Searching For The Prince of Peace



I’ve done lots of Bible Study, a little Hebrew, End Times and a lot on healing. I have studied the many names of God and yet, He gave everything over to the Son and His name is above all names, so that includes everything! Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Wonderful, Counselor…and so on, Isaiah 9:6. But what of this Prince of Peace?  Even if people around me could feel peace in my house and I’ve been told so, I felt like a wreck most of the time. Where was my peace?

It was there inside, Jesus is my peace!  The Prince of Peace is more than one of His names.  He wore that crown of thorns while taking my place on the cross.  So, if I am crucified with Him,  Galatians 2:20, I should have peace! I know that in this world you have tribulation, John 16:33, ( not to be confused with the Great Tribulation ) but He overcame and so can we. He is our peace! And it is like no other, it passed understanding, Phillipians 4:7.  We may not understand it, but it keeps our hearts and minds.

Rest assured if everything is going south in a handbag, He’s there, He knows, He hears, He understands! He’s a man of His Word and keeps His promises, He died for so much more than to save us from hell, every gash upon His body was for healing, every thorn that was pressed brutally upon His head was for me, and you!  I take it very literally, very personally…I can never imagine the depth of that love, I know He loves me and I love Him like my life depended on it, because, you know, it really does. The punishment that brought us peace was on Him, Jesus. Isaiah 53:5…if you are struggling with anything, take it to Him, search out the Prince of Peace. Rebecca Jones / public domain