Pursue Him


Seek Peace and Pursue It…Psalm 34:14 …..or Him

Throne of Peace


Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new. Revelation 21:14

And He will, keep searching for the Prince of Peace, better yet, pursue Him.  And even better still, just be quiet  and in His rest, and He will catch up to you if you’ve been running from Him or even lost your way. All you have to do is call to Him. Although this throne is empty, His is there, unless He’s bending down to you.

What a great thought the Jesus, the beloved Son of God is reaching out to touch us wherever we are.

Rebecca Jones

Daughter of Peace


What a gentle breeze is blowing,

What a gentle spirit!

Every little sleeve is showing it,

And without even knowing it,

Jesus is near, hear it.

Whisper it, whisper it,

Breathe in His name,

Daughter of peace,

Love Him, you’ll never love the same.

Doves and angels rustling, bustling,

Feathers all around.

Winged wisps of heaven’s delight,

Now, the calming I have found

Daughter of peace,

Laughing, singing, dancing ’round.

The doves are cooing,

And the Prince of Peace is wooing you.

Daughter of peace, daughter of grace,

God is shining in your face.

Look to the Lord, His love is for you,

It fills over into the skies…

And the ocean of fears,

That spilled from your cries is dried.

No matter how much that you grieved,

You always believed…and…

Daughter of peace, the Lord  was inside.

That should be no surprise,

Now, daughter of peace,

Look  upon Him, with holy, heavenly eyes.

And you will be forever His daughter,

Both wonderful and wise.

Rebecca Jones / photo pixabay/ melancholiaphoto

Child of Peace


Child of peace, deep in thought,

Deep in prayer.

Behold, the dove…

Whispering His love,

Descending on a wing.

Depending solely on His love,

The Holy, Prince of Peace,

Jesus Christ, our King.

Child of peace, without a care.

Whisper softly, every prayer.

I love you, I am always near you.

I love you, and I always hear you.

Covered With Blood


I have covered you with my blood,

Declared the precious Prince of Peace, the Lamb.

There’s none other worthy to open seven seals.

The Alpha and Omega, Ancient of Days, the great I AM.

I have covered you with my blood,

You are my beloved bride.

If the enemy comes against you in any way,

Call me, I pray. Like a flood, my Spirit is inside.

I have covered you with my blood,

Should you come under any attack,

Render the enemy helpless,

I AM your shepherd, no poverty or lack.

I have covered you in my blood,

I will cause the young lion’s roar to cease,

Forevermore, my beloved, I AM your Prince of Peace.

Should the enemies gather against your mind,

These weapons you don’t always see.

You will find, I robed you in my righteousness.

These thoughts are not from me.

I have covered you in my blood,

Should you be in sickness or your body in pain,

You know I bore it, the crown, I wore it.

Speak my healing words, speak them in my name.

I have covered you in my blood.

I loved you, could not bear my Book of Life,

Being there without your name.

So the cross, I’d bear it! The crown, gladly wear it!

So, look up, be of good cheer, and without strife.

I have covered you in my blood.

I have sealed you, I have healed you.

You are eternally engraved into my palm.

So rejoice, sing a psalm, my return is near.

I have covered you with my blood.

The only sacrifice, to eternally suffice.

In my anguish, I languished, it is true.

But I loved you so! I’ll never let you go!

My blood vanquishes any foe.

I AM your beloved Prince of Peace,

And I just wanted you to know.

Lost IN His Peace


I want to be lost in His peace.

I want to be lost in His rest.

I never knew Jesus loved me so.

Who would have guessed?

To leave heaven and suffer hell,

Upon the earth where man fell,

Redeeming us, His one desire,

To walk through trials and fire.

To not open His mouth,

To be put to such shame?

My one true love, my Prince of Peace,

Jesus is His name.

I want to be lost in His peace,

I want to be lost in His rest.

Ever falling into arms of love,

Ever on my knees,

In the peace of Jesus, like the dove.

He is whom, I wish to please,

And I just keep falling in love.

Here Comes My Peace


Here comes my peace,

Here comes my rest.

Here comes my Lord.

My most welcome guest.

Greet me in the dawning light,

Walk with me through the day.

Guard my peaceful sleep at night.

Kneel beside me as I pray.

Here comes my peace.

Here comes my rest.

His love is forever,

I’m forever, blessed.

Deeply favored, such high and holy love.

Heaven sent, time well spent.

Focusing on the dove.

Rebecca Jones

Photographer Vlad Bitte, Pixabay, thank you.

Carrying Peace


Can you imagine be a young virgin and the angel giving you this news, would we say we are the servant of the Lord, and go through the ridicule?  It’s not likely, we would have to endure any of these hardships,  we are not likely to have to flee for our lives in the middle of the night to keep a king from killing our children.  Though we could all use a few wise men.

Mary’s life may not have been one of ease, but was obviously a servant of God and pondered the words spoken by the angel, in her heart.  She may have known by the Holy Spirit, things that she could only dwell on and not tell.  He would have had to comfort her and be  upon her, literally, protecting Jesus, the Son of God.  She probably had no morning sickness, no backaches or none of the swollen ankles or other birth pangs.  Though she was a daughter of Eve, and under the curse.  She was chosen, blessed.  Jesus does that for you. Women today can claim the promises He gives them about their health, protection and their children.

And if you are born again, the Holy Spirit resides in you and not just upon you. And if you walk in the spiritual gifts and anointing, you do have a better covenant. He loves you, He loves mothers, fathers and babies are His reward.  He had a good plan. It was up to us to follow, not blindly obeying any man, but in submission to God, husband….then the family life.  God always comes first.

Mary was blessed to carry the Prince of Peace as a baby, a little boy, to see Him a young man. It devastated her to see Him mocked, scourged, crucified.  We are blessed to carry the Prince of Peace, in our hearts, our spirits, our minds. And we saw Him as a baby, a boy, a young man, it should devastate us, that because of us He was mocked, scourged  and crucified.  He did it out of love, for Mary, for us,she saw Him raised from the dead.  We saw Him raised from the dead.  She saw Him ascend, we will ascend with Him in the Rapture and return will Him also.

Mary knew Jesus intimately as His mother, every gesture, every pensive moment of His day as carpenter, but could she have truly know His precious heart that was so willing to die a horrible death to save humanity? Maybe not.  That kind of love is inconceivable to most of us.  We should desire to also know the Prince of Peace intimately, even if never fully understand His heart, we should just be glad, He was conceived. Rebecca Jones / no photo info

Peace On Earth


Surely there wan’t peace on earth at the time of Jesus birth. Herod was in charge and about to kill babies to make sure the Jews wouldn’t have a Messiah, the nation as a whole rejected Him but He will indeed redeem Israel.  He was the peace, and He was on earth.

I could never imagine sacrificing your child.  Abraham had to be fully persuaded that God would raise Isaac, even from ashes.  The angel stayed his hand. But God did not spare His own Son for us. Jesus was a bouncy baby boy like any other, nestled against mother’s bosom. He was cuddled, swaddled, spoiled in the good sense of the word. He was active, but not bratty. When He wandered off as a tween, He was at church, teaching he old guys.

He was probably cute! He wiggled and giggled and smiled. He happily played with angels as He lay in His manger.  But if you read this post, look up what a real manger looks like.  It is not a wooden box with hay. It’s a hewn out stone. Even as a baby, He was in something that resembled a tomb.  God saved Him from Herod with a dream. He gave Him up for us, He looked away, as He took all the blows and lashes.  But He saved Him from that tomb!

If you ever think God doesn’t love you, remember how much He loved Jesus and He gave Him up for us.