When God Saw Black

God Is Love

When God Saw Black

When God saw black,

He had to turn away…

From the sin and shame and pain, He’d put upon His Son.

He wept aloud in Heaven, as angels watched.

He was horrified at what He’d done.

The one He loved the most, He allowed to carry all that terror.

He questioned Himself, for there is none higher.  Could God make an error?

My beloved Son is is suffering, consumed, as an offering upon a fire.

It is finished!!! Jesus said!!! Silencing the wicked one, the liar.

And God turned back, remorseful, mournful…

In three days, He was no longer scornful…Forceful!!!

He raised Jesus, by His Spirit, from the dead!!!

Heaven had opened again for mankind to enter.

Jesus was accepting every repent-er.

When God saw black, He had to look away.

But beloved Jesus ascended, to His Father’s embrace.

Sitting on His throne, speaking, face to face.

We know that love in part, when we give Jesus our heart.

We’ll know it fully we see Him coming in the cloud.

Shouting joyfully out loud, all because of His amazing grace.

Thank God for His love and sacrifice,

Jesus made His Father proud,

Because He took my place.

Rebecca Jones 4/1/15

God Turned His Back, So Jesus Could Save Me


Behold the Lamb!


The Good Shepherd

Bartholomeau Esteban

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Only God Can Heal A Broken Heart

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Only God can heal a broken heart, the psalmist reminds us that He is near to the broken hearted. Jesus is easily  touched by our infirmities. He is our High Priest. Isaiah 53 records how His heart is broken for us. There is no one else who could have borne so much agony and taken our place in order to redeem our souls.

How do we get to know the Lord as the healer of our broken hearts? First, the Holy Spirit should be convicting us of sins, and we should come to repentance and receive Him as Lord and Savior. You can also ask Him to baptize you with His Holy Spirit who will guide you into all truth.

Jesus came to seek and to save and not condemn. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and Comforter and will come along side us in prayer and even help us to pray when we don’t know what to pray for. I have had that happen many times and seen the results later, a bent fender is not a total wreck, His protection is there, especially for families and children, you should be asking His protection over your families.

Sometimes, it is the closest people that cause the heartbreak, Jesus is the only one capable of making ways where there are none, and even if the enemy delays an answer, wait for Him. He has good plans and is the healer of all brokenness. He heals the wounds of every shattered heart. Psalm 147:3 – The word scripture means a piece of writing that is truth or sacred. Well, it is not just the verse that is sacred but the very heart of Jesus as you see in the picture.

He longs for us to know and receive His great love and compassion. What He suffered should break every heart into believing in Him and fill it with His love. If you do not know Him as Lord, today is the day to ask. He is as close a heartbeat, a whisper, the breathing of His name in prayer. And He will heal your heart.


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For He shall command His angels concerning us…Psalm 91

The Bride Has Made Herself Ready

Take My Hand Precious Lord, Lead Me On

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Walking With The King


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Nothing But The Blood of Jesus


What can wash away my sin, as far as east to west?

Make me righteous, give me rest?

What does God see when He looks at me?

A new creation, a clean heart, chosen and set apart…

By nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Rebecca Jones