Focusing On Jesus


What you focused on? Work, school children? Distraction is a weapon of the enemy and he will use it if our focus is not on the Lord. It is important to give Him priority. Start your day in prayer, if you can pray in the spirit, and often during the day. He understand that we all have things to do, but they will go even smoother is we are at rest and peace with God, leaving our cares on Him, letting Him watch over us with angels.

If you are focused on worry or next month’s bill, try thanking Him for making you path straight and for what you have and what He will provide. Thank Him for unseen blessings. Look for simple ones, a closer parking space, the extra fries in your bag, the songbirds that wake you. We have yellow butterflies that pay in our front yard. They are a blessing.

If all you ever see is negative, nonsense, or disaster. It is depressing/. Look for the silver lining. Someone I know had an auto accident and had just dropped off her children at school. She rolled over and landed in a church parking lot.  She had a badly broken ankle, but the paramedic who opened her door told her he was expecting to need a body bag. She felt someone holding her. Blessing!

Another lady I knew, had a daughter who turned around to discipline a child in the back seat, she had an accident and was killed. So her mother had the grandson. I always tell parents not to do that, stop the car if necessary.

This is not the power of positive thinking or the glass half full attitude. It is simply a matter of choosing life or death, blessing or cursing. We have enough bad things around us, the news, argumentative talk shows,bullies at school, the grumpy bosses or employees. People are tired and they don’t know why. They need to fill their mind and hearts with something healthy and pure and vibrant, the living water of Jesus, see beauty and truth, instead of so much chaos.

Focus on the Lord, it is worth every effort you make. He is worthy or praise and He’d be happy to see mobile phones and televisions off a while each day.

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