The Miracles of Jesus

The miracles that Jesus performed would overflow the gospels, had they all been recorded. The Hebrew word for miracle is nes. And you know, only He and the records in heaven are able to have an accurate account. What about all the ones since His ascension, through history and until now? What about you or I? We are miracles aren’t we? We believe He heals or truthfully has healed and we’re not letting the enemy have our health. He gave Himself for us and Isaiah 53 is proof of His suffering heart / lev for us. I shudder to think how many times I may have disappointed that heart or how often He was close to me and I did not realize it.

We want to talk about the miracles of Jesus. But where do we start? Healing the blind? The deaf or mute? Cleansing the leper is good. Jesus broke tradition, touching unclean people, but He was fulfilling all the law and prophets as the Son of God. My favorite is the instance with the woman with the issue of blood, she had been ill for twelve years, and had no money. She was breaking the law by even going to Him.

Who touched me? He touched her. And the daughter of Jairus, that’s power, miracle and wonder working power. The girl was also twelve, when He raised her up. When He doubles or couples instances or phrases, it is a powerful promise. Healing is for believers. But even the Phoenician woman got a miracle. Jesus, performs miracles and is our nes, as believers bringing life to souls dead in the trespasses of sin.

And the centurion, who knew Jesus could just speak the word and the servant be healed. He raised the widow’s son at Nain and Lazarus, but how many more, we can’t say. And how many since? I have heard of a few, had a close call myself and know of a toddler in the hospital right now who had drowned in the pool. Her heart/ lev had stopped, but prayers brought her back and she is recovering.

I have seen two people recover from snake bites, come off ventilators, those who beat cancer, have had results come back negative that were certain to be positive. I know a miracle baby, who wears diapers and not a colostomy bag, and a minister in New York, with kidneys restored. This is still Jesus. He is still in the nes business.

He told a man to take up his bed and walk, told Peter to walk on water and where to find a coin. He calmed a demonic wind. Calmed a madman, cast the devils out of Mary Magdalene. He touched Peter’s mother in law, and the boy who the disciples could not rid of seizures, because of unbelief. Mary’s motherly advice applies to us today, as she told the servants at the wedding at Cana, to do whatever He said. So should we. Take up our bed of His rest and walk with Him, all He told the disciples was, “Follow me. ”

Fasting and prayer was added by the translators however fasting, with the right attitude will strengthen your faith. It does not have to be forty days and can be giving up a meal or your phone. Jesus knows your heart. Communion is something He instituted for healing as well if you discern His body. People are asleep, He doesn’t say dead. His flesh was beaten like the bread affliction to remind us of His healing power, fear makes us think we are unworthy, but if you are a sincere believer,  He worthy.

I am always amazed at that crown of thorns that to me He wore for our minds and yet we have so many suffering depression, it should not be difficult to cast down imaginations, but I know there are times it has been for me and I do understand.. But I want you to know the willingness of His suffering so we would not have to. Thorn is shamir in Hebrew and qots (kotse) like a thorn bush. Not a part of creation, but a part of redemption. We have all heard of the Greek word for crown, stephanos but it is interesting to note the word nezer in Hebrew, or atarah, a crown for a king, it did not go all around the head. Tiara, diadem, are other words for crown.

I read an article suggesting wreath was a better word for the thorns they wove to mock His Kingship. Perhaps, that is true, black wreaths were often hung on doors denoting death in the old days, and even today there are those who oppose Christmas wreaths, but I know Jesus took death for us to have life and it is up to us to proclaim His death until He comes, and take our Communion, knowing that those thorns He wore for us, and as for all of Isaiah 53, He took our place. Let’s try to walk with a risen Lord and not just venerate the crucified one. It is a simple exchange death for life.

People went to great lengths to get to Jesus. Crawling or pushing through crowds, gathering on mountains, even going hungry. Some no doubt brought their loved ones a long way. But Jesus went to greater lengths for us. He told the leper it was His will to heal, is it ours to believe? He’s much closer to us through His Spirit, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh and He still performs miracles, you don’t have to be at a crusade or even at church. All you have to do, in His own words, simply believe. Nes or miracle, just believe. Or nasya, miracle of God. Miracles elevate and lift up, we have them because He was lifted on a cross and because we lift His holy name. As we head into Supernatural September, let’s expect miracles. Rebecca Jones / public domain

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Sun and Moon

I love to read the psalms and the words for the sun to praise Him, the moon, all the shining stars. God decided to create, bara, the sun, shemesh and chammah, of course light and hot make a lot of sense. And the moon, yareyach, yar-e-a-ak. from the root, yerach, which means month, God was on a lunar calendar and I will give you a list of months at the end of the post.

While the other word for moon, l’vanah, from lavan, or white is more poetic. Yareyach, has a masculine concept and l’vanah a feminine tone. The same is true of the words for the sun. Wisdom is even referred to as a woman, so it is conceivable that He made everything to reflect the idea of both men and women created in His image and sharing qualities with each other that make them one, or echad, e-hod, Jesus and the Father were one, both God, loving and strong, male but full of empathy toward woman. Ehad has a numeric value of thirteen as does ahavah, love.

So God meant for the sun and moon to be used as signs and seasons. It was a calendar for people with no calendars. Each new moon was the first of the month. There were only 360 days at one point. But we are using a Gregorian calendar today, and that is why there a lot to learn about Hebrew and how the Bible records feasts, what there meaning is to us today as Christians, it is a broad topic and one of controversy. No one knows the exact day of His return, though I do believe He points us to a fall feast, we still would not know the day or the hour.

Much has been made of the recent blood moons. But I know that God will take care of believers and we do not have to live in fear about these signs or seasons only be aware of them and be secure in our salvation. Originally, the sun and moon had no names, they were called the greater and lesser light, ancient people worshiped both, they were pagans and practiced idolatry. Abraham was called out of idolatry, he would have known about astronomy. Nimrod corrupted astronomy and we have astrology.

The sun and moon did get names, shemesh, the sun, is a word similar to shamash, the center candle of the menorah. Both are light, and servant. Unfortunately, both the Son and the sun have been worshiped. The moon became yarakh, another spelling, and from ore ach, meaning the path way. The moon does orbit the earth. Yet in early time they were worshiped a Ba’al and Asherah.

The tides are affected by the moon, some people appear to be with seizures and other ills, it is where we get the word lunatic. But the night doesn’t make people ill or angry or cause them to be frenzied. It is a fear of the dark that is not just the dark, but the evil that is the realm of the devil’s domain that both oppresses and possesses souls. Illness can be from a fallen world or an attack of the enemy which is oppression, Jesus healed those who were oppressed of the devil. And while I don’t encourage being afraid of the night or the dark,we should all be cautious, it is not a good idea to watch, read or allow certain things in your spirit, the devil sees doors and a toe hold becomes a stronghold.

It is wisdom to learn things but not to get into worry or fear, as far as the blood moons there have been an number of them coinciding with feast dates, there was one when Israel became a state, in 1948, one before the six fay war in 1967. There is a sturgeon moon happening this month, a name given because of native Americans and the fish that are plentiful. It is a time we should be catching souls as well, not with fear but love. there are other names for the moon, strawberry and buck.

And of course the supermoon and blue moon. And the last word for moon is sahar, meaning crescent. Is there a time of war coming, no doubt, because it is predicted in the Bible, but we as believers can rest in our knowledge of His saving grace, and for now just enjoy the sun and moon. When He appears in His glory, He will rightly divide it all. Rebecca Jones / pixabay


Sound the Shofar


Perhaps you have been in a service where the shofar was blown, or heard it on one of the feast days or High Holy days. Shofars are varied in size, can me made from a ram’s horn. Any horn but cow. Abraham made the first one to commemorate God providing a sacrifice.

Shofars were sounded as they went into battle, they are meant to confuse the enemy. Remember, the walls of Jericho. They are sounded at Jubilee, the celebration of every 50 years when land was returned, slaves freed It would rouse the camps and wake the sleeping. And that relates to Teshuvah.

They are sounded during the month of Elul which is usually in our month of August and September, as a call to repentance during the forty days of Teshuavah, which is a time to repent and turn to God, it is said God decides the next year accordingly, it precedes the fall feasts.

It precedes the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashanah, the new year, which is September 10, 11th, this year. Rosh Hashanah is also the Feast of Trumpets. And Yom Kippor, the Day of Atonement which is the 19th. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with fruit and honey. Pomegranates and apples, braided challah bread, dipped in honey. Personally,  ( I would love the potato pancakes, whenever they are served. ) There is also the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles in the fall, 24,th and 25, and Shmini Atzeret, October 1st, when God asks you to stay another day.

The trumpets have different sounds including a loud blast. Since Jews were on a lunar calendar and the month started on the full moon, the shofar announced the days, so when the call to the feast comes it is blown over a two day period and then a loud blast, like a last call. There were three mandatory feasts, you did not want to miss the Day of Atonement.

Many people, including myself, believe that Jesus alluded to this when He spoke of not knowing the day or hour of His return. He could have been been referring to a fall feast, since He was crucified at Passover. Yet, He could return anytime. Only the Father knows. But I have to believe it is imminent, though wars and rumors of wars have persisted, He will know when the last soul is won. It is important to be ready, so if you don’t know Jesus, ask Him to be Lord.

When the Lord returns to catch away the church or Rapture us, He will return with a shout and a trumpet. Surely, a shofar. Interesting note He may blow the shofar, Himself. Many believed a shofar was the voice of God. Much like those who believed it was God when it thundered, but some heard God, some the thunder and still others, nothing. That is a likely scenario for His return, the Second Coming after the Tribulation. I realize some do not agree, that’s fine.

I did not want to complicate my study only to inform, and the forty days of Teshuvah is a good time for reflection. Though our New Year is different, Jesus is our High Priest, and should He go in to make atonement in ceremony, for His sacrifice was once and for all, I like to keep a repentant soul, and here is a further study and be sure to listen to the shofar blast, especially, if you are in spiritual warfare. I pray it sounds over us. Rebecca Jones / Turn Back To God You can download free brochures including a shofar one.

Take a listen…

Let's Have Coffee

Whoa, There Girl!


I just had to do myself a post the tongue again, how does that fit into Hebrew you say? Well, horse is sus like soos, in Hebrew and the mouth is pe, it is also a letter. We often talk about rest and many bloggers are writing about that, we need to rest our mouth and more specific our tongues. Because we are getting ourselves in to too many entanglements and snares and worries. I try not to picture myself with the bit in there, but sometimes, I have to say, ” Whoa, there girl. ” I really do, seriously, oh, I know you never get tempted into arguments, right?

Let’s look at James, uhh, I know, do we have to? Yes, we do. Or do we need to go down to the saddlery or wherever you get the bits.

When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. James 3:3

But I have to disagree with David , animals have understanding to a degree anyway, sometimes, I know my dog, kelev, has better sense than most people.

Do not be like the horse or mule, which have no understanding; they must be controlled with bit and bridle to make them come to you. Psalm 32:9

The tongue also is a fire, a world of wickedness among the parts of the body. It pollutes the whole person, sets the course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell. All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures of the sea are being tamed and have been tamed by man, but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.……James 3:6-8

And we know the death and life verse, the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21, death comes first? Why do want to speak death, things like fear and worry, constantly talking about health concerns, money. He was punished for our peace, our shaloam, and promised healing in Isaiah 53, to supply our needs in Phillipians 4:13. Aren’t we worth many sparrows?  Matthew 10:31

We need the tongue of healing. The soothing tongue of Proverbs 15:4  James goes on to say that we bless God and curse people made in His likeness in verse 9. I don’t want to do that so I am quick to change it and cancel words that aren’t necessary. I have been at this a long time, I have seen faith, speaking to mountains, work, and then fall on uncaring hearts, people have to believe and they do have to receive. And sometimes it is others who hinder us.

I don’t like for people to pick on every word, but I don’t like fear and worry, gossip, coarse jesting, just meanness. It doesn’t please God. It is much more than name it and claim it.  Much more than positive thinking. It takes love and that is what He is and He forgives and extends so much grace and mercy.

For if you have the ability to speak in tongues, you will be talking only to God, since people won’t be able to understand you. You will be speaking by the power of the Spirit, but it will all be mysterious. 1 Corinthians 14:2

I think tongues is one of the gifts He gives us to help us with the old one to put our the fire. Fighting fire with fire. Tongue in Hebrew is lashon, Hebrew is the La’shon Hakodesh, the holy tongue.

And the word fire is esh, similar to iysh or ish, aleph, yod, shin or sheen. Remove the yod, which has the symbol of the hand, from the word for man, and you get fire. The same is true for woman. isha, this time removing the heh. Sometimes, a lot of times, we need God’s hand or yod over our mouth, pe like pay.

God placed  the first letter of the Divine Name, yod, between the aleph and the shin to make the Hebrew name for man.  And He took the second letter of the Divine Name, the heh, and placed it after the aleph and the shin to make the Hebrew word for woman.

In this way He let them retain in their names the word fire,but when they marry, the Divine Presence dwells in their midst, in the combination of their names. He intended His name, and presence and divine nature to make the threefold cord.

If the couple makes the Divine Presence welcome, its blessing rests on the work of their hands and they become as partners in the act of Divine creation.  But if they make the Presence unwelcome so that it does not dwell in their midst they are left only with two consuming fires. God is a consuming fire, ka esh. He consumes the bad if we can control ourselves and the bad, if we can’t, He steps back and lets us be consumed. From another study that fire or anointing may also be glory, it literally exudes from us, even our skin.

Every Jewish home is intended as a sanctuary.  And those who dwell in it are to be as priests, the functions that take place in it are as sacred as an altar service. the sacred service are to control of the profane fire in the hearts of husband and wife; avoidance of quarrels, much like self control and fruit of the Spirit, because we are not under the law, yet Jesus made Himself clear and about husbands and wives as well.

So saddle up pardners’ and let’s rethink our words as Teshuvah, the season of repentance approaches. Or we may be saying howdy to the bridle and bit, whoa there girl. Rebecca Jones / Oleksandr Pidvalnyi pexels, thanks.

Please enjoy Shemirat Ha La’shon, Guarding Your Tongue and there is a YouTube video about speaking in tongues from the Hebrew perspective, I have yet to see it, and it is about half an hour.

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Yeshua, Our Light.

Jesus is definitely light in a dark world. The Hebrew word for light is or. Jesus told the young girl who had died to, Talitha Kumi, daughter arise or little girl arise. So kumi ori  is can translate rise and shine. It is a song on YouTube, if you care to check it out.  Like I said before, I don’t actually speak or read Hebrew yet. But let’s read some phrases and have further look into the light.

The Hebrew word for skin is also or. Adam and Eve were clothed in light or glory. Skin, (עוֹר): spelled “ayin-vav-resh”.  Or, (אור) but spelled “aleph-vav-resh”. Why the difference? This is the beauty of Hebrew, a language with both numeric and symbolic attachments,  The first number is 70, from the Christian dream reference guide I have, it is transference of God’s Spirit; multitude; increase; restoration, the second spelling of or and numeric value is one less, 69.

So in effect, they stepped out of His light. The number 69 in Hebrew is represented by the letter samech and tet, and the root word of samech means to lean, and the word picture for tet is a snake. Adam and Eve lost their light or glory when they leaned on the snake for advise or wisdom instead of God. That shows deep the Bible gets when you dig in, it is a gold mine of information, that I know I will be studying forever. The Holy Spirit will teach you, and you will be smarter and wiser than you think. The devil liked about being like God, looks like we have a lot to learn.

We do this even now, as believers, step in and out of the light, because Isaiah 60:1 says to arise and shine, our light has come, prophetically, in reference to Jesus’ birth. While Jesus told Mary Magdalene not to touch Him, He had not ascended to His Father, in effect, been glorified, we are also told by Jesus in several verses in John, that He is asking God to glorify Him, before death.

So while we expect to leave earth with a glorified body, it is still possible to walk in His light or glory having been crucified with Christ. By doing what God wanted Him to, He was glorifying the Father, and we are to as well. And those He predestined, He also called; those He called, He also justified; those He justified, He also glorified. Romans 8:30. So you see, Jesus glorified us so we could glorify His Father by doing what He created us to do. And by using the gifts he gives us for His glory. The word for glory is kavod, wit ha long o, and you may hear the word shekinah associated with it as well.

The word for light, or ,which is spelled differently than the Aramaic word for light, noori, which is spelled Nun, Hei, and Resh.  The Hebrew word is spelled “Aleph, Vav, Resh.  The Hebrew word for light expresses a deep connection between the natural and the supernatural to be specific, the connection of God to man through the Holy Spirit.

Remember, when James says this, Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 1:17. He is the Father of heavenly lights, true enough that He is the Father of all creation. And stars, kokavim, are heavenly lights. And angels, melakh, are often called stars, but isn’t it more conceivable that we, as His children, redeemed by Christ are the heavenly lights, having been glorified by Him?

He gives us good gifts, doesn’t He? There is a list in 1 Corinthians 12. But personally, I think there are many more. He reveals the deep and secret things: He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him. Daniel 2:22. I read an article about word studies and the Aramaic word noori, light, appears twice in that verse.

Daniel, of course, was a captive but had more knowledge and revelation that the magicians and sorcerers because it was from God. He could interpret dreams like Joseph. They. along with Jesus and others in the Bible had an obvious light connection to God, by His glory. Our language does not like redundancy, but it is common in these languages, like Jesus saying verily, verily, for instance, and healing a woman bleeding for twelve years and raising a dead girl who was twelve, in effect doubling His promises.

Daniel’s verse states he knows where wisdom comes from, and whether he was asking for a night vision, or dream, or a waking one, he knew who was the light and the darkness. There is no darkness in God or Jesus, not the Holy Spirit, He created darkness as good and if He fills it the night can be a place of His rest and His peace and even a time of speaking to God.

While I believe in spiritual gifts, dreams and visions, I caution people against occult or New Age practices, there is always deception. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and will direct us, and keep us clear of that. What sounds like Christianity or is made to sound like Christianity isn’t always. So be prepared to study and the Spirit of Truth will guide us. Rebecca Jones / Ibrahim Asad, thank you for the photo.


Supernatural Surgery!


The doctor is in, and she looks amazed, even a little puzzled, doesn’t she? Well, I have to admit being amazed at Jesus myself sometimes. though I have always believed in and have seen miracles. There are so many times we don’t though, I think it because we don’t expect them, think we are unworthy, and maybe just give up. I don’t have all the answers. Or I wouldn’t need Him would I? And I sure do.

We are so close to His return, it just appears inevitable. He is pouring out His love and His Spirit. And He is performing supernatural surgery! I got that phrase from a friend who’s cartilage reattached, doctors, three actually, said she needed surgery, and one said no way that should have happened. This friend still has some health issues and sees the doctor, I would never tell you not to go, but there are just some things they cannot fix. And some of those are spiritual or heart problems of another kind, like not knowing Jesus as Lord at all or not having a personal relationship, and some things are decidedly evil or drugs or mental illness or a combination.

Broken hearts and broken souls are among them. Even the most skilled surgeon or loving psychologist does not compare to the Great Physician. God created us, He knows our innermost parts, desires, fears. He peers deep into the souls, and knows it intently. What we may never tell someone, He already knows, and He not only has the answer, He is the answer. We are limited and He isn’t.

Many of us cannot get away from work or responsibilities or even be still long enough to heal. We desperately need to clear our schedules for some alone time in His presence. Headaches might appear easier to heal than cancer, but not to Him. Some things may take longer than others, I was one of these people who was so busy being good and doing good, that I never fully healed myself.

And truthfully, the miracle I needed, I already had, and honestly the doctors were looking a the physical, and could not fix one thing but judged another, tried to give me anti depressants when I was responsible with pain medications but I am thankful I had the grace never to fall into dependency. I depended on Jesus, the healer. I just needed some deliverance, and a lot of rest and His love and attention.

Pay attention, the proverb says about wisdom. But I tell you to pay attention to yourself and what Jesus says about you, worry and fear, and His rest, His peace and He will heal you. He was willing to die for you, why would He not be willing to heal you? Are you willing to receive? His peace is another thing entirely, a restoration of lost things.

Can you be still and know He is God and let Jehovah Rapha deep into your soul?  As I prayed in the Spirit, the other day I heard a phrase dropped into mine, that He was healing hairline fractures and fissures. I’m not a doctor, truthfully, I have an aversion to them, I appreciate what they do and nurses. From way back, as a child,  I was uncomfortable with them. I can go but oh, I can tell you stories. Awful experiences for me, but I won’t. I knew Jesus was working miracles. As  I said, I’m not versed in anatomy or biology.  I didn’t know what a fissure was. I thought it was a cracked rock, like a volcano. Turns out, it can be separated bone.

Was it for me? I have had broken bones. Someone else, all of us? I don’t know, I didn’t even ask Him to clarify it, I’m just glad He is moving in these last days, pouring out is Spirit, the power and love and the sound mind we all must receive  to heal. Keep your appointments, ask Him to sanctify medicine, but keep your faith level high, expect Him to do what you have asked in His name, He loves you. Why would He not heal a body, destroy a yoke, move a mountain?

And I’m glad I am not in the medical profession because if I say something is being healed it would have to be from Him, I would have no way of knowing and He is not limited and can move for one or many and all through the body of Christ. That is why we want to speak His peace, the peace of John 14:27 over our lives.

I challenge us today to look back at the people He healed. The woman with the issue of blood, she spent everything on doctors. The lepers, had no hope. ( Be the one out of ten who returns to thank Him! ) The lame, the blind and deaf, the woman whom the devil had bent over with infirmity. We do not have to bound by anything the devil or life throws at us if He has made us free. John 8:36, for freedom, He has made us free. Galatians 5:1.

I don’t want us to be disabled, disappointed, disagreeable. I want us to be holy and whole. And have shalom peace, His peace. Perfect peace from the Prince of Peace. Will you take time and rest, reflect and renew the mind of Christ in you as a believer? Will you receive the Isaiah 53 report? Will you read verses about healing and sow them and speak them, and will you accept His freely given gifts of the Spirit, relax in His peace and calm, and you could be receiving supernatural surgery. And He gets the praise and glory.

Now, please remember I am not telling you not to have an operation if you need it, I am not telling you to be careless or reckless with your life. You could die. You matter to me! I am just here to share His Word, and faith and encourage you believe nothing is impossible with Him. I pray for people who have surgery all the time. This is part of a deeper study, the deeper things that only He may know is wrong with us.

And I have to admit, yielding to the Holy Spirit, is something learned by His leading and the discerning of listening to the thoughts and  ways that are higher than ours, I was resisting healing because of pain, I was sure the pain was from the devil and it is. And yet, I have found out there is sometimes pain associated with physical and mental healing. There are things He will just have to walk you through. But I know He doesn’t want us to be in pain that I why He is merciful, but backs take some time and can hurt.

Please understand that I believe that anyone could receive supernatural surgery, but I would not ask you to risk your life. We are not talking about those silly practices you may have seen on television, not ministers praying, but those pagan rituals. We are talking about God’s precious Spirit moving with love as we believe. And as I said the people who receive miracles, should return to thank Him, I even thank Him before seeing results as an act of faith.

I have laid hands on the television, received a measure of healing, tried to jump up and down and the things I could not do before to no avail, I needed His love and more of it, than I knew at the time. When He moves with His love, we are healed, people can only do so much. He can do anything.There are so many deep wounds, yet, His were deeper still, so whether you have surgery, or He works a miracle in you, it will still be supernatural surgery.

May I pray for you today? Clear some time daily or even a week for a sabbatical.

Father, Hide  them for you in a secret place of rest, you sent your word to heal us and deliver us from destruction (grave), we know Jesus paid the price for healing with an amazing sacrifice, and give us amazing love and grace, will you reach out and touch the believers and even some who don’t to show your power and glory? Heal the wounds, the scars, the brokenness, walk them through the valleys with no fear. Guide the doctors and nurses and bless their efforts, give them supernatural love and wisdom, heal the healers, Lord. And give them rest as well. And show your love and glory in these last days, with supernatural surgery, as your Spirit moves, in Jesus name.



Mind Your Manners


Well, we should be on our best behavior should we get to visit the Holy Land. and it might help us to learn a few phrases, and we and always have an interpreter, and they speak English too.  But a word here and there is fun.

ken – yes

lo is no

todah – thank you

todah rabah – thank your very much

bevakasha – please and you’re welcome ( be-vak-asha )

how much or many – kama

cheap – zol

expensive – yakar

tov – good

bad – ra or lo tov, no good

boker tov – good morning

layla tov – good night

You may want to remember a few of these items too. These are pronounced like they read, toothpaste is the hardest word.

toilet paper – ner yar tu a let

toothpaste – mishchat shinayim

soap – sabon

towel – magevet  paper towel  – ner yar mag a vet

ani ra ev – I’m hungry.

ani tsame – I’m thirsty.

kesef – money

arnak – wallet

miz va da – suitcase

Have fun, and at least have a look at Pinterest. My board is Hebraic Study / Rebecca Jones / public domain

And because it has been on my heart, I am posting a Sunday bonus.

How’s Your Lev Life?

Okay, lev or leb is Hebrew for heart. I hope your lev life is right on track. In the Bible, we know that heart is often interchanged with spirit. Strong’s concordance, calls it the inner man or woman, again there are both masculine and feminine attachments. God is not always speaking of the physical organ that sends blood through our system and keeps us going. Yet, it can race, pound or become ill, grieve or beat for someone we love. Anxiety and fear can send us reeling with a chest full of tightness or cause us to skip a beat which is why we need His peace.

Let’s look at a few verses. Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source/ wellspring  of life. Proverbs 4:23 I recommend reading different translations.  The Orthodox Jewish Bible, Set watch over and guard thy lev with all diligence; for out of it are the totze’ot chayyim (issues, wellsprings of life. ) with a note to Mark 7:20-23.

While the word issues here can mean to flow, just like our bloodstream works, all our lives and decisions are made from intelligence, thoughts, beliefs, everything flows from our souls, minds, wills and emotions. But what is in our minds and hearts, while determining our lives may not be the correct way to go. We should not pray or decide based on worry of fear, should we? Spur of the moment decisions may have lasting consequences. What you think about and say matters, the devil takes what God sows in our hearts if we do not understand it.

The good man brings good things out of the good treasure of his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil treasure of his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

The word for mouth is peh, like pay, and it speaks what it is full of, and what comes from the heart or lev. I like the Contemporary Version here, Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.

So your heart or spirit, ruach, can be pure or evil. If you are guided by your flesh or the world’s ideas, influenced by the enemy. Your ways and thoughts can become evil and well up in your heart/ lev and out your peh, mouth. Jesus also spoke of this in Matthew 12:34, and 15:18 and 19.

So our hearts control our thoughts and actions, and run over into our speech. So where is our treasure? Hopefully, it is in Yeshua. For where your treasure / otzarot is, there your heart / lev will be also. Matthew 6:21

Hope/ tikvah deferred makes the heart/ lev sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12 And a wholesome tongue is just that. To dream is kha lom. Lost dreams are very hurtful, even the waiting on God.

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful. Colossians 3:15, and His peace, John 14:27

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:7, this is a verse that I came to rely on and I always will, the difference between me trying to guard my heart/ lev and letting Jesus do it, but in the verse before we are to not be anxious and pray, and after He tells us what to think on the pure, lovely, thinking God approves of and wants in our heart/lev.

Although we are studying the Hebrew words, the Greek for hearts is kardios, and I love the peace, eiréné: one, peace, quietness, rest. The heart is the seat of emotional and intellectual life, though is referred to in “maḥshebot libbo” thoughts of his heart, Psalm 33:11 and in “morashe lebabi”, possessions or thoughts of my heart, Job, 17:11

What a cute phrase, “dibber ‘im leb” Ecclesiastes 1: 16 “to speak to the heart” or “to oneself”. The heart knows and perceives, Deuteronomy 29:3, remembers and forgets, I Samuel 21:13 And a man with or without understanding either has heart or not, heart and soul are interchangeable and with it being mentioned over a thousand times in the Bible, I can promise you one post won’t begin to cover it. Sometimes it is literal and others is in reference to the soul.

Hearts should be the center of wit and joy, love and creativity, They should give the body the peace of Christ, by remaining in His rest. As a final note the word for dog is kelev or keleb, where we get the name Caleb, meaning faithful and dog. See the lev or leb in it. He knew we would love our pets and even put a heart in our dog or a dog in our heart. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed learning about hearts, there are so many more verses. You don’t have to look up all thousand or so, but try a few, and then I might ask you again, how is your lev life?






100%+ Pure


As we move on in our Hebrew lessons for August, I decided to focus on just one word. Today’s word is tahor, it sounds like it reads. And it means pure. So let’s look at a tahor in the Word, and we will discover a much deeper meaning than our ideas of pure.

A lot of times we think is pure but it is flawed, everything from milk, mentioned in 1 Peter 2:2 to diamonds. What we think is pure love is not by God’s standards, His love is 100%+. Our love toward Him may be pure to us, but it probably has flaws, thankfully, He looks at Jesus’ sacrifice and not our shortcomings, and His love toward us is pure.

His love is intimate, nurturing, full of grace, mercy and compassion. It is what a wedding night was meant to be and more. He is the only one who can restore the soul lost to pure love.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8, one of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, uses the word pure. The Orthodox Jewish Bible reads, Ashrey are those of lev tahor for they shall see Hashem. Lev tahor actually reads heart love but Hebrew is read right to left and with no vowels it might appear a little backward to us.

As for His words, we only have to watch the refining of silver or gold, The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times. Psalm 12:6 ( The words of Hashem/God are amarot tehorot (pure words); as kesef/silver refined in the furnace on the earth, purified seven times.) For those who have not read it from another study, Ha’Shem literally means  ” the name ” as Jews would not even speak Yahweh, shem by itself means name like mine or yours.

In Psalm 119:9 we are told how a young person keeps their way pure, by following His word. A letter stirs up a pure mind of remembrance, in 2 Peter 3:1. We can put God in remembrance of His promises and He reminds us with His Spirit. Not complaining, arguing, and living in strife in general, is how we become blameless and pure children of God in Phillipians 2:15. And with pure thoughts is one of the ways we are told to think in Phillipians 4:8

Why should we be asking for wisdom? But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all  pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. James 3:17. And James has also said in 1:27, that the religion our Father accepts as pure and undefiled is caring for widows and orphans and not letting the world corrupt or pollute you. You may also recall that your religion is worthless if you cannot bridle your tongue and you deceive yourself.

Pure is mentioned in 1 Peter 3:2 as how a woman wins over a husband to Christ, when he sees her demeanor. If men or women do not respond to His love, there would be no hope. Habbukak questions God about His silence as the wicked are overtaking the righteous, by saying His eyes were too pure to look on evil. Indeed they are, and required the life of His Son to save us. And hopefully, this is prophetic verse for us.

For at that time I will change the speech of the people to a pure speech, that all of them may call upon the name of the LORD and serve him with one accord. Zephaniah 3:9 It actually says peoples meaning races or nations, I took off the s because it looked like a typo.

So here is a new Hebrew word we have learned tahor or pure, and a deeper meaning to it, and there is more and deeper still as there are more Hebraic studies on it and more verses, but what is important to realize is not to be so conscious of all our fears and failures, but of our words and their sincerity, because God knows the thoughts and intents of our heart, and most people I am sure, have not even begun to understand His pure love. Pure love is of faith and favor, not foolishness or flattery.

We need not be so wrapped up in everything else and everybody else, or even ourselves. Take time to be still before Him and find rest in prayer and worship. Be wrapped up in Him, because He knows a lev tahor or pure heart when He sees one, and so should we. Rebecca Jones / Valerie Elash, so pretty.


What one word describes God, Yahweh, Jehovah best? Ahavah, love, because He is love. 1 John 4:8. But while the word ahavah is love in Hebrew it is much more, it is a very unconditional love. I used to wonder how God could forgive such major sins, even people in the Bible, like David who sent a man to his death to get his wife, and they had so many and harems, look at Solomon. David was a man after God’s own heart and Solomon wise. And that was old covenant, sin was wiped out year by year under the law.

That’s something to say about His character in itself, but then we have, the Brit Hadasha, the New Covenant or New Testament, what thousands of years of  sacrifices had done for others, Jesus was about to do for all who would come and even reach back to take souls from paradise to heaven. And then we see the change in a man like Saul, persecutor of the Jews, meeting Jesus on the road to Damascus gave him a complete turn around. So much so he would state that he had wronged no man, and not only had held the the coats at Stephen’s stoning, he oppressed the Jews so that they were reluctant to believe in his conversion. But a true encounter with Jesus changes you, immediately and over time.

That is ahavah, God’s love and forgiveness at work in the Old and New Testaments. If He forgave because of the sacrifices of lambs, what about the Son, His own beloved Son, cruelly slaughtered to save us. This is deep forgiveness, it is pure and holy love, it is God, it is ahavah. He loved His creation that much, which is the essence of John 3:16.

Now, did He approve of everything? Of course not, did He have regrets, sure He did. He repented of things to Himself. Though He does look at us except through the love of Jesus, be sure the Holy Spirit is not fooled, look at Ananias and Sapphira. All they had to do was not to lie, no one even asked they donate all their money.

If you want to understand ahavah, you have but to look at parents, and I would say mothers especially, whose hearts have been broken by wayward children, prodigals, who would be welcomed home and even treated royally, yet they grieve the loss of an unrepentant child with having to, sometimes, more often than not back off and leave them to God.

If you would understand ahavah, you would do well to study the Greek equivalent of it, agape. Jesus uses the word agape to Peter, when asking if he loves Him. Peter’s answers will be using the word phileo, more of a friend love. Jesus asked Him three times and his answer the same. But Jesus met Him on His level as He does us. He will bend to listen. Let’s read a little from the Jewish Orthodox Bible.

But now remain emunah, faith, tikvah, hope, and ahavah, love, these shalosh, three. And the greatest of these is ahavah, love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Chaverim, friends, if Hashem, God, so had ahavah, love, for us, also we ought to have ahavah, love one for another. 1 John 4:11

Pachad fear, is not in ahavah, love, but the ahavah hashleimah, love of God casts out pachad, fear because pachad fear has to do with pachad fear of the onesh, punishmen and the one with pachad, fear has not been perfected in ahavah, love.

We have ahavah, love, because rishonah, first, He had ahavah, love for us. 1 John 4:18,19

We may love Him because He loved us first, but do we ahavah or agape? Can we say with assurance that we have wronged no one like Paul, being that confident in our change of heart and the forgiveness, cleansing and healing power of the blood of Jesus. Most of us would not consider ourselves the chiefest of sinners like Paul, but there are so many we overlook. Knowing to do good and not doing it is one, there are sins of ommission, the calls you don’t make, the clothes you didn’t donate, the little white lies.

While we are not murderers per se, have we not torn down others with our words at times? Myself included, even explaining the Word, and saying you are doing this, this or this, it is not always speaking the truth in love. I ask for the grace to explain better. People have a hard time understanding the depth of God’s love, they will think and speak badly enough of themselves and allow the enemy to assault their hearts and minds, it is easy for them to disparage others. See why they are sinners. Yet, believers are saved by grace. His blood has them covered, we need not torture ourselves or others but not get into condemnation.

Ahavah is not only a wonderful product made in Israel, lots of creams and lotions, it is a wonderful presence from heaven. Ahavah is a wonderful, a good and perfect gift from God, because God is love, by giving us Jesus, He gave us Himself. Rebecca Jones/ Dylan Gillis, Unsplash , thanks.