Whispers of the Wind


I just read a blog post where a lady was walking her dog and past her neighbor’s yard to check on their house when they out of town. The people had a nice yard, flowers and a porch and lawn chairs over green grass. So instead of walking, she just sat down and enjoyed the moment. We don’t often realize that we are ” soul ” tired.

That is why I am so focused on the topic of rest lately. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve run myself ragged trying to excel, when God really had made a more excellent way for me, and even then I was still running into over dong it.

This lady heard the whispers of the Spirit, to stop, relax and rest a while. He calls us by name. We know we are His. So why don’t we listen to the still, small voice that speaks to us to rest. Spring is a good time for that with the beauty budding forth and the celebration of His Resurrection.

We have talked at length about the Holy Spirit this month, His power, how He moves over the earth like the wind. And today, I want you know His presence is near, anytime we need Him or need to rest. We also talked about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayer languages, that is also a way to be refreshed. You can pray in the Spirit as often as you need to or anytime the enemy is attacking you with whatever he uses to weary you.

I like to just sit in the sun and let it warm my back. I enjoy the roses in bloom. I always catch sight of a pair of butterflies. The hummingbirds return in May. I was thinking of other ways He speaks to us. It could be taking a nap, turning off electronics, just reading a book, getting away from noise and clutter. The kitchen table catches everything from mail to dirty dishes and keys, when it’s clean, life is better and closets, well, it is spring. I can feel the house closing in like one of those hoarder programs at times, no matter what people say about having a picture perfect home and it not being possible, I think the better it looks, the better, I feel, and as a matter of fact the better I look, the better I feel.

I encouraged everyone to soak in His presence recently, more around Valentine’s Day, but we need His presence everyday, and He whispers for us to relax, get a new hairstyle, try a new perfume of lipstick. Sometimes,a whiff perfume or even brushing your teeth is refreshing, if you can’t do the long, hot bath.

He will also whisper ideas and instructions, warnings of danger. Once, it was a firm prompting to stop typing and to pray, the word I heard was massive, a family member had a heart attack two days later, she recovered and thanks to the Lord, it was not massive.

You have to train yourself or rather let the Holy Spirit teach you to be sensitive to Him, The quiet time you spend in prayer will help you with that, just worshiping Him. Love is the greatest gift of all, but a lot of people still insist on things their own way, and I don’t even think we have begun to scratch the surface of His love and sacrifice. Keep listening and ask for Him to give you a more discerning spirit, one that is sensitive to Him and you will hear the whispers of the wind. Rebecca Jones / photo…Adriana Calvo, thank you.



Your Name Whispers on the Wind

I have been writing about the Holy Spirit, about how He is like the wind. He moves about seeking people to help, acting in concert with holy angels and doing the Father’s will, answering prayers. He brings comfort, is close to those with a broken heart. He in us and over us, like a mother guarding her child. He fills us and speaks the name of Jesus.

His name is whispered on the wind and He reminds us of that great love. Jesus said He would comfort us and teach us, and bring things to our remembrance.  A friend of mine who had been in the hospital a very long time, is recovering but having trouble with her memory. He is not herself, medicine and the attack of an enemy on a prayer warrior, has left her weak but He is strong. He whispers the name of Jesus on the wind. He is a gentle breeze over her. He is calm, He is peace and He is love. For He is God, the Holy Spirit.

While I am not as patient as I should be or lose patience. He is patient. Oh, He corrects those He loves and firmly and righteously so, but He’s not in any hurry. We may be saying, ” Get Well Soon ” and all that, they will even get you up walking after major surgery and that is good, but some things just take time. He recovers the lost, Jesus came to seek and save the lost. When the body is severely injured injured, there is fear and trauma, and while most don’t recognize them as spiritual in nature, they are. And grief, you may not be grieving loss of life, but lifestyle, life abundantly that Jesus meant for believers to have enough to die for Himself.

With powerful prayer, the Holy Spirit will moves these terrible spirits, and replace them with His own presence, healing, anointing, the oil of joy poured upon them. And sometimes, it will it will be a while, He is not on our time but His. My friend misses her family, even though she sees them, her husband, her dog, the grandchildren that she made a video for in December, cannot play and do things with grandma. And her husband was also facing the beginning of Alzheimer’s. This has been a cruel time for this family, but the Holy Spirit is still there for her and for them, and many others.

He whispers the name of Jesus on the wind. He says, ” I’m here, rest in my love. I will never leave you. ” I always hate to see people make old folks jokes, it may be meant to be harmless, but it not a profession of faith, some of these people are not that old. Dementia can set in early, and like Alzheimer’s erase person’s memory. I saw it in a pastor’s wife when I was younger and not as knowledgeable about prayer or healing. No longer a piano playing Baptist woman, she was furious, combative, requires constant supervision, my great aunt, was the same after strokes. She would turn on the gas and try to cook in the middle of the night and start walking down the street.

People need to realize there may been a need for care giving and assisted living or God forbid nursing homes at some point, but there is also the promises of God. Many in the Bible were still going strong and sharp in their old age. So don’t take lightly, your faith, your memory, your Savior.

The Holy Spirit calls thing to remembrance, and Jesus said to take Communion in remembrance of Him. If you are a believer, you are worthy to take it daily, because He knows if you are repentant. Some people who never learn to discern His sacrifice are no longer with us. The Holy Spirit remembers, He can help us remember.

I recently went through and illness myself, and I find that I am forgetting things I used to know by heart. I turned to God with that, and  just moment ago, when I could not remember something I had wanted to write, it popped into my head. The wind of the Holy Spirit is moving, He is alive and active in the earth, the very same power that raised Jesus from the dead is working as we pray. Let’s be patient, and let’s be kind. Love is.

I have a few people on the prayer wall, that I have prayed for. Their families have lost hope, doctors have given up  I do not. I have seen the miraculous in young and old. The ever present Lord has sent His Spirit and He is looking for someone to love and to help, even to heal. It does not have to be the end of life, even if you choose heaven, that is abundant life. But Jesus promised it to those living as well. Not being able to remember and trauma is a fearful thing, a weakened person may have little resistance to these enemies, but we can stand in prayer for them.

I just prayed for a boy who dropped dead in his living room but is in the hospital. I saw a girl in an accident wake from a coma after prayer yesterday. I prayed for a child who was unresponsive for days who opened his eyes, and a teacher who had multiple broken bones and surgeries, even seeing her request from a friend, it was miracle she was alive, I see people come off life support. Why? Because Jesus loves us, and the Holy Spirit whispers His name on the wind.

I am dedicating this post to Vickie, and all the people I am praying for, their families, and to anyone who needs to hear that name today, I call you into remembrance of Jesus, His sacrifice and healing power. Holy Spirit move in the areas of the lives that need your touch today, it is for His glory, whisper Jesus to them. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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Wind Gusts, How Many Miles Per Hour?

Ever hear the weatherman sound off about the wind, 5  maybe 10 miles and hour. That’s hardly noticeable,  I can even walk that fast, maybe. But when it is winter and there are blizzards look out, or the spring tornado winds that kick up prairie  dust and before you know it become category 1 to 5, with five most disastrous.

And how about hurricane season? What about the brave or foolish newscasters who stand out to report on what we already can see without watching them blow around. I like those old movies, they used wind machines or airplane motors to get the special effects. It made for dramatic even if low budget, but very effective film making. I like computers too, but somehow computer generate storms and apocalyptic events aren’t the same.

But what about Acts, when we begin  to read of the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit? It was obviously a gust that made a strong impression. When people began to speak in other languages, and others understood, some though there was early morning drinking going on, however, that was not the case. Jesus had promised that if He went away that He would send the Comforter, and He did. Remember how God confounded languages so that Nimrod could not build his tower, now He could begin restoring it, giving many people a chance to hear of Jesus in their own language as the Spirit gave utterance. And we are not to be drunk with wine rather filled with His Spirit.

John said that Jesus would baptize with fire, and He did that in the Upper Room. The tongues were seen in a spiritual realm, and were cloven, Jews observed food laws would know it was God. Prayer languages are still available today, and you need not be Pentecostal or Charismatic, to receive. Some of these languages are known, so that the Holy Spirit speaks to a person in their own language, what about the tongues of men and angels, and some unknown except to God. The Holy Spirit also intercedes with groaning that cannot be uttered when don’t know how or what to pray. When feeling the unction, pray, you may be saving a life somewhere or avoiding a calamity. the Holy Spirit sees what we cannot.

When you pray in tongues you speak directly to God, mysteries. He will help you interpret, for He is the helper, teaching us all things, Jesus said. It is to be orderly in church if addressing the congregation, and there should be an interpreter. That is one gift, it is also to edify or build you up personally, spiritually and mentally, even physical. It bypasses the brain and He may or may not let you know what you said.

Many are leery of spiritual gifts. I was one of them. I used to watch Kathryn Kulman when i was little, she was a little scary, but I watched her. Christian television was in its infancy. And then there was the occasional Billy Graham crusade, back when we had three channels.

We are blessed to have so much more these days. though television is lacking in morality and decency, even old eighties shows are harmless compared to today. Sometimes, it is hard to find something I will watch, among my 300 stations, but there are family based ones and several Christian ones and so many service on the web, podcasts, even Christian bloggers. There is no reason why we are not to be hearing the good news and having it explained kindly and simply. Even if you do not agree, you know it is in the Word.

Should there be differing opinions, I am only giving a testimony of how this gift has helped me, health wise and so many other ways. Be that as it may the wind gust of the Holy Spirit moves, and I pray He moves into the hearts and minds of people so that they may learn of Jesus. People are persecuted daily in other countries and need our prayer and intercession.

You may ask Jesus for this powerful gift, or let someone lay hands on you as in the Bible. Many had not even heard of the Holy Spirit and said they were baptized with John’s baptism, two different experiences, just like being sprinkled on the forehead or dedicated. Please make sure the person is a believer though, there are some who will try to imitate God without giving the right counseling and i have heard of some who even offer Communion, these people may also be using occult devices. You don’t need tea leaves, you need Jesus.

We can ask Him to move how fast and where, He may decide. Still, He comes and goes, and is sometimes gentle, the slightest breeze. And then again, He is mighty rushing wind, how many miles per hour? Rebecca Jones /pexels



No Wind In Sight


I don’t know a lot about the weather, but I have seen enough stifling Georgia summers to know that I can’t even step outside and be able to breathe well if it gets that hot. I used to be outside and just pray for a breeze, and you know what, it would come. I called them merciful breezes, I still do. It’s not like that now but it will be soon, today is cold and windy, but spring is a few days off and sometimes we just go on into summer, hopefully not this year.

I used to water my flowers in Atlanta, we would have water restrictions. But they flourished, azaleas were pink and proudly welcomed the backyard excursions, Children played and happily ate lunch at picnic tables, the bug hunts and water splashing, miniature golf and bubble blowing were all enjoyable but there would be days in July and August, the it was if you could see the heat waves in front of you.

You could see almost a literal mirage of little lines wiggling in the hot air. Shoes were hot, the soles would almost melt, and then you could have fried something on the sidewalk. I never tried it. It was hard to keep the tea and lemonade made and the bird bath full, and there was no wind in sight.

I’ve never been to the desert. I have heard stories of hot it is there. I don’t know a lot about humidity, but I think that 110 elsewhere may not be like a smoldering 95 here, if I’m not right about that, I guess we’re all hot with no wind in sight.

When I moved, the sun beat on my flowers year after year and even with no restrictions, they eventually faded away. Knockout roses do thrive. My bird feeding didn’t last long here, but I have hummingbirds. And I have my merciful breezes.

We have talked at length how the Holy Spirit moves like the wind, maybe, you are in a dry place today, there is living water in you, use your spiritual gifts, and it’s okay to ask Him for a merciful breeze any time.

I even ask the Holy Spirit to sweep through me and my house, I don’t want anything here that should not be. I want Him to have His glory, it shines like the sun, but it is a shield and hedge around me. It keeps me from drying up and withering away.

In if you need a burst of wind, He is that too. There is no reason to sit thirsty for His presence or longing to know His plans and promises, the wind of the Spirit moves to and from and you don’t always see Him but He is there and there is no reason to linger in a wilderness or thirst upon dry land or to stumble over rocky ground, just call Him when there is no wind in sight. Rebecca Jones  / pexels

The Winds of Abundant Life



The winds of March are blowing and so is His Spirit, He may cross over you with a breeze, or you can just stand worshiping in the wind of love and abundance. I study Biblical numbers, very different to numerology. Sometimes, I will look at the clock and it says 10:10, and I am reminded of the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Way more than than that is the life and life more abundantly that Jesus gives. The wind is really whipping as I post this.

I think sometimes how much that enemy has stolen, how much Jesus longs to return the world to where He wanted it to be, and I know His coming is approaching, I can feel the winds of change in the air. Though others may feel despair, I can wait resting in expectation that He meets us in the air sometime soon.

And even before, He is restoring. I have seen health returning, small miracle, big miracles, nothing is too hard for Him, not even the human heart. But He will not change someone not willing to receive. And not willing to change.Seasons change, spring is near, it is a time of renewal and even resting in that renewal.

I pray you receive His abundant life this spring. Let the winds of abundant life swirl over you, hover over you, and carry you in it;s breeze. The Holy Spirit, He is powerful and able to accomplish God’s will in our lives. I don’t think we have scratched the surface of abundant love, of the abundant sacrifice of Christ.

Sometimes, I see on the clock, 3:16. and John 3:16 pops into my head. But He’s never far from my thoughts. The giver of eternal life and abundant life, health. joy and peace. He is all that and more. For God “so” loved the world that He “gave” His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have “everlasting” life.

I highlighted the words to make us thing a little more about them, a little word like so, has such a powerful impact. And it is abundant and everlasting.

Let the winds over His love blow over you and receive His abundant life in Jesus name. Rebecca Jones / photo… Meireles Neto Unsplash

The Windy Lion of March

It’s windy here. Off and on there have been drizzles and mists and fog, and March holds much the same in weather patterns. While there are days I can wear shorts and be comfortable, some days you need a jacket or sweater. I can run around the house barefoot and then other times I grab for my snuggly socks.

It’s like March or spring hasn’t made up its mind yet whether to wake up and bloom or hibernate a bit longer. Maybe, it is hitting the snooze alarm. James warns us about being double minded and I have heard the expression, heart divided, we toss and turn and waver with every wind of doctrine and are up and down, depressed and oppressed. And we receive nothing. Why?

We aren’t waking and blooming because when we waver, once we give the enemy an inch, he will encroach on our minds and hearts. And while we toss and turn and waver in the wind, March or otherwise we miss the blessings of God and His peace. The peace Jesus left us in John 14:27.

I went through a lot of it. I tried to have great faith. I neglected myself. I tried to be like other Christians. But I have to be me. While there are many doctrines and many divisions in the body of Christ, the one unfailing truth is love. Faith and hope won’t work without it. It never fails, but it God’s love, not merely ours, they become one.

You can love and have it not returned, it hurts. Especially, when you are sharing agape and not receiving it. But don’t despair. he has promised to pour out His Spirit. He will help you and you may not even be aware how until something is over and gone. His love may not look fair to some, but He is just and He is the true judge of hearts.

Never underestimate His love, His work or His decisions. We may not understand why bad things have happened, but He does, and He redeems the time. He holds eternity in His hand and can make everything new, wipe away the tears. He is the lion, and the lamb, the dove.

He will roar over us this spring, lie with us in green pastures and descend in pure white wings. Wherever March winds blow or the calendar takes us, He’s already designed it and destined it. And we can be glad that His roar overpowers the howl, growl and prowl of the enemy that would keep us tossing in the wind, believing and not believing, the windy lion of March is Jesus, and He will never be defeated, so why are we worried? Rebecca Jones / lions from the Akron, Ohio Zoo

A Breezy Season of Rest


A season of rest, and a season of joy. That is what the first whispers of spring bring to mind. The sunny, warm days and the singing birds. The butterflies, the return of hummingbirds to the nectar, the buzzing of bees. Flowers popping up their heads, colorful and bright. Like a kite tail winging skyward, upwards our spirits begin to soar.

The air is crisp and light and the afternoons sometimes warm into showers of blessings, it’s a great time to sit in warmth of the sun, with a lunch, a book or just to warm yourself in it’s rays, warm yourself in the sun and warm yourself in the Son. Spring is a season or rest, renewal. We have talked about rest a lot, we need a lot of rest. And I don’t mean just sleep either, we need His rest.

The complete knowledge that He is in control. He has appointed seasons and some seasons we don’t have to know, somethings are not for our understanding, ( His return ) but He will speak to us of the good plans for us and they are for good and not to harm, that has been the enemy. He is breaking the cold and hard, the ice or dark that has been sent against our minds and hearts, do you feel it?

When we can rest in Jesus, when we can have confidence in Him, in His words and resurrection power, we can rest. We can pray from rest. We can rejoice in rest. And He had appointed seasons, the spring to renew and revive the earth. Perhaps too, the spring is to renew us. Every spring we celebrate His resurrection. Let’s have our communion with Him and walk daily in His presence and let Him renew our youth and health. It is all centered around the Lamb.

I am looking forward to walks and porches and iced tea or lemonade, the neighbors firing up the grill and I have my ambrosia* to add to the mix. The children fill the streets on bicycles, and the yard sale signs go out. The birds are building nests, the butterflies will emerge, the hummingbirds return in May. ( please use clear feeding syrup )

Flowers will be blooming soon and grass will need cutting. The neighborhood stirs after a long winter nap  it would appear but have they enjoyed His rest. His rest is different it is to know who is in control, even if don’t know exactly how He is working it out for you, you can rest assure He is and your heart will at rest and renew in the spring, and dance to the beat of the spring’s chorus.

I have felt the breeze in the warmth of the Son and sun but it has turned cold again, one last snap of winter attempting to hang on to the season, the weather, and our souls. It turning up the heat, grab another blanket, nothing like the north but far from the summer heat that simmers the air. It leaves me looking at the things of God while I am resting. He created and sat down to watch life unfold, Jesus was crucified, rose again and rests waiting for us to rest in Him, and bring into fruitfulness the barrenness of winter, renewing life and restoring it.

Let’s walk in His love and rest and the joy of the whispers of spring. a season of rest, the breezy season of rest precedes the blessings upcoming April, and is hopeful and joyfully expectantly awaiting the miracles May. Rebecca Jones / pexels

  • Ambrosia is a can of pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, a bag of marshmellows and cool whip and pecans are optional, great dessert.

The Winds of Grace

Ayo Ogusiende

I’m always amazed at His amazing grace. It’s wind is forever blowing over and through my life. As I look back over the past several years and even farther back, I see how He has been there and protected me.

The wind of grace has forever changed me, because He first loved me. it has danced in and around my life at moments that were painful, in times of crisis and loss. It has blown away grief and shame that was not even mine to bear.

It’s gentle breezes swept into calm an aching heart. It’s firm grip and loving tenderness, mended a broken one. The winds of grace pass me in the sunshine and in the shadows. It is there in the daytime and in the dark.

The winds of grace are warm, soothing on my back as I sit in the light from the window. They swirl with my ceiling fan turning my night into perfume, with a spray of the perfume by Philosophy, Amazing Grace.

It is the only thing that blows away doubt and fear, amazing grace, it’s wind stirs and moves in me to quell and quiet me to take away the fears. Love is more powerful, His love, His grace, His peace and His rest. It is the difference between death and life and and poverty of the purse and soul and abundance, the abundant life Jesus redeemed for us in His joy and love.

It’s smell it in the air, and I can almost hear the angels singing it. Many a night when I was pain, and many a night spent in prayer, I have sat and just sung the song for it is relevant. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, it has truly and thoroughly saved me and I will be singing it forever.

The words ring true, amazing grace how sweet the sound, it saved me, and it will lead me home. Forever to live with Jesus, singing praising and swept away in the wind of His Spirit, His amazing love, and His amazing grace. Rebecca Jones/ photo Ayo Ogusiende, thanks.

Sowing The Wind

Enieda Nieves

For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, strangers would devour it. Hosea 8:7

What the verse is speaking of is Israel and it’s idolatry. Though the prophet is using sowing and reaping and grain to illustrate his point, it is clear that what they are planting isn’t going to grow or have a stalk. The seeds are tossed into the wind, ruach. ( roo – ok ) in Hebrew. They are scattered and may grow but not mature and certainly will not be plentiful enough to harvest. Israel did not enjoy the peace they expected.

This is a lot like the parable of the sower sows the word. We know the ways the devil comes, persecution, affliction, lust for other things, deceitfulness or riches and cares of the world. Often we are not watching our words, speaking them loosely into the air, in effect sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind. Our seeds have no stalk and are devoured up easily.

The parable is such an important study, charismatic or not, there is much more to faith than name it and claim it. Love is the more excellent way. We are not persecuted here like in other countries, but we are persecuted by someone at sometime and even other Christians. Sad but true. We have all fallen under some affliction or another and not just illness. We can get tired or trying, lusting for other things. The devil’s lie to keep us from God, and greed or almost  vow of poverty attitude that is deceitfulness of riches. Nothing wrong with money, just how you get it use it or of it consumes you.

We know the sower’s seed fall on different soils. And the parable of the mustard seed, when it grows the birds loge there. There are vultures that sit off in the woods near here. I’m sure Jesus meant ” evil ” birds, the demonic. If you notice the phrase satan comes immediately, he tried to copy Jesus.

Jesus touched a woman and immediately the fountain of her blood dried up. Mark 5 29. Jesus also healed people as they went and from that hour, He is more than patient with us. The devil will also wait and watch us sow, there are times and seasons when he will attempt to move in on us. It is up to us to recognize his tactics. One way is getting us to veer off believing and praying the Word over us and our lives, if our prayers are answered right away, he will encourage us to give up. But don’t do it! Because he is a liar and and adversary, a false accuser.  We need to avoid careless, hurtful words.

If we sow our words in sows the wind, there will likely be no enjoyment only injury.  If the wind is not the Spirit, the self righteous human effort, the whirlwind is the image of destruction and annihilation, a storm or hurricane tearing all away with it. The Hebrew intensifies  it still to be a storm of greatest violence. Is it any wonder we see images as we do? Have we not also sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind? When wind is the seed sown carelessly the destruction represented by tempest is the harvest reaped. It will not make a meal or bear any fruit. Jesus said you would know believers by their fruit.

We are not living in an age to be sowing carelessly but generously. We need the Bread of Heaven to let us speak and act wisely. Our words are like the seeds of grain or bread that are cast upon the water and come back later good or bad. We want to feed our friends and families and bear much fruit. I answer many prayer requests, pray for a lot of people, one I answered struck me as humble, a man asked ” I would greatly appreciate some simple heartfelt prayers for my family, friends & I for faith, hope, love, joy & peace of mind. ” I told him that was such a great request and replied to ask Him anything and He would do it in Jesus name. And I know He will.

Personally, I believe God is so much about words that He has to forgive, let go and not remember most of them, because they are meaningless, and because of Jesus giving us salvation, but the simple, heartfelt prayers, He loves. So let’s sow the wind, the words of the Holy Spirit and of His Word in love, and avoid the whirlwind and not be devoured by the enemy. Rebecca Jones / photo Eneida Nieves, thanks.

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Winds of Deliverance


The Lord’s Prayer contains the phrase, ” Deliver us from evil. ” It is a good daily prayer. Psalm 91 also, mentions being delivered from the snare of the fowler. Fowlers caught birds in little woven cages. And Psalm 3:8 says deliverance comes from God.

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7 Deliverance is a type of freedom and the Lord gives us freedom, in the Spirit. Quoting or paraphrasing from J. Riddell, the song of deliverance strikes a chord with the human heart. They are peculiar to men. angels have no dangers and devils have no deliverance.

Obviously, then Psalms and singing them or hymns are good for the deliverance of one’s soul. It is a way to unwind and unburden the heavy heart that we do no want to become hardened or unbelieving which is evil. Hebrews 3:12.

It is a song or a wind of deliverance that will make us free to praise and worship and enjoy the freedoms of Christ. What He died to set us free from, worry, fear and oppression. I have seen so many in the body of Christ that are being oppressed in various ways. The enemy is running out of time and he is working any evil plan he can to stop believers from not only believing but walking in the best God has for them.

What do you need to be delivered of today? What burdens you and weighs you down? We have all had too much weighing on our hearts and minds, but there is a fog lifting and the vapors of Holy Spirit mist are coming through. He is our Moses, our Joshua, our Boaz, but best of all He is our Jesus.

The armies went to battle with singers ahead of them and were victorious. As believer is Christ, we have victory in Jesus. The song says He leads us from victory to victory, until every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed.

Well, hasn’t He already vanquished and triumphed over the enemy? All so that we could as well. The winds of deliverance blow this March, like a shofar before the coming of Passover, I pray He roars over His children. Deliver us from evil, and we will sing in wind of your sweet,sweet, Spirit. Rebecca Jones / photo Blake Cheek, thank you.