Child of God

203839887a392fb9f5ddf6a2aadbb89aVinyl wall art for childs bedroom:

Child of God,

Never forget it.

Make Jesus Lord today,

You’ll never regret it.

Though you know Him,

Have accepted His salvation,

Have you followed His plan for you?

Every leading, Holy Spirit pleading,

Every invitation?

He wants you to succeed!

And to loved and be loved,

He wants to supply your need.

God gave us His only Son,

He gave us the best.

You are His child still,

He has a perfect will.

Dreams can come true.

Broken hearts do heal.

So relax, take a breath from heaven,

Dear child of God, be at peace, rest.

Rest your head in His perfect love,

His peace and you will be blessed.

Rebecca Jones


Refreshing Spring


We are about three weeks away from the official start of spring and I am looking forward to it. Not because I have been cooped up in the house all winter or because there was lots of snow, there wasn’t.  Not even because of cold days, there weren’t many, I was wearing shorts on Christmas Day, it was warm in Georgia.

I’m looking forward to it because there is a refreshing in the gentle spring rains, I will see the flowers blooming. My roses will burst with red explosions. The hummingbirds will return. And though I may sneeze a little and there will probably be pollen, I will warm my back in the sunshine and enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass.

I will see people out and about and enjoying weekend cookouts.  The yellow butterflies will chase me to and from the mailbox. I am healthy again and I praise Jesus for that, there was a time when I could not walk to that mailbox.

I praise Him for renewing me and restoring me, for raining the Holy Spirit on me like April showers and I know that there will be May flowers for me as well. He has blessed me tremendously and I am ever mindful and ever thankful of it. If I were only as good as I was before or even now, would be a welcome blessing. But I have seen His loving hand in my life and I know that even better days are ahead.

I look forward to March, I will remember your Resurrection day and praise you for being alive and on the throne Lord of all, and of all seasons, thank you for another spring. I would not be where I am without you. Rebecca Jones

Latter Rain


I thought this was so cute. We did a group board on Pinterest and our subject was parasols. it inspired me and my Under God’s Umbrella poem. This is probably taken along with wedding pictures.  I put her on my mother’s Pinterest Board called Magnolia Mornings. She looks like a little southern belle.

I had another reason for using her on the blog. I had a mental picture pop into my head, of a girl or woman standing under God’s umbrella, but instead of keeping rain off her it was coming out of it pouring on her.

In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Acts 2:17

We are in the last days and people are having dreams and visions. See He Fashions My Crown. I also read on a blog of a woman seeing Jesus give her a heart, she placed in to her chest, perhaps he was giving her a heart for God or blessing her jewelry business, Be careful interpreting dreams, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, numbers and objects do have meanings but there are false doctrines and Christianity in its purest form is opposite of the occult,

I pray in Jesus name, for Him to pour out is Spirit on His sons and daughters. Do not despise youth. There is also no male or female in Him, Jew or Gentile.  Men and women, young and old are being called into service for Him, the harvest is plentiful.  The times are perilous and we need the wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit.  Be blessed and be bold, be empowered, may He bless you with a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Rebecca Jones



God wants me to prosper,

For my and body to be in health.

He loves to bless His children.

Giving them power to get wealth.

He wants us to be agreement,

Establish His Word in the earth.

He wants us to be loved,

To know salvation and worth.

He wants us to be free,

But free in Him and in truth,

He loads us daily with blessings.

He renews our youth.

He gives us grace and peace and favor.

Light and salt in words, with flavor.

We sip the living waters,

From the well where Jesus drank,

I praise Him daily,

I have Jesus my Lord, to thank.

Rebecca Jones




Poetry comes from the heart.

It comes from deep inside.

It comes from the secret place,

The shadow of God in which we hide.

It comes from love,

It comes from praise.

It comes from Him.

The Ancient of days.

It’s a gift of love,

And a gift to share.

A gift to bless,

And a gift of prayer.

Poetry in motion,

Ballet or song…

His love is everlasting, strong.

I write poetry for the Lord.

i give glory to Him.

I pray my poetry blesses you.

If you are reading them.

Rebecca Jones

I Will Trade A Floral Crown


I will surely trade a floral crown,

For one fashioned by Heaven’s goldsmith.

And too, my bridal gown, for His garments,

I shall gladly part with it.

Heaven’s royalty displayed,

Countless clothed in white linen,

Crowns of beauty on parade….

God’s children, men and women.

Faces shining as the sun.

Praising God, bursting in song.

Thanks for what He’s done.

The beloved of God, a multitude, a throng.

Worshiping forever, the Lamb,

The Prince of Peace, the Great I AM!

I will truly be blessed, to get His crown,

Only He makes me deserving of one.

Praising, worshiping Jesus,

Eternally, serving the Son.

Rebecca Jones

His Royal Heart


His royal heart was broken for me,

When He died upon that cross.

His pain, suffering, He overcame.

Yet I grieved for Him, my loss.

But He wanted me to accept His royal heart.

His love saved my soul.

Though undaunted I struggled on,

I was not completely whole.

He never wanted my heart to break,

He wanted it to be free.

I had to learn to depend completely on Him.

I was still depending on me.

I carried the image of a broken Jesus,

Not the one resurrected and sure.

Now that I have opened my heart to Him,

I feel His love so pure.

I am the daughter of a King,

He has a royal heart.

I will praise Him, not weep.

And I have a loyal heart,

I say a prayer and sleep.

Goodnight, Jesus,

Keep me in your care.

Resting in your love,

Sleeping, safely there.

Rebecca Jones

He Fashions My Crown


Recently, I heard a story of a man’s vision. It was so beautiful that I had to write about it and relay it because it is such a picture of the beauty of Christ. It shows the wonderfully beautiful love of Jesus at is best and I am an instrument of conveying that love….the vision..

….a woman who had prayed and interceded all her life goes before the Lord, works are tried in the fire, wood, hay and stubble are burned up quickly, but the lady has a book that Jesus places on an altar, it melts and runs over the sides as pure gold. the Savior with His own nail scarred hands reaches down and molds and fashions her crown, to be placed upon her head.

Isn’t that a lovely picture. I must also reiterate that we are not saved by works. The works we are to is something He prepares us for and gives us the ability to do as we grow in Him.He is the one who appoints our works. So don’t automatically think you are a missionary, seek His will and discover your gifts. the Holy Spirit will help you.

And let anything you do be for Him and reflect His glory. You must have a willing heart and do things for the right reasons or those works or plans would be up in smoke. How precious to think that I might see my written words there someday ablaze on His altar and as He places the crown on my head, I hope to look out and see the people I have blessed and then I believe, although I’d be overwhelmed with amazement that I could turn back to Him and lay it at His feet. Rebecca Jones


Becoming A Woman of Quality


What is a woman of quality? If your think being born with a silver spoon, wealth, education and yachts, you’d  be right, in a sense. But those are natural circumstances, though, personally, I believe that God puts at least one person in each family with a capacity to bless it. Spiritually and even financially.

A woman of quality will be able to discern and guard her heart, and let the Lord help her to do it. She has gifts and talents, whether a gourmet chef or a crock pot mom.  She will walk into a room and light it up, there is a sweetness in her spirit that is only from Jesus. She is not trying to prove anything to herself or anyone else or even to God. She doesn’t have to.

If she can rest in His love and just be still, He will defend her, His Word speaks for itself, it is a lion roaring against her enemy, the adversary, the devil. If she can manage to keep her focus on His promises and not the way everyone else looks at the world, she will overcome by His blood and the word of her testimony.

A woman of quality will be a prayerful woman, she speaks kind words to her beloved, the Lord and He is faithful. It is a figurative and lid a marriage in the sense that He is joined to you in Spirit. He wants you to have the mind of Christ also, to receive all His benefits, mercies, love, joy and peace. You walked the aisle with Him when you accepted Him as Lord and Savior. His sacrifice of love brought you to tears and you to your knees in prayer.

He bent to listen to your prayer, accepting Him. He stood beside you and gave you His ring, the seal of the Holy Spirit. He lifted the veil, a kiss on the forehead. Just as His crucifixion tore the veil of the temple, to free your soul., now you are free to come before Him. You can ask Him anything, talk to Him about anything, He will never condemn you. He will correct you, and sometimes His Spirit draws away in grief if you refuse His guidance and love.

He, the beloved bridegroom, you the figurative bride. He loved you chose you, redeemed you with His blood. You become a woman of quality in Jesus as you submit your life to Him.  You are not a girl who has to compete. You are a woman of God complete in Him. So what is a woman of quality? A woman who loves Jesus and gives Him her heart.

Rebecca Jones