Pray It Forward


We’ve heard the expression, ” pay it forward “. Sometimes, people will buy coffee for the next person in line or turn around and donate something like furniture, if they get new. Not everyone has to have a yard sale or go to Goodwill, though there is nothing wrong with that. I just want you to be encouraged that when God bless you, to pray it forward.

If you have been blessed, with a new car or a job, offer someone a ride home or buy a coworker lunch. Sometimes, gifts are large and sometimes good things come in small packages.

My great niece had lots of clothes, she knows  now what donate means althought she confuses it sometimes with delete. When she came into my mother’s, she had no clothes and people gave us some, since we were no longer doing daycare. So I decided to pay that back. We did take clothes to Goodwill but we also donated them to the daycare, including many dresses.

I, myself have taken them and just given them to people in the parking lot who wanted sweaters, an elderly lady too a bunch to give to other members of her church, people on a fixed income benefit from donations. I recently set one lady a bag of food, and prayed for her nd her son with cancer, since then she has been directed to a place to get help.

Many are in need of coats and blankets. Lots of people just starting over after fires, floods, or tonadoes need everything. Sometimes, just a kind word or even a prayer, so pray it forward. We are very blessed in America.

What we take for granted others would see as rich, so let’s be mind ful of the poor and needy that Jesus said would always be here. It will not be long before it gets cold and many will find themselves in need, with winter and holidays coming up.

Here in Georgia, it is still hot so I would remind everyone to remember their pets and children, never leave them in hot car and check on the elderly, donate fans if you can. You will find many ways to pray it forward and be the very hands and feet of Jesus, who will take note of what you do and if you are a cheerful giver. He even a cup of cold water. Be blessed today and be a blessing. Rebecca Jones / freely photos…


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