Standing On Holy Ground

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5

As the beloved bride of Christ, this might be a new thing to ponder over as we head in to our month of December. While Moses was approaching a burning bush, we are close to His glory. And God is a Spirit and also a fire.  We can kick off our shoes, and stand back because we too, are standing in His presence and holy ground.

The feet that carry the gospel of peace are beautiful, Romans 10:15 and the women of faith that we are cause us to minister to someone in some way everyday, and many women are being called. To teach and minister healing as only a woman can, to be supportive of each other, and to reflect His glory and love.

While God admonished Moses, I have already written about Jesus in our hearts, like the mercy seat that could not be touched, but He can be. He was not angry with the woman who touched Him, even when He turned to see her, He wanted her to see His face, Moses could not do that. That woman was also on holy ground.

Do you need healing? Jesus would say come and He would touch you. Taking off your shoes is respect for a person’s house, and in those days they washed off the dust. Jesus washed feet, He even mentioned in the story of Mary of Bethany how she anoints Him with her oil when no one else offered to wash His feet. Yet, we anoint Him with praise now, He not being crucified ever again, it is finished.

Our shoes walk us through life and have many meanings in a spiritual sense. Including walking by faith, walking worthy and with the wise. Also that peace that passes understanding, Phillipians 4:7. In Christian dream symbolism, and again I caution you to be careful about these, some are not accurate, being barefoot will mean unprepared or not being saved, but as a believer being barefoot is being on holy ground. So even if we kick off our shoes, which can be our peace. We are on holy ground.

Our boots or heels, or sneakers which carry us through with His peace. we can kick off and enjoy being on holy ground and walking daily with Jesus as His coming is ever closer. We are His beloved and we should walk like it, worthy to wear white, we are only righteous because of Jesus.

We want the victory He died for us to have, we want healing and peace. It is no a new thing to desire it, but perhaps another to bring it into fruition. We have been held back and down by too many hurts and disappointments. Many of our wounds still need healing from the ones in His hands, and our hearts need to feel the love of His heart pierced for us.

Faith and feelings don’t always mix, we can allow thoughts and old worries to crop off the beauty of us being the masterpiece God wants us to be. Jesus is the focus and the filter, He removes the blemishes. It is almost time for the Spirit to call forth the bride, and we want to be ready. Will you stand on holy ground, I sure want too. Rebecca Jones / pixabay

Although there are many videos, I remember singing to this. enjoy.


In Perfect Standing

Ever known someone who is just gorgeous? I have a met few. Do you know anyone who is both beautiful inside and out? Right, much harder to come by. Why? Because you know true beauty is from the heart, the spirit, the soul. We all know that some women are just hated for being beautiful by other women, targets of harassment by men, not all, but some. But beauty is a blessing, it is the sour grapes and jealousy of others that makes it appear to be a curse. Blondes are dumb, the butt of jokes, of course there are fat jokes, skinny jokes, just plain meanness and cruelty.

Do you know what my problem was? I was just trying to be good, and that didn’t get me ahead. It was like the worse people behaved the better they prospered. Why are people so drawn to bad boys/ bad girls, I may never know but you can be handsome of beautiful and still be ugly on the inside.

There were a lot of little digs to my soul. I hated to see women cry to men. And get what they want. I hate to see women sell themselves short, settle for less than God’s best, scrape by. We have a real enemy who would destroy beauty if he could. And he tried. Jesus was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief. When He was crucified, He was never more beautiful.

The Lord’s face was marred beyond recognition.  His visage was one that no one wanted to look upon. The one who was altogether lovely gave His life for us, a shadow of a man, a mangled, brutalized man. He loved me. If I am beautiful, it is because of Him. He is the source of true beauty.

I have always had great love and respect for the Lord, I should have never cared what others thought about me. I was always a witness for Him, I think everyone knew that I lived for Him. But I hated to see people getting their way while I was ” being good “. The Bible warns about that, it’s not that I hated them. You can love people and hate what they do. I wasn’t trying to run them down to make myself feel better. I have really cared and prayed for others.

What’s crazy to me is lately, I have heard, that I’m perfect. I guess that’s how I’m bothering some people. I don’t get it. Nobody’s perfect, right? If that’s what they are seeing, then they are seeing Jesus in me, He’s the perfect one. We are hearing a lot about giving up perfection lately, if you have written a blog post about that I’m not criticizing you. I just hate to settle for less than God’s best, I think you would feel the same.

Perfection, by the world’s standing is an illusion, and it may make you behave in ways that do not please the Lord. But His perfection is not an illusion. It is amusing that it comes as an accusation, and believe me I am not perfect. But He is! Whatever we are and whatever He gives us, He makes up the difference. He’s perfect, He wants to perfect His love in us, I’m not even sure I’m there yet, but I must be doing something right, the spiritual warfare is proof, and also of His timing and perfection, He steps in to guard us.

I have to pay attention to one who loves me most, I have priorities, so if I turn down some things, it’s not a superior or stuck up attitude, I have to do what is right for me. My ways failed, it took angels watching me to keep me in them and following to get this far. His ways are perfect, His peace is perfect. I can’t do anything without Him, and I’m perfect? No, He is! And I’m standing in His presence. You could call that being in perfect standing. That is a choice we all have to walk in His love and obey His Spirit or not.

The devil has tried to shake me, and break me, and I won’t move over this time. I love the one who is altogether lovely, and who had no beauty about Him at the cross, but He was beautiful to me, He loves me and heals me, the perfecter of my faith, I look to Him.  So don’t hate me because I’m perfect, because I’m not, He is! I just want to be in perfect standing. Rebecca Jones / Samir Nadkarni

You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48



Dancing in Glory


There was a time in the Old Testament when the glory of God departed the temple. God has longed for His glory to appear and for us to walk in it, we have all already heard how we have fallen short of it, Romans 3:23.

Over the past years there were many revivals and many saw His glory, I have seen my mother and aunt return from services and they had been covered in flakes of gold. You could actually be going to sleep as see what looked like fire on the wall, the anointing and the glory was that tangible. We walked in some good days and also were hit with spiritual attacks.

But there was little rest and I know His peace wasn’t what I was always feeling though it was there. In more recent times, it is like I am in His glory or presence and can sense the change even from room to room, I have studied His peace more and finally learned to rest. I used to have attacks of bronchitis that would last weeks and sometimes even months, I fought it after Thanksgiving two days, thank you Lord.

What is the problem though? Especially, when you get among unbelieving people. I felt like everyone was quarreling over me, would not listen. The Lord should not just be present with you at church, He should reside in your home and you, His temple.

Even praying for people and speaking kind words, breaking the strongholds of curses and replacing it with blessing may not be enough, some people will have to believe for themselves, though we should pray for them to know His love.

You are healed in His presence, there is the miraculous in His presence, there is love, joy, and peace in His presence. I do like praise music, truthfully, I used to have it on more. I suppose I sing enough anyway, but I also pray and welcome the Holy Spirit.

I have an upcoming post called greater grace, and I believe there is greater glory, like the former and latter rain. There was glory in past revivals, and greater glory as He pours out His Spirit on all flesh. Yesterday, I wrote about standing in faith, and for the enemy to stand down, now it is time to get into His presence and worship.

These are perhaps not such new thoughts for November, but as we approach Hanukkah, the light of the world Jesus should be filling our hearts and homes with His glory, you shouldn’t even have to wait for church on Sunday. Instead of departing He wants to impart that glory.

I for one, want to have His peace in my heart, a song to sing and worship Him in His beauty and holiness. I literally cannot tell you how good He has been to me, it should be a time to celebrate Jesus and stand in His glory, the glory of the Father, and even dance in the glory. Rebecca Jones / Aditya Ali, Unsplash, beautiful.

Standing in Grace


It is time for the enemy to stand down, fear, terror and torment. Sickness, disease and even death, to stand down, lack, oppression, depression and even possession or whatever Jesus wants on the list for His will to be done.

I had to look up stand down. I thought it was a military term and it is. A relaxation of status of a military unit or force from an alert or operational posture. To go off duty. To withdraw from a contest, a position of leadership, or a state of alert or readiness.

Personally, I love the going off duty. I hope some military wives read this and share with husbands or the brass, especially believers. God talks to people in ways they understand, remember Jesus spoke about seeds, people understood harvests, and fisherman, casting nets and so forth.

I love words and poetry, I pick up on a lot of lines or comments or songs. When I was praying and the phrase stand down was impressed on me, I had to think that over. Though I will give you some verses about standing, it is the enemy who must stand down at His name, His blood, His Word, any enemy, any spiritual attack.

Matthew 16:19 talks about binding and loosing and when you do that all the time, you are more focused on the enemy than the Lord. Not a good place to be. I decided this should be a morning prayer, as we stand in faith, he is bound and every order of attack, every plan, maneuver or plot is thwarted by Jesus, our commander in chief and angels, commanding ones, warrior ones and even guardians are on assignment while the enemy, principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, down to every little imp is loosed from every order. Called off duty. We are defended on all fronts. We are standing in His presence, we are on holy ground, we are standing in grace.

For believers:

They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm. Psalm 20:8

And when you have done everything you could, you will be able to stand firm. Ephesians 6:13

You need not fight this battle. Take up your positions, stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Go out and face them tomorrow, for the LORD is with you. 2 Chronicles 20:17

I don’t know a lot about the military, I would be a lousy grunt. But I know a lot about Jesus.  And when He gives the orders, surely demons flee. And while the above verse from Ephesians 6:13 includes the armor of God, I always recall the story of Saul’s armor being too heavy for David, but it was the King’s armor. You can read the list but I have always associated His armor with the Holy Spirit, He rested on various people in the Old Testament. Yet, it was Jesus, the Son of God who had Him resting fully on Him, it was and is all on the shoulders of Jesus, it was on His back, and for us, so let Him issue the orders.

Sometimes, I do feel that the weight is just too much for me. I pray for a lot of people. And their problems are real, their lives matter and so does what I pray, but I don’t know everything, I often take too much on, hoping to help. I think Jesus has seen faith at work, He knows His return is imminent and in order to see people saved and healed, He is giving the commands. We just need to be still and let Him fight for us.

He told Jeremiah to stand at the crossroads and choose the right path, that’s we need to do. Not be at war with ourselves, each other, denominations. The enemy likes to divide and conquer, Jesus said a house divided would not stand when He was falsely accused. He’s not the enemy, let’s cancel the friendly fire, Jesus is for us and the enemy can stand down. We are standing in grace. Rebecca Jones / Aiony Haust Unsplash, thanks.

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Touch the Mercy Seat

In another post  I told you how the ark of the covenant was carried into battle. And the ark had two gold cherubim and in the center was the mercy seat where God sat. Once a year, Yom Kippor the priest went in to atone for sin, they even tied his leg in case he had sin and did not come out alive. He sprinkled blood there. We want to talk about a man who has had very little mentioned of his story, I’m sure. I suppose it is possible someone has talked about him but I will tie it in with Jesus.The story is in Samuel 6.

The ark is being carried to the threshing floor and there is celebrating going on. A man named Uzzah is walking beside the ark as an ox stumbles. He reached to touch the ark and is immediately killed. Now, you will read that God smote him. And in those days, people did not have the revelation of the plan of redemption like we do. Some of the prophets foretold of His coming but they still did not know the Lord as we do.

Uzzah reached for the ark, and died. A dying woman reached for Jesus and was healed. See the difference in Old Testament and New. Jesus makes it plain in John 10:10, that He is the life giver, the abundant life giver and that it is the devil who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Now, in those days, earlier on in Samuel, there were no open visions. The Holy Spirit came upon people, He did not live in them as He does in believers.

I like to say that Jesus sits on the mercy seat of hearts, if you don’t agree, that is fine. But as a believer, you have invited Him in. He abides or lives there in the person of His Spirit. He is as as close as a breath, a whisper of His name, a prayer in your prayer language. The Holy Spirit prays for us. Romans 8:36.

Jesus is our High Priest, Hebrews 12:2, instead of entering the temple once a year. He resides there, for we are the temple of His Spirit. 1 Corinthians 3:16. As for touching the ark, there were also seventy who died for even looking into it. God had made it plain that no one but a priest was to touch it. He doesn’t go back on His word. He can’t lie. I’m sure He did not want to have to allow Uzzah to die, the others had more devious intent.

Jesus came as God in the flesh, He fulfilled the law and the prophets, and left a new commandment to love one another which covers all ten. He was and is the living bread of heaven, the golden pot of manna, and the rod of Aaron that bloomed, He is that as well because He is the resurrection and life, and also High Priest. He epitomized the contents of the ark in the flesh.

He is in the temple of our hearts all the time or at any time we need Him if we walk and sow to the Spirit rather than the flesh. Remember how the glory departed. It has returned. We can both hinder and grieve the Spirit and we don’t want to do that.

You must understand the laws of the priesthood, they could not touch the dead. yet, Jesus touched a leper, a bleeding woman and a dead girl. He was not breaking the law as He was accused, He was God in the flesh fulfilling it and redeeming creation, by His sacrifice.

He wasn’t on the mercy seat, He was and is the mercy seat. He could have allowed the enemy to kill them, but He healed them. He defeated the devil in all ways even death. I realize that people die, but there are also miracles. We have a High Priest who is touched by our problems and suffering because He knows what it was like. How many of us have been dragged through a crowd with shouts of “Crucify HIm? ”

I want you to realize the depth of His love and sacrifice and the cruel depravity that eats away at a person’s mind or health, I want you to see Jesus for the person He is and was so we could be free. John 8:36, and Isaiah 53, someone bruised, crushed and beaten for us is not the one causing pain or hurt, so let Him take care of the enemy, touch Him. I know people are weary and lose life’s battles, but I hope to encourage you to hold fast to Him as our hope and peace.

He could have let us just go to hell, but He would not, He gave His life instead. He could condemn but He will not, Romans 8:1. And John 3:16, 17. We have the benefit of His words and revelation given to the apostle Paul and John, we know how it ends, people then did not, and would have easily followed the enemy. God took the blame for much of the wrongs, so did Jesus.

And He made us kings and priests, Revelation 1:6, seated us in heavenly places, Ephesians 2:6, and gave us access to the Father through the veil of the temple, His own flesh, Hebrews 10:20, now that is love. And you won’t die, Uzzah was innocent but his story would be different now, had he been a believer in Christ, he like us, would have no fear of punishment, we can touch the mercy seat. Love flows from the throne of God, why I chose this picture, from the mercy seat, that is our Jesus, so don’t be afraid, touch the mercy seat. Rebecca Jones / Talen de St Croix, Unsplash


A Good Name


Names are a hobby of mine, I like to study them and their meanings. We have seen the times change from John and Mary to names like Harper for girls or boys, unusual names, unique names and Bible names are back too.

Nicknames aren’t a good idea, you can get really stuck with them. Mine isn’t bad, Becky for Rebecca, but I’m glad I am not Sissy or Muffy or Binkie, no offense if you are. I studied names in a Civil War documents when I was looking up family history. Apparently, Mormons came through Georgia and took wives at one point. What I found amusing were some of those Southern Belle names, Lemonia? Seriously?

But what matters most is that your name is in the Book of Life, as a believer in Christ. Whether you like it or want to change it. He will also give you a new one. Let’s look at Scripture. That is something to look forward to.

Of course, He changed a lot of names didn’t He? Abraham and Sarah, Hadassah became Esther, and Peter, then the Apostle Paul. It was Pharoah who changed Joseph to Zapathpanea.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it. Revelation 2:17 and in 22:4 it talks about our name in His forehead, why the enemy attempts to copy it with his mark. Not the one we want but the seal of the Spirit.

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. Proverbs 22:1 This is why we should be honest and reputable, honoring God with what we do. Many minstries can be brought to ruin with, slander and deceit, giving place to the enemy. That’s why I hope to be a blessing and I appreciate when I am trusted to pray, know it is confidential unless I am told to share a request or praise report.

Names are fun to look up, it is a blessing to name a child a good name. Parents should really pay attention but a lot of them just appear to pick a random one. Jews were particular about it. While Job’s daughter had pretty names with good meanings, Gomer’s children were given names about the state of Israel’s spiritual condition. which was not good.

The main one though, Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name above all names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Phillipians 10:9-11

Something new November continues, are you curious about your stone and your new name? Rebecca Jones / Adrianna Calvo


When A Lie Is Not A Lie


Little white lies? We have heard the phrase often enough. We have all told a few, whether to spare someone’s feelings or just not be hurt ourselves. We have to look at the truth and lies from God’s perspective.

God is not a man that He can lie. Titus 1:2, Psalm 89:34, Hebrews 6:18, and Numbers 23:19 to name a few, look them up. Now John 8:44, it calls the devil the father of lies, everything he says is a lie, even if there is a ring of truth, he is twisting it into a lie. And He is the accuser night and day it says in Revelation, he is not God by any means omnipotent, or all powerful.

So why are we buying his lies as a believers? They have been sown into our our thinking enough, if not from the wicked one, from others he speaks through, even if they are unaware, and sometimes, they are, the criticizing, condemning and cruel even vicious lies.

We should definitely pay attention to how we speak to others and be clear they are getting the drift and not just half heartedly listening. Of course, we can’t live others lives, they are free to make good or bad choices or walk in wisdom or not.

So when you say someone’s new hairdo or outfit looks good, even if you really don’t think it’s great. That is not a white lie, it’s kindness, and since love covers a multitude of sins, God is very gracious. When you say, you only took one donut at work and you have three, another story. My mother once swore I ate six, but then she found the guilty parties, the poodles. Who knew one could stand in a chair, open a box and hand them out?

I have listened to a lot of ministries and while I like charismatic teaching, I found a lot of it hard and harsh, I took a lot of criticism, for saying I was healed and people didn’t see it. I was accused of a lot, and even of lying, but I have to share with a verse that must be used in faith, hope and love. Speaking of Abraham and faith, God who brings the dead to life and whose command brings into being what did not exist.  Romans 4:17.

God calls light out of darkness, life out death, and even children to be born and healing, He commands through Word and Jesus called Lazarus from a tomb, demons out of a madman and Mary Magdalene, and He didn’t have to rail or yell. Though He had authority and made it clear. Calling ourselves what God says about us is by faith, working with hope and most importantly by love is not a lie. Agreeing with God is not a lie.

Just calling yourself won’t make it so, or someone else, God will not force His will on you, but you can rest assured that you are not lying to believe Him and say about yourself what He says that is true or what He wants to bring to pass. For the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what He teaches is true–it is not a lie. 1 John 2:27  Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth, so it isn’t wisdom to call Him a liar and you cannot lie to Him. So what may appear to others as a lie is not to God when He is calling it for you, and you call it to yourself, it is not a lie. Rebecca Jones / pexels



The Real Black Friday

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in you heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. Romans 10:9 The most important prayer you may ever pray.

People are already out shopping on black Friday, actually, store are even open on Thanksgiving and of course online.  If you are not in the United States and familiar with that term, it’s a name for the Friday after Thanksgiving when crowds will trample over you to get a deal on their shopping.  Somebody always get hurt. I like shopping. I like deals.  But that’s not my idea of fun. I like to plan, though they don’t always work out. Shopping all year long is a good idea and you’re already prepared. After Christmas sales are great, then you have gifts for birthdays, teacher or just a hostess gift should you be invited somewhere for dinner. Even candy can be put in the freezer, I think I read they did that to some Valentine’s Day boxes, and I have done it with cases of Girl Scout cookies, I still had thin mints in August.

So I’m not as fond of Black Friday as most, the idea was a good way to describe the dark days facing those who do not know the Lord Jesus. If you do not know that Jesus died for you and loves you, you would have many black days ahead including eternity. But the real Black Friday happened at the crucifixion.

First, let me explain that a lot of people get hung up on the idea of three days and nights in the grave, and you must understand that it was Passover, it would have started on Friday evening, although I can’t give the exact timing, days and nights were counted in twelve hours, so Friday morning would be Thursday night in effect, one day, Friday night, Saturday morning two days, Saturday night and Sunday morning, day three. I used to think He would had to have crucified on Thursday, and since it was a special passover and not a regular one, I suppose that could be, the but Jesus was having the seder meal and was arrested, beaten and scourged, when it should have been one or the other, never both, and crucified. Whatever the timeline, it was both the darkest day in history and the brightest because He purchased our salvation, much more important than new laptop or wide screen television.

I really don’t have a problem with shopping, I do have a problem with people being so greedy, that they would trample any pour soul who got in their way. And you can run to Jesus without even running. He wants to give us a burden that is easy and light.

We all have our dark moments, facing illnesses, job losses, and even just life in general. Jesus has made a way for us to bring the light of His love into our hearts. And to share it with others. It is not a string of Christmas lights that was half price but the light of the world. He will always be there to help us overcome, because He overcame the world. Invite Him into your life, begin to pray and study His Word.  He will guide you by His Spirit, ask Him to give you His Holy Spirit and your prayer language.  Jesus loves you and He is Lord.

And one Black Friday was really enough onde day He will wipe tears and there will be no more talk of dark days or Black Fridays, Jesus is our light forever. Rebecca Jones / Esther Tuttle Unsplash

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Thanks and Healing / Bonus



Like this girl, it was like I had a blinder on when it came to healing. I had my eye on Jesus as my healer, back surgery was not an option for me, or several. I wore healing cloths totally out, and was anointed with oil. You will hear these things called a point of contact. There is nothing wrong with that, many people operate in spiritual gifts and many misunderstand.

It’s like laying hands on the television for what ails you, like putting a hand on your heart. His eyes have already seen your heart, and His hand is already over it. You are often asked to move or do something you couldn’t do. I tried. I believed, I thanked Him continually. What I didn’t know is how He does things in an orderly fashion, I needed healing but I need other things first, and even when the healing began I had to know it was a perfect plan, first things first.

So what was wrong? I hated hearing some ministers speak. I had gotten so beyond frustrated, and was in so much pain. Let me set the record straight on healing, it happens, it happens a lot, and I believe it is happening more and more. I first started about hearing how fear was from the enemy, I always hated fear. Fear is different to caution, wisdom, knowing when to speak and when to be silent. Fear that is paralyzing and debilitation, is from the enemy. God says plainly in Isaiah 54, it not from Him, fear, terror and torment. I call them the unholy trinity.

What I never heard or somehow missed, I really don’t think it was being taught enough or simply put, was that the no weapon portion of that chapter, verse 17, is activated by declaring that you are the righteousness of God. Of course our righteousness or self righteousness is nothing, it’s all from Him, through Him and because of Him. God doesn’t use the waster or devourer as he is called, even though it may read that way and it is what most people gather from Job.

Job lived in Joseph’s day, way back. Just because His book is toward the New Testament doesn’t mean He was. He was righteous and upright, so the the devil went after him, but God set limits. Job made sacrifices. Jesus made ours. The enemy has no right to go and accuse us to God, he cannot cross the blood of Jesus. Another mistake I made in prayer, not pleading it over situations. I remained convinced I was doing something wrong, because of the accuser. even having the baptism of the Spirit and gifts, I was being accused and tricked. And he makes some lies plausible, especially when your results are not seen yet, but that is faith. Hebrews 11:1.

God sees it. You have ask  by faith, hope and the most important of all, love. Not really even ours so much though we should love deeply, but His. And God has what is called moedim, appointed times. Let me assure you, He has not forgotten you.  If you have been believing for healing, Thanksgiving is a great time for it. So give thanks, accept it and thank Him by faith, it is like He is already saying Merry Christmas.

Jesus walked around healing those who believed, His Spirit is moving now to do the same. It requires faith, stillness, rest and a profession of thanks. Take your medicine, ask Him to sanctify it, see the doctor, but believe God’s report, Isaiah 53.

You don’t have to tell everyone, there are naysayers and skeptics, even among believers. You can talk to Jesus. I want to thank Him for what He has done for me, I am about to renew my driver’s license. There was a time I thought I never drive again, and perhaps not even walk, back in 2012, I was sure I would die, but even that’s not too much for Jesus.

I hated hearing I already had it. Where was it? Many ministers teach faith and healing and I don’t blame them for anything I misunderstood or missed, but many are missing some things themselves. How others are hearing the message. You have to firm but loving and it is hard not to interject personal opinions, I know but Jesus coming and He needs a healed body of believers, He is coming for a pure bride.

I did have it, because Jesus finished His work of the cross and He was letting me rest and heal. I have always had it because I have always had Him, sometimes, I was just not listening to my heart and His Spirit in it.

So He has my thanks and I thank Him for you as well, anyone in need of His healing touch, may you receive, seek His peace, and receive. I used to hear that there was nothing wrong with the Bible or the sermon, it had to be me / us. thankfully, a minister of grace was listening when God told Him not to disqualify His people.

I really had begun to believe I didn’t have the faith, that maybe I didn’t love enough. Something was wrong with me. Wrong, it was just not the time for Him to make it beautiful, He may have had other people been on target. Words are important, never be afraid to speak your faith. These are the words I heard, I am thankful and healing nicely, I pray they speak to you. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving, in the states and my friends down under and abroad,just go out have a good dinner.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of the world will grow strangely dim, in light of His glory and grace. Oh, Lord I believe, your love, your grace for me….but this man by His blood broke down the wall and loosed the flood, the glory of God for all mankind.

It’s coming your way! Receive your healing, receive your miracle, receive your peace!

Rebecca Jones/ Gabe Morales / Pastor Joseph Prince

Thanksgiving Grace


While most people think that grace is a blessing said over our food, it is so much more, and I would like for us to remember that as we sit gathered around our tables, serve dinners to the homeless, or even go out to dinner.

Many people have the family traditions of holding hands and saying grace as a generational gathering comes together. Perhaps, grandpa or the father will carve the turkey. There is always a children’s table. Some even ask each person to relay something they are thankful for. I know people are including journals of thanks since that has become popular. Still grace is more than a prayer.

So what is this amazing grace? What is it we should should be so thankful for? Jesus, He is grace personified. Grace is favor and is undeserved, and we certainly did not deserve what He did. And we should give thanks everyday.

I caught myself saying that I didn’t deserve something that happened the other day, it was not something good, but in truth we don’t deserve the salvation that Jesus so readily offered us  as believer, that is why we should have Thanksgiving Grace, because we have Him.

We have all heard the saying, ” There but for the grace of God , go I. ” And it is true in many ways if we bother to reflect on that. While we are not to boast of ourselves, but of Jesus, many of us, myself included are professing at least we aren’t like so and so, that would be better phrased as thanks for our grace that we did not fall by the way.

We all know His grace is sufficient, that doesn’t mean He enjoys seeing you suffer, it means that He suffered for you, that is grace, that is Jesus, that was undeserved, that sacrifice was sufficient for whatever we deal with or through, and how we overcome.

I didn’t deserve the unkindness the other day, Jesus didn’t deserve what He took for me either. I am here to celebrate and be thankful because of His grace, and as always, it amazes me.

So what are we thankful for? Set aside some time to reflect and respect His sacrifice, it is not about turkey and dressing, it is about Jesus, He is our grace and worthy of thanksgiving. I am thankful for my health, I have been through a lot and overcome with Him. I am thankful for His peace, I know how to rest in His promises, I am thankful I do not have to continue to worry and let stress overtake me, rather His blessings.

I am thankful to share with you, for everyone who reads or is touched by this blog. even if you are not in the states, celebrate our Thanksgiving with a good family dinner and be thankful with me. Let’s praise the one who is worthy of all praise, our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our Thanksgiving Grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels