Sunday Prayer

May I pray for you today? I had a Sunday prayer on my heart but this is actually for more than that, everyday, all day, as we walk through these last days of summer and even to eternity. There are many hearts that are suffering and he wants you to know, He is there.

I pray for the light of His love to pierce the darkness over the hearts, souls and minds of unbelievers, that they may come to know Him as Lord, and for that same light to destroy the darkness that threatens to overtake believers, that has made then question their faith, made them weary in well doing, may they see the glory of the Lord and be renewed and restored, for they already know the light of the world, Jesus Christ.

I plead the plead of Jesus over believers, their homes and families and ask Him to charge even more angels to keep us in our ways. I ask Him to lead the righteous even more closely in the paths of His righteousness, and for them to find rest in the green pastures of His grace.

I pray blessing to catch and over take us in His name, not merely to supply needs but for us to experience and even stronger outpouring of His love, His healing rain, to have chains of agony removed for our hearts as we let go of the things we cannot change. I pray you help us forgive as you did from the cross, it is a hard prayer but we must because you would want us to. Vengeance is yours.

The Spirit know the deep things of God, and he know the depths of our wounds and despair. He is the lifter of our heads. And He is calling, drawing us to Him. If you hear His voice do not turn away from that love. The world is shaking in anticipation of His return, there wave been evil days and there will be more, but He overcame the world so we could, We are only conquerors  through Jesus who loved us and gave His life. I pray we allow Him to deliver us from evil, and draw us to His abundant life in His holy name, may His healing power go forth, He watches love His words. The world is shaking, we must remain His love.

May a word from the Lord touch you today, God bless.

See that you do not refuse him who is speaking. For if they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, much less will we escape if we reject him who warns from heaven. Hebrew 12:25,26

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Why People Aren’t Angels

Something I hate to hear is that people will say God needed another angel when it comes to someone’s passing, especially, children. And before you stop reading I am not being unkind to those who have suffered a loss, far from it. I have suffered     under grief to the point of oppression and I know what you are going through.

Yet, we need to clarify the facts. I have even heard today after speaking with someone, that you never get over it. Unfortunately, the people who often feel that way are sometimes the quickest to tell you to, ” Get over it. ” God knows the difference between heartache and heartbreak. He know all spirits because He is the Father of all spirits, some of them followed the wicked one and fell, but he has innumerable angels, He doesn’t need your child or family member to be one, He’s got plenty and could always make more.

People do not become angels when they die, in spite of that perception and the lovable angel from It’s A Wonderful Life, Clarence Oddbody. Cary Grant is more  believable in The Bishop’s Wife and even resists falling for his assignment, another reason angels fell in Genesis, they were on earth in a body to teach, nothing more.

You will be a spirit, because you already are a spirit, created in the image of God. You have a soul, mind, will and emotions. And you live in a body. You won’t marry in heaven, because there is no need to or to produce children. Jesus is the bride groom of the church. God is strong and loving like a father, and tender like a mother, so He made men and women. He doesn’t like for men to dominate women or children or abuse their authority, or for women to struggle with the fact they are supposed to be submissive, it just means working together.

We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses as believers because the Holy Spirit is in us, how much we allow Him to teach us determines our walk with Christ. Angels and believers who have gone before are in a heavenly realm, angels will interact, and on rare occasions, people get glimpse, but that would have to be Jesus allowing it, I do not believe in contacting the dead. We are not to carry the dead, we are to mourn and be comforted by the Comforter. Anytime we need to be, days, weeks or years later. Jesus said to let the dead bury the dead, not to be unkind, but to never use that as an excuse not to follow Him or enjoy life, and even in reference to spiritually dead. Jesus more than anyone avoid using that word. God calls life to the dead, He was careful not to call them that, and the Pharisees, He said were religious but inside were full of dead men’s bones. He discerned better than anyone life and death.

I was told by someone with profound grief and that lived alone, that I would understand someday. Please don’t think I don’t. You can ask people who know me, really know me. And true some may think I may be hard on someone, I have been there, I know, and that is why speak the truth in love. He tells us not to grieve, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

When someone who has lost a child can reach out and pray for others by His grace, they are honoring God and that loved one, not being deceived by the spirit of grief, which can fester if left unchecked, to the point of destroying your life, marriage or mind. People who suffer from grief and depression, can turn to self medicating, and other traps of the enemy, play the blame game, even become suicidal. Guilt and shame factor in. The devil is a cruel master and Jesus tasted death because of the children, God’s children. He is the one we have to rely on when we mourn or grieve.

We never want to turn from Him in a misunderstanding of His timing. He is in control and knows all about life and death, let’s speak His life and His love, and above all receive His peace that is His gift to us in John 14:27. I hope this helps us to understand the truth about angels and loved ones.

Would you even recognize them as an angel? They won’t have wings. Even all angels may not have wings. And let me once again reassure you I have been there, I know about depression and grief, and loss. And Jesus is our High Priest, and easily touched by our infirmities, look what He bore.

I pray for you today, in Jesus name and speak healing and deliverance to your heart and soul. God would not want you in grief and neither would your love one. Open your heart to His love and stop carrying what you don’t have to because He did.


Jesus and Angels



We are about to fall in love with Jesus and have talked about His appearances as the Angel of the Lord. He is revealed throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and we are heading there quickly. He appears with seven stars in hand, and has John write letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor. The pastors are referred to as angels.

Angels are messengers. And the messages He gives to the churches are sobering and the love waxes cold, there is deception and oppression, as Christ lays out the  various reasons he is displeased with them. The book of Revelation lists the problems Jesus had with the seven churches. we will talk about about leaving your first love, as the Ephesians did, in a future post but now we want to talk about Revelation 3:20 KJV: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Many people have said we are in that church age. It’s possible, I think there could be a combination of all and since we may not go through all of them I will include a link. They all had real problems, from persecution, burning at the stake, to tyrants, to falling into the trappings of wealth. Having money isn’t wrong , unless it replaces Christ. They also had to deal with false gods. 

I try to get people to avoid Revelation and study John. People who know nothing or little about the Bible jump right to the end of the book, with hardly a clue about Jesus being revealed all through the Bible. Yet, if you read it, you are blessed. And I know Jesus isn’t an angel but we have studied His appearances as the Angel of the Lord, in the Old Testament. And angels are a major part in Revelation and gathering the faithful home.

Still, you need some basic Bible knowledge, a little ancient history to get the idea. The seven churches are located in what is now Turkey.  I am attaching a wonderful article about the churches then and now. And I can see where we may be a little like Sardis, we should wake up and let Him in.

Laodicean love is neither hot or cold. Jesus knew about the hot springs and their cool water, and that they made eye salve, John writes His words about their blindness. We do both need to hear and see what is going on when it comes to the love of Jesus before it is too late for some.  Those churches are ruins now with few few believers.

Jesus can take a life in tatters and ruin and built it up again, and He has angels standing by, and He is at the door of our hearts and  His soon return. My original title was Laodicean Love, I read somewhere that they locked Him out, well, He is knocking.


What Happened to the Seven Churches of Revelation? read the first three chapters

Cancelling Assignments


Did you know that because God gives angels assignments, He also has the power to cancel them? Well, He does. I recently heard that used in a prayer, about cancelling the enemy assignments. I also know of those words spoken by Spirit to someone about a situation, ” That it was not her assignment. ”

What is our assignments as believers? It is to win souls, encourage one another and walk in love.  We can’t do that if we aren’t driving in our own lane, trying to help someone we can’t even with good intentions. Trust me, they do pave the road to hell. You can messed up into all kinds of things even trying to do good and serve God. Exactly, why we need His Spirit and mighty angels working on our behalf, He is the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of God, the Father who raised Jesus from the dead and He is in us, greater than the one in the world.

And He knows all things, and all assignments. Our assignment to love may look tough to some, but there are ideas and people you have to back away from. You just do, for your safety and sanity.

So let God give you your assignments, and remain in His love, speak His peace. And I pray He cancels every assignment of the evil one against us from the major attacks to the petty jabs of words that come against our hearts. No doubt, he would break us if he could. We need to be strong in faith and rest.

If God gives angelic assignments, and He does, see Psalm 91. He can cancel them. He told them in Exodus 23:20, 21. Behold, I am sending an angel before you to protect you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to him and listen to his voice; do not defy him, for he will not forgive rebellion, since My Name is in him.…

This may very well have been Jesus as well. He wanted them to take the Land of Canaan and He would dive out the enemies a little at the time. And we know the Israelites did make God angry, He withdrew His rest. Many did not enter the Promised land,  even Moses. We want the Promise Land, the Prince of Peace, His Perfect Love.

I wondered myself I I had made my angel angry, but that wasn’t the case. He gives you assignments, He will withdraw but never leave, as you walk away from Him or go off on your own, always drawing you back, and yes, I believe He will cancel assignments for your benefit, There have been too many suicides among ministers and believers, even children raised in Christian homes, lured away into addiction. Don’t go that way, step down if you have to, get help, God has ways to help.

If you need professional help get it. Forget the stigma or shame, Jesus bore that. He will complete His work in you. He completes you. He is not the one who is destroying you. So many attacks have gnawed at the minds and hearts of believers and they are meant, to kill, steal and destroy. In Jesus name and by His authority. I pray He cancels them, so don’t allow the enemy to come against His peace.

He commands angels, He gives assignments. He is slow to anger. It lasts a moment. He allowed Jesus to take our punishment and give us His peace.. He cancels enemy assignments, he knows exactly what they are and how they are coming at us. He is our shield. Our own faith and prayers have deflected some, He extinguishes ever dart, exchanging the fires of hell for the flame of His love.

We work too hard, we struggle too much, even wrestling with the spiritual, not flesh and blood. Are we also, like Jacob, wrestling Jesus? He has blessed us, let’s humble ourselves to know without Him we can do nothing, and rest in His love. Let the lover of our souls satisfy us with good things, and His words and rest be in our mouths. I know I am a ready writer, and I speak His peace in Jesus name and ask Him to cancel the assignments that need cancelling.

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Angels and Blessings

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We are about to be finished with our studies on angels and I hope it has been a blessing. I am so blessed to have had good comments but I had one lady take issue with the phrase angel blessings once, telling me only God could give blessings.

I told her that I wasn’t disagreeing with that, but that angels are a blessing from Him. But you know from Scripture, she is wrong. God told Abraham, He would bless those who blessed him. So the people who favored Abraham, God blessed.

The Jews bless their children, and often pray the Numbers Prayer. They are blessing the children with the Lord’s blessing. Jacob wrestled the Angel of the Lord for a blessing, that was probably Jesus, in an Old Testament appearance, the hand under the thigh is a covenant of sorts or promise.

And Jesus even  told us to bless those who spitefully use us and say all manner of things against us, that is a tough one. So basically, I believe He sends angels as a blessing and that can also bring blessings at His command.

I see no reason that angels cannot bring blessings of:






and even financial ones.

That said I am not interested in so called angel readings, though I suppose a believer may sense angels around you in prayer. I never advocate the copies of  God’s blessing that could even be a falsehood. Why take an imitation when He gives you the truth?

You often see numbers with angels, there really are numbers associated with God, He works with numbers, He created them, just like the stars, there is a right and wrong way to study and interpret, whether dreams, visions, prophetic words, or just reading the Bible, why we need the Holy Spirit, to show ourselves approved. He is our discernment but we must receive that gift.

And let’s not forget to bless the Lord, angels do. Psalm 103:20

Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and all that is within me,
bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity,
who heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit,
who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
who satisfies you with good
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.






Angel Awareness


We all know after our study that we can entertain angels unaware, Hebrews 13:2. I recently did a short story for a link up, and I will include it at the bottom, called The Visitor, it is about a woman having a bad day and getting a visit from Tabitha,an angel.

I really enjoyed a comment that a lady left that she needed a visitor, well, don’t be surprised. And while the sight of an angel would be a little intimidating, there is peace, and what do they always tell you? Fear not. Fear is not God.

And I don’t mean caution, common sense or wisdom. Angels will even speak a word of warning to your spirit, for the Holy Spirit is always there. They operate in Him, where demons are outside that realm. You don’t have to run out and pick up a serpent, okay, there are enough spiritual ones around, God really protects us. Can you even imagine the vipers Jesus talked about?

Samson’s parents were startled by the appearance of the Angel of the Lord, which  I do believe was Jesus, as He appeared in the Old Testament at times. Manoah thought they would die, but his wife, Hazelphoni, said He told her she’d have a child, so they wouldn’t die. If they had, how would she have Samson?

It might just feel like it or be overwhelming. It may be a one time instance or you may be blessed with visitations, but that does take wisdom and discernment. You know the saying about what you don’t know can’t hurt you, the Bible says otherwise, that you perish for lack of knowledge. Angels are around to protect us, and if we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we will be sensitive to angels, whether you see them or not, they are going up and down that ladder or stairs. in and out of you your life and it would be wise to thank Him for that, and should you get a glimpse, good for you.

Discernment is key, because the enemy operates in deception, demons will leave in Jesus name, even the devil, they have to go. That is what is called trying a spirit. I always warn people about the occult. It might sound like a good idea to have your palm read, and see how rich you will be and meet talk, dark and handsome, but don’t count on it. You can open spiritual doors, I could name you three people now who were involved as children with people who fiddled with ouija boards, all had been to church, all ended up on drugs, bipolar, lost custody of children, went to jail, one had a boyfriend to die, even a related suicide.

There are a lot of things I personally would not involve myself in, I do read and write and watch some television, there is good and bad in all shows and video games, and we have to be careful. Telling people what to do or not, is not always the right thing. They just need to know why you believe what you do. I believe in protecting children, but some things they  will see, hear or run across, so plead the blood, ask the Holy Spirit to teach them.

And there are people I would not get involved with, though I have found myself witnessing to some. I have my share of trouble taking on trying to help them and had to back off. Not everyone wants Jesus as much some of us do.

The greater one is in us and that name is the first on  your lips if you find yourself in a proverbial pickle. Jesus and His angels will come running, the other side knows it too. They lost a long time ago, in the beginning,  and more so at the cross.

I just want you to be aware of angels, to be sensitive to His Spirit, not afraid. He doesn’t want that. They are around more that you know, quieting the night, singing praises, perhaps even holding your hand.

As I read through some material on angels there was a story of a lady singing in the choir, she closed her eyes and felt a hand, and she thought it was the organist who had joined them, opening them, the organist was still in front of her, she had not moved. I once saw a Christmas special from Notre Dame, the girl singing was wonderful and behind her a stained glass window began to light from outside, it was almost noon, and there was the prettiest rainbow, probably of angels, all around her. You do know there is a rainbow around the throne, and the seraphim sing holy, holy, holy.

There are alway times set aside for something or some kind of awareness, I want you to be aware of angels, there are there, at the grocery store, on the drive to work, at school or on the playground. In you home, even right beside you.

Rebecca Jones

The Visitor




More About Angels


I have read many books about angels over the years. Some I have had to discern to avoid New Age and other practices. And there are several good ones out there to read and many are from well know ministries.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has a new one out about angels, and though I have not read it yet there is Proof of Angels. It is the story of officers rescuing a baby from a wreck, upside down in the river, not one but several heard a female voice calling for help, when they righted vehicle, the mother was dead and the baby unconscious hanging in a car seat, they all agreed it was an angel.

Though there is no book  I know of Lili Leonardi, a former FBI agent saw angels in the Shanksburg Pennsylvania field on 9/ 11, in 2001. She said it was misty but there were lights and so many angels dressed like Roman centurions.

You will read lots of stories on the web and there some on YouTube, I want you to believe in angels and I want you to have Holy Spirit discernment as to the true ones and so of the more unlikely or untrue. God cannot lie, He tells us we are protected and we are and have been saved more times than we know.

As I said there are many books available and even works of fiction, but I recommend the ones by reputable ministries, and I even have to tell you much of the teaching may still be a little hard to believe, I have to admit as much as love the idea of angels, I was taken back. But fear of the spiritual world, should not prevent you from experiencing God’s best, the Holy Spirit helps your to learn and discern.

You do have to have and open mind and heart. For instance one story that many would have been leery of is a little boy who’s cousin had died, he was told not to talk about him. Missing him, while visiting his house again, he went to the swingset and just sat. He was seven and the boy five.

He saw the cousin walk up hand in hand with an angel and tell him that he was not in pain anymore, and was gone. I always warn people  about about trying to receive messages from loved ones. It is a practice the Bible warns about, however, if the Lord chose to raise the dead. in a manner of speaking to comfort that boy, I can’t say for sure, because He is love, it is possible. Even the disciples saw Moses and Elijah. Those are if true, and I ‘m not doubting His love here, just being on the caution side having see too many [ep[le deceived. They would be an exception and not the rule.

Let me please make that clear, DON”T TRY TO CONTACT THE DEAD, I would not attempt that, contacting those gone on, these few incidents that appear true, can mislead some people and I want you not to just rely on other people’s testimonies or even  a belief in angels, Jesus is Lord.

And He is in control.



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Angels and Peace


I sent out a verse today from Proverbs, a heart at peace gives life to the body, that is 13:30, the rest is about envy and rotten bones. i have to tell you I have been getting a lot of rest lately.

I see why the Israelites not accepting His rest made God angry, I really do. And what is worse is He was angry awhile but gave it again through Jesus. Hebrews 4 tells us to work or labor for His rest.. It is a bit ironic working for rest but is true, just like child like faith and putting away childish things, I hope you get the picture.

The Bible has to be studied, even explored, delved into. Even beyond the poetry and metaphors, line upon line and precept upon precept, there are hidden treasures in Christ. Peace is one of them. How many of us really are in His rest and have His peace as a gift?

We all have moments of doubt, worry, fears which His peace and perfect love will cast out. Let me assure that rest is a gift, that peace is a gift. It can literally a matter of life and death, a line between the sound mind we should have, the renewed mind of Christ, and depression, mental oppression or even illness.

Let’s quit wandering around in the wilderness, walking around in the dark, and receive His wonderful gift of rest, His peace. I pray for you today to have this word sown in your heart, don’t let the enemy take it out. And here are few verses about peace, and may  peaceful angels surround us as we wait for His return. Don’ forget it was angels who announced peace on earth, when Jesus was born, His Spirit is here now in us and is His peace, may the beloved Prince of Peace rest in our hearts.

The LORD will give strength unto his people; the LORD will bless his people with peace. Psalm 29:1

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

…..bringing praise to their lips. “Peace, peace to those far and near,” says the LORD, “and I will heal them. Isaiah 57:19

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid. John 14:27

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

For He Himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has torn down the dividing wall of hostility. Ephesians 2:14 ( access to God, Jew/ Gentile, Jesus breaks barriers. )

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:7

And while we are to try as much as possible to live in peace, there are people we have to avoid, the Bible even says if they don’t want peace to let them leave for God has called us to peace


Faith, Healing and Angels


Faith is an integral part of healing, deliverance, our Christian walk, in fact anything we do. Hebrews 11 is a list people of faith, a sort of who’s who. But there are many others who could be added to that list.

How about you or I? It can happen, it is happening. I have always hated the term faith healer. It has such bad connotations. I wouldn’t want someone to pray for me without faith. Would you? I get prayer requests all the time, I am blessed that people trust me to pray.  They know I  know how to pray in faith, that I know about grace and favor. Maybe, you have read some of the miraculous testimonies I wrote before.

Some people are healed,  others totally, some come under attack again, some fail to give Him the glory or even to receive. many are just too tired to fight anymore and He is merciful. But Jesus sufferer horrendously for us, I believe if we are partakers of His grace, we owe Him the respect to believe, to have faith in Him and in His finished work and healing power.

No one who prays for healing claims they are  the healer, except through HIm. He told us to be like Him didn’t he? Faith healers dredge up mockery, scandal, and asking for money is a factor. Why? The enemy makes sure to dissuade you any way possible and people are human, they are no less immune to temptation and lies of the enemy. And Christians are happy to believe that lack or suffering makes them somehow holier, He gets no glory from it, believe me.

Angels work in the realm of healing, whether or not you believe it. They thwart enemy attacks, Psalm 91 if powerful and effective, but you have to pray it, believe it and you have to receive it as His truth.

I have experienced healing through prayer. Anointing with oil. Laying on hands. Through the gift of tongues.  From Tylenol, a cold rag over my eyes, two or three days of sleep. When doctors could help and when there was nothing they could do. So do I have faith, you know I do. Faith healers, faith and healing go together, it just does. Don’t ridicule, revile or despise them. They are His children and He judges, do you receive the message or kill the messenger? They killed the messenger, didn’t they by crucifying Jesus? Yet, they could not have, if He had not loved so very much as to save us. He could have called ten thousand  angels.

The Lord gives freely, and the Spirit gifts, according to His will. The Lord is in control and makes decisions based on hearts. Never dismiss His love for you or His willingness to heal, there are places He could do no mighty works, but my heart is not one of them. And I don’t want it to be yours.

His coming is closer than ever, and His healing power is here. We can stand in His healing rain, in the Spirit, it has drizzled and it is pouring. No more crumbs from the Master’s table. I was taking Communion, to proclaim His death until He come, I heard you aren’t supposed to use it to try to get something, I wasn’t. I was discerning, doing what He said, rightly dividing, remembering Him, He already provided healing, it was there to receive.

We are His children. We should be walking in the light, His light, His love and healing. And we do it by faith. Faith, healing and angels are surely on the way. Raise a hallelujah, the Comforter has come, the gentle rain of the Healer pours softly and steadily, the smell is called petrichor, yes, there is a name for it, scientist study it and there is  even a perfume.

Beyond that is the fragrance of His sacrifice, the aroma of His perfect love, that we should wear. Be still and know Him as healer, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain, kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there is something about that name. Jesus, ma,e above all names, I am ever so grateful.


Angels, Angels, Angels

Angels (40)

Angels, angels, angels, And more angels. Can you ever have too many? Well, I can’t display all of mine but I would like too. I collect them. And real ones? I must collect them too because I have been so blessed.

We are just talking about angelic numbers today because we need to know the enemy is outnumbered two to one, if not more, by them. Angels are said to innumerable. In Bible times there were no words like quadrillion, or even the funny word gazillion.

Angels exist in pairs, choirs, armies or hosts, legions. Which could be six thousand or more. Jesus said He could have called ten thousand to save HIm. But He loved us so much that He didn’t.

And we studied how an angel needed the help of an archangel, but it only took one to get Daniel out of the lion’s den and Peter free from prison. I  have an idea that they work in threes and even sevens, because those numbers represent the Trinity, and the days of creation or God’s perfect number.

I study Hebraic roots and each letter of the alef-bet, or alphabet has a numeric meaning as well. So this is in no way numerology, but the real way God presented His numbers. Just as the zodiac was originally a calendar, used for astronomy. Nimrod corrupted a lot of things didn’t he?

But the one who is incorruptible, give you wisdom and discernment in the Spirit. And we a to study and show ourselves approved, as good stewards. Remember, it also has a counterpart, Mary Magdalene was delivered of seven spirits.

And of course, the mad man in the tombs, both had a common element, they were from wicked places. Environment does have a role, and even trying to help people and not having understanding can cause spiritual attacks and warfare.

Rely on the Holy Spirit, angels are always with Him and who needs more angels? We all do. Guardian angels, delivering angels, and even peaceful angels. Angels, angels angels, and more angels.