Caring and Compassionate


I went over the list of attributes for Holley’s book. So many apply to my mother and I. Yet, we have both had our moments of that not being good enough feeling. It is just a feeling and not the truth, another lie of the enemy to keep you from your God given inheritance of abundant life.

I knew creative and imaginative popped out for me. I am considerate. I call if I’m going to be late and to check on people who’ve been ill. I am sensitive, to the nines. And I talk to things, sparrows hopping about the parking lot looking for french fries, butterflies that chase me to the mailbox, and even a broken Christmas ornament, like it could have heard.

I think a lot of caring people are concerned about letting their love show, they don’t want to be made fun of or to get hurt, though that may happen. I’ve found most people very receptive to what I write. We can relate. I try to get my point across in  way that is simple and effective, I never want anyone to be confused. I can never convey how much Jesus loves you with mere words, it’s something you have to experience.

And it’s going to take setting aside all the little quirks, hang ups, what ifs and the buts. He already sees you anyway, while you were sleeping, in the car or the ladies; room. He knows what you had for breakfast, how much your phone bill is, that nagging little thought that runs through your head.  He knows who you love, who you don’t but try to. He knows. You can’t hide from Him. There’s no where to go.

Caring women will care about women. They will be on their laptops and on their knees, unashamed to call on Jesus. The won’t care who sees as long as He does. He sees the caring heart He created, baking cookies, visiting the sick, donating time and energy. He sees the ones who are movers and shakers, the world changers. He sees the prayer warriors in the night who fight the good fight of faith.

Jesus was caring and compassionate, women stayed at the cross. Women were there at the Resurrection. Women are His most precious weapon. It was a woman who was deceived and a woman who was chosen to carry the seed that became the precious Son of God. We have always had an enemy, one who goes after us, our families, our friends and fellow Christians.

We care, we all care. So instead of caring if we make a mistake or if our lipstick is crooked or what someone may say. Let’s care about each other, let’s cheer each other on. Our race is almost over and we have won! So let’s reach out and help the ones we can cross the finish line. Go back and get them, carry them if we have too. God cares, we care. I hear people say the don’t care, but that’s not us.

Caring people make calls, donate food or clothes, buy lunches, give someone a break. They read to people, maybe someone could use help just for an hour or a day. Little things can mean a lot.

We are God’s chosen, He has more that we could ever imagine, if we can’t take the leap of faith. Start with a step, some caring person will be along to help. Rebecca Jones


My Post (8)

Innocence is something we are born with, though we all have inherited an Adamic sinful nature until we receive Christ. I heard a line once from a movie that said something like to be born innocent is natural and to die innocent was a gift. Or perhaps, taken in the Rapture of the church.  It’s not far off. Most people, and some Christians go through life unaware of innocence, most people probably think they’ve lost it and that’s that.

I’ve seen it in children, blissfully unaware of death or even that they’ve lost parents, through foster care or adoption. Those same children can turn on a dime and become bratty. Having worked with children, I’ve seen them upset by parents arguing and some that could care less, who seem to miss the chaos of the home they were removed from.

We are all affected by something, we are all affected by our emotions. They are a part of our soul. We are also affected by our decisions and those of others. We can also be affected by the spiritual world. We come under attack as Christians, and we must discern whether things are spiritual or emotional. Christians can be very oppressed of the devil, that is definitely not the same as possessed. Possessed people care for no one or nothing.

To be born, to be a Christian, to mature, to love and to leave the world in innocence is a gift. It is a gift given to us by the most innocent of all, Jesus. He knew no sin, yet was made sin for us to inherit salvation. Imagine, being innocent of nothing, and yet, being dragged through the streets to be judged, scourged, beaten beyond recognition and then crucified. And all this time, He knew He was innocent, but loved us enough to do it.

It would not hurt any of us to be a little more innocent. There are many ways to be discreet in conversation, lose the loose verbiage. We all know what goes on, but it shouldn’t be our focus. There are awful television shows, movies, language in abundance. But you can find something to watch or listen to that is not all bad, or even read.

If all we see and hear is bad, what will that make us, in a world full of evil there is still peace and innocence in the Lord. It would be nice to see some innocence again…it is a gift from the most innocent, Jesus.

When the accuser comes and he will, we must remember we are daughters of the king, with repentant hearts, we need to live in a perpetual state of grace, walk in white, pure in heart, and when we are washed in His blood, cleansed  by the pure water of His Word, no matter if the evil one accuses, the Spirit is our Advocate, and says innocent.


He Renews My Youth


He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s! Psalm 103:5

Most people are never satisfied, even Christians. It’s because they don’t always recognize the promises of God and receive them, applying them to their lives. They will even allow the enemy to twist verses, cause strife and confusion, and he will in order to make them not believe.

It would be bad for him to have an army of angry Christian soldiers march to war on him. Jesus has already defeated him, and He wants us to as well. In these last days, I believe He is raising up Christians who will lay hold to His promises and believe that what Jesus said, He meant.

He wants you to be satisfied. That is the word in many translations rather than fill. But basically, if you have your health, some money, family and friends, can take a vacation and afford a few extras. If you can have a happy marriage, a faithful spouse. a loving, intimate relationship. If you are true partners, you are satisfied. But only Jesus can satisfy those longings.

If you don’t think God can renew youth, think again. Read what He says about Job, He gives another promise in Isaiah. And you can read about Naaman in 2 Kings 5. I can think of several others but go and and study it out for yourself.

God is a veritable fountain of youth. That’s why I get asked about my age a lot. I am 54. Most people say I look 35 or so. I have had people confounded at the make up counter, the doctor’s office, if I offer to show a driver’s license, they’ll believe me. A young girl thought my mother and I were twins at the mall, I played along, she’s 17 years older. I finally told her we weren’t.  Sometimes, I just want to say Psalm 103:5!!! Some people will get it others won’t. But when you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

Rebecca Jones

Looking Into My Soul


Imagine Jesus looking at you! Can you imagine, being blind and He’s the first one you see? Or being deaf and His is the first voice you hear? What about being lame or crippled and being able to run into His arms?  What about being possesses with seven devils, like Mary Magdalene, and being freed? Or the madman in the tombs who could not escape his past and only had a flicker of himself left until Jesus looked and him and told the demons to  “Go!”

The woman at the well didn’t know Him, but the woman with the issue of blood believed in Him,  she must have been excited to receive her miracle and concerned when Jesus asked, ” Who touched me? ” Again relief would have filled her heart when He told her faith had made her whole. I can hardly imagine being so ill and pressing through a crowd in the streets. Maybe it was hot and she was thirsty but she was looking for the living water and He took her to a place of still waters, healing. Imagine looking into blue eyes. I say that because I have heard of people having visions of Him and seeing His blue eyes.

While Jesus is neither black nor white, He was Jewish, would have had olive skin, and some Jews do have blue eyes. Revelation describes them as a flame or fire. Jesus was ablaze with the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be. Let’s look into His eyes, even if only through Scripture. He should be our focus and not our circumstances, that makes way for miracle.

He can look into our hearts and souls and minds, our imaginations. He can discern every thought and intent. There is no way to hide from the eyes that search the earth from heaven. These are the eyes of love.  The deepest love ever, the agape love of God.  He is looking for someone to bless and love.

May we all be graced with His continual peace and presence and may He look lovingly upon us as we believe upon Him. May His grace and peace and Spirit rest on us as we are favored by God, the children of righteousness. Some of us may be blessed with visions. Nevertheless, we will soon see Him face to face. Rebecca Jones

Consider the Lilies


Consider how the lilies of the field grow: They do not labor or spin.  Matthew 6:28

As the holiday weekend approaches, I’m reminded of how many lilies I see at this time of year. I’m also reminded of this verse about how the lilies to not toil or spin and obviously do not worry. God takes care of them. The Lord also reminded me of something about myself, that I try way too hard. If He gives you a gift, you don’t have to work for it just thank Him.

He’s not telling us not to work of course, but that He does not want us struggling. Like the flowers of the field we can sway in the gentle breeze of His Holy Spirit.  We can wave at Him with hands and palms of praise, lifted up to the Son, like the lilies do to the sun, and expect Him to supply our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, who poured Himself out on the cross for us. So He has the authority to tell us not to worry. Solomon was rich, but not arrayed like this.

Now, the greater one than Solomon had arrived on the scene, sharing His Father, His Word, His love and eternal life with us. He has every right to tell us not to worry, especially after what He went through for us. We put Him through it, and that should bring us to repentance and obedience.

Don’t  worry, don’t be afraid, don’t let anyone take your joy. Love one another, my peace I leave you. Jesus has every right to tell us what to do as believer. But are we doing it? I, for one am working on it.  I do my best not to worry, I still feel it try to squirm its way in, but I am so familiar with His Word, I can’t ignore Jesus.

I need be quiet and still before Him. He is greater than Solomon or anyone else. And HE chose to die for me! HE chose to love me! So I pray for you and I this spring to be as glorious as the lilies who don’t work hard to be beautiful, they just are. They depend on Jesus. I know I do too! Be blessed!

Rebecca Jones

The Lamb of God


Since tomorrow is Good Friday, we have to study the Jewish time frame  to get the three days until Resurrection. Jesus most likely would have been crucified on a Thursday, the women would have gone to the tomb on Sunday, the first day of the week.

It is an in depth study on Passover and Sabbath, but my post is meant to look more into the heart of God. Look at the baby Jesus. God was pleased to have Him arrive and placed in that manger, now His plan of salvation was in the works. But His heart would be breaking at the loss and cruel death of His beloved Son, some thirty plus years later. He had to look away, and for the first time Jesus addresses Him as My God, instead of Father, for our sake, so we can now call Him, Abba, Father.

Jesus was laid in a manger, a trough for animals, perhaps lambs. It would not have been wooden, but carved from limestone, like the grave He would later occupy, or at least His body. He went to hell to take the keys of death and hell.

Jesus was swaddled, wrapped tightly in the clothes. Just like grave clothes. I have heard this before, and was in tears at the thought that instead of that little haystack, it was like a coffin.

I got this picture from Pinterest but it is by artist Jenedy Paige. She relayed this same story on the website but with another addition. She was told that there was no need for them to store hay since there is always grass in Israel, or Bethlehem. They  do have very little snow.  So that would make the manger a watering trough.

So add the baby Jesus, you have living water and the sheep or lambs that drink from Him would never thirst again. Thank you Jesus, your sacrifice was always sacred and precious to me and grows more so every day. Rebecca Jones

The Quiet Lion


Proverbs 19:12
The king’s wrath is like the roaring of a lion, but his favor is like dew on the grass.

The Quiet Lion, He doesn’t roar. He doesn’t have to. His death and Resurrection speaks volumes.  He kept His mouth shut to the point of death and stayed in obedience. In that obedience came our salvation, which is all encompassing healing, deliverance, protection. We live in a fallen world and will face obstacles. Everyone has had sickness or some problem to over come .

Jesus gave the way to overcome everything. What is impossible for us is possible for Him. And He makes it possible for us if we can believe it. He gave us the ability to speak His words and overcome by them, the word of our testimony and the precious of the Lamb.

This is the season we know as Lent, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.  But while some will call it Resurrection Day, and it is, I think Jesus is more concerned that we remember Him everyday.  When He served Passover and broke the bread, He said as often as you do, take Communion that is. to remember me.

Sometimes, that is once a month. Or at mass. Some people have begun to realize that as kings and priests, joint heirs, that what Jesus raised us to gives us the right to take it daily, ourselves, remembering Him or as often as we need it. I have heard of many people experiencing healing this way. He made us worthy, as believers and we must discern His body, it is with His wounds we are healed.

The devil roars, he’s a loudmouth! And he’s rude, crude and obnoxious! Sure, knows a lot of four letter words and innuendo, is the accuser of the brethren night and day. I have never cared for loud, in your face types, the one who knows everything about everything and knows nothing. I don’t like having to talk loud to get someone’s attention, grown up or child.  I don’t like for someone to push my love and patience to the brink. No, the devil doesn’t make me lose mt temper, that’s my choice. Jesus has given me the fruit of the Spirit. I choose to exercise self control.

I do my level best not to argue, over emphasize my opinion, even if it’s gospel. Some days, most days, I really need the quiet lion, I have Him. I have His Spirit, love, joy and peace. I need not be afraid, look who’s with me. Jesus isn’t angry with me. He loves me, died for me, suffered for me.  As the Passover lamb, He was my burnt offering allowing Himself to be literally consumed, roasted, absorbing the wrath of God so I would avoid hell. He even went there and took the keys. No, He doesn’t have to roar, even though He’s the King.

Are you thinking He doesn’t answer prayer? Are you praying with an attitude that God is angry or out to get you?Jesus cant speak to you through the Holy Spirit unless you understand that as a believer, He’s not condemning or punishing you. You may hear the devil’s accusations railing at your soul. He’s not angry, He loves you.

I had a problem I prayed about for years. He never talked to me about it.  He answered other things.  Finally, as I praised Him for healing something, in the bathroom late at night, I asked again. The sweetest voice spoke into my spirit, like a whisper. ” Is that what you thought I was looking at? ” I carried shame and blame that He’s already born. He wanted to take care of this problem too. He was looking at the answer, I was looking at what I thought the problem was, and it wasn’t.

It pays to be quiet. To be still, To listen. Listen to His heart. The quiet lion who doesn’t have to shout to be heard, but we the lambs He protects have to quiet our troubled hearts and souls and listen to hear Him above the devil’s roar.  What a wonderful picture of Him, the loving Good Shepherd, lying in repose at the gate of souls, little lambs quieted by the gentle, peaceful quiet lion.

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

…In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength…Isaiah 30:15

And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19

Jesus, He is Both


Lamb and Lion, yes. Jesus was and is both. He doesn’t change. He was the lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. He was destined to come and redeem mankind, at least all who would believe. He was our sacrifice. He took our place. He went to the cross to keep us from going to hell for all eternity. He replaced all the animal sacrifices, even though the Jews will attempt it during the tribulation. He was the Holy Son of God who was the only one worthy and good enough to take upon Himself all that suffering and shame.

He is the powerful and soon coming Lion of the tribe of Judah, which gives Him the lineage to rule and reign over the earth from Jerusalem, from heaven, wherever He chooses.  He once and for all took that punishment and did not open His mouth.  This time He has a lot to say and will have that say very soon.  He will have to redeem us from the end time terrors and return to save Israel as taught in Revelation. He will wipe away all tears and reign forever. Looking forward to our blessed hope. Rebecca Jones

Now He’s A Lion


Jesus is coming with the power and authority of His Father, He destroyed the works of satan the first go round, yet people still choose to walk in darkness. Christians are easily deceived by denominations and doctrines, they are not walking in the authority given them by Jesus. They are often easily confused or take the grace message out of context or for granted. The Lion is a strong reflection of the Lamb side.

Jesus was a lamb, now a Lion.  He will be the only one great enough to put an end to the terrible times ahead. Do not wait to receive Him if you do not  know Him, He loves you, He gave His life for you.  All you have to do is believe that He is the Son of God, was crucified and raised from the dead and is Heaven, looking out for us. Ask Him to be your Lord.  Don’t let the devil cheat you out of the joy of knowing the Lord. Rebecca Jones