There She Goes, Again

There she goes, there she goes again. That’s what the devil should be saying and quaking and cringing as our feet that are beautiful with gospel of peace hit the floor. Whether we are making coffee, driving  down the road to get some, listening to music and singing praises or sitting at the kitchen table in pajamas, slippers and sipping tea with a morning devotional, he should be petrified. I realize it is the so called Black Friday, but to me that’s when Jesus died for me. Go shopping, just remember who it is all about.

Our tongues are the pens of a ready writer, and our words of prayer don’t have to waft their way to heaven, or even over to the wailing wall of Jerusalem to be picked up by angels. They just have to be prayed, written, journaled and hidden in our heart, where Jesus resides as we remain in Him.

He is there on the mercy seat of our heart and He says, ” There she goes again, there she goes, my beloved, my prayer warrior, daughter of the King. She speaks to me of her innermost hurts, her desires and even her fears. She calls my name and I am there, I bend to listen to her every word, and I am answering. Sometimes, in ways she doesn’t see, but she will someday as she remains in me and in faith.

If she holds fast to my promises and walks in love, I will help her keep her words so that the wicked one will not touch her, she will walk in my glory, surrounded by my presence and holy angels, faithful, fearless, fabulous child of worship and praise. ”

It use to be there she goes, there she goes again worrying, panicking, running on empty, burning herself out, being hurt, abused, steeped on walked on and overlooked. There she goes, there she goes again, with questions, quarrels and quirks, even though the answer was there all along, Jesus.

And what ever the day brings, it is my prayer that you see the table set before you, and it is full of grace and healing, even with enemies all around. My prayer is that, I am the salt and light. My eyes are full of His light and life and love. Though others would assault me with accusation, I am not better, just beloved because I believed. I am provided for, protected and promises He makes, He keeps, even if I fail, or falter and try as I may to love Him and obey.

It is not about me, it is all about Jesus, He was perfect because I can’t be. He died for me, so that I could die to myself and live for Him, and with Him forever. He healed a badly broken heart that I could not mend, even as I sowed in His Word. He had to sow it. He even let me cry my tears of pain and joy, when I could no longer cry, hardened by battle and struggling with life, faith and health, He was my heart, my healing and hope.

When your read my words I want you to be blessed, I want you to experience Jesus. I want you to hear Him saying I love you, I want you to hear Him cry for you in a garden and on a cross, and I want Him to free you, I want the Lord who is call Shiloh, shaloam or peace, the Prince of Peace, to come to you with His peace. He left it for believers in John 14:27.

There she goes, there she goes again, she’s on her knees, prostrate, positioned to do battle, a warrior of grace. Called. Completed, Crowned. Connected to God in a threefold cord of golden voice that lifts both prayer and praise. Her joy is Jesus and overflows her heart. He is her perfume, her wedding garment, her robe of righteousness.

And the devil is defeated, again and again, he would be happy if we would just sleep and leave him alone, but I wake myself praying in the Spirit, there she goes, there she goes again. Rebecca Jones / photo….pixabay or pexels

Please enjoy the La’s There She Goes /// I see it as a song about how a man feels about a girl, and that’s all I intend it to be. The rumors of drug use or the ode to heroin have no bearing on liking it. The spirit of pharmakia and witchcraft falls at the feet of our Lord, and I pray these talented people and many others like them come to the knowledge of His saving grace and  find healing and deliverance. You do not need drugs to be inspired or create, to feel or experience a ” high “, true joy is in Jesus.


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