Catch Your Breath

Dmitry Zvolskiy

I have experienced a lot of shortness of breath in my life, chronic bronchitis, scoliosis, that pressed my heart forward, I had trouble walking without being short of breath.  But I found Jesus working and healing and restoring me. I never stopped praising Him, and I never will.

There are lots of illness that cause you to be short of breath. The word “pneuma ” is breath. It is synonymous with wind, spirit, breath. The Holy Spirit is that breath, that Jesus breathes on us, that God breathed on Adam and made him a living soul. He sent the Word, Jesus, and made Him flesh. then Jesus breathed on His disciples.

You can listen to soft praise music. You can worship and use deep breathing, not yoga. And you can even breathe in the essence or breath of heaven. Breathing techniques are very helpful. But if you want to expand your lungs and faith. Breathe! take a deep breath of heaven and worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness, His majesty and glory.

To Him who sits on the throne, be glory and honor and power forever. The Lord reigns and He is the Healer. So draw a breath of heaven and drink in His wonderful presence.  Catch your breath!

Dimitri Zvolskiy / Burst

A Memorial to God


As we celebrate Memorial Day, and remember the people who have given their lives for our freedom, let’s also remember the one who gave His life for us all. May we live our lives as a living memorial to those we love and especially to God. Rebecca Jones

The Lord Bless You


The Aaaronic Blessing

The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

Number 6:24-26

The Lord bless you today, coming and going, at work and play, awake or asleep, if you are ill, I speak a healing word over you and ask Him to bless your health.  may He bless your finances and give you wisdom to handle the increase and to bless others.

You are blessed in the cities of the world.

You are bless in the country.

You are blessed as parents with supernatural wisdom to guide and disciple your children.

You are blessed, if you have no children, I speak children to be born blessed and in good health.

I bless you as foster parents, I bless you as adoptive parents.

I bless your jobs, careers and ministries.

I bless artists, dancers, musicians and writers.  I bless your creativity.

I bless teachers and classrooms, doctors and nurses, men and women.

I bless you to receive Christ, I bless you to receive the fullness of His grace.

I bless you to know His goodness.  i bless you to know His rest, His peace.

I bless you with armies of angels to interrupt the enemies assignments in your life, to break bondage, addictions and  afflictions, to defeat the spiritual warfare in you life.

I bless you with the fullness and goodness of God’s love.

I bless you with His favor and His grace.

I bless you with His healing and His rest and the peace that passes understanding.

I bless you…..I have been blessed to be a blessing and I bless you just as Jesus would by speaking His love into your lives.


Refresh, Fresher Fire


It’s time to refresh! It’s time to start a fire burning in your soul. It’s time for a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to come upon the body of Christ.  It time to renew our minds on God’s promises and lift our voices and hands in praise to Jesus.

Perhaps you’ve been in a hard place, standing. God can make you bloom where you are planted, so stay rooted and grounded in faith. Hope in His promise and don’t forget the most important thing is to love. Forgive, forget petty grievances, don’t be offended. Only God can truly cause you to forget the past life Joseph said.

I pray for refreshing, for a fresh fire falling gently into our hearts and minds and spirits, calling us to love, greater love than before. Greater power, greater love, greater fire. Let’s burn down the kingdom of darkeness that’s destroying families. Let’s do it with powerful prayer. Rebecca Jones



Clinging to the Cross


Let me say first and foremost that I have the utmost respect for that cross.  That said, are we still clinging to it? I know we should hang on to the image of His sacrifice. It should never be far from our thoughts, but if we are clinging to it out of fear or condemnation, if we are expecting God’s wrath to fall on us, we’re looking at the cross the wrong way.

Read Isaiah 53, and you will see the accomplishments of Jesus.  The brutal way He gave His life, He purchased salvation, healing and so much more.  Abraham saw a vision of the cross, other prophesied it, it is in Psalm 22 and throughout the Bible if you look.

When Isaiah says, ” by His stripes ” we are healed, it is looking ahead and Peter is looking back, ” by His striped we were healed. ” 1 Peter 2:24 God sees the finished work of His Son, He knows we sin, He knows our hearts.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.  He knows when we are doing our best to please Him or when we are putting up a front or more interested in socializing.

Jesus stays on the cross, when we limit Him in our lives, but He is at the right hand of His Father watching over us and seeing what we do and hearing what we say. Does it line with what He says about us? Do we cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it someday for a crown? Or do we cling to that which accomplished and do the works He prepared for us? We cannot win salvation with works.

It’s a gift. It’s a present!  It is the most expensive gift you’ll ever receive, because it cost Jesus everything, the peace of heaven, the love of His Father, sweat that was as great drops of blood, lashes that cut to the bone, crucifixion, suffocation, darkness.

It was the most precious gift wrapped in swaddling clothes and grave linen and now robed in His righteous glory, just lie He wants us to be. Open that gift, say thank you, Jesus, let Him cover you, put on your garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Let go of the old rugged cross, He’s fashioning your crown. Rebecca Jones





Everlasting Love


Look who made you a daughter of the King.

I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.  Jeremiah 31:3

I’m not sure anyone alive can really fathom that. Think of all those disappointments a loving God went through. I know people blame Him for things and say He allows bad things to happen but those people really don’t understand Scripture or have a knowledge of the Word that is rightly divided.  They have no idea what it is like to be the Creator of the universe that so desired a family, He created man, but instead of giving that man orders and rules. He gave him freedom, immortality, and full dominion over the Garden of Eden.

He gave him a free will to choose, with one exception, not eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Now there are those who will say that the devil had fallen, and the world was recreated. I really can’t see that. God exists in eternity, He is corporeal. He does things in order. I think He warned man because, at the time, He had no knowledge of evil. It was Eve who was deceived, where was Adam, her protector?  The devil questioned God’s Word, she adds a word or two and is tricked. Adam’s sin was willful and I believe they should have repented. If not those two someone else would have messed up.

God actually protected them by having the cherub keep them out. Had they eaten from the tree of life, they would have lived forever sinners.  But a just and loving Father, had already conceived a plan, being a Spirit, He was a Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He allowed Adam and Eve to die. Sacrifices covered the sins once a year, in order to find a pure blood line to carry the Holy Spirit’s incorruptible seed, He waited.

Jesus ancestry includes Rahab and Ruth, but they were forgiven. And when Mary came along, He had already chose her and the incorruptible seed of God, Himself, was placed or dropped gently by the hand of the Holy Spirit, into the womb of a girl who believed the angel’s words, and said that she was the handmaiden of the Lord. for it to be as He said. She bore the Son, named Him and watch Him grow in wisdom and stature, she watched him nurse, crawl, and carry wood to the carpenter’s shop.

And then she saw Him, cursed, crawl, and fall, carrying a cross to be crucified on, after being beaten and scourged by Roman soldiers cruel enough to beat Him to death and gamble for his robe, as He hung there and died, cruel enough to run a spear through His side.  He faced the same type of death as a Passover Lamb, but this sacrifice was one that was superior to animals. He was the offering proved by the King, He was the only one worthy, His blood enough to cover the sins of all, forever.

It pleased God to give Him  to redeem us, but how it must have broken His heart as well. The very thing He would not allow Abraham to do, He was doing to His beloved Son who knew no sin, but was made sin, a scapegoat for us, what a dark day when Jesus no longer calls Him, Father, but God.  Yes, Jesus avoided every sin and temptation, that alone would prove Him, God, in the flesh and then the miracles and still unbelief.  Even today, He offers up His grace. He knows rejection better than anyone, He knows love better than anyone. He gave up everything. That my friends is the definition of everlasting love. He was lifted up for us and we are drawn to Him, like Moses in the wilderness, Jesus, the Healer. He gave it up for us, He is love eternal, love everlasting, yes, everlasting love, forever love.  Rebecca Jones

All You Need Is Love


People say all you need is love and that is partially true. 1 Corinthians 13, tells us that love is the greatest of all, the most excellent gift. It is what we are to follow after, a spiritual  gift that we are to desire, that we may prophesy. I never understood that. And prophetic ministry is not always easy to understand, that is why the Holy Spirit longs to rest and remain with us to teach us. I have seen many people miss out on healing, financial blessing and other things because they let one of these things go. It’s not a always a simple recipe, sometimes junk gets thrown into the mix. We are left battered.  You do have to stand, you will get attacked by the enemy, but God has already prevailed for you and approved of your request, He sent Jesus to die.

You need faith, hope and love, with love or actually God’s love being the greatest. Faith is speaking His Word, hope is expecting Him to bring it to pass and love is just God. God is love. Sounds simple? It is. It really is, but we get tired and slip easily out of the rest of faith. People and doctrine complicate love. No greater thing could God have ever done than to turn His back on His beloved Son on a cross of shame.

For a dark moment of eternity, He did not love His only begotten Son so He could love us. Though I give my body to be burned and have not love, a sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal is what Jesus or anyone else would have been, without love. Many people have been burned at the stake, I can’t say if they all knew love.  But I know Jesus did! He was pure love, perfect love and He died for me to be free. Perhaps, you are unaware that He was as a Passover Lamb, a burnt offering, tasting the fires of hell to redeem mankind id the would believe on Him and receive Him after He rose. Why wouldn’t anyone not long for, desire or want to serve that love?

Don’t disqualify yourself with super charismatic dogma. He loves you, you’re enough. He’s enough. God doesn’t just have love or give love and He’s not withholding it.  He is love, Jesus is love, the Holy Spirit is love. And He looks at our hearts, He sees the tired, battered and battle weary prayer warrior. He wants to give you rest. Jesus loves me, this I know. I guess love really is all you need.  Rebecca Jones

Looking Into the Eyes of Love


If you have accepted Jesus, you surely have looked into the eyes of love. Unfortunately, most of us have also looked into the eyes of evil. Whether its in some health crisis, or war or the terrorism of 9/11, if it’s abuse of the elderly or children or the cruelty to animals, the bullies at school, the men that beat women, we’ve seen it. We have seen it, stared it down and faced it if rest and remain in Jesus.

There are no limits to what a human spirit can overcome with Jesus on the inside of us. Let’s stop glorifying the bad guys and making the line a blur. Its time for heroes to ride out on a white horse again. Its time to be bold and take back what the enemy has stolen, if its health or joy or peace. And while it was a poplar song back in the 90’s about satan being under my feet, he’s really only under them if we are walking constantly and consistently with Jesus. It’s Jesus feet, he’s truly under.

It’s time to look away from the things that entice your thoughts into insensitivity. Let’s focus on Jesus, looking to Him as our everything. It’s time to take another look, a lasting look, an everlasting look into the eyes of love, into the eyes of Jesus. Rebecca Jones

Rest and Remain


When the heavens opened up, the dove descended upon Jesus and God spoke the word about His beloved Son. In the Old Testament, we read how the Holy Spirit came upon people at various times. Jesus promised us the Comforter, His Spirit. He kept that promise at Pentecost and the Holy Spirit is available to believers.

Of course, He convicts of sin, and He is in us the moment we are born again. Yet, there is the subsequent experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I truly recommend being taught this and receive both at the same time.

The Holy Spirit longs to rest on us, to rest and remain. He is the Comforter, Paraclete, or Advocate. He know what God speaks and plans for us, He warns you of danger and yes, shows you things to come, good things and how to avoid problems. When you speak in an unknown tongue , you are speaking directly to God.

Jesus spoke of giving us rest. That rest and peace is only in Him. Let the Holy Spirit rest on you, remain in you. I used to worry about losing Him, but that was before I was baptized in Him. When you feel that power, you will understand, He is not leaving you.

Lord, let your Spirit rest and remain on us. Rebecca Jones