God is a Rewarder


Hebrews 11:6 declares that without faith it is impossible to please God…and it is but many time we leave off the verse’s last line…He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

I knew this verse many years ago, I desperately sought the Lord, but I was so mixed up by doctrine and never truly knew or undersand the sacrifical passage of the Old Testament and how Jesus was so cruelly tortured to redeem us.

I knew lots of Scripture had it memorized, forgot a lot, reread, relearned, and listened over and over to teaching. I was saved, I loved Him. I even thought I served Him and had enough faith. So I went to deeper study.

But I was right the first time, I had faith. People talked me out of a lot of things, fear talked me out of a lot of things. I was reading comments today on false teachers. Truthfully, they are most of the people I like. They have big ministries. They have money. They have joy, and they teach healing. And people can’t stand that.

What do they think Jesus taught? He left us His peace, one of the favorite quotes appears to be about suffering, Jesus said we would, but also said to be of good cheer. He overcame the world. Many of these people may be readers of the King James Bible only. Believe me, I have had, in your face discussions about being wrong. King James did not write te Bible, God did. He made sure it was recorded by people continuously, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek.

I have had people tell me they’re not Jewish, don’t have  to translate. And of course, how much is left out of other translations. Yes, some were written for people who were not a proficient at reading. Do you realize how many people cannot read or at least read well. Text messages reduce language skills further with OMG! and C U LATER. Oh, I love computing, I’m not as good with phones, the typing is small, but I’ll get it! Oh, and admittedly, I don’t have a college degree.

Let me answer you, pray tell and yea, verily, what sayst thou? People don’t speak 15th century English. I have found all version helpfuls in study, and I love Hebrew word studies. Though I’m not a scholar at either. So if you study to show yourself approved as you are supposed to and God  sees your faith and rewards you openly, what’s the problem.

I know they will say they study, read the Bible all the way through every year, and they are warning you about false prophets. Okay, you did your duty, give it a rest. Don’t keep beating your poor dead horse, or worse your precious Lord who desires that we all owe each other brother love. And by the way, I doubt if I’ve even read it cover to cover.

Call me a false teacher if you want to. I know who healed me, blessed me and prospered me. So, if you don’t want to read my blog, don’t. Don’t want to talk to me, don’t. If I spoke at church, sang or wrote a book and you don’t agree. You have a free will.

The psalmist asks us to taste and see the Lord is good. If you’ve never tried something, and I’m not talking about stupid things or even food, how do you know what it’s like? God says to open you mouth and He will fill it with good things. The Jews were such strict religious people that tongues of cloven fire appear over them. Why? Because of their food laws and the split hooves. They knew it was alright to accept that teaching.

Some people are stubborn, stiff necked, and they grieve the Holy Spirit. I did it myself, because I didn’t even know. If you don’t choose to believe what I do, I won’t be at odds. But if you don’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues of healing, just ask the Lord for the gifts, but not with doubt or an attitude, just tell Him you want to know, to show you if your right or wrong. And let’s stop judging, bickering, our enemy is the devil, the wicked one who deceives. Not all the people you think are deceived are the ones who really are.  And I used to wonder why people didn’t just go in a clean out hospitals, you are not  supposed to lay hands on suddenly, people who go to crusade are asking for help. Do they always get healed? Healing is there. Sometimes, you just have to step out on faith.

Believe me even the best of us, have our worst days…we need grace. I am grateful for His heaing, His love and whatever He gives me because I will do things for His glory not mine. I am thankful for His mercy. And that I had a little faith that grew, was attacked but flourished, and the He is my reward. Rebecca Jones


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