No Condemnation


Romans 8:1 tells us that there is now no condemnation to those of us that are in Christ Jesus. So why do we take it on ourselves? Admittedly, there are those who abuse their grace and favor and even power in the ministry. But for people like me, it was a constant nag that I must be doing something wrong. I wanted to have enough faith to please God, in trying to grow it I opened myself to even more harm and heartache. I’m glad He keeps no record of my mistakes and failures and hammers me with it.

Jesus found Himself in many situations when He could have accused people and especially women, but He did not. He rebuked Peter, for voicing the devil’s disapproval of the plan of redemption. Women, He freed.

Well, men too, but women He had a heart for, to be sure. He didn’t say to the woman with the issue of blood, ” What are you doing here? You are unclean? ” He was point blank with the woman at the well, the Marys and even challenged the woman He called a dog to drop her pretense of Judaism. He was not condemning then or now. He made the men pout down the rocks, so why do we accuse ourselves?

It is because the accuser of the brethren, continues to accuse, the devil isn’t omnipotent, but he has sown the accusations in just like the sower sows the Word. When we don’t understand it, he takes it out of our heart. And really, even out of our mouths. He has no right to stand before God when Jesus applied His blood there, nor on the mercy seat of our heart where Jesus resides. We have a better covenant than Job.

But we have memories, thoughts, that assail us, and especially at certain times or on specific days, what we could have or should have done. Feelings of inadequacy. I used to feel very inept. I may not be able but He is in me. Let’s not throw rocks at our own glass houses and hearts. If Jesus died horribly to forgive, should we, and especially ourselves in order to win others, it is grace. Now, you do have to be a believer, and seeking Him. If you’re a willing sinner, using Him as an out, well, He knows your heart’s intent.

I joined a word study. I was supposed to look up ten words that are opposed of condemnation. But condemn stop me in my tracks, to declare something awful or evil. It was high on the list. Accusation, denouncement, blame, judgement, censure, disapproval, reproach, denunciation, proscription, doom, damnation, reprobation. I had tears in my eyes reading this. What have I done to myself and allowed others to do to me?

It took me a long time to be a daughter of the King, a crown of beauty in His hand, an accepted into the beloved. Now, let’s look at Jesus.  Theses are opposites of condemnation, Jesus…..approves, compliments,endorses, frees, praises ( yes, praises ), absolves, sanctions, acquits, clears, discharges, pardons, exonerates, and releases. Wow! Some list.

No wonder if He makes us free, we are free indeed. No wonder where Lord’s Spirit rests, there is liberty. We don’t need ourselves or others, even well meaning but mean spirited Christians haranguing us.

Finally, I had the mental picture of condemnation, an old, abandoned house, broken windows, dry, dusty. Are we old relics as Christians? We should be watered by His Spirit, and He will not leave us. They even put these in the paper and the internet is full of abandoned buildings, churches and even mansions.

What about the condemned prisoner, getting a final meal, being led to the gallows or electric chair, now sitting for years on death row. They heard their sentence, but it isn’t always like the movies and a last minute reprieve.

A fatal disease used to be a death sentence, not today, and certainly not for the Great Physician. Can you think of ways you are condemning yourself or others, are you being judge and jury, when the Lord has forgiven you as a believer, sentencing yourself to death, hung by your words or shrouded in grief or depression.

And we know Jesus was cursed for us, Galatians 3:13, also 1 Corinthians 12:3. It is only by the Holy Spirit that we can say that He was accursed for us. we certainly do not believe He actually is, also the only way we can profess Him as Lord. Never belittle the holy sacrifice with feelings that only cover pain and heartache, but are not anything more that a counterfeit of the enemy and contrary to His Word, and the love He poured out to us by His death so that we could live eternally with Him. If you are a sinner, become a believer, If you are believer stop think of yourself as a sinner, but as a beloved son or daughter.

I  have hopes of participating on a blog with a theme, Not About Me November, if I do that or just adopt it for my blog as well, let’s all try to remember who deserves all the praise and thanksgiving, our glorious Lord Jesus. And yet, He is not condemning us, He will praise us too. Read John 3:16, 17, see the Lord’s gavel coming down in heaven, because of His sacrifice, not guilty. And He offer His hand as proof. Rebecca Jones

Have a blessed Thanksgiving readers and fellow bloggers, knowing His grace and mercy abound.

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4 thoughts on “No Condemnation”

  1. I really like discovering what words mean. Sometimes we get so used to hearing a word, like condemnation, that the meaning of it is lost or glossed over. “To declare something awful or evil’ – yeah, why would we want to do that to ourselves? Or anyone else? Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.


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