Taken For Granted


Recently, I dealt with a little correction from God. I really had to dig deep to my heart and understand that I was depending on certain prayers for me, instead of God. I was taking Him for granted, that He was in control, had the final word, that He watched over me, He cared for me, He saw the big picture. He was the only one who could and would restore.

I used to hear about naming the thief and he had to return it sevenfold, it was a popular song about taking back what he stole in the 90’s but I just seemed to be get myself into more losses, and yes, I took things for granted. Though there is truth and biblical reference to these things, it is still God who restores, ordains, appoints and controls. He sets times, dates, seasons. He doesn’t look at things like we do, He looks at hearts, He is constrained or bound by time, not limited in any way, He is able to accomplish anything or do something entirely new.

I have taken God for granted, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and didn’t even realize it, because I was striving for what He had promised, I was faithful in many ways but anxious and perhaps, even careless, in some. I continued to hold onto hopes, I should not have. Trusted people I should not have. My hopes and dreams and healing, His plans for me were safe with Him.

So when He calls me away to rest, I know I am beloved. When I go to pray, I hear his inspiration. I take nothing or no one for granted but I avoid my past mistakes. I allow myself the rest, the healing, I avoid guilt, my life is up to Him. I was wasting precious time with Him and others, taking for granted He would answer prayers, when He already had, I just had to receive. I just had to love and Him to love me, to heal me, to prosper me, to bless me.

What He gives me is precious, what He gives you is precious to you also. Are you taking things for granted? Or taking God for granted? I have felt that way myself, I have been overlooked, not listened to, ignored. I know what it is to have someone turn away from you, to turn a blind eye and deaf ear, and even turn their back on you. If I feel that way, how much does that grieve His Holy Spirit who hoevers over and broods over us and is right beside us, waiting to love and heal and comfort. Who waits to enjoy praise and worship and quiet prayer time, who is giving us power to overcome, what does He feel, when taken for granted.

Most of the time, we as frail and fragile, or selfish and shallow human beings never miss something until it’s gone. My experience is a little different, I never even realized what I had. Please don’t take you marriage for granted, little disputes are not worth it and they only lead to bigger ones. Please don’t take your children for granted, they will grow up way too fast. Now, is the time to fill little hearts and minds with the love of Jesus. Please don’t take your parents for granted, the have done enough for you if they are good ones, now it’s your turn. And if they weren’t forgive and let go.

Don’t take for granted the salvation of Jesus, His healing power or His peace. There is nothing like it. And never ignore His rest, the precious place from which to pray, you don’t hveto run and be weary or even walk and grow tired. He is waiting to lavish His love on you and let your rest, knowing His death accomplished our victory in Him. God gives good gifts, perfect gift, He will never ask for them back, nor take them back, they are forever yours. Choose Jesus and use them, and never be foolish enough to take them for granted and lose them. How many times has the enemy wanted me not to write? I stopped counting.

God is love and love is to be nurtured and cherished, Please don’t take it for granted. Rebecca Jones

The Fear of Flying

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I used to get up and feed the birds in my bird angel bird feeder that hung out back. I could sit and watch the beautiful birds come and go. Blue jays, male and female red and beige cardinals., and even a woodpecker, who’s red head and spotted black wings could be seen pecking away on a new home. It was a peaceful time before the start of the day and the many children that would come to family daycare.

I was taken by the beauty and soft cooing of the morning doves. I knew doves were the embodiment in Bible at least, of the Holy Spirit. There was a peace and and graceful beauty about these birds, even if they weren’t pure white. Neither are we until we are born again, we are saved by grace. Jesus imparts His righteousness and we are pure and white, our sins covered by His blood.

The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus and the Father called Him beloved. Jesus asked the Father to love us as much as Him, and when we believe in Him we are welcomed into the beloved. We are loved by a Heavenly Father who loved us and gave us His only Son to prove it, yet many, sadly, either do not believe this nor understand it. Truly, God’s love is beyond comprehension and still we are told we can comprehend it.

Lately, I have been reading about little birds leaving the nest, being pushed out by the parent, and sometimes it’s not pretty. They flop and hop and they may  even fall. But sooner or later they fly. Children are the same way. It helps to teach children not be afraid. I did not always get the benefit of that.

Love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror. 1 John 4:18 is worded this way in the Amplified Bible. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the Amplified Bible, when I would hear it read, it was like all these words jumbled together. I wasn’t fond of parallel either reading side by side. It was sort of a distraction.

I like to look at the different versions of the Bible. I like Bible Hub on the computer.  Having the Word and ministries at your fingertips and right on a phone or a tablet leaves us no excuse not to read or study or listen to messages and music that uplift. There is no reason not to know He loves you.

I grew up with fear like a nagging pestilence, always in the back of my mind. I resisted it like a prize fighter, I also caved. Especially, when I thought I was deferring to people knew better than I. And I was wrong. I never flew like I should have. I floundered like a fish out of water at times. But I, eventually, even if a little later on. learned how much the Lord really loved me. He was beaten like the fine flour of a grain offering. The seeds I gave the birds were more  round, larger than that grain. He was striped and burned and pierced like the matzah bread. that is why we receive Holy Communion.

And I believe that since the Bible refers to us as kings and priests that we can take it ourselves in our homes and share it with family and friends. Even on a daily basis, if necessary.  Jesus made us worthy, and we do it to remember Him, to honor Him.

I have read eagles push their young from the nest and glide or soar beneath to keep them safe or catch them if they fall. And eagles have been known to grab snakes in their talons. Recently, I watched five little mouths being fed and how thy learned to fly, they were back in the nest during a storm under mother’s wing and often back at night, it is how we run to God.

So Lord, I was reading about giving fear the boot. I know I don’t need it. It is not my friend, it is not pleasing to you. It is not the opposite of faith as I once thought, because even if it could be, it is more than that it opposes the love of God. It is the enemies territory and domain. Fear is a spirit, just like love is. So if God is love, who is fear? It is not that God doesn’t expect you to have common sense, you have to not do silly things.

God does not want us to be in fear, the first people cast into the lake of fire are the fearful and unbelieving. Human or natural love can fail, and it fails because it is in the flesh. God’s love never fails, because it is in the Spirit. It casts out fear, it trumps fear, it expels every trace of terror. Fear does have torment, fear is in people who are not perfect or mature in love or God.

So let’s all grow up some more, stop being petty and childish. I don’t fear around me at all. And I don’t want to be afraid to fly, I even need to soar. He will raise up on eagles wings and hold us in the palm of His hand.

I sure am glad because I love to watch sparrows and love the doves. I once saw a little bird about to be eaten by a snake on nature show and could not watch. We are defended by the Lion of Judah and the Holy Spirit hovers over us. We are safe in His feathers and wrapped under His wing. And we can lean into the heart of Abba, Father. And all because of Jesus and the lashes on His back, yes, He will even swoop down to catch us if we fall. No, Lord. I don’t want to be afraid to fly. Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy Michael Crawford performing On Eagle’s Wings.

  • This is my 1,000th post. It’s all about Him. thank you Jesus, for your words and grace. I love you…

Leaving Your First Love



But I have this against you, that you left your first love. The New Heart English Bible Revelation 2:4

The book of Revelation shows Jesus givng John the words for the angel or minister of the seven churches. I could take you into a deep study of this book, but that is not what I want to share today. Revelation is a book most people want to read and decipher as new believers or even with a limited knowledge of the Bible. I recommend John. To fully understand Revelation, takes revelation from the Holy Spirit and a lot of knowledge of ancient history, and I never want anyone to be confused.

This was the message to the church of Ephesus, the message is clear. The church started off pure enough which meant they no doubt saw both converts and the miraculous. The Apostle Paul was traveling through these places, and other disciples had preached the gospel to many. Jesus had revealed Himself as the Son of God, crucified , risen and coming again.

The believers at Ephesus started off well enough, but allowed other things to take their focus off Christ. There was idolatry, false teachers, and unless you are fully rooted and grounded in the Word and rightly divide it, and unless you remain in His love as Jesus says, you can slip away from your first love, Jesus, just as the Ephesians did.

I know the world is full of many religions, and I know that there are some good principals in some of them, but they all stem from God, and He sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for us all. This is a God who asks us to die for Him in a spiritual sense, other gods demand your life, literally. This God sent His Son to die for us. Other gods did not.  Everyone, of course is free to choose what they believe in. God gave us a free will.

But if you ever gave your heart to Jesus, as a child or at any time, He is waiting to love you again. Just like when you loved Him. Why? Because He first loved us.  I encourage you to think about anything that is hindering you. Is it doubt or is it unbelief? Has your love for Jesus waxed cold? You may have heard things taught wrong and need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern. Maybe, you have been ill and aren’t sure Jesus will heal you. He told the leper He was willing. If He was willing to die, isn’t He willing to heal?

If you think you can not be because of something you have done, please know that if you have asked forgiveness, He is willing. He took punishment, He isn’t giving it. He has to allow things until you ask in faith, and begin to draw close to Him, and to speaki His healing word into your life.

And if other Chrisitians have hurt you, I am sorry. Sometimes, we can come across too hard, hoping to see salvation. I tend to get excited and often don’t understand that others don’t get what I get. But I have had people be downright mean. There are various reasons given in Revelation, there had been poverty, idolatry, ( which can be anything we put above God ) and a luke warm state, and even Pergamos was where the devil dwelt.

These churches are in Turkey, or at least the cities. But Jesus is comparing them to the Church age. While there have been many things influencing the curch over the years, He will come for a pure bride. I still have hopes of seeing Philadelphia come into play, where there is healing and unity. If He pours out His Spirit as He promised, there should be miracles and healing and salvation before we end up in Laodicea a state of apostasy, we do not want to be a dead church like Sardis either.

So let’s search our souls and realize that although this pertains to the church age, as a believer and member of the church, His kingdom is inside us and we can decide what church we want to be in. Ephesus started out well, but Jesus corrects them. So let’s turn from whatecer hinders or decieives or drags down us, we have to return to Jesus, He longs for us, and there is great longing for Him, I can’t even bear to think of leaving my first love. Rebecca Jones

A Place Called Grace


I read a great post by Kelly Balarie. The phrase she turned started me thinking, she spoke of moving to grace as if it were a place and it is. A place Jesus prepared for us so long ago. Oh, it is heaven, someday. Heaven on earth is possible too, for those who can mange to break the boundaries of fear.

My house was in the city, I never liked the crime, the pollution, the traffic. But I loved Atlanta, because it was home. It was rich in history, art and had wonderful place to shop. When I move to the suburbs, it was like moving to the boondocks. Not a streetlight in sight. And it got dark. The lights that were mine to enjoy in the city, were reduced to a floodlight that barely allowed you to find the trash can. I missed fireworks over the stadium. The buildings that lit the skyline. Now, on occasion the big cheesy colored moon would bend down over the backyard. So close, you could almost touch it. But this wasn’t Grace, either. Though both places carried me through and there was a lot of grace.

I want to move to grace. So where is it? It is anywhere Jesus is, and He is with me. So grace is not a place but a state of mind, knowing His love and forgiveness. Knowing that I am the beloved and He approves of me but will correct me, and I can handle that for what He instills is for my good, not to harm me. Ahh, but if grace were a place…..

The cherry blossoms would be blooming, over streets with cookie cutter houses, gingerbread molding, and white picket fences. The sidewalks are safe to walk, and parks are at each end of the block. There are pavillions and picnic tables, friends and families having lunch. The smell of roses will blow into the summer breeze and mix fragrantly with jasmine and honeysuckle. They are lingering in the air until you come to a field of wildflowers.

And the wildflowers cascade over green hills and valleys, butterflies chase each other and ducks waddle to the pond. Children lay on those hills and picture all sorts of creatures in the clouds, grown ups come to join them. The sky is full of colored birds, and the sun is warm on your face, it melts the pie at the corners of your mouth or makes the watermelon stickier.

Lemonade is always on the table and iced tea, peach iced tea, if Grace is in the south. You can write your own version. Off in the distance are lavish old Victorian houses and porch swings. Places where there are still old door knockers, or doorbells you turn, wrought iron fences. More roses, growing over a trelis and aunties baking cookies.

There is laughter when the heat of the day causes someone to turn on a fire hydrant, but just for a while. There are barbecues and potato salad and grills that fired up toward the evening. People take brisk walks, they have no reason to run, and a late afternoon rumble of thunder, brings a summer storm that comes and goes and cools off the evening a bit.Just in time for the bands to play, the ice cream to be churned and for those in love to go for a carriage ride. As darkness blankets the night, the fireworks put on a show and the the stars take over, our Father’s handiwork.

Yes, Grace sounds like a town out a movie, storybook or even a musical, like the 1890’s, or 1940’s. I suppose it could be whatever peace your heart desires, It is the place God wants to make it. I read people’s answers to a question about heaven, they may vary, but grace is the same, restful, peaceful place. The folks who live there are lovely to spend time with.

I moved away from Atlanta, and I’ll probably move from Jackson, but I am definitedly moving from fear, failure, heartache and break, I don’t even need a moving van or boxes. I’m moving to Grace. It’s a nice to visit and you’d really want to live there. Rebecca Jones


You Have To Bleed


As I lay resting my head against the pillow and listening to the coversation in the next room and heard the television, I wondered why some people just don’t get faith, or my devotion to Christ? Why do thy not see Him the way I do, surely they too, have needed Him. I am not just singled out to be the only one longing for peace and healing to manifest into my life and stay as a permanent fixture of His amazing grace.

Then the though went through my head, that still, small Holy Spirit whisper. ” You have to bleed. ” And I know He never meant literally, though I can tell you having both experienced and witnessed hemorraging, it is not pretty.

I can also tell you that for a moment or two, there was a euphoria, with it. I believe that is why people harm themselves, to let the pain out. But what they don’t know is that it is a deadly deception. You are inviting the enemy in and actually hurting yourself worse. Please don’t do that, there is help and other ways to find peace. I recently discovered it has ties to the demonic realm and the worship of Baal. So please don’t do it. Remember the mad man in the tombs, he was cutting Himself, Jesus freed him. You don’t need a false god.

This was not my case, it was perimenopausal. There were shots to stop it, but I relied on prayer because they were not good for my bones. My mother had had a hard time having me, we both almost died. She had a hysterectomomy after suffering hemorraging in her fifties.

So what did the Lord mean if not literal? I believe it is just to experience Jesus. He was a man of grief, acquainted with sorrow. Isaiah 53 explains in great detail how He was rejected and alone. His face was marred beyond recognition. And He was bloody. His death was gory and gruesome. And for me.

When many actors have played Jesus, people on the set have passed them by. They too, are left alone, and it is only make up, so imagine our Lord’s lonlieness and how much love, such pure love to give up heaven to come here for us and die.

And even before He was mocked, criticized by religious leaders and there were those who wanted to kill Him but could not, for it was not time. He slipped out of crowds unharmed. He was often alone in prayer to replenish the soul of love He was pouring out. He had to renew Himself in His Father’s love, because now, He was a man.

We bleed a little, every time we face rejection, heartbreak, diappointment. Jesus knows He was there praying over the same problems we face. We bleed a little, with every setback, sickness, sorrow. Jesus knows, He grieved.

And maybe, we bleed a little every prayer we say, every seed we sow, every person we reach out and offer a helping hand to. Not physical blood, but in a spiritual sense of the word. That’s how we become acquainted with the one who was acquainted with sorrow. That’s how we come to understand His great and everlasting love. We bleed at being rejected, in kindness, in friendship  and in love. we bleed at harsh words, accusations and slander. The enemy would tear at our flesh, and aour minds and hearts are a part of it. We bleed from mistakes, our past, our disappointments.

People may say terrible things about us and may look away from us. We may not be their idea of Christ-like, but do they know the one who really bled great drops of blood in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane? Or do they have a profession of faith and deny the power of it. There is power in the blood. There is forever forgiveness in the blood and there is protection in the blood.

Demons know better than to cross a blood line, if that blood line is Jesus’. The devil quakes at the name, and while he may roar and roam, he will never prevail, because Jesus did.

So can you understand pure love? Have you accepted Him into your heart? He was pierced for you. Is your heart pierced for Him in the figurative and spiritual sense? Did you bleed a little? Or do you bleed a lot, in the figurative sense, you are very capapble of understanding the love of Jesus. Rebecca Jones

The Beauty of Christ


Jesus is just altogether lovely as the Song of Solomon says. We’ve all seen our share of beauty contests or pageants, runway models and celebrities.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once, when I was in my 20’s someone said I was beautiful, I didn’t say thank you or anything, my response was just a quick, ” If I am, it’s because the Lord lets me be. ” I didn’t know why I said it, really. I was a Christian, still finding my way in faith.

Now a more mature adult, I knw that true beauty comes from within and shows in the face. The light of His love is the Holy Spirit sparkle in the eyes. Youth is renewed and there is a fresh, flawless appearance to skin. There is a glow about you. It’s a shine you don’t have to run and powder your nose about. If you control your mouth, and I guess, I may not have always professed the right thing, your speech is comely. It has to be from a sincere heart. Beauty can be faked, but true beauty cannot be.

I know there is a mythical story of the fountain of youth. There is one, but it is in Psalm 103. The Lord loads us daily with benefits. But we must walk with Him and receive them. We have to be renewed, refreshed, and even rewarded on a daily basis. Remember, the Lord prayed for us to receive our daily bread, which is actually Him. He said there would be sufficient evil every day. And trust me, there is.

So in the wake of all the cares of life, the enemy attacks and spiritual warfare, we must rest in His love in order to maintain the beauty of Christ within us. It should not be so easily stolen, but believers who find themselves wounded warriors of grace and weary from battle, people who have suffered from illness, continual pressure or problems financial or otherwise, can find themselves easy prey for the enemy’s devices.

It is hard to imagine a man, marred and scarred, bloodied and beaten to be beautiful, but He was. That anyone would die for me is incredible. And the risen Lord even more so a man of great beauty. Men are usually handsome, and Joseph, who was a type of Christ, was called handsome after being a slave and promoted to governor. Jesus was probably handsome, too. But still beautiful. He took so much upon Himself, for me to be free.

Whether a shining knight upon a horse, or the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah, or my beloved Prince of Peace, He is altogether lovely. Like a diamond turning in the hand of the jeweler, He is flawless, multi-faceted, full of light and color, a rainbow round His throne.

Life has beaten me down, I carried a cross to heavy and burdensome for me. I have bled. I have stumbled. I was forgotten and alone, I knew sorrow, I became very acquainted with grief, which is something I did neither understand, nor enjoy. I was crucified with Christ. My new life, hidden, like a butterfly. I was still in the palm of His hand.

There are lots of beautiful people in the world. Some are sincere and some are shallow, some want to get ahead and others will rejoice over a friend’s victory.  Some are overmade, overly modified by plastic and cosmetic surgery, maybe, they just don’t realize love is from God and how much He loves them.

Me? I’m just a girl who gets the love of God. At least now I do. I like my make up and hair color. But am I beautiful? It’s in the eye of the beholder. Jesus beheld me as altogether lovely just as He is and just the way I see Him. If only, I can reflect that love. If I am all beautiful, it’s because the Lord let’s me be. Rebecca Jones

All You Need Is Jesus


There is a wonderful Corrie Ten Boom quote, ” If Jesus is all you’ve got, Jesus is all you need. ” I hope I got it right. I f you are not famiiar with her story, she was a Jewish woman in a Nazi prison camp, miraculously, she survived though her famild did not. She was released on a clerical error.

It doesn’t matter if your family is poor.  Or rolling in dough.  You live in the Sudan. Or in rural Appalachia. You can live on Park Avenue or Nob Hill. Jesus doesn’t care. If you need Him, He will be there for you. He is interested in your Facebook   profile, only your heart. He knows who is sincere and who deceives, who is honest and who is phishing and not that kind of fisher of men.

He knows how long you have prayed for healing, for a husband or wife, for a child. He knows how you have beleive Him for promotion or ministry or a means of blessing other. He knows if you need a car or house. Or even a tent and some food. he knows your faith. He knows your fears. He has experienced everything you have as a person and not sinned.

He was tired, hungry, thirsty. He loved but could not give that love to a woman, for He came to save all who would believe. When He fasted forty days. you know He knows what it like to starve, and add the devil to the mix. And He knew fear, look at the agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, Calvary, hell…God saved Him, and He saved us.

So if you have a dime or a dollar, and Jesus is all you have. He is all you need. He multiplied fish, loaves. He can do anything He needs to to help when yo call on Him. If you have a GED or whatever your high school equivalent is or if you are working on more letter behind your name. He can move for either person.

If addictions or divorce or job loss, even circumstances beyond your control and not of your making have made you hit rock bottom. Don’t worry, Jesus us the rock. I used to think that fixing my live was like unscrambling an eggs, and eggs reperesent promises in my Christian dream references, remember, if you ask for an egg, He won’t give you a snake. But the Lord didn’t like that analogy, I could sense it as I prayed.

I didn’t know why, sometimes, the harder I try it’s like everything is becoming more unraveled. But that’s the answer. He doesn’t have to unscramble the egg, He kept His promises. I just have to keep mine, to keep believing, I can’t do anything without Him anyway, He’s all I have, so He’s all I need, and that is more than enough for me. Rebecca Jones

When All You Want Is Jesus


I may have used this picture before but I just love it. But I have to tell you what I did to it. I printed it off, and I messed it up. Yes, me the girl who cried over her broken Jesus garden statue. I ruined His picture. How, you ask? Let me explain. I would in no way ever show disrespect to the Lord or deface His lovely face. I have cried, I have called my mother, I’ve been to the doctor, but maybe you know what I mean, when you are in so much pain that nothing relieves it and it is 3 a.m., this is who I call, I want this face.

But I did, for this reason. I had scoliosis, then other health problems. As I really sought healing and studied how much He actually did on the cross. I realized He was fully aware of what He came to do, He was perfectly willing to die. Pefectly willing to suffer, to be a burnt offering, to go to hell for the keys that would give me authority as a believer to trample over enemies.

I wrote on the picture Isaiah 53. Then scoliosis, my swollen ankle after a fall, fear. All the things I could think of that He took for me. It was quite a list. I had a problem seeing Him suffering and to know He willingly suffered these maladies and so much more for me, for me to walk.

So that others, could heard or see, all the cancers, the heart conditions, all the depression, the mental torments, all the abuses of sicknesses and diseases, the filth, the the vile , the smell of blood. And to know, it is your own. I tried to think of Passover in His 32nd year, know next yearm He would be that Lamb.

Prisoners were usually either scourged or crucified, not both. We can’t begin to comprehend the horrible beatings. Plucking eyebrows or nose hair can make you cry, what about plucking a beard? The plowmen made deep furrows on His back, His face was mush. And I never loved anyone so much, ever, and I am ashamed that I could not even have looked at Him.

I am not the only one. Now that I have been delivered or seeing Him only as crucified for me and that I can see Him risen and overcoming for me. I can expect His joy, revel in His love. And know that I can walk and run and shout to the world that He is the gentle healer, who loved me so. I overcome by His blood and my testimony. I’m a conqueror because He loves me.

I invite you to run off a picture, write what He took for you. If not on His glorious face all around. I may have to start doing it again as I pray for others, I have see such amazing results. I hope you can too. I know why I have always loved Jesus. He is all I ever wanted, Rebecca Jones

Parting the Red Sea


I can’t even remember how many times I have seen the Ten Commandments. The Cecille B. DeMille epic, and he actually made a silent one, it is lavish in production and has a superb cast. We all know how Moses was put into a basket and sent up the Nile. God had Miriam to follow but the Nile was surely alligator alley. Only supernatural protection guarded him even then.

We know Moses was taken in by Pharoah’s daughter and killed an Egyptian and fled. He married Zipporah, and Yvonne DeCarlo plays her opposite Charlton Heston’s Moses. Yul Brynner is outstanding as Pharoah, he had a believable presence. With all the luxury and palaces and grandeur of a royal life behind him, Moses becomes a shepherd.

When the the great I Am shows up, he must have been overwhelmed at being ask to deliver His people. Of course, he thought he couldn’t do it. Just like we all do. He had many moments and trials and leaned on his staff, His rod became a serpent and swallowed another. He lifted that bronze serpent in the wilderness, as a type of Christ. Can we really conceive the hell endured by our Lord as He purchased our salvation?

Moses made a mistake when he struck the rock twice. He was told to speak to it. We have no need to strike the rock ( Christ ) either, cruel men slapped Him, mocked Him, plucked His beard. He was smitten and afflicted and His punishment brought us peace and it is those wounds that heal. So why take a rod that could carry the power of God to transform into a serpent to overtake the magicians occult devices, and strike the rock? Moses was not God. Only God would be able to give Jesus to be struck down.

And why would we now, continue to smite Him with vain repetitions and disgrace Him with unbelief? He was beaten for us already and is now our High Priest, once and only once our sacrifice our offering? And God had to look away, He could not bear to see the sin and shame we put upon Him. We may not all see burning bushes, but we are in His presence and standing on holy ground.

The Roman soldier pierced His side and blood and water went forth. But they did not break His legs as they did other prisoners. God forbade them to strike Him anymore. It was finished. Moses disobedience cost him entry to the promised land. We don’t want our ignorance to keep us in the wilderness after we were let out of bondage by Christ. We neither need to wander or wonder. He paid it all.

And while Moses received them, the Ten Commandments, Jesus fulfilled the Law and the prophets and gave us one new commandment to love Him and each other, fulfilling all of them. The scene of the Red Sea parting is spectacular, I heard it was done using Jello. People died after the Ten Commandments were given. They bragged that they could keep them. People lived because Jesus fulfilled them. Only He could keep all without sin, and taking our place was the only hope for us. We should be bragging on Him.

Even a far greater miracle occurred when Jesus was crucified, the veil of the temple was rent, but even more than that was the miraculous way He would part a sea of souls and save them. The children of Israel walked through on dry land.  We can walk though to come boldly before God. It was unheard of in that day.

The movie is wonderful but not accurate, Pharoah drowned, sorry Yul. And all those people were heavy laden with gold and riches, limped on through the wilderness maimed and blind and and crippled and on crutches. But the Bible says there were no feeble among them. He healed people then, even though they went astray on the way to the Promised Land. He is still healing people, Jesus will heal before He comes to take us to the mansion He promised, and He has lots of room. The question is do we have room? Do we have room for Him, for each other? Or will we continue to lash out as He was lashed, are we striking our rock when we should just speak to Him. Rebecca Jones

Crystal Storms

In Need of Still Waters


I have been writing about Psalm 91, the secret place. I have had to trust Him, a whole lot lately, with things way beyond my reach. I always want to live there but at the same time I find myself in need of still waters. Storms have come and gone, and blown across my soul. It appears there have been a few stragglers.

If you could view me as a radar screen, there would have been hook echoes, which spawn tornadic activity. And the Holy Spirit blew them away, and the storms that linger behind are old ones, about blown out. Past their intensity, they have little to pound me with. Now and again, it is as if a hailstorm pops up, especially in this late afternoon southern heat. Sometimes, there is hail that is marble sized, golf ball and even softball.

It’s mostly marbles now. The storms that used to howl over me now are driven ot by the calm of Pslam 91. And I can walk into Psalm 23. If the Lord is my Shepherd and He is. I lack nothing. Indeed, I am in need of things but He already knows how they’ll be taken care of. He may have to insist that I rest, to make me lie in green pasture and not let the rotating winds of worry spiral me out of control again. I have come to depend on His rest.

He leads me beside the still waters and restores my soul. There doesn’t have to be a beach nearby, I don’t even have to feel the sand between my toes, I don’t have to collect sea glass, starfish or sand dollars and shells, and yet I can hear the rush of gentle evening waves and almost feel the spray of ocean mist. I can find my peace. Because He is my peace.

It never ceases to amaze me that when a crisis, whether small or gigantic comes about that we will start to wonder what we are going to do. The question should be what are expecting Him to do? Keep His promise, answer prayer. Or are we listening to an evil wind, a wicked wind, and evil, mocking, cruel and condemning wind that is so far for the powerful and peaceful Holy Spirit wind?

I refuse to trade still waters for bitter ones, to be caught up in a whirlwind. I want the fresh wind, the clean and crisp wind of the Holy Spirit. I want Jesus and I want peace. I want to hold His hand and let me walk beside the still waters, in my mind, my heart and soul. I want His calm.

If you find yourself in need of still waters. Here is Jesus waiting to walk you there. Just take His hand and walk, and remember, if you look back and see only one set of footprints in the sand, He’s carrying you from the storm, leading you beside still waters. Rebecca Jones