She’s Like the Wind


Don’t you just love this photograph?  The dress, the lighting, her expression captures a deep, thoughtful repose. Her eyes are focused in a gaze that is transfixed on someone. Jesus? Her hair is ginger and her lips red, soft as a rose. The wind is in her golden lit locks. She is happy, she is loved, she is beautiful.  She is fully alive in the abundant grace of God.  She has no fear of the future. She is loved and provided for and she is protected. In fact, overly so. God is her sufficiency, He is more than enough. In the movie Mr. Skeffington, played by Claude Raines, he delivers the line that, “A woman is never truly beautiful until she been loved. ”  I believe that is true.  But I might add, she is beautiful when loved by Jesus and by a husband who loves Jesus, she is standing in the wind of the Holy Spirit. It is a portrait, a masterpiece in the hallways of heaven’s art gallery. If she’s like the wind, or even you or I, my prayer is for it to be the wind of the Holy Spirit. Rebecca Jones




Đàm Tướng Quân

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Jesus wants us to shine in His glory. He bought us with His precious blood. There are so many ways He gives us the opportunity to shine.  I hope I do with my words because I want them to give Him the glory.  I pray they are a blessing to those who read them. I pray they minister His love to you, the purest form of His love. There is nothing He can’t do or fix or heal! No heart is too broken! No sadness too deep! No wound He cannot bind! No soul He cannot save!

There is no grief He cannot turn to joy! No chaos or confusion that He cannot turn in to peace.  No lack He can not bring into abundance.  He can do anything He wants to because He is God. But He can not do anything against His Word, He is just. He restores, He reverses injustices.

He has many names and they are all great, He is love, He is peace, He provides.  Jesus is our best friend, let’s light the way with His love and shine for Him. Rebecca Jones / Dam Tuong Quong



pexels Natasha Fernandez

The Bible mentions sensitivity in the Old and New Testaments, the very intent of it is in reference to people who give themselves or are given over to sensuality. God will not always strive with people, He will allow them to go on in sinful lives and suffer the consequences of sin, which are eventually death and hell. Though that is certainly not His will. He will not push Himself on us.  He will also allow born again people who are not sensitive to His Holy Spirit to continue on in situations.  He cannot help you if do not pray and listen and obey Him.

That is the total opposite of being sensitive to Him, the giving in to seducing spirits, the going along with the world. People do what they think is right, but letting everyone do what they want is not right. Tolerance is one thing and being forced to tolerate anything is more in line with lawlessness.

Jesus sacrifice was so powerful, it covered so much. Do not be afraid to trust Jesus. Listen for a gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit. Read that Word!  Keep it in your heart.   Don’t let the demons of lust or greed or any other problem be your downfall, He loves you too much.  Don’t cut your life short, don’t give in to the enemies lies.  He loves you so much, please keep a sensitive heart. It’s hard to do in a world like this.  In the Holy Spirit, there is hope.   Rebecca Jones /Natasha Fernandez / pexels, thanks.

White As Snow



Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. Isaiah 1:18

I’m sure most of us  have heard this verse. Did we really understand it?  Do we really love Jesus?  Do we really know that what happened that horrid day when He died for us in the most cruel of punishments and do we live and walk accordingly? My picture illustrates it, the sin red atop our heads, but cleansed white as snow once we have believed.  The angel in Revelation also describes believers who have washed their robes, white, in the blood of the Lamb.

Jesus dealt with sin once and for all. He had the ability to forgive sin and to heal all at the same time.  He was given that authority by the Father. He gives us His authority as believers, He took our punishment, He defeated the devil who had authority of Adam, He returned it to us, but we have to believe and walk in His ways.  Our problem is that we appear to get that in drips and drops and it is a continual process and a slow one at that pace.

We should be taught that Jesus was the scapegoat, once a year, the High Priest laid his hands on a goat to transfer the sin of Israel.  It was pushed off a cliff.  He was the Passover Lamb. Imagine celebrating Passover, the year before knowing that the next year, you would be it. I won’t go into the details, I suppose that’s why I never read a lot of the Old Testament, or I didn’t understand it.  Jesus was all these sacrifices, the scapegoat. We really cant imagine what He took, all the sin, all the sickness, everything. He took it in the flesh!!! And it was the Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead!!!

Now we have the Holy Spirit! Jesus forgave us, we may sin but He already paid the price. He knows who is repentant, and who is a willing sinner. That separates the sheep from the goats. People may struggle with things but at least they are trying. Willing sinners will masquerade as Christians on parade but never have any fruit. Jesus said you will them by their fruit. You don’t have to confront such people, they will always be around. Just steer clear of them, the Holy Spirit directs you and gives you wisdom.

But what a glorious wonder our Lord is! What kind of love is that? Would we sacrifice so much?  We should all be so grateful, relishing the lavish love of the Savior.  The gentle Jesus that went like a Lamb to the slaughter. Who is now our High Priest, watching over His precious lambs and the Word of God. It never returns void, confess His love over yourself.  He is so wonderful!!! Rebecca Jones

I Am A Princess After All


I never thought of myself as a Princess as a child. There was a dress up set I wanted at a small store near our house. I looked at it all the time in the window. I never got it but I wanted it so badly. That was the 60’s. I’d seen Cinderella and Snow White, but girls today are inundated with Princesses. Even as I grew up never saw myself as a diva or drama queen, there were so many things I wanted to do and could not. I was trying to be so good and it was like the mean girls could do anything, that continued into adulthood, I never understood why bad behavior was getting people ahead, but I was believing myself too unworthy, and I was blessed and under grace all along, and the fairy tale lives of others weren’t real, the were bound by a far worse enemy.

I like the simple stuff.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. I liked the Little Mermaid and Pocahantas.  I haven’t seen every princess movie and suppose I still don’t see myself as one. I had plenty of dolls and was taken care of, but I was not a spoiled little princess. Girls should be taught to see themselves as special, uniquely created by God, but they need discipline and manners too. Being ladylike can be a lost art.

But you know what, being a Christian, and a member of a royal priesthood and a holy nation, knowing Jesus the King of Kings chose me before the foundation of the world, that I am destined to rule and reign with Him in future. That He loved me, I am a part of the body of Christ, sometimes I like to think its His heart, I am a beloved Bride. My Heavenly Father is the King of the universe, makes you think.

I know we are not supposed to think too highly of ourselves.  A lot of people do. That’s not what a true believer is about.  But we should recognize the esteem that God places on His children. He has a deep affection for them and a special place in His heart for women.  He wants an intimate relationship with us, that’s why marriage is important to Him.  He created it.  He intended it.  He honors it.  Seek Him if you are married, wait for the right person if you are single.

Since He loved me so much, He has healed me, blessed me.  Guess what? I’m a Princess after all. ( And so are you.) Rebecca Jones





Vanity? Aren’t we all a little vain. I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup. I doubt if a dozen people have ever seen me without it.  I was asked if was sick.  Even when I was sick, I wore it. Recently though, when I was truly very ill, it was an effort to bathe, dress or anything. I could not even put my own socks on. My health was taking a turn for the worse, but I promised myself not to give up.  I read a phrase that said something like get up, dress up and show up.  It spoke to me.

I was not about to give up the abundant life Jesus promised when He had paid such a price for me and my healing. I prayed in the spirit. I spoke healing words over myself, I took Communion. I prayed against the enemy’s attack on my body, and mind.  Because he wants you to give up.  I turned my eyes on Jesus, He became my focus.  I found myself in less pain, walking better. I gradually got better. I always knew He would heal me. I had to create a healing environment for myself.

Having always been a caregiver, I had overdone it. No one was caring for me. I never really told anyone how bad I felt. I wasn’t about to do it to my mother, I had seen the toll her care giving had taken on her.  It is a very demanding role whether you are a nurse or mother or caring for someone with a disability. It is physical. It is mental and it taxes your strength, energy and emotions.  When we don’t renew and replenish ourselves with rest and faith, we can fall prey to the snare of the fowler. Now I pray that he falls into every traps he sets for me.

I have to be honest about speaking in tongues, I did not understand it. But it is a powerful gift that explodes in your spirit and brings you healing. I went to my mother and she prayed for me, she put me in her bed, I literally felt a hand go through my chest giving me a heart massage.  I had had a warning dream of being in the hospital, it was not a good dream or outcome.

Go to the doctor, take medicine. But never ignore the Lord. Never hesitate to pray. Vanity was not make up in my case, it was trying to be super human. I might follow Jesus closely, but I’m not Him. Practice His presence in prayer, trust Him, He’s looking at your heart anyway, He knows what it full of. Please don’t fill it with fear, envy, greed , lust or jealousy and likewise don’t fill it with so much preoccupation with others.

I used to say, ” Oh, it doesn’t matter about me. ” I was the one taking all the stress, the heat, the load. ” I’ll do that. ” or ” I’ll get that. ”  It mattered, I mattered to God and so do you!!!  I read, studied and prayed and  believed in healing, I had asked for my back to be healed years earlier, then came other ailments.  But you know what, it wasn’t supposed to all be on me because it was all on Him.

When you really realize that He is the healer!  He took the beating!  You are already healed! You can learn to walk at that level of faith in confidence in Him, not your ability to believe, you don’t have to be afraid that one day you’ll have great faith, and the moment a pain comes and few doubts, you’ll be ill.  He’s the same everyday and loves us everyday, and He knows if we have faith and love. Love matters! Life matters! Jesus matters!  And sure, look your best for Him, but don’t let that consume you, that would be vanity, but face it now matter how good we look, we need Him!  Be blessed, be healed, in Jesus name. Rebecca Jones



Sat to wisdom, thou art my sister. Proverbs 7:4



Isn’t she beautiful? Wisdom is a beautiful thing to possess.  It’s not just intuition, that is the discerning the Holy Spirit gives you as you grow in faith. It’s not education, though that is a good thing, you can be over educated by believing in yourself, your abilities, you can’t believe in what you don’t see. That’s not faith.

The words of a (wo)man’s mouth are deep waters, a flowing river, a fountain of wisdom. Proverbs 18:4. This is oh, so true.  You have to walk in the faith you profess, and those words will need to be fill with faith and wisdom, firm and gently, there will be those who scoff, question and ridicule, even falsely accuse.  Don’t worry, surround yourself with like minded believers, faith people, who have been there and understand and love you.  Walk with the wise and be wise, an modest. Proverbs 13:20 and 11:2 Foolish companions cause nothing but trouble. A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom. Proverbs 10:23

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established, through knowledge its rooms are filled with beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3,4.  Wow, this is kind of the way I always dreamed my house would be. Unfortunately, I have not always had the wisdom I do now. Maybe, I still don’t use it enough, Lord help me to. Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, Proverbs 10:13  As I said, when you grow in faith, the Holy Spirit gives you that.

Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul, if you find it there is better hope for you and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 24:14 Proverbs is full of wisdom, it never hurts to read it.

I pray for wisdom to be sweet to our souls today, in Jesus might name. Receive His wisdom! Rebecca Jones



From Worry To Wonderful


Why worry about tomorrow? Jesus posed this question.  He knew that their would be things coming against the people, just as they are now. Worrying about it will not solve it. It is a thief!  It will rob you of the joy of the day. I used to worry, but that never helped, it only opened the door for the enemy to get a toe hold, a foot hold and a strong hold. The same is true of anything, fear, doubt, addictions… always think you can handle it but you can’t.

I did this for years, but I won’t do it anymore, with His help.  Because if you open that door, let Him help you quickly close it. or the devil, like an unwanted salesman will be in with his pitch and pitch fork.  He doesn’t come in the form with the tail and red suit. We’d surely put him out. No, he shows up in worry and fear and doubt. He is discouraging, disparaging, divisive.  He devious and diabolical.  We would never take a ride from a stranger who was wearing, a hockey mask and wielding a knife.  But what about the clean cut, preppie looking guy who is a date rapist?

You cannot live your life in fear, you cannot live worried. I used to run around thinking I had OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, but I was aware of the behavior and changed it. Don’t act on fear or worry, it lets the devil in.

Instead, remember, that Jesus loves you so much, if you are a believer lean on His everlasting arms, lean into His love. And He is not worried, so why are you?  Let Him in, let Him answer the door. He’s Wonderful!  His name is Wonderful!  Isn’t Jesus my Lord Wonderful! So go from worry to Wonderful!!! Rebecca Jones




Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Don’t you get tired?  Don’t you just feel like giving up?  Have you ever been burned out?  Or God help me beyond exhausted? I have and I hate to tell you why. But I will, I was stupid.  I was perishing for lack of knowledge as the Bible says, I knew it mentally, did my best to follow it, spiritually, but I was being overwhelmed, overwrought, when before i was overjoyed. What happened?

I was ignorant about spiritual gifts, I let people run me ragged.  I tried to share Jesus, but when I wasn’t completely healed or delivered and kept on going and going. I was exhausted physically, mentally from the battle with the enemies thoughts coming against me. And spiritually, depleted, I found myself an orphan spirit crying out to God in a wail. I will not quit, I will not give up, I am not the defeated one.

So I learned to rest in His finished work, let Him work things out for me. I can say no, nicely. I can’t do everything. I won’t argue, people want to and that drains you. I pray, refresh, praise and worship  and I am the righteousness of God, so no weapon will succeed.  I will minister His love and grace to those who are open to receive and let those with deafened ears go, for if they don’t listen to His love and wisdom, they won’t listen to me.

Keep doing good friends, keep being strong! Jesus is greater.  Get some rest and be blessed today. Rebecca Jones