Better You Than Me


Have you ever hear anyone say, ” Better you than me, or better her than me. “? It may be another Southernism. I have had it said to me, probably about me, gossiped I’m sure. The thing about it is the way it is said and what it implies.

I have heard it said about pregnant women, ” Better her than me. ” It has been said about those who do certain work, even ministry. ” Better you than me, ”  ” Better her than me.” And I’m not sure why people say it, I know it’s true of a lot of women, they are not necessarily happy to see someone divorced, lose a job our a house or something else. So why say it?

Whether it is being passed over for promotion or a missed opportunity or something God gave someone to do, it is not wise to say such things. It is not a good thing to judge, to be jealous or to be glad someone else is taking a hit or attack

I never understood some people’s reaction to a miscarriage, I’ve seen women with strange reactions to circumstances, a vacation is not my answer to being beaten up, nor losing a child.

We are taught as believers not to envy, to be jealous, spite is not good. We should be building each other up and not tearing each other down. Not with gossip, silly catch phrases or wicked tongues.

Sometimes, perhaps, most times. Silence is golden. If you are blessed to be a strong woman of faith lift someone else up. If you are weak, let Jesus be your strength.  Don’t let the devil use you voice to criticize, condemn or judge. It is not wise to delight in someone’s pain. someone else may be enjoying yours.

Jesus is never pleased that there is such competition in Christ, when there is plenty of Him to go around. He can bless abundantly, heal abundantly, and if someone is blessing ahead of you or healed ahead of you, don’t be angry, be glad for them. it is the right thing.

We should bear each others burdens and rejoice with each other. Jesus carried our crosses. Remember, He both sees and hears, knows every thought and intent of the heart. And it’s not about us, it’s all about Jesus. He carried it all. Sin, shame, fear, sickness, disease, every mental illness, everything that is something to be delivered of. Every lash upon Him, ” Better me than you. ”

Jesus was scourges and crucified for me to go to heaven, He would have said, “Better me than you.” Isaiah 53 promises it you can believe, cancer, diabetes, heart troubles, He would say, ” Better me than you. ” Even going to hell to defeat death, hell and the grave, so we could have heaven. He said, ” Better me than you. ” You get the idea. Rebecca Jones  Happy Thanksgiving!


1 thought on “Better You Than Me”

  1. Becky, I’ve heard that phrase, and I have heard it used in gossip. As my hubs and I raise our boys, we’re trying to instill in them the necessity of speaking words of life. Thank you so much for the reminder of how important it is for us to use words that build up others.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    PS—I’m visiting from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s place. 🙂


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