Speak Your Peace in 2017


Father, in Jesus name we declare and decree peace over us in 2017. Not just any peace but His peace, from John 14:27. We speak peace to our spirits, souls and bodies. And we speak peace into our hearts because we do not want to accept fear or be shaken by any events. We speak peak to our families, children and workplaces, and churches.

Last year I had some very hard times, but I have trusted the Holy Spirit’s guidance, when I woke with pain and the Lord’s whisper, “Speak peace to the body. ” I obeyed. Then I began speaking peace to the body of Christ over people I was praying for, some very serious.

I am speaking peace to my house, my family. I have felt like such a failure and even foolish at times. I was in some hard battles in 2016, and and I came across hard, but it was out of love. In order for the chains of any oppression to break, for they were forged with evil hammers of bondage, it takes a firm hand and a gentle one, even one strong and final blow, is the devils death knell it takes Jesus and not me. I will obey His commandment to love and speak my faith over my situations.

When before, I went around and around mountains before, I know I will see them move by faith in His name. He makes things beautiful in His time. He redeems time. He never wastes time, so I pray 2017 is the time and speak His peace.

Here are a few more verses to meditate on in the next month. Peace in 2017. Rebecca Jones

He is our peace. Ephesians 2:14

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed thee…Isaiah 26:3 ….

For God is not author of confusion but of peace. 1 Corinthians 14:22

Now the God of peace be with you all. Romans 15:33

Seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:7

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5:1

Please look on Bible Hub for more verses. http://biblehub.com/colossians/3-15.htm

Forever, Hold Your Peace



Ever been to the wedding or seen one in  a movie where the minister asks if there is just cause to mot marry a couple, ” Speak now or forever, hold your peace.” Everybody sort of looks around  waiting for someone to jump and object or an old flame to burst in.

Well, as brides of Christ, we don’t have to care who objects to our faith, as long as He knows our hearts. He is our peace, Ephesians 2:14,the peace that we hold dear. And while the past few posts have dealt with speaking our peace, this one is about holding onto it. Don’t let it go.

It’s a precious gift given by Jesus in John 14:27, and the devil wants it. He will try to steal it, just like joy, and he will use people and situations to do it. So we are to be on guard against the wiles of the enemy, sober and vigilant.

I’m not talking about even drinking though it applies, I’m talking about sober in our minds our thoughts, free from depression, panic and worry. That’s sober too. It’s a sobering thought that the devil wants the anointing of God of your life because he lost his. If you lose yours, then you’ll be as helpless as he is.

But Jesus wants us to be as He is. At peace and at rest, and without dying to get it, were we crucified with Him and He gave us our freedom and lifted us up into heavenly places, we’re on equal footing with Jesus, the accuser lost his rights.

Jesus, our Prince of Peace, is our intercessor. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us pray, our prayers as a sweet aroma and an offering before the Lord. Our eternal High Priest, has allowed us to come boldly the throne of grace and receive our requests.

What a joy, and what precious peace, speak now, ask Him to be your bridegroom and Lord, speak peace to your soul, your spirit and speak peace to the body, our own and the body of Christ and forever hold that peace. Rebecca Jones

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Speak Your Peace


I was deciding what to post and the Holy Spirit made the decision for me. December had filled my blog with posts about spiritual gifts. I was tossing in some wisdom and was all geared up to start writing about that in January and then after taking a fall and hurting an old injury and waking up with bronchitis, the Lord spoke to me and it was clear, I had studied healing overcome serious illness, but I was still not completely well and so run down. That’s how we end up tired, run down, sick again. God works in seasons and cycles and so does the enemy, always in an effort to copy.

This was a very clear thought and a powerful one, ” Speak peace to the body. ” I was sure He meant my stiff shoulder, elbow and back. The hacking cough, and sinus headache and it was only the 22nd, my holidays were under attack. I failed to recognize the enemy’s pattern, this had happened before in December, many times.

So I began to pray for myself, I realized that He had given me His gift of peace, in John 14:27, not the world’s peace, which includes all the running to and fro and hectic pace, He never meant for us to keep up with. No wonder He says to come to unto Him, the weary and heavy laden. Matthew 11:28.

I am a believer in laying on hands, speaking healing verses and spiritual gifts. I have seen the miraculous and been given the miraculous, but I am still human, not made to bear all of it alone, I can’t do it all, I can’t run full steam ahead 24/7. I get tired. I grow weary. And I’m sure you do to. And there are people all around who are oblivious to it, either because they are tired too, or just don’t get it.

Jesus had to rest and pray, He went to lonely or secret places. The Holy Spirit had to refresh even Him, in His humanity. So why would I be any different, I can barely touch the hem of His garment? I try, but measuring up to Jesus, I don’t . But you know what, we should because He declares that we are to be like Him and do great things. How? When we are exhausted? The answer is in His rest, His peace. It takes work. We probably should read Proverbs in the New year and work on wisdom, but also Hebrews 4 and the rest verses are a bonus. And a must.

When we pray for ourselves our others, let’s remember, that we have all had trauma, injury, illness, divorce, loss. We all have had trouble. Financial, health issues, or even spiritual ones. Even ministering to our families as believers and be caregivers requires a lot of effort, and we should make time  for ourselves. Daily, quiet time, peaceful, still time. And we really should purpose to give Him priority in 2017.

Let’s remember to speak peace to the body, whether it is our own or the body of Christ. I speak it over you today in Jesus name and pray you have a blessed and prosperous New Year in 2017. And if you care to scroll back a couple of days or check out the next few on my blog, there will be more ” speaking peace “posts, no wonder the Jews say ” Shaloam. ”


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Speaking His Peace To the Body Of Christ



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I passed along the word of knowledge from the Lord about speaking peace to the body to a few trusted intercessors today. I do believe that speaking peace over our own afflictions will allow us to receive healing. But we must first allow ourselves to enter His rest and how can we do that if were are not at peace?

We must not allow circumstances and cares to interfere with that rest. We just can’t. I’ve had to let housework pile up. I haven’t gone out. I seldom watch television. My focus is Jesus, I need Him.

I know what He brought me through, I’ve seen Him save people from death. I have been speaking peace to the people I pray for, including a girl with amnesia and a man with ALS. I am praying for a woman with cancer. The doctors have given up, I haven’t, Jesus hasn’t, I hope she doesn’t.

She and her husband are believers but they don’t believe exactly the way I do.  No two people may, I don’t know. I’m always learning, growing in grace and favor. I know love and healing and I know Jesus. This is where believers get into division, the devil knows that causes strife, envy, anger and jealousy. I read about an old lady who refused to have a black man pray for her in the hospital. That is STUPID to go to hell for a prejudice.

That’s one thing, but I am careful who prays for me and how I pray for people. I trust a few people to pray for me, one can pray for me and I sleep so well, then of course, my mother, a cousin, and a couple of prayer warriors. You need someone who can back the devil off, not guess at or hope He might heal you if it’s will or He’s not teaching you a lesson or you’ve done something wrong. These are Job’s friends, not mine.

I want the person like Jesus who will put the doubters and naysayers out of the room, and have at it. This prayer will get you well. Some prayers will just let you die. I’m sorry friends, sad but true. I heard a conversation about funeral arrangements with someone in the hospital, Christians who expected the worst, were surprised to see her up and about and even the doctors amazed, and then they still are in agreement as to this lame statement, ” I don’t know whose prayers were answered, but I’m glad. ” I can tell you it was not the doubtful ones. And I understand doubts, so does He. But unbelief can come from too much doubt and that is evil. Hebrews 3:12.

Don’t you dare be smug about my Jesus. His sacrifice was too great. If He listened to you there’d be a funeral, He bent down to listen to the Holy Spirit praying through a bold believer, and did the miraculous. Does she take credit? No! He gets the glory!

When you pray, you can pray amiss. When you pray in the Holy Spirit, He never misses. And the person has to be receptive, many people will balk at spiritual gifts. Bottom line, there is too much division in the body. Speak peace to the body of Christ!

So we need to speak peace to it, actual physical bodies and the body of Christ as a whole. I have attended Baptist, Pentecostal, and Charismatic services, but I make no claim except to be a believer. I have prayed in Catholic hospitals, for Catholics, Mormons, and even Jehovah’s witnesses. Do I believe like them? No, not about a lot of things.

Is that the most important thing? Probably not, because if they know healing, peace, and the pure love of Jesus, they will be guided into all things by His Spirit, He’s the teacher. He will convict of sin and never condemn. I condemn sin all the time, I see barren, so called Christians, just going to church or saying you are, does not make you so.

What does? The love of Jesus showing in you and the evidence of spiritual gifts. What God promises, He can deliver. He is able when I am not. Grace and peace are in Jesus. Peace to the body.

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Speak Peace To The Body


I wanted to mix in some wisdom and healing teach in December and go full throttle on wisdom in January, but that healing is still very weighty on me as I continue to receive my own and continue to walk in it. The Lord has been patient and merciful and I can tell you, He will give a heads up on things, so you can prevent them as well as heal you from past traumas and mental afflictions and illness. My back was such a major source of pain, I focused on Isaiah 53 and not His crucifixion, but High Priesthood. Let me assure you, He wants you well.

The least of Christians are worth every stripe, every lash, every gouge and slap and pluck of His beard. So someone like me who holds Him dear is destined  to walk in divine health, let me help you, too. First, be familiar with healing verses, sow them generously into your spirit, and the Holy Spirit water them. They will spring up into good ground. The enemy will come.

He healed immediately, the devil will try to steal immediately. Some people were healed as they went, that gives the devil opportunity to fill you with worry doubt and afflict you even more if you are not alert. I never tell people to stop medicine or not go to doctors, that’s a good way to die. And He’s not about death but life and life more abundantly.

Please understand Acts 10:38, He healed all that were oppressed of the devil. Do you know how many people are offended with me when I suggest anything of the kind?The devil can’t mess with Christians, God allows it, it’s to teach you something. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Oh, he messes up everything, he is behind sickness, disease, sin, and all evil. And he is fear, torment, terror, death, hell, and the grave. Jesus took the horrible punishment of the cross, went to hell and took the keys. That punishment brought us peace.

Speak healing over yourself and loved ones, it has to be consistent. Pray in the spirit, as much as you need to. Post the verses. read them, memorize them. They grow into flowers of grace and healing, the devil will toss in the weeds or dig up your seeds, even mow them over or pluck them up. It’s a daily grace. It’s a lifestyle of choice.

You can have a headache and it’s not the devil, a sniffle or even overdo it and be sore. We live in a fallen world. But make no mistake, he’s behind the majority of illness and Christians are failing to recognize it. Jesus told the leper He was willing to heal. Surely, with what He bore in His body, it’s His will.

I know we may have talked about speaking life and the power of the tongue. It is natural to speak death, we must choose to speak life. But in prayer for my own body, this morning, after a fall this past week. The Lord instructed me to speak peace to my body. And I’m doing it, after recovering from trauma, illness or disease, chronic or otherwise, we can start to heal and then another attack, comes and another. They devil knows if you figure out his patterns, cycles and movement against you, he’s burnt toast! And you have a helper, comforter and advocate in the the Holy Spirit, through prayer and intercession and spiritual gifts, he will show you and even help you discern spirits.  Be sure you are willing to do what He says, or you’re giving the devil an open door. He does not have equal power but he tries to copy God and he is deceptive. Again, be careful of who prays for you.

I was busy with other things and forgot the pattern of falls in December, I once broke an ankle on my birthday,  I took a fall about five years ago, which was followed by a couple of more and then an attack of sickness, and fear. I was overworking and not letting Jesus take control. It was a crucial and life threatening time. It took praying in tongues regularly and lots immersion in the Word, even though I knew about and confessed healing, the love of God was what turned it around. Knowing how much love it to to make that sacrifice.

He’s not angry, punishing you or trying to teach you something. He has His Word for that, His Spirit for that. Jesus paid for that, we cost Him heaven, so we could have it. So let’s appreciate Him enough to sow healing into our spirits,  let it take root in our hearts and spring forth as the aroma of Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice for us.

The same Spirit that raised Jesus will raise us, He’s now living, not suffering. Jesus is alive and vibrant and healing and answering prayer. He is touched by us and wants to touch us with that same healing as those in the Word, and He healed them all, believers, unbelievers for His glory, He wasn’t blaming sins, He could heal and forgive simultaneously. That’s power, that’s love, Jesus had the sound mind because He walked in the Spirit without measure.

We can’t walk in His sandals, we have have to let Him walk in our shoes. He can heal the deepest of wounds. The devil cannot possess a believer, he can oppress you through fear, worry and terror, and sickness and disease, God is not sending it on you, He only allows it until you pray or make a stand, it is a battle, but one Jesus has already on. remember, the devil gets into the flesh, the mind, and out comes an agreement with him, that’s why we must walk in the Spirit. Who’s report will you believe?

We need to start to speak peace to our bodies and minds and hearts in order to heal. At heart at peace will give the body rest and the ability to heal. Rebecca Jones

A heart at peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30

Beloved Bride


Being a bride is supposed to be the most special day of a girl or woman’s life. I use both words because some girls and boys never seem to grow up or mature. It’s not a bad thing to keep boyish charm ( used in a good way ) or a girlish figure or giggle, but there are so many who have never been taught or left their faith in favor of a worldly one. Anything goes.

God designed marriage as a sacred trust. One man, one woman, one Lord.  I was pleased to read that at least one actor left a show because he felt it was detrimental to him as person.  There are others I’m sure. People were not intended to be intimate with so many people or partners. The Holy Spirit moves from people to people, the enemy has always tried to copy that, intimacy can get you more than you bargain for. Besides pregnancy, diseases, there are also spirits that transfer.

I’m sure some people wonder how they became addicted? Why all of a sudden things are falling apart? Why had depression come on you or even how did you find yourself in a violent or dangerous situation? My heart is with you in these struggles, there is good news.

There is nothing God can’t handle, He can turn things around in a word. If you are a believer and are struggling with something, you can ask forgiveness, you are under grace. Pour your heart out to God. He can restore your love life into what it was meant to be.

If you have some sort of problem that may be caused by sin or demonic activity, ask prayer from somene familiar with deliverance. Be careful also who you let pray for you. You can, all alone ask Him to give you the gift of the Holy Spirit and tongues, Jesus can deliver you, Himself.

He loves you, He wants you to love and be loved. He wants you to have a fulfilling love life. Only the God kind of love will ever truly satisfy our souls, it ‘s the way we were created. I am not being old fashioned, even though I probably am. I am not being preachy. I am not judging, I don’t have a clue what you’ve been through, and I can say I don’t care to know unless it was for someting I should pray for you. You don’t have to tell every wrong or confide every misstep or willful sin.

The only thing I care about is that you know that you are loved and have every opportunity to know Jesus as the love of your life and He knows the best person for you and he can send that person. Your soul is worth more than a fling or an addiction. You are important to God, you life matters, in all these days when peope are talking about black, white, Asian or Hispanic lives mattering,  know they all matter to God.

God is a Father to the fatherless, He has a home for the homeless, He is the hope of the hopeless.  If God does not condemn you, neither can I. I know He will help you with whatever problem you share with Him. He is full of grace and mercy. And grace is a precious gift, not the so called license to sin.

We may be far from the innocence of the couple who wait for each other, who spend their lives together forever, but we have a God who loves us unconditionally, who gave His Son and who is waiting for us to call on Him. Before you are intimate with someone, you need to have an intimate relationship with God.

Father, In Jesus name, I pray that you lead the precious people to repentance and your Son. Deliver them from what ever it is that keeps them from you perfect will and love. Send them the grace to be abstinent or the partner you choose. Bring marriages to restoration, relationships into Him, keep us from evil, all the devices of the enemy. Heal the broken hearted and bind thier wounds. Fill them and baptize them with your Spirit.

Rebecca Jones

Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord, Open His Presence


No gifts, no decorations, not a lot Scripture. I’m not posting any glitter or deep thought provoking study. Today is Christmas Day and we should be offering the Lord our praise, we should be enjoying fellowship with other believers or quiet home celebrations.

There is so much beauty and love in the Christmas story. But that’s what Jesus is, love and beauty, so, on this most blessed of days, I urge you to offer Him yourself as a living sacrifice, begin to see with spirit eyes, ask Him to open the eyes of your heart or spirit.

It is my prayer that through this blog and my eyes you see His beauty and love, the very essence and expectations that are Christ. It is also my prayer for you to be blessed with spiritual insight, angelic assignments and divine intervention. And I want you to see Him for what He truly is.

He’s not a baby in a manger, He’s not a bloody man on a cross. He is our intercessor, Hight Priest, King of KIngs and Lord of Lords and He sits on the throne, so this Christmas, as you opened expertly wrapped packages and ribons and take the gifts from colorful bags, will you offer Him a moment and ask, He will give this gift freely, more and more of His precious Spirit, just pray with me. ” Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you. ”

Merry Christmas, May you see Him high and lifted up as we sing, holy, holy, holy. Rebecca Jones


The Rest of Christmas

My Post (5).png

It’s quiet now, everyone is out with last minute shopping. I’m by myself, and it’s nice. Some people have already been and gone. Others may just have to be met for a dinner out later. You know, I never could get people together or to agree on or plan anything,

Maybe, your family is the same, maybe everyone’s is. Rush, rush, whether shopping or traveling. What about rest? Rest? Jesus wants us to celebrate Him and His birth and sacrifice, His presence not presents, His peace, not the world’s idea of it.

I always wanted for people to come to my house and enjoy a good meal and each other’s company, watch good Christmas movies. I even wanted them to want to help decorate have hot chocolate, wrap gifts. I always used to try to get them to draw names. I wanted us just to be able to buy for who we wanted to and what or not at all, that was fine, too. Families grew and grew apart, second cousins, great nieces and nephews and people you rarely see don’t know you, and sometimes the ones who do seem distant, wrapped up in their own lives, a scarlet ribbon of remembrance, but not of recent memory, surely not the oil of joy, that once seemed to fire them up, we need that gift.

If I buy you something, I want you to have it. If you get me nothing, that’s alright, too. I’m not going to judge. I’ve always been the giver anyway. I have to admit receiving is hard for me, even to the point of letting Jesus give to me. I wanted what He wanted me to have because He died for it. I didn’t expect Him to be so generous, nor the attacks to thwart the generosity. I wasn’t resting, I was running to keep up with everything. And now I rest in His finished work on the cross. I can’t control everything, I was once very organized but people haves stepped into my life and all over that gift. And still, I rest.

I didn’t need the treadmill folded away in the garage. I was like a little hamster on a wheel going  round and round. My own little wilderness and the land of milk and honey just out of reach. And I refuse to do it anymore. Jesus wants me to rest from the world’s weariness. I slept good last night, when I woke up, I prayed, got a drink of water, went back to sleep.

This morning started like most, but then ugly reared its head. I can’t just allow my peace from the Prince of Peace to be destroyed. I have had enough plans wrecked, dreams shattered. I seen enough of the gossip get togethers and fake and phoniness, and obligatory I Love Yous.

I want my home to be full of Jesus, all year and this time of year should be the most loving of all. I still hold onto the hope of someday’s realization of others knowing the Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and most beloved Prince of Peace. I still cling to living room of smiles and my grand piano making melody, I might even buy a harp, now that’s Christmas. And maybe it is heaven.

My table was set with Old Country Roses China, beautiful cut roses filled the dining room, anthurium, a beautiful Christmas flower.We all sit around the table and offer a prayer of thanks, everyone moves in and ot giving gifts or reading or reciting something, we take Christmas crackers off the tree. Carols are sung, we sit by the crackle of a gas fireplace. Logs are not for me and my sinuses.

Everyone has a gift, and a spiritual gift. Everyone gives in some way and receives in some way. Everyone loves and is loved. Everyone knows the Savior, that’s Christmas. It sounds like a happy ending to a Dickens novel, if only we can overcome with Jesus, our ghosts of Christmas past, so there will be a Christmas future.

As everyone runs to and fro, I’m taking my Christmas to celebrate Jesus, and His love by resting in it. He is the reason for the season. And I have studied so much about rest that I choose to receive that as a gift. I needed it, I deserved it. He died to give it to me, and I praise Him for it.

No more running, much more resting. What a relief. I can participate, I can celebrate. But no more chaos and confusion. Silent night, holy night, I’ll be resting and sleeping in heavenly peace.

He has set me in a place of rest and peace and safety and my heart is forever settled in it, even if others won’t share it with me, or if I just have to put in an appearance, I will have the best Christmas ever.

And maybe my ideal Christmas is not just a dream, someday it will come true. Jesus is the author and finisher of faith, and He inspires us, the writers, artists, musicians. Maybe, just maybe, actually and no maybe, instead of Santa, He’s watching the nice and we’re in for a surprise, God bless us each and everyone.

Rest in the Christmas that is Christ…Rebecca Jones Anderson Miranda/ pexels/ AdobeSpark


More Blessed To Receive


I know, I know, you think I mixed that up and that it is more blessed to give. Well, let me  tell you and I want to do it a in a polite way, there are givers and takers. I don’t understand takers because I’m used to giving. And people, like me will sometimes get into the habit of giving until they give out or up. It’s a burnout for caregivers.

People who take are accepting gifts with love but there are those that are always after a free lunch, hanger ons, yea, people. People like me have to set boundaries with people like this even children, who come out of foster care or broken homes will sometimes become hoarders of food or show little regard or emotion having not ever been taught disipline or respect or being loved. The food issues can come from neglect or a life on the run.

But that’s not who I’m addressing, there are those who know they don’t need things that will take them anyway. Gift returners who want cash. I stood in line once with woman who wanted $6 for an ornament she was returning. The cashier said it was clearance and offered her $1.75. She was appalled and stormed off, “Keep it. ” she yelled. I wonder how much cash she’d already received.

This is why givers must set boundaries with takers who won’t. Me? I was so busy trying to please God with faith that I wasn’t receiving His love. His peace. And even His rest and grace.

Be careful of the kind of ministry you sit under. I was studying healing. So, I was trying to have faith. I learned about fear, and that was what was always coming at me. It took a lot to get rid of it. I was helping people but it was takinga toll. When I sudied Revelation, I started to worry about that.

But my life changed one day, because I was listening to how much Jesus loved me. that He was born to die. That His manger and swaddling clothes represented grave clothes and a tomb. Mangers are made of stone in Israel, I heard that I was a pearl of great price and that He kept covering me, I studied pearls and sure enough, they are wounded and secrete nacer, pronounced nak-er, and cover the object that penetrates their soft shell until it is covered beautifully, a pearl. The oyster gives its life, when it is opened it is suffocated, just like Jesus, we wounded His flesh, pierced His tender heart and He suffocated, that’s what crucifixion does. I though He was the pearl.

I knew He was beaten and wounded, His flesh torn from His back, but I never realized the scale of the sacrificial Lamb, of the grain offerings, Jesus was pounded and there was no leaven or false doctrine in Him.

We can do for or give Him nothing but He gives us everything. In exchange for me, a candle burnt at both ends, still believing she was the head and not the tail, And waiting. I wasn’t trying to earn salvation. I was seeking approval, but I already had that, becaused He finished it.

So when it is better to receive, whan I heard the words,  ” It’s coming your way receive, your healing , receive your peace, receive your miracle. ” The stress and cares, and demonic activity, melted away. That’s power, that’s love, and He wants us to have it and a sound mind. The truth is He’s already done it. So let’s bless His name by receiving this year. He died to make our days merry and bright, and we as beautiful brides will walk with Him in white.  And that is grace, we need to receive it. Rebecca Jones




You make known to me the path of life, in your presence is fullness of joy and pleasures at your right hand forevermore. Psalm 16:11

I want fullness of joy don’t you? It’s almost Christmas Eve. I’m hoping to find a publisher for my children’s book. I’m a little anxious over the idea of self publishing. Truthfully, I know I don’t have the cash on hand to invest. But Jesus has a lot invested in me, and my life has been a lot of ups and downs about writing.

I love to do it. I’d do it for nothing. But that puts you under the lack and poverty and the starving artist image. And God loves to bless His children. He gives us good gifts, spiritual gifts, perfect gifts. I don’t want to refuse or waste anything God does for me ever. Jesus is a priceless gift.

I have had my share of happiness, it too has been up and down, like a roller coaster. I have had joy, and I have had it  stolen. I would love to have fullness of joy or the joy unspeakable. I have suffered as well and Jesus knows all about my life, my plans did not work out as well, His plans are better.

Now this verse is talking about heaven, but what about now? That too, ” You make known to me the path of life. ” Jesus sacrifice was so deep that He covered all facets of our lives in Isaiah 53. It troubles me to know He wore a crown of thorns, and I’ve spent all this time worrying about stuff, wasting my time being double minded and not receiving God’s best. And listening to those who weren’t necessarily speaking wisdom.

No, presence is peace, the Prince of Peace resting on the mercy seat of my heart. He wants to deliver us that gift this season. Jesus is the reason for the season. I want to be in His presence, not just on holidays or at church or while listening to praise and worship, I want to carry that gift all the tie, year round.

So as I contemplate, the toned down decor and the additions to my family, I seek the quiet peace of His presence and wait for my joy to be filled instead of a stocking. I wait for His presence and not presents. I know He longs to hold us close and lavish His love on us.

And I know His plan is perfect and He will make a way for me where there is none. I may find out about self publishing, but I know He’s got the Master plan, and He’s on time. He won’t be coming down my chimney, He won’t be eating cookies and  milk by my hearth. He already came down from glory and resides in my heart. In His presence, there is joy. Joy to the world.

Rebecca Jones