Restore My Soul By Grace

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Psalm 23 is a record of benefits from God, one we all know is I shall not want. Yet, a lot of us have found ourselves, lacking. Whether it is in finances or something else, health or personal battles, we have been neglecting something or possibly through no fault of our own, just been attacked.

Sometimes, the demonic influences have attacked viciously and violently. I have seen so many people suffering health problems in a major way and they are both believers and prayer warriors. Hospitalization and even passing away, weary of the fight, having fought a fight of faith. And even a good fight of faith.

So why am I writing about restoration of souls, minds, wills and emotions? Because, the Lord restores souls. I think reading Psalm 23 everyday for a month is a good idea. See the rest He provides and even in the presence of our enemies, He prepares us a feast, so that’s not lack or famine is it?

And when we are restored we must be remember to not make the same mistakes. We can easily get into debt, over use credit cards and forget to save. There are always consequences or circumstances to deal with, we can repent of our wrongs, but like I said some things are just warfare and He can help there too, by showing us what doors to close and how to open the windows of heaven.

He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name sake.  Psalm 23:3

I will restore you to health and heal your wounds. Jeremiah 30:17, a promise to Jerusalem, but one I claim for healing and health.

Galatians 6:1 is about restoring someone gently to the fold if they have committed a trespass, I have little experience there. Often, I found myself a little hard on people who should know better, but He extends grace to sinners, so how much would offer a believer, that doesn’t mean we let the sin go without notice or mention, and certainly not to be a doormat.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Psalm 51:12, I used to think it said my salvation, it is all about Him, true joy is in Jesus.

The prayer offered in faith will restore the sick, and if he has sinned he will be forgiven. James 5:15

Zephaniah 3:9 speaks of restoring pure lips or maybe words would be a good idea, especially among believers.

Proverbs 6:31 talks about the thief restoring sevenfold if he is caught, that was the law. But I have found that it is God who causes him too.

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the great locust, the grasshopper, and the caterpillar, my great army, which I sent among you. Joel 2:25, Now again, this is Old Testament, it sounds like God is the villain. He allowed a lot because of disobedience, John 10:10 makes who the enemy is very plain. And as I said we lose out by our neglect and mistakes, but Jesus will restore us.

In John 17:11  Jesus  says indeed Elijah will come and restore all things, a reference to the great tribulation. It is Moses and Elijah who appear on the mount of transfiguration, a sort of passing the torch in a way to Peter and John, many people thought John the Baptist and Jesus were Elijah, because he had been carried away in a chariot. Neither, were though there was a spirit and power of Elijah to an extent.

I realize this gets deeper into eschatology and people often disagree about the two witnessed, but the only two men who did not die were Enoch and Elijah, so it appears obvious that they are the men killed by the Anti Christ.

Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through His holy prophets. Acts 3:21 Jesus will restore and people will be raptured, a lot of things like this may be simultaneous to me, He took out healed people from Egypt. Though restoration sounds great.

However He chooses to restore or how much or little we are to receive, we remain undeserving but for His grace. So, indeed as He restores health, souls, friendships. family or ministry, it is important for us to believe it as we receive from Him by grace, always amazed by it, I hope to be restored by grace. Rebecca Jones / Gabe Morales /Adobe Spark



Hanging On By A Thread of Grace

Okay, I know Ecclesiastes mentions nothing new under the sun, but hey, God says He’s doing something new. He’s God, He can do it too. Have  you ever felt like you’re hanging by a thread? Your life, health or marriage? Maybe, like me you’ve been holding on by a thread of grace, the very last strand of a golden hope and promise of the Lord. I have asked Him to hold on for me at times, when my pain was unbearable, when my mind was spinning with thoughts. The enemy would pour in fear and doubt and I poured in the Word.

We have all walked around feeling like the sword of Damocles was over us at one time or another. While the threefold cord is about marriage and a lot of them are in trouble, it can figuratively apply to anything, that needs the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to act upon in our lives. Suicide is one of the things that makes some feel at the end of their rope and without hope, even some believers, It is a lie because Jesus is our hope.

Please don’t go that way, there is a better way with the Lord. And I am not being trite, even as a Christian I have had my share of moments when comforting words like I write, just aren’t the same as a caring person holding you and or praying for you and even in the Spirit. It is an intimacy with God and the Spirit.

Our enemy is real and he would enjoy sifting us to wheat, pulverizing our ever hope and dreams, decimating our lives and families with sickness, disease, death and lack and poverty. I know all too well that feeling of devastation and despair. It is like a snare that becomes a trap you are entangled in and you don’t see a way out. These feelings of depression and hopelessness lead to making mistakes, bad decisions and even suicide.

My words are not the same as the loving Holy Spirit embracing you in the night, when all hope seems lost. Turmoil disturbs peaceful sleep and your mind betrays you with thoughts that though you cast them down return again and again. So what are we to do, when holding on by a thread? Make sure it is a thread of grace, by holding onto Jesus. Maybe there is a prescription handy, that would silence the enemy forever, and take you to heaven. Are you sure you have truly been born again, that is not the way. I have found myself writing about suicide way too much lately, the holidays can be sad, but don’t despair, Jesus is close to broken hearts.

I have heard the words of cruelty and despair in my head and heart. Faced them head on, they are defeated already by Christ, so that I can assure you that you need not fear the terror of the night nor arrow by day when the Prince of Peace is on the throne, and ever so close to you, just call Him. Hanging by a thread, perhaps, or the three fold cord, is much better. Even if you are not in a Christian marriage, single or whatever the case may be. As a believer, the Lord is doubling as your husband, get in agreement with Him, two are better than one, a three fold cord is not easily broken.

That cord can be Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All working for you, as you rest in faith and favor. Put your mind and heart at ease. He is our peace, Ephesians 2:14, He Himself is our peace. Peace, I leave with you, My Peace, not as the world gives, give I you, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27.

Even after He impressed this verse on me recently, things got icky. Everyone was yelling. Nothing was going right. And I even had to vent. And still, there is His peace, like a dove I could embrace, and go to sleep quietly and let the enemy snare himself in the best laid traps for me, he is hung out to dry, to twist in the wind of the Spirit, not I. I do not like arguing or loud, obnoxious people, I have had to learn to be bold in the light of something and just back off when there is no use explaining anything to those who are not listening.

I can rest, because I know who gives the weary rest. I was getting weary in well doing. My good was often evil spoken of. It would appear that sometimes I might daily be at wit’s end, the end of my rope, hanging by the proverbial thread. Not wit’s end, joy, because great are my rewards from Jesus, end of the rope, no. The anchor of my soul is there. The thread, it hung from a talit or prayer shawl, that I have touched and been made whole. It is a strong thread of grace and peace.

So you see, it’s not just words. It is love. It is Jesus. The three fold cord that holds me, binds me together, spirit, soul, and body. Mind will and emotions. You can touch Him. And He is worthy of your trust, after all He trusts you with His Spirit indwelling your heart. He gives you a cord of life, light, and love. Let Jesus love you like no one else can.

He was the scapegoat, the thread turned, when the scapegoat died in the Old Testament.  Jesus died to make our sins as white as snow, a better sacrifice and covenant, better promises. He even made Rahab and escape with cord, didn’t He? He we are not without hope when He is our hope. Let’s let Him do something new and amazing, hold onto your cord of hope. Your thread of grace.

When you are ready to give in, get down to your knees if you must, but keep looking up, the thread is not scarlet but pure white, and it is also not a thread but a threefold cord, a cord of grace tightly woven by a triune and loving Lord. He will hold it together when you no longer can, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Rebecca Jones / Joel Overbeck, thanks.


Insulting the Spirit of Grace


I always attempt to explain Scripture as simply as possible in order not to cause confusion as has happened to me, I want to help you understand though the Holy Spirit is the real teacher. I never knew how amazing grace was. I’m sure none of us do. Look at this verse.

Just think how much worse the punishment will be for those who have trampled on the Son of God, and have treated the blood of the covenant, which made us holy, as if it were common and unholy, and have insulted and disdained the Holy Spirit who brings God’s mercy to us. Hebrews 10:29

There is a lot of good grace teaching out there. There are also a lot of people who are taking advantage of it, even to the point of abusing the grace message. A lot of people including believers will challenge this message as people professing belief will continue  to sin but you do not know the person’s heart like God does. I hear a lot of people criticize some of those ministers and they are risking insulting the Holy Spirit also.

It is not our place to judge, but to judge righteously. Jesus even said you know believers by their fruit. That is the fruit of their spirit and His. And by the fruit they bear. Rotten apples don’t fall far, do they? And one can spoil the barrel. While Jesus didn’t put in into those exact words, He cursed a fig tree for having leaves but no fruit. Though it may not have been time for the fig to bloom that tree had leaves, it was pretending to bear fruit,when it was false. If Jesus knew about that, don’t you think He knows who is preaching true grace and who isn’t? Ministries would dry up, but they too are under grace, if they abuse it or pretend, it would be like the fig tree.

He also extends grace to sinners, even if there is a lot of sin. He gives people every possible chance not to go to hell. And to receive the grace needed to break free, but He knows the pretenders and willful sinners and it will not be a pretty thing to face judgement, for insulting the blood of His covenant and the Spirit of Grace.

It is one thing to wrestle flesh and some not flesh, or spirits to serve Him. There are battles and spiritual warfare that comes against believers. It is another to be a willful sinner and profess that you are a believer, especially when engaging in other false religions as well, still hanging with the wrong people, not giving up the sinful lifestyle. Jesus will help you overcome it. Some things, in fact, everything, He says we can’t do anything without Him, that is why we must lean into our precious Lord and respect the Spirit of Grace in order to overcome.

He loves you, He understands, He is your shield, strength and fortress and so much more. He faced temptation and never sinned. You and I can’t say that. We are no match for the enemy or life in general and it’s trials, but the world and the prince of it, met their match in Him.

But that’s where you start to treat His blood as a common thing, trample His mercy and grace. Not just by ignorance of His Word but by ignoring what is taught. So how much worse is that for people who insult the very teacher and comforter He sent, His Holy Spirit?

If you are calling yourself a believer and know you have been saved, seek the Holy Spirit to help break off the chains of sin. But if you are an in   just name only or person who has accepted a ” jailhouse version of Jesus ” to get out of trouble, you may be in for more, I have heard the lies of addicts. There are those who will say or do anything to get out of trouble or to gain sympathy, but there is no lying to the Spirit of Grace, He knows, and I have told them so.

So, if you have not been saved, I admonish you in love, speaking truthfully. Commit your life to Christ and ask Him for the Holy Spirit, ask for deliverance and renounce any dealings with drugs or occult practices, false teachings. You will walk much more freely than if you are a believer and unaware of His gifts. Some are struggling with never ending battles, and no idea how to break it off themselves, when He has the answer, are you still living as though the Lord whose blood makes you holy is a common thing, are you trampling the message of grace or insulting the Spirit of Grace?

Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33. this was the mentality of a lot of people then and now, a sort of eat, drink, and be merry, tomorrow you die type of thing, like live fast, die young leave a good looking corpse. Haven’t we all seen those pictures of addicts that have ruined their faces, skin, are look twice their  age. Is that a lie you can believe and say you are a Christian?

I have been told you only live once and it was about fun, asked should your practice both black and white magic to even your life out? I said to leave it alone. You can open doors more easily than you can close them if you don’t truly know Jesus.

As I said, I don’t know hearts but I know the Spirit, and some people are just not willing to admit wrongs. But I cherish the people I can speak to in love and truth, who will at least respect the Lord enough to listen and think and study. The wages of sin are still death even for true believers, who deceive themselves or remain in the dark, and much worse if you insult the Spirit of Grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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An Instrument of Grace

michel catalisano

Even lifeless instruments like the flute or the harp must play the notes clearly, or no one will recognize the melody. 1 Corinthians 14:17, New Living translation.

I have to confess, unlike most of my family, I like the symphony, the ballet, theater. Opera was an acquired taste. I still like old movies, better than the new ones. I like big band and just piano.

Everyone else may be on hip hop but I’m waltzing. I love poetry both reading and writing it, I have a post coming in February with one of my favorite Lord Byron ones. I love a classic, Dickens, for instance, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations.

I read as a child. My mother read the same few Golden books to me, she helped me write first poem, actually, I think she did.


I have a little kitten,

With soft yellow fur.

When I pet her,

She says, purr, purr.

Now, go read Valentine from God if you like. She was laughing when I told her people were reading it a lot. She said I had come a long way since Kitten. We both have, and through many trials, by His grace.

Why? He had made us instruments of His grace. No matter if you play an instrument or not, whatever you do, that you love to do, and do in love and for Him is your gift. It makes you an instrument of His grace.

Just as each instrument has a different tone, something that makes it different, special, unique, even if others share the gift. So are we as believers, are unique instruments of His grace.

One may sing, one may dance, one may paint, and one may write, and one may do all of them, some people have and use more than one gift. But should have only one, rest assured it is the best one for you.

You may be not be the best caterer, but the best caterer in your city. You may not have ever published a book, but people everywhere read your Bible studies. There is lots of room in this world, people are always striving for perfection, excellence, and achievement. Many wander aimlessly through life, like the musical piece, the Wanderer.

And why, you are already a believer. Called and chosen. Gifted by your maker, autographed with His excellence, you are to be perfect like He is in His ways not your own or the worlds.

I took a lot of piano lessons. I was never that good. Yet, I think I am a piano as an instrument, although I use different keys while writing. It is still black and white, sharp and flat.  I hit high and low notes as a writer.

Are you a flute? A trumpet? Or a drum? Or something else entirely. How about a violin or clarinet, a wind instrument or percussion. Just remember to let the Holy Spirit put the wind in you, and do be a clashing cymbal with no love. And it’s nice to be a harp.

Whether you ever make it to Carnegie Hall, or just the garage. His grace there, grace upon grace. John 1:16. And whatever your calling or gift, if you sow to the Spirit and not your flesh, trying to do it all by yourself, you will be an instrument of His grace. Rebecca Jones / Michel Catalisano, thank you.

Inspire Me Monday

Amazed by Grace


Grace is from the Greek, xaris, favor, disposed to, inclined, favorable towards, leaning towards, to share benefit, all relative to the words of God’s desire to bless us, though it us unmerited and undeserved. It’s why He sent Jesus.

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men. It instructs us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live sensible, upright, and godly lives in the present age…Titus 2:11,12.

Although God overlooked the ignorance of earlier times, He now commands all men everywhere to repent. Acts 17:30. God took the blame for a lot because Christ had not been revealed or crucified. Ignorance of His Word is no excuse now.

And now He has revealed this grace through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has abolished death, and illuminated the way to life and immortality through the gospel. 2 Timothy 1:10 Death here is eternal damnation, though many who remain in Him will see His return.

Jesus came and dealt with sin and sacrifice once and for all who would receive and follow Him. Grace works best by remaining in Him.  Ever wonder how some of those people did such bad things in the Bible and were forgiven, even went on to great things for God? Grace. Even the writer of the song Amazing Grace was a converted slave trader.

We all know someone who has abused grace and we wonder why something bad hasn’t happened to them, His grace abounds. But don’t think they can keep trampling His sacrifice, forever.

His sacrifice brought us eternal life, while a lot of people believe it  starts at eternity, I think it begins at salvation, and that too is ongoing, oh, I was saved once and for all time, but how often has He saved me from so many other things?

For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11. The Hebrew word for grace here is hen or chen, a gutteral word.

It is used consistently in the Old Testament, and is interpreted as favor or kindness, in your eyes or sight, to the king or someone important, and of course God. Noah, and Moses, David, found it, so did Esther and Ruth. How about you or I?

Sure, as we believed on His holy name. We didn’t deserve Him and yes, we have failed many times, but we find grace in the eyes of our blessed king and He is pleased with us if we keep our focus on Him.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Grace, taught our hearts fear or reverence and respect for Him, as we really what a gift grace is, and how freely given. And it is grace that relieves our fears. Grace that will move and take away fear. It has brought us safe this far and it is grace that will lead us will lead us home. And that grace is in the person of Jesus, I am always amazed by His grace. Rebecca Jones / Ambar Simpang

Garments of Grace

Just what are garments of grace? I suppose they could be anything we choose to wear since we receive grace upon grace and the Holy Spirit is upon us. If we walk in the Spirit or are baptized in the Spirit, we should be walking in kavod. Kavod is the Hebrew word for glory. It is like a crown only not in the sense of wearing it on your head since you can walk in it.

It is like a mist or a canopy of grace and glory, enveloping you from head to toe, almost like a protective bubble of His anointing and the enemy can’t get in, unless you allow him to by not knowing our protection or his devices. And by allowing the flesh to rule instead of the Spirit in us.

This picture is more of a veil, a little silvery, like redemption. A little gold like we are refined as. And of course He robes us in His righteousness or we would have none, that make be a pure and spotless white garment. You know the father of the bridegroom, if he were a king, provided the wedding garments, so we must be invited and wear them. So it is imperative to believe Jesus is Lord an be ready to go to Marriage Supper, because it truly is a royal wedding.

We are also to wear love. And how do we do that? It is so easy to wear  our hearts on the proverbial sleeve and to be hurt or offended. Love does get hurt, it is God’s love, agape. It is not always reciprocated, if Jesus died knowing many would not believe, He thought of those who would, and so should we. Jesus never gave in to offense, even when the disciples asked Him didn’t He care?

So we find our blessings in not being offended in Christ, our blessings are in Him and we have to turn to Him rather than take offense. We never want to retain the sins of others but forgive, we do not want to weigh down our hearts and minds or turn them hard and evil, with anger, hate and bitterness. We must wear the fruit of the Spirit, it begins with love and end with self control. The only thing that should weigh heavy on us is His kavod or glory, His Spirit and His peace should rest with us.

And we should wear the fragrance of Christ who offered Himself as a sweet sacrifice. It is our duty to be living sacrifices, we have passed from death to life if we love one another. We should be living epistles, people should read His very word upon our lives and testimonies, and just by our presence, they should be in His.

Veiled, crowned and robed. Wearing royal righteousness and glory and perfumed by the Lord Himself, no wonder heaven awaits a bride. are we ready, if not we should be preparing for a wedding day and a feast, and the bema judgement for the righteous to be rewarded or not, some will only be saved. And some will have many crowns to throw at His feet.

I think we should be thinking about what a pure love the Lord gave us, and what His desires are for us because He wants the best for us because we know the Father gives good gifts. And He wants us to wear His love, and to clothe is in garments of grace.

Rebecca Jones / Sofia Lesquerre, Unsplash, thanks.

Aborted Grace


As a believer, I am disheartened by this abortion decision signed this week. I have read lot of arguments, scrolled past gruesome pictures, commented that mothers and babies will be reunited only if she comes to Christ. There are people who think everyone goes to heaven, if they believe in heaven at all.

I can assure you there is one, and a hell as well, not meant for people but for the wicked one and his minions, the spirits who would lie, kill, steal and destroy. They fool intelligent people, and they fool believers. Their mission to divide. And they succeed, but are in no way greater. Never.

It is not foolish to have or voice an opinion, but aren’t they mostly the same old ones, people want children, they would take them. Would they? Do they? Some do, but others? I am guilty as well, passing moral judgement and condemnation, I saw many crawling on their knees in protest years ago, did it change anything? Really? It may have saved some, like the law of the Old Testament, but what about the law and the prophets, Jesus didn’t just do away with the Ten Commandments He fulfilled them, and expounded on them, with one new one, to love God and each other, if you do that you won’t break any of them. You are covered in His forgiveness and grace.

So we can be angry and sin not, hate the sin and not the sinner, hate the murder of babies without murdering those who do not understand, believe in or know that love, in our hearts. We murder them with our words if nothing else. We must not insult the Spirit of grace, or abort grace as others are doing. Our commandment is to love. Our focus should not be on the enemy but what is Jesus doing.

I would love to see protest turn to praise, that He shows His love and mercy toward those who need His salvation before it is too late. If all we do is argue and act in anger, are we any better? I am not criticizing the critics, nor accusing the accusers, the enemy does enough of that, and we probably all have been to the woe is me point of our lives like Job wishing we were never born. Do we mean that though?

It is in honesty I say, where are they, when you are out of diapers and money, have a low  paying income that forces you to government aid, red tape. I know all to well there are those who would live on welfare, but what about others?  Where are the Titus 2 women to teach the younger ones, I know there are some but there is need for more. There are many souls to be won by His love and grace. I question myself , have I been a good example. I have been against abortion, yet see these children raised among addiction and turned loose, a system of child welfare that is overworked, and the point of the courts reunification, isn’t that a mortal sin as well? Should we be casting stones at sinners? No. Casting them at ourselves, other Christians, we do that very well. Jesus wasn’t a Democrat or Republican, conservative, yes, but radical in setting women free, more than ever, and He would free them now.

When you have a baby, there is going to be puke and poop and sleepless nights and postpartum days, everyone showered you with gifts and now here you are alone at 3 a.m. with a baby who won’t hush. That is reality. And it is also love. it is a lot for any woman much less, girl or one raised on abuse.

I was only a girl when women’s lib cropped up. and I agree that women should be able to work, get paid well, have a say. I even agree that it is their body, but there are better ways to prevent pregnancy, and abortion is wrong, it is murder. I believe God sees men and women equal in Him, He is the head and the husband, wife. then children, But marriage is no longer sacred, so is abortion really that strange in the light of it?

Even as a believer, with limited knowledge and still young, I thought, it was a bag of blood, but then I saw tiny feet, and the Lord changed my heart because life is in the blood. He sees and hears and His blood is more powerful than Abel’s when it cried out for vengeance and even the unborn. His shed blood on the cross, speaks forgiveness for what He suffered, Hebrews 12:24, I while I depend on Him, I wouldn’t be counting on ignorance before Him as judge, were I an unbeliever. Jesus loves the little children of the world.

The world is shaken. Our faith should not be. His grace is sufficient. And it is not shaken by this decision. He knew what was coming. He knew when prayer would be put out of schools, Roe v. Wade would come. When changing sexes would be popular and acceptable.

That a believer abort a baby  would unthinkable to me, tough l contemplated that decision when thing about birth defects. But I am for life, pro life and life more abundantly and that only comes from Jesus and His grace. but there is still forgiveness. The sacrifice of Jesus is that deep and covers even people who are not aware of the wrong in this, there is a great deception, as we draw ever closer to His return, I offer my prayers knowing He sees hearts, and He is the one to change them, and He will never force people to believe and neither should we try, just keep helping whomever we can. Many people really just don’t know His love, that is what I hope to share. And for those who have had an abortion, there is forgiveness and healing, grace and no condemnation.

Perhaps, as many voices cry out for forgiveness, and in fear, as do in anger, He sees and hears. He was in the womb when the devil used Herod to destroy innocent children hoping to destroy Him, that failed and so will all this. He was on a cross when the devil was sure he had destroyed Him, even in hell but took the keys of death, hell and the grave. He was raised from the dead and restored our authority over the enemy, let’s use it wisely, and focus on the life giver, not the life takers, if believers fall short, so will sinners. And for those of us who will not abort His grace, we are not just poor old sinners saved by grace, but victorious and overcoming by His blood and our testimony, a light to those in darkness, we were all there once, let’s not go back or become what we hate. Let’s choose love, let’s choose grace, and one day the Prince of Peace will be the judge of all, and every knee will bow, even those who abort babies, and those who abort grace, one judgement for believers, one for the lost. Life or death? Choose wisely. Rebecca Jones / public domain pictures

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Heralding His Grace

At the time of Jesus birth angels appeared and began to herald grace, Jesus was born. He was Emmanuel, God is with us, all the names of God and the Prince of peace, He was here, the Messiah, though they refused to accept Him. Instead, He would grow up and preach the words His Father told Him to. And He would die to save the souls of many.

The angels filled the sky and with songs heralded the age of grace. Grace and truth comes from Jesus. Did you know they ministered to Jesus, well? They did. And even from the cross we know He could have called for them to free Him, but He chose to die for us. Psalm 91, says He commands angels.

He gives them charges or orders, they have assignments. They have people to watch over. Certainly, if the Father commanded them, and one came to tell Mary of the child she would bear, and later one came to Joseph in time for them to flee Herod, surely, if the Father commanded them, the Son did. Many are saddened at the new abortion law, I commented on my FB page.

Herod sought to kill Jesus and did destroy many children, this spirit has existed through the ages, but God kept His Son safe, in order fr Him to give His life to save many. While we await His return, we can be angry and sin not, praying for our lives to be an influence on others that they may see. And any girl or woman who has aborted a baby, doctors or nurses can be saved and forgiven by His grace, He is the only hope for any soul.

Jesus slipped in and out of crowds who would have killed Him and it was not His time. They could not have held Him unless He allowed it. If the Father had angels watching His Son, and the Son also knew how to command angels, would He not also grace us with the blessing of angelic assistance and divine intervention? He most assuredly would.

Angels always accompany the Holy Spirit. And yes, there are fallen ones but not nearly as many as the innumerable ones that God created, only a third fell at creation, because they chose not to obey. I believe creation continues, days keep coming, people are still here, babies are born, perhaps, He even still creates angels, though not from people who go to heaven, a believer will be a beloved son or daughter.

So angels, heralded in, or made the announcement of His birth, and interacted with those in the Word, visiting some, and just working on behalf of others, even letting Peter out of prison. So I am certain they were heralding grace. So, many times people were spared, and look at the life of John, even in exile, He was able to write Revelation, even after torture and prison, when all the disciples were killed, he knew the love of Jesus so, grace was heralded to him and he was in the Spirit writing about angels and things to come.

I like to think maybe one put a coin in the fish’s mouth to pay taxes, perhaps it was they who brought the loaves and fishes as Jesus prayed. Did they guide a bound Lazarus from the tomb? Angels are busy, the hearken to the voice of His Word as Psalm 103 says, if we are speaking His words in our lives they are working for us as well.

They are engaged in spiritual warfare on our behalf. We need only be still and let the Lord fight. Exodus 14:14, Jesus already won, so let’s believe angels are on our side, we are victorious in Him. We should not pray to angels but ask Him to send them out on our behalf, they are not to worshipped. They are there even if you do not see them.

Should He allow you to see spiritual things, you may see one, but be aware it work both ways, and depending on your faith and spiritual gifts, you may see both sides, that is why it is important to have His Spirit and discernment for He will not deceive you as occult practices will.

It is a good idea to pray Psalm 91. We need protection in the last days before His return, and He will, by His grace, charge angels over us and give them commands and charge over us, there will be ministering spirits sent by the Most Holy God, to assist His saints, before He gathers them home.

The herald angels sang, the announced His birth, no doubt they ministered to Him as the Word says and sure they are working heralding the grace and truth that is Jesus Christ. I pray angelic assistance and divine intervention, in the lives of those whose hearts the Holy Spirit can reach. Rebecca Jones / Joe Nomius, pexels, thanks.



Go Boldly Before The Throne


This is a Russian palace and a throne. His throne of grace is much high and the one who sits on it. Healing pours from that throne, in waves of living water. His love flows over the banks over heavenly rivers and His peace is ever before us if we can receive it, because He left in John 14:27 And all the rest of His promises including rest, all sealed in Isaiah 53.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16, and this King James, other translations say come with confidence or approach boldly.

God does not want a beggar mentality. You are His child as a believer, entitled, but not like a spoiled brat, you are loved and beloved and you love and appreciate your Heavenly Father and the sacrifice of the Son, His death on the cross gives you access to the throne of God, to find grace, mercy in times of trouble.

So many people pray with the attitude that if it is His will. He was willing in the Bible to heal, deliver. He set people free and raised the dead. But we have to receive those promise, not let the enemy steal them or move us off our profession, go boldly to the Father.

You see, before the crucifixion, the High priest made offerings. Jesus is now our High Priest and He is our sacrifice and offering, all of them. When He was crucified the veil of the temple which was some four inches thick was torn.  Our access to the throne of grace is because of the flesh that was torn from His body. He told the disciples the temple would be destroyed and raised in three days. Meaning of course, His body. And now our bodies are His temple by the Spirit.

So, you have every right to ask for things in His name as long as you are a believer and remain in His words and His love. Remember His words to Jairus, ” Don’t be afraid, just believe. ”

We are living in such a time as this, like Esther but she went before the king with faith, hoping he would extend the scepter and she would not be killed for she had not been summoned. Imagine fasting three days and nights, no food or water, trying to get dressed with the help of a handmaiden, put on some perfume and jewelry, looking you best as weak as could be, shem must have been afraid, as she opened the heavy doors to the banquet hall. Her heart must have raced but she entered and with thank to God he extended the sceptre. Jesus has already done this for us, so we can boldly come to God.

We have. He called us by name, Jesus offers the scepter of grace. He robed us in righteousness because we had none, saved us by grace. We don’t have to fast like that unless He guides us. I tried it and it is hard, the three day one. I do partial ones now, even 21 and 40 days, but I give up one meal or some Pinterest time, he works with you. He perfumes us with His presence, so go ahead and go boldly before the throne. Rebecca Jones / jackmac34 pixabay, thanks.

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We’re Standing in Grace


What a wonderful picture today as it is a cold day, the warm sun, the beach and sand in my toes and waves of grace spraying over me. It doesn’t get any better than that does it? Heaven itself reaching for me in an embrace of breeze and Spirit

You could linger here without ever moving, not mindful of the minutes or even hours, enjoying the refreshing splendor of His grace. We can’t forget John 1:16 or even focus on it enough that we have received, grace upon grace. The Message says gift upon gift.

So let’s contemplate that shall we? We are saved or born again by grace, that is His gift. We don’t do anything but believe. No matter how good we are or were, not that we are, or ever were or could be could we ever save ourselves.

That could be the end of it. We’re going to heaven, except that it isn’t it. Because Gentiles became believers, again His grace, we are heirs of Abraham’s covenant. And Jesus stood in for him in that covenant, just as He stood in for us at the cross. We have and even better covenant and promises, everything from Isaiah 53 He fulfilled.

Healing, He bore that. Peace, a crown of thorns. His punishment is my peace and that is amazing grace. No wonder Micah 5:5 says He is our peace and Ephesians 2:14 takes it further. He, Himself, is our peace. Actually, He Himself, took the sin and sickness, fear and so much we may not even know. That is love, pure and holy. That is grace.

And we can stand in grace everyday, perhaps not at the beach, but in our prayer time, we can walk in grace, eat and sleep in grace. Grace is following us as we follow Jesus because He is our grace.

Look at the times grace is paired with something else, grace and truth, grace and peace, I know it goes with healing too, because, you need the truth to be healed, and really, you need peace to be healed, you need grace to be healed and that grace is Jesus.

And you can stand in Him. Stand in His peace. Stand in His presence. Stand on His promises, when you have done all you can do in the natural, stand in the grace of the supernatural. The woman who braved the crowds because of flowing blood had spent all her money on doctors, they will give up on you and you will be frustrated with them, and some are believers but others will brush faith aside, but we know grace.

And she said not only in her mind and heart but even aloud, though no one may have heard but Jesus, ” If could only touch the hem of His garment…” Well, we can by grace. And a kneeling, shaken, woman looked Him in the eye, and He told her to go in peace, for He truly was her healing and peace.

When the enemy has brought us low it is sometimes hard to see us standing higher, but we can be. So let’s just keep standing in faith, hope and love. For we are standing in His grace. Rebecca Jones / Nolan Marketti, thanks.