Silver and Gold

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People my age will remember a Burl Ives song called Silver and Gold, what about how we use it in our decorations and it isn’t it amusing that it is also a monetary source, so what does silver and gold represent?

Gold can represent the riches of the glory of God and the enduring capacity of the believer. God words have been tried in fire and are pure seven times, that’s why they are true and He cannot lie. It was a gift of the magi. It represents overcoming, unchanging holiness, and His wisdom, glory, also righteousness.

When you seek to glorify yourself, with vain intentions or worship a false god,  it becomes a type of idol worship, now don’t worry, we all have a pair of gold earrings or a necklace or perhaps a few, that is not what we are talking about.

As for silver, it can represent understanding, knowledge, purity. It is cleanliness and my favorite, redemption. It also has ties to idolatry, but most notable is the thirty pieces of silver that bought Judas betrayal of Jesus. It is worldly knowledge, also in some senses. God’s ways are better.

Silver is mentioned as redemptive for that reason, He was betrayed and crucified for our redemption. It is representative also of the words of God, the promises of God. Still pure and cleansed, they cleanse us as furnace as well, making us precious to God.

Joseph is a type of Christ from the Old Testament, sold by his brothers to Midianite traders for twenty pieces of silver. What about by today’s standards. Well, it appears that the translation may be silver coins, so were they from Tyre or Antioch. Roman coins were more pure. And it depends on the price of silver on a given day.

If they were small pieces, I have read only about $215 dollars, if they were shekels, weighing half an ounce, possibly $500, depending on the Greek or Roman coinage, and the purchase price of a field. Matthew references that prophetic fulfillment, so it could have been $12,000 to 15,000 by today’s standards due to inflation or deflation as the market fluctuates.

If you like math, you can guess that Joseph’s brothers got less. I can’t imagine selling either one or anyone, but especially not Jesus. He is worth everything. Nothing is worth losing your soul over.

Gold was also very much a part of the temple, one of the colors used in the tapestry, the laver, and even hammered over the Ark of the Covenant. So silver and gold are definitely not just for Christmas decorating or good color choices for ornaments, even though they make nice gifts.

There is so much more to learn from His Word, there are  so many deep studies and so much truth. We must not be like the bitter and jealous brothers, or the scattered disciples who hid in fear, not the denying Peter or betraying Judas. And not even like Jacob who would not be comforted upon hearing about Joseph, he believed a lie and kept his sackcloth and ashes. We don’t want to believe enemy lies, we desire beauty for our ashes, we have been through the fires this year.

There are many verses are in reference to silver and gold, check out Bible Hub, but here are a few. We are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, which is incorruptible not like metals much more precious. 1 Peter 1:18. Wisdom is better, Proverbs 16:16,  a good name is better,Proverbs 22:1, His fruit or gifts are better, Proverbs 8:19. And it all belongs to God. Haggai 2:8 And prophetically speaking, it won’t save us when it comes to judgement, if we have not believed on Him. It will be thrown into the streets during the Tribulation. Zephaniah 1:18, Ezekiel 7:19.

And another beautiful comparison is an occurrence at the called Beautiful, where Peter tells the beggar that he has no silver or gold but he gives him what He has in the name of Jesus and tells him to get up and walk, immediately he has strength and walks, leaps and praises God in Acts 3:2

Another Proverb, 25:11, A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Our words are very important, to God, ourselves and others, and we should choose them well, because they are what produce fruit. While the word is translated pictures, and I considered pitchers more accurate it is also settings so it could refer to jewelry, perhaps the wisdom to worn around the neck.

That’s a lot of information, and there is always more to learn. And I pray this a season to be refined, pure and redeemed, precious to God, His treasure and riches, we are the children whom His light and face shines upon, we are His silver and His gold. Rebecca Jones / Jamie Lee, pixabay / thank you.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas, enjoy a memory.




Comfort and Joy

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I cropped and lightened this photograph a little so you may not be able to tell that she is outside in a chair in the snow. I thought it was the perfect imagery for my title. I was singing , comfort and joy, comfort and joy, good tidings of comfort and joy, and I realized it was from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, truthfully, I was singing it because I was a little uncomfortable, complaining that I needed a couch in my bedroom / office.

Seriously, it reminded me of my Christmas in July series and I will add the link at the bottom. I wrote about rest all last December and on a number of occasions. And I even called my post God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Women. Women take on so much.

I am all for equality, but women have taken on a lot of assignments that really do belong to men, whether out of necessity or trying to prove their worth. And I think they pay a price for it. And that is not criticism in any way. It is just how God made women, and I do know He made some stronger than others, to lead.

But rest is not simply getting a good night’s sleep, it is far more. It is that loss of self reliance and even codependency, it is blessed assurance that Jesus is mine and He is there for me and to take care of it. We are so busy trying to fix things ourselves that we may pray and not give Him a chance to.

Women try to manage and micromanage everything, every’s lives and problems. They are everything from nursemaid to matchmaker, and beside that housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, laundress, teacher, banker and the list goes on. We spend so much time on everyone else, no wonder we don’t have time for ourselves or Jesus.

And that’s just regular days, what about the extras. The school, the church, friends, family, holidays and even vacations? We are always on call. Just this last weekend I have prayed for people, sent condolences, helped with sick children, sent Christmas greetings, fielded calls, cooked dinner, made a special dessert, and while I am typing there is a mountain of laundry, I have to wait for the rain to stop so the septic tank won’t overflow. We need to slow down, we have to slow down, it is imperative that we slow down.

Jesus asked nicely to come and rest but God was angry when the Israelites declined to relax and let Him be God. He even withdrew the peaceful Sabbath rest, but restored it. And Hebrews 4 goes into detail that we have to enter that rest. And it is ironic that we are to labor or work for that rest, it just goes against our nature, and guilt that we are not doing enough.

I don’t think it was meant to be so hard. We make it hard for ourselves sometimes. And it is easy to find ourselves out in the cold without our comfort and joy. But He did come to saves us from satan’s power when have gone astray. An we do stray away like sheep will do, and it take the shepherd to lead us back, always a beautiful reminder of His comfort and joy.

There is comfort and joy in Him. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17, so I pray you take His words to heart and have a very Merry Christmas with tidings of comfort and joy, as we rest in Him. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Empty Womb, Empty Tomb.


This may appear to be an odd Christmas post title but I know it is an important one. Jesus was born to die for the world, He came from a perfect heaven and went to a horrendous hell to take away the keys of death, hell and the grave. And I am still amazed that people don’t appreciate that, even some who call themselves Christians.

He returned Adam’s authority to believers, and we do not have to put up with the deceit and lies of the enemy, nor any of his tactics.  He has given us His Spirit, the power of love and a sound mind. we really couldn’t do anything with Him, or at least, I know I couldn’t. The Bible says so.

Mary was virgin betrothed to Joseph. Her womb was empty, not from barrenness, but from purity. He came to be placed gently as a little seed in her womb by the Holy Spirit. Though I’m sure there was gossip about the couple, the Lord showed Joseph the truth. He womb was unused.

Now let’s look at the tomb, Jesus was crucified with thieves. Did you know the bodies would have been tossed into a fire pit, along with all the other trash? Yet, God was keeping His promise by the Spirit to raise Him and not leave His soul in hell or Gehenna, so He would never be put in a pit.

Joseph of Aramathea donated an unused tomb. As Jesus had been laid in a stone manger, now He was laid in a stone tomb. He went to defeat the devil and was raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Empty womb, empty tomb. He came to fill empty hearts like stockings. Only His gift is far more precious than candy canes or fruit. His fruit is lasting, the candy cane was fashioned in red and white to represent His sacrifice, and shaped like J for Jesus. His love replaces the lump of coal and can melt even the darkest or hardest of hearts.

What kind of emptiness or loneliness are you facing this year? What is your most pressing need? What is the desire of your heart? Do you need healing? Or is it salvation and to know the one who came to die for you?

Jesus is the one to fill the longing of your soul, He is the only one to satisfy it. I know this may sound trite to some facing heartache or heartbreak this season. Yet, He is the truth that sets us free. Mary’s womb was empty, and the tomb is, and you know even the cross is, the only thing about Jesus is His promises that are not empty, we just need to ask, believe ad receive, what a gift.

The little Prince of Peace came lay in a womb, a manger, a tomb of stone. So let’s let Him make a home in our heart, let’s welcome the Prince of Peace. We need His peace. John 14:27, and that is why I wrote this post, it is something to think about. Rebecca Jones / Annie Spratt

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The Spirit of Christmas Truth


The truth is that Christmas is not about gifts or songs or decorating, it’s not about the food or even family get togethers. It is about the birth of Jesus and what He has birthed in our hearts and spirits. It is about His love and peace, and the abounding joy that His birth was meant to bring.

It is about the desire to know the truth that sets us free. John 8:36 It is about His Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us. He is called the Spirit of truth, John 16:13 and is supposed to show us things, are we paying attention or distracted by bright lights and the thought of  what we are getting? Are we distracted from the rest that His peace brings us, the wonderful spiritual knowledge that it will be alright because He is with us.

The Christian walk can be like that and even when it’s not Christmas. I was focused on healing, the gift that I would get. And that may not be a bad thing, I had great respect for Jesus, but often I was seeing His pain and identifying with more on a cross than resurrected, seeing Him in pain more than in peace. Was that faith to Him? I don’t think so. I was focused on the wrong things in the fact that I wasn’t see His true beauty, His love and His peace and appreciating them for the gifts they are.

I wasn’t seeing Him in heaven, or myself seat with Him in a heavenly place. I hadn’t touched the hem of His garment or the mercy seat of love. And that was the truth of many Christmases past. I also didn’t realize that He had already paid the price and saw healing and deliverance, protection, all the blessing of Hs salvation as already in existence. God calls it and we should agree.

I wrote about rest last Christmas. I had never learned to rest in Him, to stay confident in His work on the cross for me, I never quite lived the life He planned for me. So I can tell you those are important qualities for a believer to have, spiritual gifts are much more valuable, of more eternal value.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating, decorating, gifts or family time. But please remember we are not celebrating a baby in a manger or even a man on a cross but a risen Lord who has blessed us with so many gifts we have yet to unwrap. Not because we deserve them but because He loves us and gave His life for us.

All the fruits of His Spirit, wisdom and being an overcomer. So much more that we ask or imagine, that’s how he answers prayers, in abundance, He wants us to have life and life more abundant. And Christmas is the best time to start think that way, letting His love and light in. He gave su the gift of His Spirit, so let’s enjoy the gifts we don’t always see, but we know are there, and we do see evidence of them.

And He is the true meaning of Christmas, the giver of life, our light and salvation, our hope, joy, and love. He is our peace and it is His grace that favors us with Christmas blessings. And with the Spirit of Christmas truth. Rebecca Jones / pexels, stockphotos

When Flowers Appear

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. Song of Solomon 2:12

It begins with the passing rain, winter is over and spring is in the air. Flowers bloom and love blossoms with the renewal of the earth. Blanketed in snow here in the United States, northerners look forward to it. Southerners revel in it. Other places are different, the seasons are not the same in Australia, and my Alaskan friend has long hours of daylight. Spring is a time to expect flowers to appear. What about Christmas?

Snow is also not a common thing in Israel, but the season of singing has come, other translations say the time of singing. I preferred season. God separated light from dark, and created the moon and sun. He appointed the seasons. And there too, are spiritual seasons. There have been revivals, and times of enduring, times that have felt like only existence. But now Christmas is here, like a breath of spring, though winter is upon us. And the flowers appear, poinsettias, lots of them. Although I love anthurium.

Acts 14:17, says He has shown kindness by sending the rains. And He has. There are crops and now flowers, but there have also been seasons of sowing and reaping, the seasons of rain, the former or latter, have soaked the good ground and the seeds have grown. They break through the ground and reached for the son. We have seen fall rains and reach to the Son of God at Christmas.

I pray Lord comes bounding into our lives, read the Song of Solomon again, the love of Christ to His church. He gave Himself for us. Freely, He has given us grace and truth and His power of the Holy Spirit and His love. I pray we see that love in the Christmas season, embrace it by His Spirit and let the flowers appear.

The story is often told of a poor Mexican girl named Pepita. She was walking to Christmas Eve services with her cousin Pedro. But she had no gift to offer the Christ child, Pedro told her any gift that was given in humility and love was enough. Pepita had no idea what to do but knelt to gather a bunch of weeds and try to make a bouquet.

Entering the chapel, she was sad and embarrassed by her lowly gift and started to cry, Pepita placed them on the altar, before the nativity. Perhaps it was that she was humble and loved Jesus or even a tear that fell on the weeds but all were amazed as they burst into bright red blooms, suddenly the weeds were beautiful flowers, what we now call poinsettias. It was a Christmas miracle and all who witnessed it knew that and believed it to be so,

From that day on, the bright red flowers were known to the villagers and all who heard the story as the Flores de Noche Buena, or Flowers of the Holy Night, for now they bloomed each year during the Christmas season. The legend of the poinsettia was born.

Flowers appear, roses, tulips and so many more. Singing has come. The cooing of doves is heard. The peace of the Lord, the dove of His Spirit. There is a chorus I have been singing, ” I will restore health to you and heal your wounds. ” another part of the song is about the flowers appearing and time of singing has come. May He restore our health and heal our wounds as flowers appear this Christmas, and as we sing O Holy Night and even on into the next seasons of the year and life. May the Lord bless us with the humble heart of little girl like Pepita.

May the flowers appear and the Holy Spirit rest on us and our offerings, and may He gift us with His presence and peace, and may return the adoration and love, when the flowers appear. Rebecca Jones / pexels

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD. Jeremiah 30:17

Read more about poinsettias here and how they were named and came to the states, or share this with someone you may be gifting with them, God bless.

When It’s Not So Merry and Bright


For most of us the holidays are full of joy and laughter and gift giving. There is plenty of food and decorating, Christmas music and movies, but not everything is fa la la la for everyone.

I read about a lady adopting her children at Thanksgiving, and that was joy, I know another who lost a son in early December, that is painful in a time of celebration, though she has other children the memory lingers, his age what he might look like now, what would be be getting this Christmas, you can’t help but have those thoughts as a mother, but Jesus would not want us to to take them and make them so grievous as to lead into depression, some that is worse than the holiday blues for it is despair.

It may not be the spectre of death that looms over the holidays like a dreaded ghost of Christmas past, it could even be loss of income, maybe your company downsized. Did you lose your house due to finances or fire? Sometimes, it is just those pesky mental attacks, that we have ask Him to guard against.

Some childhood memories of Christmas are more about what we didn’t get, just some disappointment that is soon forgotten until the next year. Some are lot more serious and I won’t speculate. The enemy goes about and prowls for prey, Christmas is a perfect time to prey on old wounds, because we so want to celebrate the Savior.

Whether it is divorce or trauma, or just some ongoing family crisis or drama, custody battles who spends what holiday where. Christmas a time to celebrate the sweetness of our Lord, can be bittersweet if not bitter for a lot of people. And you may start to feel like a fruitcake or be as hard as last year’s, trying to protect yourself. But Jesus is really the one to fight for us.

Whether homeless or lonely, even in the crowds of shoppers that are ready to trample right over you there can be that soul that is not cheerful or who doesn’t see everything as merry and bright. And this post is for you today, you are not alone or forgotten and you don’t have to forget a loved one, but you may have to forgive someone or even yourself, for you should not carry such a burden. It is not a bag of goodies, but it does way you down.

You don’t have to punish yourself as a believer, Jesus was punished for your sake. And if you don’t know that maybe you would like to invite Him in this Christmas. He is waiting to help you through the holiday blues, blahs or something much more serious.

You don’t have to face the holidays alone with Jesus as Lord and you may even find your Christmas cheer returning and seeing things as merry and bright again. Depression is a terrible thing, it is much more than sadness that goes away, severe and deep depression is from the wicked one, and if you don’t deal with it, it just returns worse that ever.

We know loved ones are in heaven. What a wonderful Christmas there would be there, I knew a lady who passed away at 12:25 on 12/25, there was a lot of sadness and a suicide attempt in that family. The Lord saw them through it. Please don’t go to dark places of your mind or soul, it is easy to get lost there, there is no joy there and there is no hope there, you can die there.

And even if you don’t, you’d be with a crowd at table with a feast and be starving yourself of His peace and love. You have the power to choose, choose to live life with Jesus and accept the gift of His joy and peace this year. I am praying for you, I want you to have a better holiday and I want you to see the lights and decorations and that all is merry and bright. Rebecca Jones / pixabay

  • And as I post this I have heard of a fire killing five children.



The Ghosts of Christmas Past

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We all love A Christmas Carol, the beloved Dickens tale about tiny Tim and his family and the oppressive Ebenezer Scrooge. The book and most movies begin with the death of his business partner, Jacob Marley.

Marley’s death begins the turnabout in Scrooge’s life when he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas, past, present and future. Scrooge attributes the visits to undigested food. But eventually, his past catches up to him. If George Bailey, from It’s a Wonderful Life, sees what life is like without him, Scrooge sees what life is like with him and will be in the future, no one will miss him. While Scrooge has a major breakthrough and a change of heart, a lot of people still need one, and especially at Christmas.

In a season of love and joy and giving, they rob others of theirs by their meanness, their bah humbug. Has life just taken their Christmas Spirit or did they ever have life to begin with, for true life is in Jesus?

Jacob Marley appears wearing the chains he forged in life, don’t we all in some way or another? It is time to let them go before we all end up bedraggled and bedeviled right into the next life. Whether one believes it or not demons have many names, bitterness, selfishness, hatred, greed, envy and strife. You could make a list and check it twice.

Now, I’m not saying everything is demonic, we have all had a slip of the tongue, been angry, but did we sin or sin not? Do we go to bed mad, stay mad, or stew on it, as we say in the south, for days or even longer? You can carry these things a long time until they fester and blow, as demonic temperamental  tantrums or meltdowns, that drives some to mental illness or worse. Yes, you can weigh yourself down in chains you forge. What starts off as a sin or offence, of commission or omission, can go from a go from a subtle enemy influence to a sudden demonic outburst. And it can have disastrous results. I hate to hear how a mass murderer was  really a nice guy, really. So he may drag his chains forged in this life right through hell forever. Most of us are not nearly like this but we carry our chains the same way.

Have you seen those anvils where the blacksmith forges horseshoes, or chains for prisoners, among other things? Those things are heavy aren’t they, and they are what is pounded on to forge chains. Isaiah 54 speaks of God creating the waster to destroy, and uses the phrase about the smith that blows the coals, and even that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

While it looks like God is sending the devil out after us, it is more like he created the waster who destroys or the waster to destroy, in the sense that Jesus destroyed the works of the devil and so should we. God is the one who reins him in even if we put him out. And he is no match for Jesus or a firm believer in Him, but we all need help, that is why He sent His Spirit.

We should be sowing to our spirits, and building ourselves up in prayer, or using our prayer languages and walking in love so we will not carry these awful chains through our lives. And he can even deceive you into thinking you have forgiven, and maybe, you did but there is still a wound, for abuse, divorce, betrayal. You can even be mad at God. Don’t be. Anger is not something to rock you to sleep. Let the Lord rejoice over you  with singing and quiet you with His love. Zephaniah 3:17

Put down your anvils and chains and rejoice that He makes us righteous and redeemed and say so. Take up Jesus, your anchor of hope instead. Let the Lord break the chains that we forged  for ourselves or that others forged for us. We take up things that are not our assignments, put down our cares and then pick them again, when we should cast them on the one who cares, go to sleep and rest in the peace of His Spirit, let it go, let it go, let it go.  And no ghosts of Christmas past. Rebecca Jones / Valery Sysoev / Unsplash, it is called Rosemary.

Deck the Halls


It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was cleaning and decorating. In years past that hall would have already been decked but I have cut back on the decorating somewhat, not because I don’t love it. It has just been necessary with some things that have  come up.

I have a ton of decorations from over the years. I have to decide what to use and what not to. Hands and feet that were allowed a look through and maybe a cookie or piece of pie, that were glad to watch a movie, open a gift or two, have given way to, just can’t let that get broken, which is a shame.

I love the displays, I used to make vignettes all through the house and family day care. And you know those live nativity scenes are wonderful, how cute to see angels in plays and wings floating across the stage. Those graduation gowns come in handy again, don’t they? And bathrobes for shepherds. The candles being lit and carolling though once my head was dangerously close to a flicker.

I always loved getting the new makeup in a Christmas kit, part of the fun of being older was to just buy your own gifts. I’ve seen my share of red sweaters, sparkly and glittery shirts. I never went in for or got the gag gifts, but we got some sort of something special to wear, I have a few very good family photographs.

And of course, there are wreaths and table settings and I decorated with apples and roses for several years, and love the Victorian tree, my mother and worked on. We have made fudge, dipped cookies and pretzels. Passed them out among neighbors and those we see on a regular basis. There was always something good to eat and people coming and going. In years past, I had more than I gave away, but I am not doing family daycare now.

As  was moving furniture, I thought about decking the halls, I know why I get all decked out. I do it because I love to, I love the memories, the joy of giving, I love the music, I sing the carols all year.

I would guess that heaven has a turnout too and is all decked out. But it is not about ornaments but adoration, not about presents but His presence, not the delicious piece of cake but His peace, and that we both taste and see His goodness. Psalm 34:8 Not what we open our mouths for, the Christmas feast but feasting on His benefits and blessing, that we open our mouth and He fills it with good things. Psalm 81:10

Christmas is about warmth and comfort, so is Jesus. It is all about love and joy, and the gift of peace. So however you deck your halls or yourself out this year, be sure and deck yourself out for Jesus, the reason for the season, and the best gift of all, not a package opened once a year, but in your open heart every day, go ahead, deck the halls. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Prepare Him Room


Decorating the tree has always been something I enjoyed. I have years of ornaments my mother and I collected at after Christmas sales.  Finally, we had a rotating Victorian tree, full of dolls, skates, shoes, glass ornaments.

That tree was also a symbol of faith regardless of what others personal beliefs were, it had angels, doves, crosses and crowns. the lights represented the light of my world, Jesus. Even if they had a hint of pink. I mentioned before that I decorated with apples and roses, not real of course, though that would be pretty, it wouldn’t last.

I have also used red and gold garland, once I did one made of blue poinsettias, I have celebrated 57 Christmases. I have come a long way from a stuffed Santa sitting on a sofa and a silver tree and a light that turned to rotate colors. Now, I wish I had one and a some of those antiques ornaments.

I have a few I just put out for display. But not always because they are super fragile being as old or older that I am, I’m glad I am not so easily broken, at least not like I was and that I because the Lord took that punishment for me.

So whether you already have it up, or procrastinating, or wait until Christmas eve, this is a simple message. As you go about moving furniture and making room for the tree and gifts this year, don’t forget to prepare Him room.

Many people feel the innkeeper a villain in Christmas story, but Bethlehem was busy with tax season. There was no room, but God made accommodations. Jesus had to be placed in a stone manger and swaddled, like He would later be entombed.  He was born to die as a pure and holy sacrifice for sin.

Now, He has been crucified and is risen, our High Priest in Heaven making intercession. So let’s not accommodate Him in our hearts with the mere invitation of accepting salvation but by preparing Him room in our hearts and celebrating the reason for the Christmas season, for it is not baking, shopping or gifts, but is about receiving eternal and abundant life from the most beloved gift of all Jesus.

Can we truly celebrate His love and Christmas Day without preparing HIm room? The holiday has a way of melting the most bitter of hearts, but iis the assignment of the Holiday and Holy Spirit to keep us free of that sort of thing at all times if we obey His commandment and love, eve if it is not always returned, even if hurts to have someone against who can really be when God is for us.

I am glad I have made room for my Him in my heart, and though I have had to scaled back some decorations, I have made more and more room for Him, not merely out of desperation but because I know how much He gave for me, and how I am truly blessed.

Don’t let anyone steal your Christmas joy.  Can you truly know love and joy if your heart is not making room for Jesus, if cares and worries and any number of things shut Him out? Never forget Christmas Day and everyday to make Him at home in your heart, prepare Him room. Rebecca Jones / Arun Kuchibalta

Trees of Righteousness


Maybe, you are like me, feeling a little bit like a Charlie Brown tree. This year has been a struggle for a lot of us, just to hold onto our faith, to walk in love. We have been under attacks on health, family and finances. By His grace, we made it through and I believe help is on the way as we stand firm and unshakeable in that faith, knowing He is the reason not only for the season but that we are even here, and He is giving us grace and favor, shoveling aside the dirty snows of the enemy attacks and leaving us pure and white in His presence.

Let’s look at the Word, isn’t it funny He calls us trees? But this year, let’s let Him decorate us, light us up with glory. Here we go. Isaiah 61: 1-3, you might want to read the whole chapter, Jesus proclaims this over Himself in the gospels.

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He might be glorified.

We have all been that little tree, with the broken limbs or dim little bulbs, no matter what we have done, it is like we are even more drab. Even with clothes, hair and makeup, a little jewelry, our spirits are weak, wounded or crushed. He will not hurt that bruised little reed. He will not extinguish the little flicker of our heart. He loves us. He adores us as we do Him. We are His daughters. ( and sons. )

He wants to gives us beauty for ashes, perhaps we have grieved and mourned, and heaped ashes on our head in a figurative sense or perhaps someone else has, or even the enemy, the Son longs to free us. And we are free indeed. John 8:36. He will give us the oil of joy, through His Spirit. That is why we are not to grieve, neither ourselves nor the Spirit, Nehemiah 8:10, Ephesians 4:30.

And we are only righteous by Him and through Him, because He was cursed and hung on a tree for us to be blessed. Galatians 3:13, if you think the poor little tree with one lonely bulb was bad, look what He endured for us to be blessed. And to  top it off, He will make us a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. Isaiah 62:3. How is that for decorating?

May we all stand before Him in prayer and lift our hands in praise, and just worship Him with our hearts this year and become trees of righteousness. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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