Declare the Battle Won!


There has been a war on women. It started in Eden. It’s going on even as we speak. The enemy is the devil and he has hated women from the beginning. He hated them because they would bear children and one day the Messiah would show up.

He makes men think they have to dominate to be men, that women are subservient. He makes them think they are entitled to enjoy marital priviledges without marriage, that they can father children and the sytem will take care of them, and the women will take them back, after they’ve found a new baby mama, then left her. And he’s deceived loved starved women into terible relationships. Now, admittedly, there are those who choose their lifestyles but others are victims.

It’s time to declare victory! Victory in Jesus! Our Savior forever! He loved women, when He touched them, they were made whole, clean, healed and free. You could not bathe enough to get the filth of unrighteousness off of you. But accepting Jesus makes you righteous, for He who knew no sin was made sin, and took the curse for us. We’re better than that ladies! Declare the war on women over, we are victorious in Jesus!

Too long have we fought to be heard, to vote, to be paid equal, and to have control of our bodies. I am not for abortion, but what women have not always understood is that they have had control, but like Adam and Eve, handed it over to the enemy. And he will beat you over the head with it. You can choose not to engage in things that will affect you adversely. Don’t buy the devil’s lies, he’s a vacuum cleaner salesman trying to get  a foot in the door, shut it! And he’s a telemarketer trying to get you into a back brace or sell you burial insurance, say no thanks and hang up!

This war has gon on long enough! Forget the war on terror, the war on drugs. Declare the war on women over. It’s gone on long enough. Women are not possessions, objects, maids or baby mamas. We are caring, loving, nurturing, sisters, wives and mothers and deserve equal treatment and respect for that. They work, they clean, they teach. And they complaiin and why not? ( Even thugh complaining can be sinful. ) Who’s listening? I’ll tell you, Jesus is, theit Father is.

The rabbis warn you to be careful of making a women cry. Jehovah counts their tears. Listen up men! You are messing with a mighty God! Jesus loved and cherished women, and respected them. The word womb and the formation of woman, have Jewish roots with the same word as God’s own love. Women are precious to Him. Children are precious to Hm. And yes, so are the guys, after all He didn’t leave you alone. He sent someone to help you and it wasn’t a giraffe or a kangaroo.

It was a beautiful woman formed to be beside you, not behind you. Oh, sometimes she may get ahead of you but that’s so you can catch her. And she’s not to be under your thumb or feet, that’s where the devil is supposed to be. Keep him there together.

Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, it makes no difference. God speaks all languages. We should all be speaking Hebrew I suppose but His first language is love, because He sent Jesus. The war’s over ladies, we’ve won!!!  Thank you, Jesus. And in the end the men win, too and the children.

Let’s start praying for and complete each other. Stop fighing each other, stop the gossip, the backbiting, the cat fights. We are daughters of the King. He gave His best. Let’s do the same.

He had counted your tears, your bottles are full. Your are Hepzibah, His delight is in you, you are a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord. You are Beulah, married. Married to the Lord and your husband. Your maker is your spiritual husband. He gave you  His love, His desires for you. You are His beloved, His masterpiece, now let He who began a good work complete in you. Let me pray for you today,

Abba Father, in Jesus name I come boldly before the throne of grace. You sit upon the mercy  seat. The Day of Atonement is October 12th, and we remember your eternal sacrifice that gave us salvation. We have fallen short of your glory, and been reminded of it constantly. We arm ourselves only with a robe of righteousness, the Holy Spirit armor, and the sword of the Spirit, your Word. Crown us with your peace. Many of us have sown in tears, and you promised joy. We are looking forward to the day you wipe them away. The war on women waged by the evil one, the destroyer is over. We are more than conquerors because you love us. We walk before you in white, sealed by your Spirit, favored, graceful, daughters of our King. Blessed be His name.

Rebecca Jones

Hebrew rechem sound like rah – kem, womb, is the root word rachamim sounds like rock a meem, compassion, the  love of God

*You have taken note of my life and caught each of my tears in your bottle. Psalm 56:8 Search the Scripures, my post is loaded today. God bless!



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