Daughters Sowing Seeds


As we finish our series about being daughters of the King, my thoughts have drifted to poetry, mine and others I hold dear. Emerson wrote that beauty is the handwriting of God, and we know that His Word is full of seeds. I have planted seeds, you do get what you sow, Galatians 6:7, vegetables or wildflowers. As daughters. we never want to sow carelessly on the wind, but carefully, into good ground, in order to reap a harvest of righteousness, James 3:18 and not a whirlwind. Hosea 8:7.

We all know the parable of the sower and who the sower is, who comes immediately to dig up those seeds from the field of our hearts and soul. We have all hear how the seeds have been sown, some are received gladly, others are blown away, some are among the rocks and thorns, never to take root or grow or are choked off.

I have seen faith uprooted, that I thought would never be so. Why? Let’s look at another parable, the mustard seed. It is so small, but grows very large. Jesus relays that the birds come and lodge in it. We fail to recognize that these birds can refer to demons in the spiritual realm. Just how does the devil devour the seeds we sow in others and even ourselves?

First, we have to be good ground, well watered by the Spirit, our thoughts become words and actions. Words are seeds. and we can sow either a garden of flowers, or dry stinkweeds. The devil uses persecution, religious and other forms, affliction, which means suffering. It can be mental or physical or a disease. Not every cough or cold will be the devil, but it is a tactic, he opposes healing and health.

There is also the proverbial lust for other things, you may not want to read the Bible or not attend church, there will be times that is the case and we may need a break from study, or not be able to fellowship as we should, but it is a way of allowing the enemy in. We have to literally abide in or live in the Word, Jesus, and He in us.

I have seen people fall into the deceitfulness of riches. Rich people who will buy thrift store stuff, not that that is bad, I like bargains, too. But it should not be to make others think you are poorer than you really are. And also not to fall for the evil root which is the love of money. That is like a miser with a million stashed away in a sock full of holes. Jesus became poor, by coming from heaven, He made us rich in spirit as believers, God will prosper us as we learn and grow in grace.

I realize I am writing from memory, and my list is coming from the heart. The first way is, the cares of the world, just the everyday, ordinary things that get to us, work, school, children, chores, cooking, shopping. The devil works in patterns and cycles, he is desperate to copy God, if one thing doesn’t work, he will try two or three, even five. I know from personal experience, I had several afflictions that  that could have been fatal. Why not just sick Covid on me too? It didn’t work. I know who is on the throne.

I never mean for my posts to be trite, I know what others are going through. Sometimes, our words will fall on deaf ears, some may never receive. It is up to us to use wisdom and discernment, and receive what God has for us, as His daughters. The parable appears in Mark 4, but Matthew explains that we lose the seeds when we don’t understand it.

And as His daughter, accepted into the beloved, I will keep sowing His words. Join me for more posts in July, I had to go with weekly, but there will be some interesting studies.




For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich. 2 Corinthians 8:9


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Feeling Shunned?


You may think this is a strange post for Father’s Day, and yes, I have seen a few Amish movies lately, but let me assure you as a born again, blood washed believer in Jesus, that you are a daughter of the King, and the Heavenly Father is not holding out on you.

I know because, I have been through the proverbial wringer myself and sometimes, He just has a better plan, He sees the bigger picture and knows how to make something beautiful in His time.

Being a believer may cost you friends or family, you just can’t live like other people do. We are to shun or abstain, to flee from or reject even the very appearance of evil, 1 Thessalonians 5:22. It begs the question, has God turned His back on us or is it we who have turned from Him, not trusting His will, His timing or are we blaming Him for the assaults or attacks of the enemy. God took a lot of blame in the Old Testament, but in the New. with the advent of grace, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus came for us to have life and a more abundant one, and that it is the devil who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10

Now, His Spirit will not always strive with people, and I believe as violence continues to escalate that His return is imminent. Some will never accept Him, some only think they know Him, and even willfully abuse His grace. There are those who followed Jesus who turned back, some after He taught about Communion. I believe taking it correctly and discerning the body and the blood saved me. We are to carry the remembrance of His death in our hearts as believers, proclaiming His death until He comes. But we can believe in His healing peace and power, and be like Him in this world, 1 John 4:17.

Jesus will not leave or forsake us and it because of His love that God answers prayers, so this Father’s Day, let’s look at how He had to turn His back n His beloved Son in order to save us, how difficult that must have been for Him.

On the cross, Jesus asks Him, my God, why have you forsaken me? It is only now, that He refers to Him as God, not Father. They were one but separated three days and nights, for us. Jesus gave us His Father. ( The Jews counted days and nights in twelve hours. )

Are you disappointed today, discouraged? Are you missing an earthly father, or perhaps you never knew one. Jesus will give you His. And God is not holding out, He did not even spare His own Son.

Let’s shun the evil that says He doesn’t care, is out to get us, it isn’t true. God so loved us, He gave us Jesus, turn your back on the lies of the evil one, if you think you are unworthy, unaccepted, or unloved as a daughter of the King, we should receive His peace, and stop feeling shunned.

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A Crown Of Beauty


Of all my favorite verses, the thought of being a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, is one that stands out to me. It is such a contrast, the crown of beauty. that He wants for me, as opposed to the crown of thorns He wore for me.

One made of diamonds or gold, embedded or encrusted with jewels. perhaps even silver or pearls. that Jesus may have fashioned for me Himself is a crown of beauty. But a tightly woven crown of thick thorns that was pushed upon His head, well, it has to be looked at as also a crown of beauty. The beauty of the Lord, Himself, His love and sacrifice, how precious my Lord is to have loved me so then and even now, He took my place. And yours, if you know Him.

Please enjoy reading and soaking in this concept by reading Isaiah 62 as a daughter of the King and a crown of beauty in His hand. This English Standard.

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God. Isaiah 62:3

I just had to add the same verse from the New Living Bible.

The LORD will hold you in His hand for all to see— a splendid crown in the hand of God.

I am so glad to be safe in His hand, a crown of beauty, a daughter of the King.

Being A Daughter Of The King


As we enter the month of June, a traditional wedding month full of brides and fathers of them and Father’s Day, I reflected on our theme and decided to write about daughters of the king.  As you know, I have been recovering from surgery and may just post on Sundays. We may each have our own unique experience with our Heavenly Father, or you may be seeking one or not really know Him at all. I hope something in each post will touch the lives of someone.

Becoming a daughter of the King was something I must have thought I had to do, instead of just being one. I knew it was impossible to please Him without faith, but I had faith. A lot of us have had fathers to leave us, God will not because of Jesus. And even if we have them and they are always too busy, overworked, we miss out. God is not like that either. He finished His worked and rested and so did Jesus. So earthly fathers don’t always understand the rest of faith of Hebrews 4.

While we can never earn salvation by good works, He has good plans for us, works He planned long ago. And while so many girls and boys too are not being provided for, or even if they are, and lacking spiritual guidance, the homes kept by the Proverbs 31 woman and Titus 2 wives, and the husband / wife relationship of Galatians 5, we can all relax a bit and realize that being a believer, accepted by God into the beloved, Jesus, that we are sons and daughters.

I grew up in the 1960’s, I knew about Snow White and Cinderella. I never thought of myself as a princess. I got gifts, not birthday cakes. I remembered a pair of dress up shoes and a faux fur wrap in a convenience store but I don’t know how old I was. I wanted it though. But already in my mind I was too big for it. I was chubby cute but was not accepted into ballet or chorus, I didn’t get to be a Brownie. I recall the ” mean girls ” that did. No offense to you Girl Scouts. I had trouble with gymnastics, I had to dance with another girl during the Virginia reel, how embarrassing! I did learn to roller skate, the mean boys would knock me down.

But I loved to read and write and my love for Jesus grew as I did become a believer at eleven. I walked the aisle to my beloved and wept in the arms of a friend from first grade. I was a daughter of the King.

It is a fine line we sometimes walk, confident in Christ but not sophomoric with pride. Loving and being loved without giving up who we are in Him, not being walked over or trampled, lost in the crowd or shuffle.

I had to learn a lot of things over after my long hospital stay, and one is walking. I have even lost a lot of weight, some because I was just too sick to eat and enduring operations, more as I decided that having overcome this, I keep watching it. Everyone else appeared to, it was a constant in my life. I do not need friends like Job telling me what to do, I know what is what. I was not punished for things as much as persecuted for Christ, and even by other Christians. He does not expect me to bear what He bore for me. He is my peace and protection. In truth, He sent me to the hospital to save my life when I was wearing myself out.

We are all too something, we get that from lots of places bit not from God. Oh, Jesus said we would be pruned and some things might hurt a while or have to go, but He gave us the Spirit to comfort us. While we face tests, and He will us try it our way, until we get it that His is better, He love us and I love Him because He loved me first. Encourage and teach children this.

I’m glad He loved a blonde moppet with a perm, and shorts. It is my favorite picture of me, and He always has and will because I was a blue baby, my mother and I almost died but I was born to be a daughter of the King.