God Works For Me


I used to do those silly things, jump up and down and bend and touch my toes, lay hands on the television, and what not. I mean no disrespect ever to the Lord. Maybe, it works for some, I know it is a point of contact. It is much like the woman who touches the hem of His garment or the handkerchiefs anointed by Peter. Once, I wore a prayer cloth totally out. It was pinned into jean shorts and washed over and again, my back still hurt. I knew very little about spiritual warfare. I never knew how much my prayers were impacting others, and the devil was retaliating, through others. Even those closest to you.

And we know that even Peter for all his experiences, became a man whose shadow healed, so what would Jesus’ shadow have done?  I love the song He Touched Me, I always have whether sung by amateurs in a small church or by a performer. And the thing is, He did touch me.

He touched me and He made me whole. In Isaiah 53, we know that it says by His stripes we are healed. Jesus already did that. Isaiah looked ahead to the cross, Jesus had not yet been born. Psalm 22 tells how the furrows on His back we plowed deep. That was farther back still and even in Genesis, God promises that the seed of a woman will crush his head, the devil’s. He always had a plan of redemption.

Fast forward past the crucifixion, to the time of Peter and he writes, ” By His stripes you were healed. ” See, it is in the past. Healing was purchased by Jesus in the past it’s a part of your benefits package, Psalm 103.  I was so stupid, I though I needed to have some kind of giant faith, instead,  I had giants, and mountains they might have a had a mudslide but never quite made it to the sea.

All I really needed to do is rely on Jesus and what He did, I could never do enough. The enemy will make sure you know that too, and talk you out of healing being a reality, and he will run you down, literally to yourself and others, humiliate you and accuse, but he lies. Let’s be clear, the devil hates women. So don’t let him deceive you, trick you into bad relationships, steal your joy, cause your mouth to bring you into ruin.

Jesus, did it. God works for us. Romans 8:28, He never causes bad, but turns it for good. He was working before we were born. Jeremiah 33:3 gives a hope, plans the future. Psalm 127:2  says we shouldn’t worry being up early or staying up late. He says He give sleep to the beloved.

God is all about rest. He invented rest. He entered a Sabbath Rest, and eternal rest. So did Jesus, when He ascended and sat at the Father’s right hand. Now, He longs to have us rest, He worked for us. And He has plans to make our work enjoyable and prosperous. His rest, will put an end to striving, but we have to work for it, He touched us with His love the moment we were saved.

Some people say they are under construction, or a work in progress, but Jesus finished His work, shouldn’t we be able to be finished, God’s masterpiece, Ephesians 3:20 I did those silly sayings about money and prosperity too. But I never had money. Or at least not in the natural. It is in , “trust ” fund.

In order to really succeed in the natural, we need the supernatural, wonder working power of the blood of the Lamb, His grace, His peace and His rest. He can let us rest in His peace so we will not be resting in peace the other way.

I made plans and tried to carry  them out. But He orders our steps. I just needed to know how much he loved me, and I needed that love. I know His way is better, I know He touched me, wants me to rest and heal, God works behind the scenes, God works for me.  And He is control. Or i would be out of it. Rebecca  Jones / Not About Me November, It’s All About Him, And Yet He Chooses Us.


God Is Behind The Scenes


God is working behind the scenes. Really, He is. Just like a director, He has written a perfect script. He does, whether some believe it or not have a perfect will and a permissive will. Jeremiah tells us about the good plans He has for us, if we are not walking in them, then we should be praying about it. Sadly, many Christians will walk far below what God has planned for them. Forgive me, but out of ignorance. We perish for lack of knowledge. Oh, we have knowledge, and even think it is superior or that we have to help God out like Sarah and Abraham tried to do, it doesn’t work. God is still smarter than we are, that’s why He is God and we’re not.

I am not condemning you as I have myself in the past. It was a popular Charismatic phrase to say, there nothing wrong with, God, the message, it must be you. People were being condemned right out their healing and many other blessings, the grace was theirs but when we are not in Christ, we are disqualifying ourselves. And then there are those who abuse their grace, who continue to live a sinful life, knowing and willingly, and He is not pleased.

How? It can be a number of reasons, it can be unforgiveness, greed, unbelief. The Holy Spirit can help you discern your strengths and weaknesses. We all have our faults and failures, Romans 3:23 is something that was drummed into us. Do you want to be saved by the skin of your teeth, plod aimlessly along or do you want to know the love of Jesus? It’s a choice.

But I am thankful His mercies are new every morning and the Jesus ushered in a time of grace and truth, and mostly that He left me His peace. He will restore you, put you in His perfect will, praying in the Spirit gives you perfect prayers. Bind things on earth, and loose the things of heaven. God allows what we allow, and we put up with way too much from each other and the devil. If we could seeing healing and more people saved, there would be revival.

God wants to bless us. He sent Jesus to free us. But we need to be free indeed. We must be willing to learn, have a teachable spirit and walk in the Spirit. We must love each other, deeply. Be tenderhearted, forgiving. We need not only to read and study the Bible but to be a doer, rightly divide. Don’t give in to the plans of the enemy who has set his mind to kill, steal and destroy. We want life and more abundantly, for it to run over and flow out to others.

We don’t need to be beating ourselves and others up with the cross. Jesus destroys the enemy and his works, but it is up to us to love. We have to let Jesus us love us or we will never know those plans to prosper and be in good health. Never under estimate the power of prayer, as you wait pray for others, knowing someone is praying for you, even Jesus, our intercessor and High Priest. he is not limited, He is unlimited.

God is at work behind the scenes, He gave us great dialogue in His Word for prayer and praise, He has staged the scenery, lit the stage, and we must take our cues, deliver our lines and follow our directions. We have missed marks, been off key and kilter, but He is a great director and one day there will a command performance. Rebecca Jones photo…/ Jakob Owens Unsplash Thank you. /Not About Me November

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If The Shoe Fits


” If the shoe fits, ” another saying we’re familiar with, ” wear it. ” But we wear to many shoes sometimes, slippers that are way too comfortable. We get locked into a comfort zone and can’t or won’t step out of it. Jogging shoes, we just keep running until we exhausted like a little hamster on a wheel.

Sometimes, is it a pair of old sneakers, also comfortable, but smelly and full of holes, kind of like pouring new wine into old wine skins. It can be a pair of boots, maybe even like the kind to wear out into a stream and wade while we fish for souls. Maybe the combat kind for spiritual warfare, or the ankle ones to strengthen our faith. Cowboys boots to dig in our heels, and spur the devil.

We might even wear ballet flats to dance and praise, to be en point or on or our toes. A verse in Habbakuk says we walk on high place or hills ( heels ). Can you believe God called us to walk in high heels?

What about sandals, they flip and flop, get full of sand. Sometimes, they are cute and then others they wear out. I have been on the worn out side. I have also had a pair of silver shoes, I loved them. I finally donated them, I thought someone may benefit from them as I had. Silver is the color representing redemption.

Personally, I do like flats, for everything to be level, smooth sailing. Did you know shoes are a dream symbol, usually, representing peace. Remember, believers should have beautiful feet, carrying the gospel of peace.

Sometimes shoes are like labels, they don’t fit! They are too loose or too tight, a little glitter doesn’t cheapen your Christianity, but flaunting your body can. We should leave a little sparkle wherever we go. Maybe, you have had a label put on you that doesn’t fit as a believer, He can change that and give you ruby red slippers.

Whatever, you wear. Wear love, it’s the greatest gift. Never let people or the devil label you as a believer, ask the Holy Spirit to define your walk. Jesus is your Prince Charming calling you to His kingdom in heaven. Christians do not need to be rude, crude or arrogant, self righteous, we are only righteous by Him. Precious, beloved, daughter of the King. But if the shoe fits, wear it. Rebecca Jones pexels photo…


When You Walk Away From God


I read that the worst words you will ever hear is Jesus saying depart from me, you workers of iniquities, I never knew you. And that has to be the truth. I can’t imagine hearing that. I know I never will. I thank the Lord immensely for it. I know Him. I have always known Him, even when I didn’t know how much I knew Him. I can’t imagine not knowing Him at all.

How do people get through the day without a prayer or a praise? How do they hear the news that they or a loved one are ill or a child? How do they go will no one to call on help when all hope is lost. Who do they believe in for a miracle? Who’s shoulder is strong enough to bear any  burden that comes your way? Who will gather your tears and put them in His bottle?

I can’t even comprehend the depth of despair, the horror, I can’t imagine the outer darkness, the demons, the gnashing of teeth, even though I wore mouth piece with TMJ. I can’t imagine eternal damnation, never a day of quiet or peace, always a noisy  screech, gut wrenching cries and screams of terror and fright, torment. Eternal flames, stench, misery, and thirst. Outer darkness?

And no living water. Can you fathom that people don’t believe in heaven or hell, or a loving Savior? Most people have heard of Jesus. But a lot of people simply do not know Him as the loving Son of God. They may not have respect or appreciation for His sacrifice. They probably have very little or no knowledge of the depth of the sacrifice. No knowledge of the Old Testament and lambs were presented to pay an atonement. Jesus, His only Son, was the only acceptable sacrifice to redeem a fallen world. While human sacrifice may have been common among pagans, even children or babies as in Moab, Jesus was the only one God approved of, even though He asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He didn’t expect him or allow him to do it.

As a side note to that Isaac, born to an old couple was their pride and joy. Isaac means laughter. God tested Abraham’s faith but  would not take his joy, instead He gave His own only begotten Son. John 3:16 says He came to save the world, of course they have to receive it and believe it, and He did not come to condemn. But Romans 8:1, says there is no condemnation to us in Christ Jesus. That is a great comfort.

All His words are, the Bible is full of poetry, wisdom and directions for life. And extraordinarily full of love. Can you understand people walking away from that? But people do. They walk away from their faith for many reasons, and though I believe salvation is eternal, they are losing rewards and blessings in their lives, and might even cut it short with sin or worry. Or reckless living, like the prodigal son, it says riotous living.

People often get disillusioned with ministries or Christians in general. They may not have had a prayer answered. Or perhaps, someone the love died. There are many reasons that people turn away. the Lord will not force His love on them. And still He loves them in His rejection.

Jesus wept. He wept often over Jerusalem and I know He wept over Lazarus and in the Garden of Gethsemane. He wept for me and you, all of us as sinner. And no doubt, sometimes, even as believers. I will not walk away from Him, ever, will you? Yet, people will and they will one day, be turned into hell and hear those horrible worst words, depart from me, worker of iniquity. I never knew you. Rebecca Jones / free stock photo…

Shemini Atzeret, Stay With Me


Shemeni Atzeret means to hold back, tarry or linger if you will. As we again have passed through the High Holy Days an Sukkot, and our own Thanksgiving and enter Hanukkah, God would have us linger to stay with Him a little longer.

There are set times for the feast and festivals, and they are celebrated for days. Just one more, a little longer is the cry of God’s heart for His beloved, His children. I know that is so true.

Have you ever had the feeling in your prayer time that Jesus wants you to stay, like we used to say as children, just five more minutes? He loves us so much. He knows we have things to, families to take care and He understands. He will guide you and be a strong family presence.

Actually, Jesus should be the head of the house. Husbands are to follow that lead. truly, if they did, wives and families would be much happier. I know not one of us perfect all the time, but He is, and His perfection is in a plan He has for you to follow.

Can you give Him, first place, whisper a prayer in the morning? Can you listen for the still small voice that Samuel heard call his name and drown out the crowd of the the day. You may not ever if you heed the call to be on the go all the time. Running through life does not please God. He wants to be your peace. He wants your heart at peace. He wants your body to rest.

Many believers are not even familiar with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year or Yom Kippor, the Day of Atonement. While we are not required to keep the feast days now, we are to understand the things of God and one day in the future, eternity, we will celebrate with Him again.

So even if it’s over, you can take down your booth or decorations, will you stay a while longer? We all stayed to help someone at times, with the dishes, cleaning up paper plates after a party, streamers, cake crumbs. We have all put away ornaments, and picked up gift wraps

So why don’t we just stay and have a few more minutes of intimate conversation with Jesus? He is speaking to us today of Shimeni Atzeret, He wants us to draw close to Him, talk to Him, as we are on the precipice of eternity with Him. Jesus uses the word remain on many occasions, why not now? ” Stay with me? ” Rebecca Jones / Not About Me November / free stock photo

And I heard a loud voice from heaven, saying, “Look! The tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them. They shall be His people, and God Himself will be with them and be their God.
– Revelation 21:3

Pray It Forward


We’ve heard the expression, ” pay it forward “. Sometimes, people will buy coffee for the next person in line or turn around and donate something like furniture, if they get new. Not everyone has to have a yard sale or go to Goodwill, though there is nothing wrong with that. I just want you to be encouraged that when God bless you, to pray it forward.

If you have been blessed, with a new car or a job, offer someone a ride home or buy a coworker lunch. Sometimes, gifts are large and sometimes good things come in small packages.

My great niece had lots of clothes, she knows  now what donate means althought she confuses it sometimes with delete. When she came into my mother’s, she had no clothes and people gave us some, since we were no longer doing daycare. So I decided to pay that back. We did take clothes to Goodwill but we also donated them to the daycare, including many dresses.

I, myself have taken them and just given them to people in the parking lot who wanted sweaters, an elderly lady too a bunch to give to other members of her church, people on a fixed income benefit from donations. I recently set one lady a bag of food, and prayed for her nd her son with cancer, since then she has been directed to a place to get help.

Many are in need of coats and blankets. Lots of people just starting over after fires, floods, or tonadoes need everything. Sometimes, just a kind word or even a prayer, so pray it forward. We are very blessed in America.

What we take for granted others would see as rich, so let’s be mind ful of the poor and needy that Jesus said would always be here. It will not be long before it gets cold and many will find themselves in need, with winter and holidays coming up.

Here in Georgia, it is still hot so I would remind everyone to remember their pets and children, never leave them in hot car and check on the elderly, donate fans if you can. You will find many ways to pray it forward and be the very hands and feet of Jesus, who will take note of what you do and if you are a cheerful giver. He even a cup of cold water. Be blessed today and be a blessing. Rebecca Jones / freely photos…

There She Goes, Again

There she goes, there she goes again. That’s what the devil should be saying and quaking and cringing as our feet that are beautiful with gospel of peace hit the floor. Whether we are making coffee, driving  down the road to get some, listening to music and singing praises or sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, slippers and sipping tea with a morning devotional, he should be petrified. I realize it is the so called Black Friday, but to me that’s when Jesus died for me. Go shopping, just remember who it is all about.

Our tongues are the pens of a ready writer, and our words of prayer don’t have to waft their way to heaven, or even over to the wailing wall of Jerusalem to be picked up by angels. They just have to be prayed, written, journaled and hidden in our heart, where Jesus resides as we remain in Him.

He is there on the mercy seat of our heart and He says, ” There she goes again, there she goes, my beloved, my prayer warrior, daughter of the King. She speaks to me of her innermost hurts, her desires and even her fears. She calls my name and I am there, I bend to listen to her every word, and I am answering. Sometimes, in ways she doesn’t see, but she will someday as she remains in me and in faith.

If she holds fast to my promises and walks in love, I will help her keep her words so that the wicked one will not touch her, she will walk in my glory, surrounded by my presence and holy angels, faithful, fearless, fabulous child of worship and praise. ”

It use to be there she goes, there she goes again worrying, panicking, running on empty, burning herself out, being hurt, abused, steeped on walked on and overlooked. There she goes, there she goes again, with questions, quarrels and quirks, even though the answer was there all along, Jesus.

And what ever the day brings, it is my prayer that you see the table set before you, and it is full of grace and healing, even with enemies all around. My prayer is that, I am the salt and light. My eyes are full of His light and life and love. Though others would assault me with accusation, I am not better, just beloved because I believed. I am provided for, protected and promises He makes, He keeps, even if I fail, or falter and try as I may to love Him and obey.

It is not about me, it is all about Jesus, He was perfect because I can’t be. He died for me, so that I could die to myself and live for Him, and with Him forever. He healed a badly broken heart that I could not mend, even as I sowed in His Word. He had to sow it. He even let me cry my tears of pain and joy, when I could no longer cry, hardened by battle and struggling with life, faith and health, He was my heart, my healing and hope.

When your read my words I want you to be blessed, I want you to experience Jesus. I want you to hear Him saying I love you, I want you to hear Him cry for you in a garden and on a cross, and I want Him to free you, I want the Lord who is call Shiloh, shaloam or peace, the Prince of Peace, to come to you with His peace. He left it for believers in John 14:27.

There she goes, there she goes again, she’s on her knees, prostrate, positioned to do battle, a warrior of grace. Called. Completed, Crowned. Connected to God in a threefold cord of golden voice that lifts both prayer and praise. Her joy is Jesus and overflows her heart. He is her perfume, her wedding garment, her robe of righteousness.

And the devil is defeated, again and again, he would be happy if we would just sleep and leave him alone, but I wake myself praying in the Spirit, there she goes, there she goes again. Rebecca Jones / photo….pixabay or pexels

Please enjoy the La’s There She Goes /// I see it as a song about how a man feels about a girl, and that’s all I intend it to be. The rumors of drug use or the ode to heroin have no bearing on liking it. The spirit of pharmakia and witchcraft falls at the feet of our Lord, and I pray these talented people and many others like them come to the knowledge of His saving grace and  find healing and deliverance. You do not need drugs to be inspired or create, to feel or experience a ” high “, true joy is in Jesus.


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Thanksgiving Feast


I looked for a Last Supper painting, but came across this one. It is a lovely piece of work called Supper at Emmaus. It looks like Jesus, though Passover was in Jerusalem. In front of the Lord, is a bowl of fruit as He reaches for the bread to break before His crucifixion at Passover.

I know that is a spring feast and we are in the fall, actually closer to Hannakuh. So why does a spring feast relate to Thanksgiving? Jesus always broke bread and gave thanks. He always thanks to His Father. He even gave thanks to His Father that He heard Him before He raised Lazarus.

So Jesus was thankful, not just at Passover, or holidays but all the time. He had to be in order to see the miraculous. Jesus knew about praise and thanksgiving. So this thanksgiving, I decided to pay tribute and give praise where praise is due to the one made it all possible, Jesus.

He was there when the earth that brings forth the grain for the bread and the vineyard for the grapes were created. He saw the sunrise on the first day. There was a canopy or a vapor that watered the earth and I’m sure ground water, the Flood was much later.

He walked in the Garden of God, saw all the things that were created, all that was good to eat. Even after the fall, He waited with His Father and appeared at time in the Old Testament. He waited for His Father’s plan or redemption to unfold. He had to come as a baby, grow up, minister, perform miracles and finally break bread, and be crucified, all for us to have eternal life.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember the feast of Passover, when Jesus instituted Communion, He broke bread, the symbol of His body, and poured the wine ( or grape juice ) as a sign of His blood, We are to remember Him, a proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.

May the Lord of the harvest, bring into His kingdom every soul, may angels go along and let the Holy Spirit quicken their minds and hearts to receive Him as Lord.  Celebrate Thanksgiving, give thanks and celebrate and remember Jesus.

I instituted Communion as part of my Thanksgiving, at least personally, it is an individual choice and families don’t always agree do they? I updated this today and will be having a post this November, explaining the details of Thanksgiving and Communion, the Greek word being eucharisto.

Rebecca Jones

Not About Me November

No Condemnation


Romans 8:1 tells us that there is now no condemnation to those of us that are in Christ Jesus. So why do we take it on ourselves? Admittedly, there are those who abuse their grace and favor and even power in the ministry. But for people like me, it was a constant nag that I must be doing something wrong. I wanted to have enough faith to please God, in trying to grow it I opened myself to even more harm and heartache. I’m glad He keeps no record of my mistakes and failures and hammers me with it.

Jesus found Himself in many situations when He could have accused people and especially women, but He did not. He rebuked Peter, for voicing the devil’s disapproval of the plan of redemption. Women, He freed.

Well, men too, but women He had a heart for, to be sure. He didn’t say to the woman with the issue of blood, ” What are you doing here? You are unclean? ” He was point blank with the woman at the well, the Marys and even challenged the woman He called a dog to drop her pretense of Judaism. He was not condemning then or now. He made the men pout down the rocks, so why do we accuse ourselves?

It is because the accuser of the brethren, continues to accuse, the devil isn’t omnipotent, but he has sown the accusations in just like the sower sows the Word. When we don’t understand it, he takes it out of our heart. And really, even out of our mouths. He has no right to stand before God when Jesus applied His blood there, nor on the mercy seat of our heart where Jesus resides. We have a better covenant than Job.

But we have memories, thoughts, that assail us, and especially at certain times or on specific days, what we could have or should have done. Feelings of inadequacy. I used to feel very inept. I may not be able but He is in me. Let’s not throw rocks at our own glass houses and hearts. If Jesus died horribly to forgive, should we, and especially ourselves in order to win others, it is grace. Now, you do have to be a believer, and seeking Him. If you’re a willing sinner, using Him as an out, well, He knows your heart’s intent.

I joined a word study. I was supposed to look up ten words that are opposed of condemnation. But condemn stop me in my tracks, to declare something awful or evil. It was high on the list. Accusation, denouncement, blame, judgement, censure, disapproval, reproach, denunciation, proscription, doom, damnation, reprobation. I had tears in my eyes reading this. What have I done to myself and allowed others to do to me?

It took me a long time to be a daughter of the King, a crown of beauty in His hand, an accepted into the beloved. Now, let’s look at Jesus.  Theses are opposites of condemnation, Jesus…..approves, compliments,endorses, frees, praises ( yes, praises ), absolves, sanctions, acquits, clears, discharges, pardons, exonerates, and releases. Wow! Some list.

No wonder if He makes us free, we are free indeed. No wonder where Lord’s Spirit rests, there is liberty. We don’t need ourselves or others, even well meaning but mean spirited Christians haranguing us.

Finally, I had the mental picture of condemnation, an old, abandoned house, broken windows, dry, dusty. Are we old relics as Christians? We should be watered by His Spirit, and He will not leave us. They even put these in the paper and the internet is full of abandoned buildings, churches and even mansions.

What about the condemned prisoner, getting a final meal, being led to the gallows or electric chair, now sitting for years on death row. They heard their sentence, but it isn’t always like the movies and a last minute reprieve.

A fatal disease used to be a death sentence, not today, and certainly not for the Great Physician. Can you think of ways you are condemning yourself or others, are you being judge and jury, when the Lord has forgiven you as a believer, sentencing yourself to death, hung by your words or shrouded in grief or depression.

And we know Jesus was cursed for us, Galatians 3:13, also 1 Corinthians 12:3. It is only by the Holy Spirit that we can say that He was accursed for us. we certainly do not believe He actually is, also the only way we can profess Him as Lord. Never belittle the holy sacrifice with feelings that only cover pain and heartache, but are not anything more that a counterfeit of the enemy and contrary to His Word, and the love He poured out to us by His death so that we could live eternally with Him. If you are a sinner, become a believer, If you are believer stop think of yourself as a sinner, but as a beloved son or daughter.

I  have hopes of participating on a blog with a theme, Not About Me November, if I do that or just adopt it for my blog as well, let’s all try to remember who deserves all the praise and thanksgiving, our glorious Lord Jesus. And yet, He is not condemning us, He will praise us too. Read John 3:16, 17, see the Lord’s gavel coming down in heaven, because of His sacrifice, not guilty. And He offer His hand as proof. Rebecca Jones

Have a blessed Thanksgiving readers and fellow bloggers, knowing His grace and mercy abound.

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Better You Than Me


Have you ever hear anyone say, ” Better you than me, or better her than me. “? It may be another Southernism. I have had it said to me, probably about me, gossiped I’m sure. The thing about it is the way it is said and what it implies.

I have heard it said about pregnant women, ” Better her than me. ” It has been said about those who do certain work, even ministry. ” Better you than me, ”  ” Better her than me.” And I’m not sure why people say it, I know it’s true of a lot of women, they are not necessarily happy to see someone divorced, lose a job our a house or something else. So why say it?

Whether it is being passed over for promotion or a missed opportunity or something God gave someone to do, it is not wise to say such things. It is not a good thing to judge, to be jealous or to be glad someone else is taking a hit or attack

I never understood some people’s reaction to a miscarriage, I’ve seen women with strange reactions to circumstances, a vacation is not my answer to being beaten up, nor losing a child.

We are taught as believers not to envy, to be jealous, spite is not good. We should be building each other up and not tearing each other down. Not with gossip, silly catch phrases or wicked tongues.

Sometimes, perhaps, most times. Silence is golden. If you are blessed to be a strong woman of faith lift someone else up. If you are weak, let Jesus be your strength.  Don’t let the devil use you voice to criticize, condemn or judge. It is not wise to delight in someone’s pain. someone else may be enjoying yours.

Jesus is never pleased that there is such competition in Christ, when there is plenty of Him to go around. He can bless abundantly, heal abundantly, and if someone is blessing ahead of you or healed ahead of you, don’t be angry, be glad for them. it is the right thing.

We should bear each others burdens and rejoice with each other. Jesus carried our crosses. Remember, He both sees and hears, knows every thought and intent of the heart. And it’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus. He carried it all. Sin, shame, fear, sickness, disease, every mental illness, everything that is something to be delivered of. Every lash upon Him, ” Better me than you. ”

Jesus was scourges and crucified for me to go to heaven, He would have said, “Better me than you.” Isaiah 53 promises it you can believe, cancer, diabetes, heart troubles, He would say, ” Better me than you. ” Even going to hell to defeat death, hell and the grave, so we could have heaven. He said, ” Better me than you. ” You get the idea. Rebecca Jones

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