Where Are The OTHER NINE?

Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the others? Jesus probably did this in front of some or all the disciples but not everything is recorded in every book, maybe it was a moment for Jesus to show Himself as the Great Physician.

I have to admit when I started learning about healing, I thought some of these people were crackpots, and some of the stories I heard and read made me think someone had been smoking something. But I needed healing, I got a little, then I got worse. But I had to learn to discern. I had to disect, for lack of a better word that sacrifice, Isaiah 53. I dug deep, and deep was calling me, and I had an enemy, a liar, a trickster and a deceiver. Don’t let him do that to you.

Healing is real. Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is real. Angels and demons are real. The Bible is a spiritual book. It works opposite to spells and curses and is full of weapons the enemy would scare you off of. I do not and will not ever like or condone the phrase ” faith healer “. It takes faith, yes. But it also takes receiving and love, and a lot of people have been mistaught or frightened of the gifts of the Spirit, and about grace in general, and prosperity takes a beating too. I was one of the disillusioned by scandal, but Jesus forgave and we have to too. We can’t be throwing stones.

Jesus had just healed ten lepers but only one returned with thanks. And Jesus asks about the other nine. How many of us have just missed things and opportunities by being so consumed with our own prayers and petitions that we forget to give thanks. Our focus is on us not Him and that’s where we miss it so many times. And if you think it’s hard to give Jesus your full attention, it’s just like faith, He knows, He listens.

I thought I had to great big old faith to move my mountains, I even pictured our Stone Mountain, near Atlanta. How could my little mustarrd seed move that? I started speaking it. I got laughed at. Faith was a deep thing for me I knew He answered prayer, what I didn’t know is how the enemy stole them. Just as Jesus hears our words, the devil comes after them. He causes doubt, he stirs trouble as the Lord stirs faith, it’s not an even match. Jesus defeated him for us and finished His work on the cross. So why am I losing?

I fought battles that belonged to the Lord, I did not know about restin in Him. Angels were a lot of what I knew about and that was also an area of ridicule. I don’t worship statues or angels. I have better sense. And you would think people wpoul have common sense, wouldn’t you. I heard of a man who was healed, but he would not give up a disability check and go to work. Did he stay healed? No, the devil took his miracle with laziness or greed. Then there was a deaf girl who worked in a bar, she too, was healed and went back into a noisy and wicked workplace, her deafness returned. The devil got her hearing with the atmosphere she chose to remain in. And worse of all a lady with a horrible tumor that fell of her face in a service, she was so frightened, even though she had a miracle she picked it up and returned it to her face. Isn’t that horrible.

There aren’t conditions on healing, Jesus healed them all. But let’s not drive ourselves crazy trying to be faith giants. I f we are sincere and in Christ, let’s not disqualify ourselves or others do it for us. Even ministers. But the is something we need to do upon recieving our healing, and that is something we must do, receive. Also let’s remember to return and thank Him, day after day would be nice, but He would say to not overdo it.

Finally, He told the leper to go and see the High Priest who would pronounce him clean. One out of ten, we can do better. Jesus should not have touched dead things under the law, but He fulfilled the law and prophets as the Son of the living God.  He touched lepers who were dead men waling. People are fascinated with these kind of shows. Little do they realize that we were all dead in the tresspasses of sin until Jesus touches us, And He is now our High Priest and He too pronounces us clean.

Ask Him to heal you and He will, if not all at once as  you go along, as little or as much as you can believe. He works with you not against you. He knows the more faith you have the more the demons will throw their arrows and stones in your path. those are the birds that lodge in the mustard trees, I have see the vultures off in the woods. He will protect you from every evil thing and guide your steps. Never let fear keep you from believing in a loving and healing Lord.

Receive, your healing, deliverance , miracle and peace in His holy name. Amen. Rebecca Jones


Love Lifted Me

Do you ever find yourself with a song stuck in yor head? So do I! Sometimes, it’s one you wish you’d never heard, and it’s on a loop, perhaps a sad one. Lots of people went to contemporary gospel, and I like it. I also love old hymns, not the depressing ones, because there are some. I found myself paying closer attention to the words, as I pay attention to my own words.

Zechariah 3:17, says God rjoices with singing and I know He does. Some music and songs just make you feel better. Just like some people or even miistries. While critics of contemporary music often say its just repetitive phrases or psalms, there’s nothing wrong with it to me as long as it’s relaxing or calming or full of praise. But check out the old hymnal, that I and many other may have taken for granted and listen, pay attentiion.

I was sinking deep in sin,

Far from the peaceful shore,

Very deeply stained with in.

Sinking to rise no more.

But the Master of the sea,

Heard my despairing cry,

From the waters, lifted me, now safe am I.

Love lifted me, Love lifted me, when nothing else could help, love lifted me.

Souls in danger look above, Jesus completely saves,

He will lift you by His love, out of the angry waves.

He’s the Master of the sea, billows His will obey.

He your savior wants to be, be saved today. Chorus…and that’s all I really remember but it is and example how the Holy Spirit calls things to rememberance. ( I found it, I didn’t know verse two. )

He wanted me to sing this, actually for my self and I believe for something to break spiritually on another’s behalf.  Lets look at the words, first, He saves us out of sin…far from the shore. We were way away from led by still waters. Deeply stained. Sinking, Jesus comes after us like Peter we were saved.

But the line that stuck, and really struck me is, Jesus completely saves. He saves us not only from sin, sickness, disease, danger, pain, lack, but everything. Salvation is not the one time experience but a lifetime of rescues from the Master of the Sea. Jesus. What manner of man is He? The wind and the waves and the demons and the devil obey Him. Sure, we can put them out, but only by His name, his grace and protection, and how did evil spirits leave Saul, a harp?

Enjoy your salvation, knowing we are complete in Jesus. He is continually saving me from something and I am thankful. So let’s praise Him with a song. Any good praise and worship song, contemporary or hymn and let His glory reign and may He rejoice with us and all the angels of heaven.  Rebecca Jones



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Please enjoy Kenny Rogers…

Diamond Girl?

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Are you a diamond girl? Sure, we all like pretty things, but if you are so consumed with outer appearances an neglect inner strength and beauty, you are making a mistake, especially, if you are a Christian.

God’s desire is for His children to reflect His glory. And Jesus, the one who is altogether lovely is like a flawless diamond, so again, are you a a diamond girl? I hope your answer is yes to that.

I hope that you know that no matter your age, weight, looks or skin color, even your education or lack of, whatever situation how bad, even the mire of sin and shame you may be in that the perfect one Jesus loves you and calls you His, if you are a believer, He calls you by your name and you are His. You belong to Him an you are His beloved and He cares for you so come to Him with all your cares.

If you are not a believer, you can know the true love of Jesus. He can set you free, just believe on Him. Accept His gift of salvation. He is willing and might to save and will not condemn you.

Diamond girl or diamond in the rough, the perfect jewel from heaven that came to die for us, Jesus, will take us and do a mighty work in us. And He doesn’t mind a little bling, after all, heaven’s streets are paved with gold.

But let not only look good on the outside but be women that precious on the inside, the crowns of excellence to our husbands and the women far above rubies. We want to be the perfume and the aroma of Christ, we want to reflect His glory in evening gowns or sweatpants.

The true adornment of a women is grace under fire, her kindness, her quiet and gentle spirit that please the Lord. You can be firm and strong, gentle and loving and carry withing you a gold mine, a jewelry store of fire brilliance that surpasses, glitz and glamour and fleeting beauty.

True beauty is ageless, priceless and flawless, and the only way we will ever be truly beautiful is to walk in His love. Rebecca Jones


Falling From Grace

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Look after each other so that none of you fails to receive the grace of God. Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you, corrupting many. Hebrews 12:15

There are a number of translations that are good about this verse. We’ve all  been taught how we have sinned and come short of His glory. Which He actually wants to restore, by the way, another post, but who has ever heard this taught, or was I just the only one missing this?

I used to memorize a lot of verses, sometimes a whole chapter. But then somehow the cares of the world wrestles it out of you. I did read a lot, but without the Holy Spirit’s leading I never fully understood Scripture. I’m sure a lot of people may not.

We think of falling from grace as some scandalous affair rocking a ministry or a finacial debaucle, or some celebrity downfall.  But in truth, it reads that we have all probably fallen from grace at one point or another, not that God has just given up on you, no, not that.

It’s just that we have not taken care of each other, or taken care that we, ourselves have not fallen into the trap of believing an enemy lie, and letting roots of bitterness take hold. It may start off easily enough, an unkind word, a perceived slight, something the pastor said that you disagreed with.

Maybe you didn’t get an invitation, the job you thought was yours or you begin the blame game, about whose fault it is. We should take responsibility, and own up to God and our own souls, before families are destroyed, friendships ruined, churches ripped apart. What the devil can divide, he can dominate. And he will, ” Give him and inch and he is your ruler. ” the church sign read. And it’s true.

We have to take care not to offend or be offended. Bitterness is just like a weed, it can be a small seedling, that if not uprooted becomes a weed. It is like our southern kudzu vines, resilient, hard to kill, it will take over. I have seen in overtake fences and choke the sweetsmelling honeysuckles. Let’s not let the bitterness choke out the aroma of Christ.

We don’t want that in our hearts as we guard and garden them. We don’t need bitter rivalries or bitter enemies, or bitter tastes in or mouths from bitter words. The Israelites ate bitter herbs at Passover to commemorate their time in captivity, a bitter memory was now a distant one as the entered the promised land.

We too must enter our land of milk and honey and learn to speak words that are full of salt and grace. Words filled with the love of Jesus, not fakery or flattery but the truth, the love and beauty that is Jesus.

So grace is not some state that we fall from never to get back to, it is something that we must receive on a daily basis, grace upon grace, day after day, we will win the victory over a bitter enemy, the wicked one will not come near. Rebecca Jones

My Tongue is On Fire


And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself. James 3:6

Most people either take this either too seriously or not seriously at all. The Bible has so much to say about words, it is even called the Word. Jesus was the Word made flesh and He came ad dwelled and died and rose and ascended from here. And yet, people throw I love you’s around out of obligation, to manipulate, and even to control.

The real “I love you,” gave up heaven, suffered, went to hell to regain Adam’s authority. And He gives it to as we grow as believers. We have a believer’s authority, Jesus authority over our lives, but we have to choose what we believe, what we think, and what we say.

Our mouths can get us into the most trouble. Most of us will tell the enemy, what bothers us, our weaknesses. We’re not quick enough with forgivness we should have, or the compassion. So many people have such flip conversations. They don’t know how they hurt others, or themselves. And discernment is a gift.

You don’ t have to profess everything in public, because most will not understand. But you do not have to be ashamed for believing either. I have had awful things said to me and about me, by people who I could care less what they thought but also by people I loved who should have loved me. Jesus took more abuse than anyone, even being mocked on the cross.

You see, if you never really experience the love of Jesus, you won’t understand. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not to condemn, though it was His right. He literally took our punishment and place, if we don’t have a revelation of that love and a personal relationship with the Lord, you will never understand the importance of words.

God has a sense of humor, but everything is not a joke. Serious matters require serious prayer, make sure you line up your words with His. Call yourself, blessed ,beloved,favored and healed and it will come, no matter who doubts or doesn’t believe, it will come.

The tongue is a funny thing, we don’t pay any attention to it ususally, I notice mine if it is burning from a sore throat, sip something hot, use it to get lipstick off my teeth, if it gags me when I brush my teeth in back. It’s a small part of me and yet, no one can tame it, not even me. Only Jesus, and I have to let Him.

To think I can build up or tear down, help or hurt, draw a soul to Jesus or drive one away, is serious stuff. It’s natural for the tongue to speak death, harshness and the negative. It is easy to be rude or arrogant, but not for me, I ‘ve been with Jesus too long. Oh, yes I have spoken in anger, even in the last week, but I’d much rather be Christ focused. And yet, I could say domething tomorrow. Thank you Lord for grace. And tender mercies that are new every morning.

For it is with the Lord, that I have learned to speak life and love. And that’s a whole lot better. Even if speak with the tongues of men and angels, and have not love, you’re just a noise. I am talking about me. But the Holy Spirit is talking about Jesus in 1 Corinthians 13.

We should not need a bit or a bridle. It’s better for our own heart to say whoa! And if my tongue is on fire, then it will be a good fire, like the one at Pentecost. Let Jesus minister His grace to you if you are having trouble with a temper, language or just negativity.

Try hard this next week and every day on, to be kind, don’t say anything bad, and not about yourself either. Don’t enjoy self pity, be confident in Jesus but boast of Him not you. And if you can’t do any better, just be quiet, don’t say anything. He can work with that.

Rebecca Jones


Thoughts of Spring


it’s March, the day of spring, but was  cold here in Georgia after a strange winter.  Now it is warm again. I was wearing shorts in December and January. That is unusual. They  are usually laid aside until late April or May, sometime in November. I’m in my jean shorts again. We had had some interesting weather, Warm days, a hail storm, cold winds, drizzles. A veritable mix of moisture.

But it is almost spring, time for things to be renewed. It is a time of resurrection and restoration. Seeds and bulbs break ground and spring into new life. Sown much earlier, or annuals that come back, they have laid in the ground, hibernating in the cold, at rest, at peace with God’s plan for them. They slumber, stir, and wake to the sunlight sitrs with warmth and energy. A new life that praises Him in beauty, the flowers wave and worship the Creator and are filled with hope that the spring and summer rains will nourish their roots and they will bloom into the fall.

So should we be, there is Purin, we have already entered, celebrated by Messianic Jews, and even some Christians, a reminder of Esther’s courage to stand and face the King with her request. For such a time as this, she was there, we are here. The flowers come, the spring. He makes it beautiful in His time. Then there is Resurrection Day and Pentecost.

Seasons come and go, People come and go. Doors open and others close and life changes as each year passes. Our lives are filled with wonder, so much we see and so much we miss just by being wrapped in the cares of the world. But all the while He is creating, oh, He finished it in the beginning. His Word, His spoken word carries on the creative throws of the world. the stars kept going, the galaxies and universe.

Babies keep being born, the earth keeps on spinning. Thee is newness of life in spring. We start to plan vacations, have picnics, proms. There are cookouts and children gather in neigborhood parks. The spring looks ahead to summer and summer to fall and fall to winter, the days and cycles of the season He set long ago.

He also set a bow in the clouds after the flood, though there is no pot of gold, there are streets of them. And the rainbows are there after the storms, a symbol of of His peace, I once had a double one appear over my house after a very bad storm. It’s His way of reminging us it’s alright. I’m here. I rose from the dead and I am able to protect you.

So as spring comes, either early or late, I don’t believe in groundhogs, let’s hold fast to the profession of our faith, and let spring refresh us. Let it be a fountain of youth to us. After all, He promised to renew in in Psalm 103, His mercies are new every morning. Be blessed. Rebecca Jones

Unveiling The Bride


I seriously doubt if most people know why there is a lifting of the veil.  Or if some would even care, since marriage is not the holy institution that it was meant to be. When Jacob worked seven years, he was given the wrong bride. He had married Leah instead of  Rachel. In that day the bride was veiled, and it was at night when the bridegroom came and was taken away. He never knew the difference, Leah participated in the deception, either on her on or at her father’s behest.

You still think he should have known, but he didn’t and that is why  in marriages the veil is lifted to kissed the bride. I try to learn something new each and everyday, and if you didn’t know the story, now you do. But bride of Christ is what we are concerned with. He is coming for a pure bride. Let me tell you, it is not without spot or blemish.

There is a lot of dissention among the body of Christ. There is still division and anger. Some believe in healing and tongues, others do not. There is debate about prophecy, the Rapture.  We need to turn back to love and forgiveness. We need to work together. If there are divides in families and churches, skisms and chasims are more like it.

There is a depth that only Jesus can fill. Only Jesus can heal. And I believe He will if we receive that love. We need to believe fully in pure grace. Not the so called cheap stuff. I think that is overblown by some. People who are still condemned by their pasts or sins or life, tend to have fears of accepting it. If people are continuing a life of sin and shame, they may not know Christ at all or or know know His true nature and extreme sacrifice. That is to have an deep spiritual knowledge and understanding of it.

To prove that I can give you this verse about a bridegroom and prove how He lifted the veil on the bride for us to access to the Father and forgiveness, and to be able to pray and receive and go boldly before the throne. since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus,  ” …by the new and living way opened for us through the curtain of His body,  and since we have a high priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.…Hebrews 10:19-22

The Berean translation says …the veil of His flesh…What a beautiful portrait of the love of Jesus, the bridegroom who gave His life, now we are the beloved, and He is our High Priest.  The next verse says that we are sprinkled from an evil conscience. I used to think that was a flesh problem. But I know know that it means that we can rest in His sacrifice knowing we have His blood sprinkled over our minds like over the alter, we are pure and do not have to give in to sinful thoughts that the enemy throws or be subject to accussations. This is another place we can apply His grace to our thoughts, imaginings. We can cast down or out any evil thing, including doubt and unbelief.

Everyone may have doubts, but when questions turn to unbelief we have given our hearts to tho enemy to harden and make evil, even though we are a believer, we are making the Word of God of no effect. I hope this can clear up any misgivings and worries over things you know you were forgiven of.

Please know how very much Jesus loves you. And I pray His blessing and peace for you also, in Jesus name. Rebecca Jones