Where Are Your Accusers?


We know the story. What is Jesus writing in stone? Yes, it was stone not dirt. A new commandment He gave and we  can fulfill the ten if we obey the one. If you love, you won’t want to steal or kill or commit adultery. Everyone faces temptations but with Him we overcome. Only the horrid death of a crucified Savior and His tender mercies, love and forgiveness could swallow up sin, shame and even death, hell, itself. I’m forever indebted to that love, but owe Him nothing, for asks only for my love and to let Him love me.

I don’t like being accused. I don’t like the devil trying to poke his nose in, always reminding me of some shortcoming. And Romans 3:23, that we have  all sinned and come short of His glory, didn’t help when preached in redundacy. Rededicate your life, how many times I walked to the altar? How many times would I have to? Only one, I was saved. He gives eternal life. I used to cry and beg the Holy Spirit not to leave me, even knowing, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Hearing about grace made me happy to know He wasn’t the one reminding me of something I did wrong. I knew He forgave, knew the verse about east to west. And yet, my prayers weren’t answered or were they? The devil is quick with accusations, so that he can deceive and delay, and disappoint. I’m always amazed that he takes on a fervor in the tongues of others, even believers.

They’re always ready to cast stones, aren’t they? Something must be wrong with you. Some hidden sin. Something you didn’t repent of.  Haven’t they ever been in spiritual warfare? Never been in a battle, a battle to hold onto faith? Are they the first to pick a stone, or the last to walk away and toss it to the ground? Does it take Jesus writing on their heart of stone to stop them from hurling accusations?

I’m being truthful, I defend myself too often. I let it get to me, if I know something is wrong. I feel like I can explain it. It never matters to someone who doesn’t get it, Christian or not. God is my refuge, my fortress, my shield. He surrounds me, He endwells me. He is zealous for me.  Why can’t I remember that when the accuser pops up?

I want to speak out or hide in a corner sometimes. I catch myself and try to walk away. I catch my breath before getting angry. “It’s not true.”  ” That’s not so! ” ” You’ve got it all wrong! ” And I have had my moments, admittedly. Why can’t others see Jesus the way I do? He wasn’t afraid to call it like He saw it. He cleansed the temple. Why do some people find the truth offensive? They’re ready to accept the sinners and kick the Christians.

We are taught to preach the Word in season and out. Even those who are not ministers but serve have a duty to denounce sin. But we have no right to hurl stones at the ones who are trying to help. I have heard insults to Christians a lot worse than me saying someone should leave witchcraft alone. Jacob’s well was filled with stones by an enemy, it’s the same well that Jesus sat on talking to the woman at the well. Its the same place where living waters springs from.

There is a point here. Let Jesus sit on your well if has been clogged by an enemy, let Him redig it and give you living water. Jesus, the cornerstone rejected by the builders, the rock of my salvation, who is higher than I. Jesus whose glory rolled away a stone from the tomb, Jesus, who was swaddled in a stone manger, sits upon the well of your soul to give you living water and make it well wtih your soul. The rock of ages that is cleft for me invites me to come with Him.

He deems me innocent in the prescence of my enemies, He’s my Defender and Advocate. He will arise and let His enemies be scattered. I need not worry, I need not fear. He is with me, my Shepherd, resting at the gate of the stone corral where He keeps the sheep. No matter the enemies that gather, no matter what the devil throws, I have overcome because He has.

Though I walk away from arguments, there are some that pursue. I am not offended, nor afraid. Even if I want to cower at the prospected of being stoned with insults, accusations or even lies. I’m innocent, because the Truth knows me, and offers His hand, ” Becky, where are your accusers? ” I can safely look around and answer,  ” Lord, I have none. ” Rebecca Jones

Love Should Not Hurt


This is an open letter to women. Short or tall, heavy or thin, Asian or Hispanic, black or white. Married or not. Christian or not. Whether you have children or not. If you have a degree from Harvard or the school of hard knocks, if you work in a convenience store or a corporation, I understand. I feel for you. I cry with you.

It happens everyday doesn’t it? Something isn’t right and he goes ballistic. Maybe, it’s not what he wants for dinner and the house isn’t clean enough, he won’t help because he works, and what do you do all day? Just stay with the kids, sleep on the couch or watch television? Did you trap him into marriage by getting pregnant? Are you trying to?

Maybe, you’ve overdrawn your account, charged something, wrecked the car? Maybe, it s nothing, perhaps it extends into the bedroom. You’re my wife!  You’re my girlfriend! Look what you made me do, you deserved it. These words cut you to ribbons and pierce your heart as a woman. You can hide bruises and black eyes but not from God.

God made you unique! You have a womb! You can bear children. From the beginning the devil has took aim at you. The attack began in a garden, and will not end until Jesus returns. The enemy was privy to the plan of salvation. He wanted to destroy the bloodline of Jesus, but failed. He failed miserablely. God forgave the harlot Rahab and the idol worshiper Ruth. They are in His history, so you see, there’s hope for you.

Whether you or a call girl or upper middle class, have been married to one man thirty years or have slept with dozens for money or drugs, He cares. He loves you. Whether  you sought money, the fast track,  whatever you idolized. He cares, He loves you. He did not create you to abuse or to be abused. Nor your children. But this is for women.

Don’t you know He cares for the smallest sparrow? Does not want you to worry? To be in lack or poverty? And He does not want you to live afraid! Ever! I love you enough to tell you the truth. You open the door to the enemy when you give your body away, when you do drugs, are an alcoholic, when you practice the occult, step on people to get ahead, let your temper get the better of you. If you throw things, slap, hit or are are foul mouthed, if you are verbally abusive. You’ve opened your front door to the devil and he’s invited himself as a permanent houseguest. And he’ll never leave. Not until you change. Don’t pray for your husband to, pray for God to show him His love, by changing you.

I am not in any way, by any means telling you to stay in a dangerous situation. God would not allow me to do that! I am also not blaming you. But He wants to help you, He longs to help you, if you are a believer, you are the apple of His eye, His beloved, His pearl of great price. Won’t you wake from a sleep of suffering and start to build your house on the rock that is Jesus. It is not too late to call on Him.

It is not too late to call on Him if you are a sinner. If you the worst drug addict ever, alcoholic, I’ve watched people die like that, too fast, too young, wasting away into the pits of hell convinced by the devil’s lies that they are okay. They’ve done a few good things. People that are rotten apples, spoiled fruit, without self control and out of control.They listen to no one and account to nobody. Never does it enter their minds that they will one day account to God. They are selfish, narcissistic and pessimistc. They walk around with a fried brain and suicidal and even homicidal tendencies. Their lives are nothing but arguing and violence, and they are angry if you say something,even to help, about one or the other, even though they can beat each other senseless.

I had never even heard the phrase, choke her out. I did not know heroin was such a problem. I lived in my Christian world overloved and overprotected by God and prayed for people. I did not ever think that the television shows I used to enjoy in the eighties, with your occasional drug dealer and hooker and gang banger would turn into shows with constant autopsies and worse. The Pope was right to say that we lived in a culture of death. Now I watch reruns and people picking antiques, even some of the cooking programs are  laced with profanity.

If you live in anything less than love, joy and peace. You are not living in God’s best for you. No one is immune to spiritual attacks, the devil will come for the Word, the spoken and written word. But he doesn’t have to get it, your promises, your faith, hang on. God is hanging on with you. If you are a believer, the greater one lives in you. If you are not, He’s a whisper away. Stop selling your body and soul, stop compromising. You may not think you are worth it but Jesus died to make you worthy.

He sees your tears, He knows the depths of your pain. He sees your heart and soul and knows the causes, the root that put bitterness or even hate into you. Did you even know it was there? Can you forgive? If you will, He will heal that wound. He will see that the blood of Jesus covers it and the Holy Spirit can seal and remove even the deepest of scar tissue, from the hardest of hearts, to the most broken of the broken hearted..

Only someone that has been hurt, can be cruel enough to hurt. Most of us move on, hide pain, anger, disappointment. But it festers beneath and boils up to the surface, making you mad enough, like your blood is boiling. Someone scratches the scab, it’s minor. Slaps the hand after the cookies, not so bad. But let them hold something over your head in condemnation, it’s a bitter pill. Let them speak evil of your good, accuse you falsely or slander you, embarrass you publicly, shame you, keep you away from friends and family, put you down. Even being full of Holy Spirit, you can get very angry, be driven to voice opinions.

It doesn’t matter if you internalize everything and anything. Sob yourself to sleep alone or have a husband you can’t locate. Is he gone? Having an affair? Has something happened to him? Would you even care anymore? I’m painting a bleak picture, my life has had very few tangles, so I can only imagine the way others are forced to live. But I mean it, I cry for you, just as Jesus wept.

And the men must have hurts too, something running deep. There is no way any man should ever put his hands on a women except in love. It is not an excuse to abuse others because you have been! Don’t give the devil places! It’s not about men against women, in elections, in church or the business world. It’s about God being for us!

I must tell you to call out the good in your husband, even if you have to walk away from saying something bad. Remember the Golden Rule. Psychlogists have ratios for happy marriages but I only have one, it’s Jesus. And don’t hold being single against me, I won’t settle, don’t you. Rebecca Jones

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Whispers of Love


Whispers of love. What does that make you think of? A romantic dinner? A walk on the beach? Getting a dozen roses?

God is love. He doesn’t have love, He is it. So how is He whispering love to us, in His Word, through another believer, through me. And through a song, a butterfly. a rose. I put tons of stuff on my Pinterest boards just for that reason, pretty pictures and verses. I scroll back over them myself.

I can hardly believe that we are that insecure as human being, or as women, that we need constant reminders that we are loved but we do. Because women tend to be the more sensitive, mothering and nurturing souls and we need assurance. But thankfully, there are some sensitive men and the most important one is Jesus, and He’s glad to remind us, by His Spirit.

Your computer screen goes blank, you’ve just lost what you were working on. You try everything it’s gone. Finally, you find a back door into a file. It’s incomplete but you can fill in the blanks. A whisper of love.

You’re so tired of waiting for prayers to be answered and you realize they were and the enemy is decieving and delaying God’s plan. The Holy Spirit quickens you. A whisper of love

You get discouraged that your not really making a difference, that you don’t matter. And then someone sends you a note that you’re their angel and must be hearing fro God or that you made their day. Or maybe, even better still someone needs  you. A whisper of love.

He whispers love in many ways throughout the day, a sparrow, a bumblebee or a laugh. So if you are thinking, ” It’s no use. ” I’m worthless. ”  Know that His thoughts and ways are higher than our opinions of ourselves. He’s thinking, I love you, you’re worth many sparrows, I’ve got my eye on you. ” Learn to replace your thoughts with His, have the mind of Christ, keep it renewed.

He thinks about you all the time, you can’t count His thoughts toward you. His love is  so great for you, it’s hard for you to believe, but you can believe it. The only proof of is love than we nee is that He gave Jesus. Not arrogant or prideful, but loving and confident. Jesus knew how much He was loved the heavens opened and God whispered His everlasting love, “This is my beloved Son. ” A whisper of love. Rebecca Jones





Whispers of His Peace

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There’s a glorious silence that fills the house when no one is here, just me and the Lord. It fills me, the room sometimes at night and it is overpowering, a silence so wonderful and strong that it would be deafening if you could hear it, but that’s not the correct adjective for it, either. It doesn’t describe God.

I feel it fill up my body when things are going awry. Like God saying, ” Be still. ” ” Calm down. ” And sure enough when my anxious mind wants to short circuit. A cool, collected sense of His presence stills me. A whisper of peace.

And when my heart is over whelmed by the day and cares of the world and the desire to share something of Jesus that is indescribable, when my heart pounds from being exhausted or fear is trying to take hold of me with its deadly grip. I find myself at the rock that is higher than I. A whisper of peace.

When I’m so tired, I can barely breathe, I sing a praise anyway. And His glory surrounds me in unseen beauty, a whisper of peace. And when I rest at night, in stillness and sleep and dream that I am praying for others, a whisper of peace.

When the world is shouting at me and I start to shout back, I hear a whisper of peace.When the enemy rails against me and I want to bind and rebuke, I rest in His Word and speak it aloud, a whisper of peace. It is His peace that He left, not the world’s idea of it. Not even mine. It the peace of God that passes understanding, He whispers it, He doesn’t have to shout to be heard.

He whispers peace, the solemn stillness that fills my room, that is overwhelming, awesome, palatable and powerful. Sacred, holy and still.  Whispers of His peace. 4nrkta67u9f8qjvn7w5g

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Whispers of Grace

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I remember things more clearly, the more I study the Word. I remember the prayers I prayed and what I trusted Him for. I may not have always done exactly the right thing. I tried so hard in my own strength, but I could not be that super strong woman of faith. So I drew on the strong women I knew, sometimes from a movie, then I was harder, keeping the facade of not being myself was not giving me peace, and I went a long time without crying. Something that is a necessity at times just to keep your sanity, to release your heart to Jesus. Yes, Jesus loves me. I am weak but He is strong.

A whisper of grace from a children’s song. A poem I wrote long ago, that was prophetic in my life and I did n’t even know it. A whisper of His grace. I see the sky dark with clouds in the afternoon Georgia heat, I lean against the car and take in the gentle breeze. A whisper of grace.

After years of fears, now tears, dicouragement and sorrow. I now He was there working for me if I could rest in Him. A whisper of grace. Love shouldn’t be a struggle, it was freely given and freely received. Did I not receive for falling into an old trap of the enemy, looking to myself to see what I was doing wrong? Like Job’s friends, I believed someone else view of me instead of how I viewed myself and even that was not as rich as His mercy and grace.

Two yellow butterflies play together freely outside the window. A whisper of grace. A song of praise gets stuck in my head. A whisper of grace. A good long nap even after a full night’s sleep. A whisper of grace. Just turning down the light to shadows, quiet settling in the house. A whisper of grace.

A good memory, a prayer I whispered, my heart’s deepest desires. He remembers. It’s a whisper of His grace. He constantly whispers into the chaos and confusion of our lives because He promises peace, He is the author of peace. He penned for me a life of joy and peace, and it’s an eternal one. Now, that I’ve stopped running to keep up, stopped chasing dreams that were already my reality. Now that I rest in the love of Jesus, and the whispers of His grace. Can you hear them? Rest….. The butterflies are back. He whispers grace.


It Is No Secret


There’s a glorious old hymn that says it is no secret what God can do and that what He’s done for others, He’ll do for you. And it’s true! Oh, so true! But you have to believe and don’t let anyone talk you out of your faith.

It’s not a secret that He saves, even the wretches, who saved a wretch like me, amazing grace.

It’s no secret that He came to seek and save the lost. And not to condemn. He said so. John 3:16, 17

It is no secret that He heals, He did it all the time. Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I prove Him o’er and o’er, just to rest upon His promise, just to know His healing power.

Another old song, they are full of grace and truth which came in the person of Jesus Christ. Grace is a person, peace is a person, truth is a person. And greatest of all, love is a person, His name is Jesus.

It is no secret that He loves us, who else would die a gruesome death for such sinners. Maybe you weren’t a bad person. Like me, not that bad at all. But that love extends to the chiefest of sinners, which the Apostle Paul says he was.

His turn around was astonishing, nothing is impossible with Him. If only other people can be turned, I pray so. It is no secret what He’s done fo me. I was healed of something no one should have survived and I know it. I have the blessing of the abilitiy to write and share that, and I will be glad to tell anyone that it is no secret what God can do. Rebecca Jones


What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops. Matthew 10:27



Really Let Jesus In, Trust Your Heart


Really Let Jesus In, are we seeing the real Jesus or just what others have told us, ministered to us, what we want Him to be. When Peter had revelaton of Him being the Christ, it made a difference. And the enemy went after Peter. The disciples probably would have liked for Him to start a revolt and take over as King but His Kingdom is not of this world, it is in us as believers.

So do we see Him for who He really is, the Son of God, a sacrifice for all, do we see Him as a healer, deliverer? A constant companion who is closer than abrother? A confidant, advocate? Do we see Him able to help us move mountains? Pray for the sick? Win people to Him?

Is our field of vision narrowed by blinders and limiting Him to a cross, whereby we are saved? Or do we see Him all powerful and resurrected, seated at the right hand of God, aware of our problems, listening to our prayers, praying for us.

I don’t know about you, but I need the prayers Jesus prays. And the Holy Spirit helps us pray when we don’t know how, even moans and groans or praying in the Spirit. God knows everything and I don’t. I’m liable to make snap judgements, go by my feelings or that it seems like a good idea. But He is able, just and righteous. He will not lie or decieve, He keeps His promise. But when we walk in the Spirit and trust in Him, we can trust our heart and follow it because the Holy Spirit wll help us, He is never deceived and will not allow to be if we submit ourselves to God.

So let’s really let Jesus in, into our hearts and souls and minds and let Him into our thoughts and actions, into our eyes and ears. Let’s see Him for the love He is and hear His words and heed them. We all go through that is it me or God kind of thing but the more you trust Him , the more He teaches you, the more your grow and you will learn to discern. Rebecca Jones

Preparing Your Heart


God is ready to prepare our hearts, are we? Just as a bride makes preparations for her wedding so must we all make preparations in order to receive from God. We must believe and  be born again. We must receive His Spirit. we must follow after love and desire spiritual gives. We must learn discernment, and how to become a woman of wisdom.

We search out how do do all these things and we look to Him for answers, He has them. We are tired from daily life, trying so hard to be good wives, mothers, friends and caregivers that we are losing the joy of being the beloved. Cares of the world seeped in. We wanted to do other things and set God aside after all we are just being good stewards, doing our jobs taking care of our families, but if we leave Him out, we leave ourselves out.

This wedding is more important for it is to the beloved bridegroom and we want to be ready to walk the aisle to the to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are in the season of Teshuvah, repentence, reflection. Soon, the Day of Atonement will be here and the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah, 5777.

So please set aside each day to reflect and repent if need be, all that really means is to change your mind and go the other way. God will change our hearts. A Pinterest friend of mine is also a minister and is leading a fast beginning on 9/12 to 10/3. It’s 21 days.

You’re invited to join us! Let God prepare your heart to recieve from Him in His New Year. It’s not that hard if you let Him help you. It is not a full fast! Just give up one meal a day, some social media time, at least an hour a day, television, desserts. And not just some old show you wouldn’t watch anyway, remember God gave us His best.

My mother once did a 21 day, Daniel’s fast. It is more vegeterian. I tried a three day complete one once. Ugh! I thought I die! How did Jesus go forty days? I ended up with a glass of grape juice and a piece of bread at the end of the day, calling it Communion.

This was something stupid, I did myself. But now fasting is easier for me, I am sort of on my own time at the moment, so I don’t have to get up early. Breakfast is out completely most days unless its something to drink or  a protein bar. I don’t eat lunch until the afternoon so I made the decision to fast until 3 o’clock. Food only. I intend to give up Pinterest also a day here or there, or maybe a week, because I do post on Christian boards. television is not a problem.

I chose that time on purpose because Jesus was crucified at the ninth hour, 3p.m. Take time to pray about it and prepare especially if you have a family you cook for. If you get up and go to work, have you tea or coffee and something at say, five ’til six. if you can go til three, great, take that protein bar with you, drink water. Coffee drinkers may want to fast that. It does have to hurt a little so you’ll know you’re even doing it, but God is gracious, He knows when we try, so just do your best.

Don’t forget to spend some time with Him, if you’re not on the internet pick up the Bible. And don’t tell everyone. Don’t ever do it  for show like the Pharisees. Or for the wrong reasons. It’s not a diet or just to get something, its an offering. So put on your perfume and smile, no one has to know unless they are a believer who is joining you or someone who would understand.

So if your tired, weary or burdened, facing a crisis and need an answer. God wants to put us back in bridal mode, and refresh us. Let’s go, fast! I had to say it, sorry, Lord. Please don’t fast medications or food if you have a medical condition, pick something else.

But let’s prepare to let God prepare our hearts…resting in His grace. Rebecca Jones

Pick Up Your Cross


We are all familiar with Jesus statement to the disciples to take up their cross and follow Him, but it’s time we put it down. Now, before anyone gets angry with me, please hear me out. There are some things that are literal and others take study. Jesus and the Word might appear to be contradictory to some. But it states facts, and the Holy Spirit is the teacher.

Jesus also said that His yoke is easy, His burden light. Like a team, yoked together. You go His way, in the right direction. Like a marriage, we aren’t to be unequally yoked, with unbelievers, that can also be a a believer who just doesn’t believe the same thing. So Jesus command to them is different since they were there. They believed in person, and saw the resurrection first hand, the ascension. They tarried to recieve the Holy Spirit inside them, whereas before, He was upon them. More like Old Testament times.

Now let’s look at believers since, of course, there were martyrs, but we have all had to accept Jesus by faith, we have the Holy Spirit in us, immediately and even the baptism in Him if we ask, which I believe is best. I found it hard to unlearn doctrine that  had been taught to me by well meaning but innacurate teachers.

We are saved by grace. Nothing we do, no cross we bear. The Bible says that we are crucified with Christ, and yet we live. And that we have a new life hidden in Him. The Holy Spirit is our guide. He reveals truth as we grow and mature, and become skilled in the Word and rightly divide it. We are filled with spiritual lnowledge and gifts that we must recieve and use.

The reason Jesus came was to destroy the works of the devil. The cross most assuredly did that. Jesus was the only one who could have done it and even He fell under the weight of it. So why do we think we can carry it? It is a revered symbol of His everlasting love and Covenant and I cherish it. I used to cling to it. I tried to hold on tighter when I was in pain, to just bear it because He went through more. Mine didn’t compare, someday, I’ll be healed though. But I had to realize that I had already accepted Him and He wasn’t my crucified Christ, but alive forevermore and making intercession for me. He bore all this for me, Isaiah 53.

The power of and the message of the cross crushes sin, shame, fear. It cures sickness and disease and delivers from addiction, afflictions of all sorts. It heals the broken heart after breaking the heart to let His love in. It washes whiter than snow. It restores souls, renews minds and makes them sound. It makes us whole, provides provision and protection. The cross and the sacrifice of Christ are so purely and deeply rooted in God’s love that we have only scratched the surface of what He did for us. I challenge you to read for yourselfves what it took to prepare the Passover lamb. Even the heart was eaten. Like wise, we remember Him with Communion, and can feast on His Words.

Jesus paid an enormous price, He knew no sin but became it for us. He took our place. I will cherish and cling to the old rugged cross and exchange it for a crown. But not when I lay my burdens down, I am supposed to come to Him weary, heavy laden and cast my burdens on Him. He cares for me. He said with His last breath, that it was finished. How ironic, the symbol of suffering and shame is also one of death and life.

You may or may not agree. But I don’t think He wants me carrying things He bore for me. I love and respect His sacrifice. I was saved because of it. Healed because of it. Delivered because of it. If the Son made me free indeed, am I to be crushed under a cross my Lord stumbled with? I carry a risen Jesus, alive, alive , alive forevermore. My Jesus is alive!!!

I am not disrespectful, not rearranging Scripture. I don’t mind if someone diagrees. I just hope it makes you think. Pick up the cross, wear it, remember it. But Jesus isn’t nailing us to it when we fail, He forgives and forgets, not condemns. He could have condemned us all, but paid a ransom for us all instead. Pick up your cross, but lay it at His feet. It’s time to lay our crosses down at the feet of the one who laid down His life for us. Carrying mine made like the woman bent over, bound by the devil, Jesus carrying set me free. Please try to see that being crucified with Him is how we carried it, when we are saved it is like being resurrected and we are supposed tobe seated with Him in heavenly places. We still have a lot to learn about the one who loves us so. It’s so hard to believe when things are going wrong, but His Word is true. Rebecca Jones

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Practicing His Presence


I wasn’t used to hearing this phrase. I never knew what it meant. Praying in the Spirit was new to me, soaking in worship or healing music. But I needed to. I needed healing. I needed peace. I wanted to feel better, physically, mentally, spiritually.

I had over come so much by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony. Yet, there were things I was missing. Desperately, missing. Only Jesus could fill this void, restore and satisfy my soul. But it takes practice. Ineeded the sience and stillness and peace of God, His rest for my soul.

It takes practicing His presence daily, moment by moment if necessary, as much as you need to dispel the enemies attacks. Our minds are not always the battlefields, he has traps set through other people and knows how and when to spring them.

If we stay in the rest of faith, and we confess our righteousness only by Jesus, fear isn’t able to overpower our souls as easily. Soak in your tub of grace and let anointed bubbles of worship fill the room, even if there is no music. Let Jesus’ love for you permeate the atmosphere with His mighty prescence. He is the Prince of Peace.

His children deserve peace and we will have peace if we let the Prince of Peace reign over us. Speak His peace to your situations, His Peace is greater, speak peace to you family and to your children and to your own heart.

Let peaceful thoughts rule your mind, peaceful verses and above love yourself enough to practice His prescence and let Him love you. Oh, the enemy comes, but he’s no match, for Jesus, for greater is He that is in us. Rebecca Jones