God Works For Me


I used to do those silly things, jump up and down and bend and touch my toes, lay hands on the television, and what not. I mean no disrespect ever to the Lord. Maybe, it works for some, I know it is a point of contact. It is much like the woman who touches the hem of His garment or the handkerchiefs anointed by Peter. Once, I wore a prayer cloth totally out. It was pinned into jean shorts and washed over and again, my back still hurt. I knew very little about spiritual warfare. I never knew how much my prayers were impacting others, and the devil was retaliating, through others. Even those closest to you.

And we know that even Peter for all his experiences, became a man whose shadow healed, so what would Jesus’ shadow have done?  I love the song He Touched Me, I always have whether sung by amateurs in a small church or by a performer. And the thing is, He did touch me.

He touched me and He made me whole. In Isaiah 53, we know that it says by His stripes we are healed. Jesus already did that. Isaiah looked ahead to the cross, Jesus had not yet been born. Psalm 22 tells how the furrows on His back we plowed deep. That was farther back still and even in Genesis, God promises that the seed of a woman will crush his head, the devil’s. He always had a plan of redemption.

Fast forward past the crucifixion, to the time of Peter and he writes, ” By His stripes you were healed. ” See, it is in the past. Healing was purchased by Jesus in the past it’s a part of your benefits package, Psalm 103.  I was so stupid, I though I needed to have some kind of giant faith, instead,  I had giants, and mountains they might have a had a mudslide but never quite made it to the sea.

All I really needed to do is rely on Jesus and what He did, I could never do enough. The enemy will make sure you know that too, and talk you out of healing being a reality, and he will run you down, literally to yourself and others, humiliate you and accuse, but he lies. Let’s be clear, the devil hates women. So don’t let him deceive you, trick you into bad relationships, steal your joy, cause your mouth to bring you into ruin.

Jesus, did it. God works for us. Romans 8:28, He never causes bad, but turns it for good. He was working before we were born. Jeremiah 33:3 gives a hope, plans the future. Psalm 127:2  says we shouldn’t worry being up early or staying up late. He says He give sleep to the beloved.

God is all about rest. He invented rest. He entered a Sabbath Rest, and eternal rest. So did Jesus, when He ascended and sat at the Father’s right hand. Now, He longs to have us rest, He worked for us. And He has plans to make our work enjoyable and prosperous. His rest, will put an end to striving, but we have to work for it, He touched us with His love the moment we were saved.

Some people say they are under construction, or a work in progress, but Jesus finished His work, shouldn’t we be able to be finished, God’s masterpiece, Ephesians 3:20 I did those silly sayings about money and prosperity too. But I never had money. Or at least not in the natural. It is in , “trust ” fund.

In order to really succeed in the natural, we need the supernatural, wonder working power of the blood of the Lamb, His grace, His peace and His rest. He can let us rest in His peace so we will not be resting in peace the other way.

I made plans and tried to carry  them out. But He orders our steps. I just needed to know how much he loved me, and I needed that love. I know His way is better, I know He touched me, wants me to rest and heal, God works behind the scenes, God works for me.  And He is control. Or i would be out of it. Rebecca  Jones / Not About Me November, It’s All About Him, And Yet He Chooses Us.



2 thoughts on “God Works For Me”

  1. Love this thought about how God is working. I always love thinking about how He works while we wait. (And we should be working while waiting, too – through prayer and seeking Him for the answer.) Thank you for sharing this!


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