If The Shoe Fits


” If the shoe fits, ” another saying we’re familiar with, ” wear it. ” But we wear to many shoes sometimes, slippers that are way too comfortable. We get locked into a comfort zone and can’t or won’t step out of it. Jogging shoes, we just keep running until we exhausted like a little hamster on a wheel.

Sometimes, is it a pair of old sneakers, also comfortable, but smelly and full of holes, kind of like pouring new wine into old wine skins. It can be a pair of boots, maybe even like the kind to wear out into a stream and wade while we fish for souls. Maybe the combat kind for spiritual warfare, or the ankle ones to strengthen our faith. Cowboys boots to dig in our heels, and spur the devil.

We might even wear ballet flats to dance and praise, to be en point or on or our toes. A verse in Habbakuk says we walk on high place or hills ( heels ). Can you believe God called us to walk in high heels?

What about sandals, they flip and flop, get full of sand. Sometimes, they are cute and then others they wear out. I have been on the worn out side. I have also had a pair of silver shoes, I loved them. I finally donated them, I thought someone may benefit from them as I had. Silver is the color representing redemption.

Personally, I do like flats, for everything to be level, smooth sailing. Did you know shoes are a dream symbol, usually, representing peace. Remember, believers should have beautiful feet, carrying the gospel of peace.

Sometimes shoes are like labels, they don’t fit! They are too loose or too tight, a little glitter doesn’t cheapen your Christianity, but flaunting your body can. We should leave a little sparkle wherever we go. Maybe, you have had a label put on you that doesn’t fit as a believer, He can change that and give you ruby red slippers.

Whatever, you wear. Wear love, it’s the greatest gift. Never let people or the devil label you as a believer, ask the Holy Spirit to define your walk. Jesus is your Prince Charming calling you to His kingdom in heaven. Christians do not need to be rude, crude or arrogant, self righteous, we are only righteous by Him. Precious, beloved, daughter of the King. But if the shoe fits, wear it. Rebecca Jones pexels photo…



4 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits”

  1. I was hooked by the shoes – love shoes. And yes how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!
    You’re spreading good news so you must have beautiful feet.
    Stopping by from #raralinkup


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