Thanksgiving Feast


I looked for a Last Supper painting, but came across this one. It is a lovely piece of work called Supper at Emmaus. It looks like Jesus, though Passover was in Jerusalem. In front of the Lord, is a bowl of fruit as He reaches for the bread to break before His crucifixion at Passover.

I know that is a spring feast and we are in the fall, actually closer to Hannakuh. So why does a spring feast relate to Thanksgiving? Jesus always broke bread and gave thanks. He always thanks to His Father. He even gave thanks to His Father that He heard Him before He raised Lazarus.

So Jesus was thankful, not just at Passover, or holidays but all the time. He had to be in order to see the miraculous. Jesus knew about praise and thanksgiving. So this thanksgiving, I decided to pay tribute and give praise where praise is due to the one made it all possible, Jesus.

He was there when the earth that brings forth the grain for the bread and the vineyard for the grapes were created. He saw the sunrise on the first day. There was a canopy or a vapor that watered the earth and I’m sure ground water, the Flood was much later.

He walked in the Garden of God, saw all the things that were created, all that was good to eat. Even after the fall, He waited with His Father and appeared at time in the Old Testament. He waited for His Father’s plan or redemption to unfold. He had to come as a baby, grow up, minister, perform miracles and finally break bread, and be crucified, all for us to have eternal life.

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember the feast of Passover, when Jesus instituted Communion, He broke bread, the symbol of His body, and poured the wine ( or grape juice ) as a sign of His blood, We are to remember Him, a proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.

May the Lord of the harvest, bring into His kingdom every soul, may angels go along and let the Holy Spirit quicken their minds and hearts to receive Him as Lord.  Celebrate Thanksgiving, give thanks and celebrate and remember Jesus.

I instituted Communion as part of my Thanksgiving, at least personally, it is an individual choice and families don’t always agree do they? I updated this today and will be having a post this November, explaining the details of Thanksgiving and Communion, the Greek word being eucharisto.

Rebecca Jones

Not About Me November

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