing, to cover spiritually ” dead ” things in our lives. Jesus is our myrrh, our fragrance, if you ever doubt His love, remember His hands and feet.

His blood dripped into a spiritual vessel and He later sanctified the Holy of Holies, so that the devil can no longer come and accuse but we can come boldly to the throne of grace, the Holy Spirit rent the veil of the temple, His flesh was rent for us. Now we can come and make our requests known.

That is pure love in the one they pierced, He drips with the fragrance of myrrh, His hands and feet, and His side, from His heart. The place from which woman was created for Adam, Jesus, referred to as the second Adam, our atonement, Jesus with a heart for women, the perfume of our souls, Rebecca Jones

  • I just found out this is actress Katie McGrath, someone else has altered the photograph, I did remove a couple of shadows, so this is not her actual photograph. She’s even lovelier.

To Testify of Love

I was praying for my mother, I heard these words drop into my spirit. ” I need her to testify of love.” I knew it as the Holy Spirit. We have all been under attack lately, prayer warriors, myself, my mother, and perhaps a lot of you as well. And these words are not less true for any of us.

It took me back to an episode of Touched By An Angel, about a dying little boy, his mother, played by Wynona Judd, writes a song she calls Psalm 151. There isn’t one. The lyrics include, ” For as long as I shall live, I will testify of/to love. ”

I have not seen that in ages but it made an impression, obviously. The Holy Spirit used those words to relay His plans for my mother, a good plan, a plan to prosper her, because we are in a time so close to the coming of the Lord. This is the generation that could see the return of Christ for a glorious and spotless church, unlike the little boy in the show, many people will not see death.

We will receive a glorified body at the catching away, the dead in Christ rise first, and we who are alive and remain, will be caught up to meet Him. I realize this is a doctrine a lot of people are not familiar with or do not believe, nevertheless it is Scriptural.

The key to this is those of us who remain. What does that mean? It doesn’t just mean remain as in being here. It means ” remain ” in just as in the term Jesus uses about prayer, ” that if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you can ask what you will in my name and I will do it..” John 15:7 and without  looking it up I think is says for the Father’s glory.

Jesus also says that He wants ” Joy ” to remain in us and that no man takes it. So how do we let go of that? He doesn’t let people take it, but we do, in many ways. We let people dissuade us away from faith, when we know God cannot lie, if He promises it, He will do it. He is faithful. John15:11, chairos, to rejoice.

We let what I call, sci’s…satan comes immediately’s, ruin whatever it is we have prayed about, for indeed, he will try to delay, distract and deceive. So don’t let him steal your joy either, even through fellow believers. The devil will come immediately in an attempt to copy Jesus, but he is a liar and a thief, he’s no match for Jesus. And he is always a defeated foe.

And John says in 14:27, that Jesus left us His peace. Not just any peace, but His peace. That is extraordinary peace in the face of disaster, amid the chaos, in spite of that it may look like is going to happen, we must let our hearts remain in His peace.

So I am very much expecting to be a living and remaining witness to the love of Jesus and his healing touch. I will never give up the ability to testify of love, even though the song says for as long as I shall live, Jesus gave us ionos zoe, eternal life, not just a life full of days or lots of thing we accomplish or or even a large family. No, it’s not that. It is life more abundantly, it overflows and it shines with the love of Jesus, we are to be so brimming with His glory and grace that it overflows the cup of righteousness that we drink from, Jesus drank the cup of death in Gethsemane.

I didn’t realize how much the enemy despised that love, something he will never know again. For sin didn’t enter in the garden, it began in a prideful angel, who thought he could do better and never has, all he does is destroy. Death and hell are meant for him and those who would follow him, not the people Jesus died for, so why can’t they believe?

I know my mother and God had good plans for her, she will be around a long time and she will remain in love, she will testify of love. So, knowing my mother, she is strong in faith, and I know she taught me love, and helped me hold on to it in my darkest hours. I know she will testify of love. Rebecca Jones


Healing Hands


A friend of mine is volunteering to work with older people.  She had has had two very important things in her life this summer, protection and healing. I told her I pray that she is a blessing to these people and for God to give her healing hands.

In James we are taught to lay hands on the sick and they will recover, it merely says because we are a believer, but we know it’s more than that. We are believers in the one with the most healing and nail scarred hands. He is the true healer, we are only obeying His command to love. We are believers in His name.

We are to never lay hands on a person suddenly, or without permission. I will hold their hand. I have put it on their head and even heart, you can take their hand and put yours on it. I prefer people ask me to pray for them, I get prayer requests all the time.

Sometimes, I even hear back. Reading that a 3yr. old boy is healed of leukemia, is wonderful. Of course, I know everyone does not get healed. I realize people die. But many just don’t know about it or have not been taught. Many have been taught to fear spiritual gifts, healing is one.

Many times a person just gives in after tiring of a fight. Sometimes, it is God’s mercy, He knows things we do not. That’s why He tells us to call on Him in Jeremiah 33:3. He wants to show you. A word came to me about two weeks ago that said there was an attack against circulation, making it easier to pray about. God is good about that. He honors Isaiah 53, people accused Jesus of having a devil, His answer was simply that He did not, He honored His Father. He also say the devil would not cast out the devil or his divide his house, but many Christians are divided. Many people are reluctant, fearful or just unbelieving. Did you know those are the first turned into hell? The fearful and unbelieving.

I was reading that Christianity was stupid. If Jesus could heal people why didn’t he heal all the people? He did, all who asked. But there was a time when He could do nothing because of their unbelief. Actually, I wondered the same thing once and I was even a believer, but  I wasn’t being healed.

God does things very orderly. He cursed the fig tree at the root. Often, we need to get to the root of the problem. You may think it one thing, God knows it’s another. I have heard of people having diseases , that could not or rather would not forgive. There is a connection, Jesus taught us not to retain the sins of others, even perceived ones, you might be deceiving yourself. You may not be hearing the Holy Spirit, and your healing be right beside you.

I have studied healing really most of my life. I was just blessed with an ability to believe Him. I grew up watching Kathryn Kuhlman and Tammy Faye Bakker, I was afraid of Kathyrn Kuhlman, met Jim and Tammy when I was eleven.  I thought she was cute and imitated her singing with puppets. I did it for Kindergartners.

Like many people I was disillusioned with minsters. But that was not their fault, it was mine. I should have followed Jesus not people. And although I may not have agreed with every belief, Tammy Faye made mistakes and took a beating for it in the media. She was still a believer and believed in healing even to her death.

Her biggest mistake may have been expecting it, instead of receiving it. Jesus has already died for it. He honors Isaiah 53. While Isaiah looked ahead to the cross, 1 Peter 2:24 looks back, ” we were healed. ” I don’t like the term faith healer, faith is involved and you need it to please God. It does go against the grain. But I always tell people to go to the doctor, take medicine, but keep your faith.

In truth, in the spirit, you are healed. Your mind and body will catch up if you believe, sow those words into your spirit. I used to think I needed great faith, but I just need to know how much He really loved me, making Him an offering for me, taking my place. It has to soak in. You have to soak in His presence, and still it can be incredible to believe. But it true.

Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry saw many miracles, even Benny Hinn attended. She died in her 60’s, spent out, prayed out. Her heart could not last, she always believed she was dong a man’s job who refused the calling. That may be, but today He is calling women in all walks of life in all areas of education and expertise and those with little or no education and expertise. I fall in the middle, I don’t have a degree, but I study to show my self approved.

God always approved of me even when I didn’t. I may have always had healing hands, even just from a keyboard. Be careful who you let pray for you. Some people really don’t believe, that won’t help you. I found it confusing. Never let someone give you Communion and tell you to take on death, I read of a woman winding up in a mental institute for that one. Though Jesus does gives authority over every enemy, and life and death is in the tongue as Proverbs says, we can choose.

Communion is for healing. It’s to discern His body. If you are a believer, you are worthy. He made us kings and priests, right? You can take it for yourself. But you better expect Him to start healing you, the devil will say otherwise. Don’t listen, he’s A LIAR. Tell your symptoms to go in Jesus name. Doctors and test results will confirm it.

I wish I could pray for you now, and in the Spirit I can. I will speak life into your circumstances, and peace from the Prince of peace, I choose to bless every good gift  He desires you to have. I will agree for your healing, let my words be as healing hands. I know that loving others and teaching them to believe in an extraordinary love instead of worrying is healing to my heart.  Rebecca Jones