Feeling A Bit Sifted?


Yeah, me too. There have been a lot of attacks over the hot summer. I have prayed for all sorts of things. Health problems, jobs, life and death, marital problems and mental attacks, just to name a few. So, if you feel sifted you are not alone.

The closer you are to Jesus, the more you love and know Him, the more you walk in His ways and heed His voice, the devil wants to see that destroyed. It’s like you pray to be healed and get sicker. Ask for a better job, then get fired. And he wants you to thing God is behind these things,teaching you a lesson. While He does use circumstances to enlighten us, we have a real enemy. Not the flesh and blood ones that we encounter, who really aren’t the enemy just his pawn.

Let’s looks at Peter in Luke 22. And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon, indeed, satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail . . .” Luke 22:31-32

Jesus is about to be crucified. He warns the disciples also that the devil is coming, He refers to him as the prince of this world, says he has been judged. The devil will never be forgiven. And will spend eternity in a lake of fire. He tells the disciples, he, the devil has found nothing in Him. The devil could never get in Jesus’ thoughts or words or flesh, He was the one perfect sacrifice. Although, He faced every imaginable thing we could. The devil could not get in. He always answered him, with the Word of The Living God and not in a railing way,He had nothing way. He had nothing to prove.

God is a Spirit, and He must be worshiped in Spirit and in truth. Jesus could see the spirits, He warned them. They had been taught and warned, especially, Peter. But look at the Lord’s loving kindness to a disciple He rebuked, telling satan, not Peter to get behind Him. He says that Simon, who is Peter, has been asked for, just like Job, the devil sees the righteous or the potential for it and goes after them.

He further goes on to tell Peter that the devil’s intent is to sift him as wheat, I wonder what they were doing, eating bread, or in a field. Peter was a fisherman, this statement may not have sunk in, pardon the pun. Boaz might have understood. The Lord also says He prays for his faith not to fail him. And we know it did, he fell asleep in Gethsemane, cut off Malcus ear, and denied Him three times at the crucifixion as Jesus said he would, while Peter firmly denied it, saying he would die for him, he denied Jesus instead.

Peter had a measure of faith,  had been in Jesus company, been given authority. But Peter was headstrong, wanted Jesus to be the King, failed to understand the kingdom of heaven was in us. And he let fear, which is the devil, rule over him. Not caution or common sense but unnatural fear. Intense fear, fear of death. Jesus allowed Himself to taste death for His children or He could  not have died. But Peter was afraid to die, just like most people.

Peter also was breathed on and received the gift of tongue at Pentecost. Which gives him power, lands him in jail, casts out devils, causes may to be saved. And even his shadow healed. Jesus restored the swearing Peter,who declared himself a sinful man. He never quite got to Jesus level, while his faith initially failed, he wasn’t listening to Jesus, it ultimately did not because  Jesus prayed for him, he learned to listen.

I don’t know if the belief that Peter fled to avoid being crucified is true or not, I suppose it’s possible that he met Jesus on the road to Emmaeus. And when he asked where he was going, the Lord replies, to be crucified. Peter turns around goes and is crucified upside down, because he is not worth to die like Jesus. When a vision or dream or tale. It is still an interesting parallel to Peter’s journey.

He was an every man,  a fisherman, husband, probably had children, his mother in law lived with him. It is said his wife went with him in ministry, was sent to coliseum to her death by Nero, preceding Peter.

Whatever, we like to say about him. He was a man of God, sorely tempted and tried. the devil tried to sift him and did for a while, and on more than one occasion. And he is not the only one. Please know that Jesus is praying for you and me today as well, and we must listen when he warns of attacks, mental ones are very likely in the body of Christ but I speak His peace to you to day in Jesus name. We do not want to move into fear and play the devil’s  mind games. Jesus is Lord and on the throne, and post crucifixion, the devil has not claim to stand before God and accuse as in Job’s day, and likely even Peter’s. the precious blood of the Lamb keeps him out now.

So where is he, trying to get us to believe a lot of nonsense. Accusing night and day. You don’t have to listen, argue with him or even rebuke him all the time. Use the word on him. Just plead the blood and focus on Jesus, heed His warning about the sifter and you won’t be, because He loves you and He is praying for your  faith not fail you and I and so am I. Rebecca Jones


Minister To The Lord



In some quiet personal time I just sat on the sofa today. I sing a lot. But I was just resting and I heard these words in my spirit, minister to the Lord. Not for, even though I do that too, although I am not actually affiliated with any church or ministry at the moment. It just spoke to me. Angels came to minister Jesus.

I actually looked up the word minister and we all know that right? But it is more. Here’s a few, and why we need to minister to Jesus.

To perform the functions of a religious minister. / This is the one we know, sermons, baptisms, marriages, etc…

A person acting as an agent or instrument of another. / Jesus sent out disciples, post crucifixion, we are to be sons and daughters. We represent Him daily in all areas of our lives. we are His agents or instruments, acting in His name.

To give service, care, or aid; attend, as to wants or necessities.:
to minister to the needs of the hungry. / This is  pretty obvious one, that we should be helping others with basic needs, and teaching or instructing them on God’s Word.
And yet we need to minister to the Lord. So often, we overlook our own selves in meeting the needs of our families and others. I know I have. My poor candle was burning from both ends. And I was about to be extinguished in the center, but instead of satan snuffing out this little light of mine, Jesus breathed on it, rekindling it.
I really had to learn about rest and relying on Jesus. So why would He be any different really? He doesn’t have to sleep, I suppose He could if He wanted to. He did when He was on earth. But He is at rest just like God after creating the world, He finished His work on earth. But have we? No, I don’t think so.
Jesus is at rest, seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. And He wants us to minister to Him. He need to hear how much we love Him and appreciate Him. He wants to bless us and help us, He longs to love us and we just need to spent that quiet time with Him and love Him. We need to sing to Him, to praise Him worship Him.
He is altogether lovely and we need to appreciate that everyday and look forward to the day we are just as lovely. Rebecca Jones
 Plan to ground your world in the Word of God before you hit the ground running. Join the 7 day Finding Calm Challenge now.

Burying Their Heads


I know this is a strange title to a post. It has a strange inspiration. There are so many programs I don’t like to watch, but I was looking for something late on a Sunday night and came across a program about a couple who’d been stranded in the mountains, I remembered seeing them before and this time there was one of those survival guys, saying what they should have done.

Some of it sounded like common sense. Stuff I even knew. But then he killed a snake and I won’t even go there, I muted it and looked away, but before I did, I heard him say when you cut off the head, he was stepping on the dead snake with a hiking boot. He said to bury the head, because, even dead, it can still kill you.

So are you as repulsed as I am? I don’t go in for the gory. But having been a Christian a long time and realizing the enemy’s tactics, I had a story. Though we tread on spiritual serpents and scorpions, they are just as deadly, even more so. Why? Because even hospitals have anti venom and can save lives. I even prayed for a boy  bitten over the summer, he survived after a hospital stay. And I  read a story of a boy bitten in Florida over his boot, carried home by an angel, he saw it as he lay dying. When his mother found him on the porch, she rushed him to the hospital. His leg was black and had to be scraped to the bone, but he survived.

The spiritual serpents are a lot of the times, if not most, lies. Lies told about us, by us, or something the enemy sows into our hearts or heads to deceive, discourage or  disappoint us. And he desperately tries to keep us from the love and forgiveness of Jesus. The spiritual bites are even more deadly because that poison can stay in our “spiritual bloodstream”in a sense, but more like in the flesh. These forces cannot get through the blood of Jesus, that is why we need to pray that over ourselves and our families, our homes. And let me stop right here and be in agreement with you one that.

Unfortunately, there are ways they can affect the flesh, our spiritual house. That is why we should be careful about we watch and hear, do, and say, not to the point of paranoia, but fear will allow these snakebites in. And even if you are a believer, there are wounds that don’t want to heal, that stay festered or aching. Wounds that are painful or burning. And we are taught to forgive, and maybe you have, even out loud. I have written things down, had others to do it and then tear it up. No one has to know. Some people won’t remember anyway, or even understand how they hurt you or may not care. If you apologize and can work it out fine, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

But you know what, we may have forgiven, tried to forget, but it pops back up again, doesn’t it? Like the head of the snake, it’s dead, but it can still bite you, it can still hurt, it can still inject it’s poison, and it can still kill you. I hope you are following me on this. I really thought it through in my own life. I still have nightmares about a teacher, and the harshest words can tighten in my chest. Snakes are constrictors, aren’t they? So let’s forgive, and in the spiritual sense, let’s ask God to kill it, cut off it’s head and bury it, once and for all.

Let me be clear. Though people may be enemies. God says to love them, even if you have to avoid some of them. We are not asking him to hurt anyone or allow them to be hurt or injured or killed or to even go to hell. We are not practicing retaliation against anyone, God is just. We are not casting spells or getting into witchcraft. We should pray for them to come to know God’s love and forgiveness, if they are already a believer, for a deepening of God’s love in them so they can regard others with more kindness and consideration. There’s nothing worse than a mean Christian, firm, truthful, yes, mean as the devil. No, Jesus never was, even in cleaning out the temple or casting out the devil, though He was often accused.

We are children of the Most High, washed in the blood of Jesus. And we don’t want to be like ostriches with our heads in the sand but like Lord wants us to be free indeed. Free to walk in His righteousness, free of constant worry and fear, even pain and sickness. Let’s remember to watch our mouths, guard our hearts and to let Jesus do it also. He does a better job, anyway. And it’s not about us either, we were lost without Him. It’s all for His glory and it’s all about Jesus. Rebecca Jones


The God of peace will soon crush satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Romans 16:20



The Devil Quotes Scripture


I had an experience this morning that I know a lot of you have had. You have to decide who to follow.We have talk about listening for the Lord’s voice, about like sheep we know it a follow Him.

It is in 1 Corinthians 12 to follow after love an desire spiritual gifts. One of those gifts is discernment and sometimes, I think it may the most difficult one to master. Especially, as woman. The voice of the Holy Spirit, because He is a spirit, often comes through as sounding like our own. It can be powerful though. And a lot of times, it sounds likes a phrase you’d never think of. My previous post Love Trickles Down, was inspired, I never use the word trickle.  Spiritual gifts come raw and new directly from God, they take getting used to and the Holy Spirit teaches us how. Learn to discern. And then use discretion and wisdom.

I have had Him whisper ” Go limp before the Lord. ” in prayer time. He wants us to depend on Him. And I have had Him remind me of names, use the shepherdess picture on another blog, and even a more powerful keeping me in place,when I was trying to help someone, He said no. He knew it was a ruse, a deception. When you can discern that well, you are doing great, you are on track with the Lord. And others may perceive you as not being a good Christian, Don’t give it another thought. Remember, you follow Jesus not what people say or say you should do.

The devil is quick to judge just like people. And he knows the Bible, after all he is in it,he followed Jesus trying to wreak havoc, but Jesus used the Word on him. Notice when he says something, it’s skewed, like to Eve, or in reference to Jesus, he leaves off the word beloved, ” If you are the Son of God. ” And that tone, it has a ring to it.

I ran my great nephew out of my room this morning, he didn’t knock and woke me up from a deep sleep. When he left, I had this verse come to mind, ” He that comes to me, I will in no wise cast him out. ”  I started to feel guilty, it was 9 a.m. then I thought, that means salvation. I have taught him to knock, and besides he has a brand new tent to play inside in his room. Later on, I found out he wasn’t truthful about being sent inside.

Because that thought brought me to guilt and shame. I have to the think the devil was quoting Scripture again. This is a deep study for Spirit filled Christians, even mature ones, the master trickster can even trick those who serve the real Master. Subtle, cunning and wily, he slithers through the day, like a lion, seeking to devour. But Jesus, the Lion of Judah is there and He take the crook of His staff and tosses every snaky lie aside, clearing my path.

I have had Christians misquote the Bible to me, take it out of context, attempt to explain prophecy. Sometimes, I can correct it. I never admit to agreeing with it if they are wrong. I try to keep peace, I don’t want to argue His Word. Though unfortunately, I have had rather heated discussions. I’m above that like my mother says. the Word defends itself, and me.

You can’t always go around second guessing yourself. I used to way overthink it. If you know what it really says stick with it. Trust the Holy Spirit’s leading. And no the Bible doesn’t say cleanliness is next to godliness. That’s an old wives tale, but it does mention old wives tales.

But refuse profane and old wives’ tales. Exercise yourself toward godliness. New Heart translation 1 Timothy 4:7

Love Trickles Down


In my prayer time the words came to me that what was mine would trickle down. Trickle? Not really a word I use. When I first thought about it, it was like in those old westerns, how you see them work on that pump again and again and only a little water comes out. And then like the water that was cold running down a mountainside in North Carolina, when I was a little girl and bottled water was unheard of. It was cold and crisp, fresh.

Fresh is the way, I want my trickle. Though I have to admit I was thinking that trickle means drop, it also means a gentle stream, that is love isn’t it? Relaxing, refreshing, cool on a summer’s day.  I also thought about the song, ” mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers of ( blessings ) we plead. ”

I also remember the verse that He comes to us like the rain, and the Holy Spirit is the former and latter rain. But the is trickle is different, it is powerful. Water is powerful in huge waves but the word trickle is in Job 28:11, He causes the trickle to carve through rock. Wow, not a flood of epic proportion but over a period of time wearing down walls or layers of silt, sand and sediment, working it’s way trough rock.

The Holy Spirit trickles from Jesus, the rock that is higher than I am. Ezekiel 47:1 uses the word trickle and so does Psalm 133:2, in reference to oil another type of the Holy Spirit, the anointing oil trickles down the bread of Aaron. The anointing of the Holy Spirit trickles down also.

As I said this is a peaceful trickle, His peace, it comes to carve fear from a petrified rock that the devil rolled across our hearts like at a tomb. It is gentle, quiet and calm. It is love personified in His presence, there is peace, and there is joy.

It is a trickle you don’t want to leave, drops. Yes, all throughout the day. But the shower of blessing, remain in His rest and love. Be still and quiet and heal. The trickle of a gently flowing stream from the Saviors hand, it’s there, giving rest to a babbling brook.

I will be silent. I will be still. I want to heal completely and wholly and He is holy or I could never be, as I told a friend and fellow blogger, it is not just the Sabbath we should keep holy, it is every day as we enter the rest of Hebrews 4. We don’t want to miss it.

The gentle wind is a breeze, the gentle stream is a trickle. Powerful and gentle like the Lord. He is mighty to save. He has nothing to prove, He finished it on the cross. Worship can be both joyful and lively, not frantic and frenzied.

It is a time of peace, His peace, pax, the kiss of peace is coming because the Prince of Peace is coming and He will gently wipe away each tear that trickles down each cheek. He is altogether lovely, and He longs to hold us in His embrace, and let the love He had for us trickle down, flow down, pour down and break down everything that breaks us down.

I like words, I’m a wordy. Trickle is a cute one, a fun word, and now it’s my word. He gave it to me, love just trickles down. Rebecca Jones

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Blaaaack Sheep


I had a great uncle who referred to himself as the black sheep of the family. I don’t know why. He passed away when I was eleven, I barely knew him. But his wife and daughter, I saw on occasion, then my great aunt died, so I was the one who used to call the daughter,  a second cousin, the only one left from that side of the family and even years later she would talk about him being the black sheep of the family. But why? I’ll never know.

He worked, he had a house and car, watched television, went to church. He had a heart condition. I doubt if he was up to any wrong doing. Maybe, that was it. Not just that he had a heart condition and was limited by it, but it was that his heart had made to feel that way by someone.

Obviously, he felt left out. He did have a brother who was more of church goer, more of  an out about type, knew everyone and everyone knew him. But he smoked and had emphezema, if I think about it I can still hear him breathe, and I was a little girl. So he had a health problem, wouldn’t he have been a black sheep too?

He was talkative and laughed between shortness of breaths, his favorite thing to ask me was a Bible quiz but the answer was a joke. What was Lazarus dog’s name, the beggar? Moreover, the dog….look it up. He also told me he was bald from walking on his head so the devil couldn’t track him. I wasn’t two or I might have believed him.

When I found this pin, someone had said it reminded her of her brother. He said the same thing. There are a lot of black sheep out there. Whether you are really an outcast from your family or just feel that way, and feelings are often deceptive, you are not alone.

True, someone could have told you that, made you sad or hurt you. Maybe, you were a loner, a geek or rebellious. As you grew up , you started to see the trouble you may have been or the trouble that was best upon you or just life not being fair. But God is just.

He makes a way for you to follow Him home, His rod and staff comfort you, wards of enemies and guides you on the right path. I can tell you the truth, in some way or another we are all black sheep, but He will leave the fold and come for us, and carry us in His arms. God doesn’t have to count sheep but He counts stars and heads of hair and sand, so He probably does. And He knows your name.

And black, white, or whatever color, sheep come in all colors and some are even dyed, He loves you enough to Jesus to die in our place and be our Good Shepherd. He will look for you and find you if you are lost, He doesn’t want to you to wander off, fall off a cliff into a rock pile, or even roll down a green hill and not be able to get up. There are dangers everywhere and He doesn’t want you hurt or killed. He wants you to go to heaven and not the other direction, it would hurt Him to see you make such a bad choice. But He would have you let you choose.

The truth is that God loves the sheep of His pasture, we are a flock that should be faithful and thriving in that love, and whether or not we, as believers choose to follow love, or settle for believing we are a black sheep and left out, God still sees us as His children, and He loves His little lambs. Rebecca Jones

Behold the Lamb

Jesus sacrifice. So great a sacrifice and so great salvation. I did not want to use the sacrificial lamb picture here, even though He was just that. Like the very Passover lamb that was kept in the home, then offered at Passover. The Old Testament is full of sacrifices. Jesus was the only perfect one as foretold by John the Baptist. He and only He could remove the sins of the world, if only they believed.

This is a picture of Jesus the way He is now, still referred to as the Lamb of God, He holds the sheep in His hands and no one plucks them out. John 10:28,29 There literally is no way I could describe with words to you that great a love, and foe sinners, who were in darkness, and not even concerned about God.

He loved us long before we though of loving Him. He remembers our sins no more if we are believers. We are like children or lambs and we are very precious to God because His Son was and is and He died to save us. The very blood of Jesus is upon the heavenly Mercy Seat and over the earthly mercy seat of our hearts. Can you even begin to fathom that?

His sacrifice was deep, deep calls to deep, He said the rows on His back were plowed deep. He has the Holy Spirit to inspire words that we are to love one another deeply and from the heart. We are moved by this when we accept Jesus as Lord and begin to see Him face to face, the love deep in His eyes that penetrates the soul, John calls then a flame of fire.

Then what happens to is? He wants to prosper the flock, but we wander off again, go astray. No one is plucking us. Yet, we look for greener grass, or just eat up all we have and ruin our field. We give up, and roll over. When wolves come, enemy attacks or in sheep’s clothing, the Good Shepherd is still there ward off attacks.

How many times has death stood beside you and you not know it because He was there as well. You have close calls haven’t you, avoided accidents, suddenly came into some money, gotten a much needed raise. Maybe, you missed a trip during a flu epidemic or tests came back negative and you didn’t even know that someone was covering you in prayer, and the enemy missed a chance to steal, kill or destroy.

Sheep pens are usually a rock wall, circular, and the shepherd lies at the door. You see why Jesus is the door. For the enemy to get to you He has to move and He won’t so who is moving?  We are. He will leave the flock to find us. He will bend down to hear our cries. Lift us from rocky cliffs, lead us back to still waters and green pastures. he restores our souls.

We have been studying sheep this week and I hope you have read or will read all the posts and see my Pinterest board little lambs. I am glad I don’t have to offer sacrifices, except of praise. I can’t express enough the depth of the Good Shepherd’s love, let get a little wiser as sheep and just stay put, be still, and follow Him. He won;t let anything happen and He’s not going anywhere, so why would we wander?  Rebecca Jones



Teshuvah began at sunset on August 23 and goes through September 30. I was not familiar with all the Jewish feasts and festivals until I became interested in Hebraic studies. I love learning Hebrew words and phrases, and the word pictures and how God did not miss a beat. They say the devil is in the details but it’s really God. The Bible is rich in symbolism, layer after layer of love and compassion from the Father.

Teshuvah is a forty day period including the fall feasts and is considered a time of repentance. It is a good time for believers to draw nearer to God also, whether Christian or Messianic Jew or even if you’ve never heard of it, Teshuvah is a great time to rethink your life. It is also a custom that all names are in the Book of Life and He only takes them out when you die, as an unbeliever, so this is a time to reflect. The traditional Christian believe is that writes you in after salvation, but either way, this is the season for soul searching.

It is a good time for reflecting and partial fasting. I have heard that those who are ” on the fence ” will have to decide to go with God or not. It is believed that God makes plans for your next year. Of course the Jewish New Year approaches as well, Rosh Hashanah, it is September 21st, and since our months are different the days are different.

Teshuvah is the 29th of Av, and ends Tishrei 10, our August and September. These are High Holy Days and it is believed by many that the Lord’s return could very well be in the fall, since He was crucified at Passover. There are seven feasts in all. Teshuvah begins a time of repentance before the fall feasts, and contains ten days of awe. So it would not be surprising to see a shift this year in prophetic ministry. I have seen a lot of healing but there is also a spiritual attack against believers and prayer warriors. Many of the ladies I have prayed with have fallen ill.

The enemy never wants us to repent or draw closer to Jesus, but it doesn’t matter what he says, he is not our focus. The Lord is! And should He decide to return, I want to be ready, nothing is as important.

When the trumpet sounds announcing Rosh Hashanah, there are loud blasts and this could be the last trump, because though we know not the day or the hour, Jesus left us lots of clues and the new year actually spans across two days,  It was necessary for the shofar to call the Jews over the two days giving them both time to hear and travel to the feast. Rosh Hashanah was also known as the Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah, which sounds a cry, perhaps battle, a shout, or joy. We will soon see what is taking place. Many are concerned about the Solar Eclipse, being a bad sign, but I choose to believe, He is still dongs wonders in heaven and on earth, and His return would be welcome to believers, the only thing is that unbelievers need to know His love and forgiveness.

We truly would not know the day or the hour and we can look forward to the Jewish year 5778, this year had God’s perfect number, can you even imagine what one up on that is? The number eight is associated with liberty, salvation and freedom. It was the number of people on the ark and Jesus is a type of ark. He is our beloved High Priest who enters the Holy of Holies for us on the day of Atonement.

Like the Jews we can wear and walk in white and praise His name, we should be looking up for our redeemer not only lives but draws nigh. Rebecca Jones

As I pondered whether to encourage readers to join me on a 40 day partial fast or something special to do. I  felt the Lord declaring it a 40 day rest period. Just love and let Him love you. Rest from being weary and heavy laden. His yoke is easy and light.  Spend time, quiet , quality time with the Lord. Let Teshuvah be not only a time of repentance but reflection and resting in His love, His peace, His joy and presence. Matthew 28, Hebrews 4

Anointing My Head With Oil

It was suggested that we read Psalm 23 everyday for a month. It’s a great idea. You can start anytime and check it off your calendar but if you read it, let is soak in. We must consider how shepherding was in Bible time as compare to now, A nomadic sort of life looking for grazing and water.

Truthfully, I guess I just liked the poetry of it,  I understood that Jesus was the shepherd, I was the sheep. I really didn’t get preparing a table for me. I am a dumb sheep, I didn’t really realize all the enemies. I didn’t know I was stubborn, I didn’t think so, I sort of butted my head against the wall figuring things out though.

Let’s look at the anointing oil and remember that it a type of the Holy Spirit. Jesus anoints us as believers, He gives us each gifts and talents, especially, for ministry. We have an anointing from the holy one.  It is the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage. The priests are anointed, the oil ran on Aaron’s beard.  Samuel also went to anoint a new king and wanted to see all the sons, and remember God looks at the heart, Jesse’s sons were not the ones, until a younger shepherd shows up.

The shepherd puts oil on the sheep because they are disturbed by flies and insects. Beelzebub is lord of the flies, another name for the devil. He goes after our head too, our thoughts and even in a spiritual sense, noses, because noses discern scents, smells and odors, death. Many times there are certain demonic things we can discern spiritually, It’s kind of like have a dog’s keen sense of smell in a spiritual way. They can sense seizures, smell cancer, tell when blood sugar is low, many are trained that way.

With the anointing on our heads, the Holy Spirit teaches us also. I remembering long ago hearing a sermon from Rod Parsley about how flies bothered horses and how it related to the spiritual realm, I’ve never forgotten that. What do you always see in those commercials with the children starving? Flies! And they haven’t the strength to even swat at them. They are going after the eyes, noses and mouths.

Jesus said we would always have poor and as long as people have a free will there will be those who are oppressed but we have many ways to help even if you never go there. Intercessory prayer is a good way. But let’s talk about the sheep or us. If these pests get into the sheep’s nose and lay eggs, the sheep can but its head, and but itself to death, it will also run itself to death.

Sheep do what other sheep do. If one panics, they all will. They will freeze and not even cry for help. They are restless and won’t lie down if they are still hungry. They have to be led or will just eat and eat and have nothing left and ruin the land which is why you see cattlemen getting up tight in the old westerns, they knew what sheep would do to grazing land.

She will also fall over on their backs and not be able to get up. If the Good Shepherd isn’t around that sheep cant right itself and may die or even be devoured by the predatory creatures. Wow! I had to learn a lot about sheep. Maybe, you did too, I hope this helps you and remember sick people are also anointed with oil.

The Holy Spirit will remove the pests from our lives, as always, seek medical help, but keep your faith strong, let’s lose the stubborn sheep attitude and stop going our way and go His. He said follow me for a reason. Let me pray for you today.

Father, in Jesus name, we realize that we are like sheep going astray, a as a sinner, save me by your grace. As a believer, help me to follow you and not give in to my stubborn and sheepish mentality and human frailty, Anoint my head with oil, with  your Holy Spirit, let me know your voice and not follow strangers. Let the oil protect my head, eyes, nose and mouth and even ears. Let it guard my heart and my whole being and body, anoint my feet to follow you. I praise you Lord, for you are truly my Good Shepherd. Rebecca Jones


Know My Voice

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. John 10:27-28

Do you know His voice? Sometimes, we may misinterpret the enemy as the Lord, if we are not skilled in dividing the Word. Oh, he may come condemning us or accusing us, and we might think it is God. We must know who we are in Christ, what His promises are and that they are true.

We must also learn how the devil operates. And he does use times, seasons, patterns. If there is something that happened on a certain day or place, he will often try to repeat it. In a veil attempt to copy God, he will often do things in threes. Many times you will hear of three people dying close together. Like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he is fear, terror and torment. But since we walk in the righteousness of God, given by Jesus at the moment of salvation, he has no power over you.

Did you know that people often have more than one disease? Did you know a lot of people pass away at 3 a.m.? Or that God visits the earth early in the morning. Days used to be divided into watches, and there was a watchman on the wall to guard the city. Failure to do so would cost them their life. So you see why we are to guard against the enemy’s wiles, his deception. And plain old lies.

Also, there is the attempts to confuse issues in denominations, misinterpret Scripture, or just twist it. Oh how he tries to talk us out of faith, get us to believe healing is not for now. The Lord gives us wisdom, but the devil will come after it just through life in general and you’ve forgotten it, now you’re know longer a threat.

We want to be the believers that he fears. Pray, study, sing His praise. Thank Him for things you’ve yet to see. You are driving the devil crazy. And be warned he may try to come back and counter attack, but you have spiritual authority over him as a believer. Jesus promised us nothing would harm us in Luke 17. But you do have to be spiritually equipped for this warfare.

Read about spiritual gifts, pray for guidance. The Holy Spirit is your teacher. So don’t listen to another voice that tells you that you won’t make it, would be better off dead, to just give up. You, as a believer, a child of the Most High God don’t have to. He is our fortress and shield and Psalm 91 is our covering.

Be familiar with the Word, so that the Holy Spirit will remind you, correct you. We are His sheep and we know the Master’s voice.  Many times the Lord will tell you where to go and what to do and is always leading and guiding. If you see someone following a flock a geese, that ‘s one thing, but the shepherd is leading His flock. He goes before us and He is even the door. In ancient times a sheep pen would be a circle of stones with an  opening or door, that’s where he would sit or lie, and that’s where the Lord is, so let’s follow Him and know His voice. Rebecca Jones

Please scroll back and join me this week, counting sheep. And also read today’s extra post. It is the beginning of Teshuvah, the 40 days of repentance, Jewish Feast days and New Year, High Holy Days…Instead of a fast, I felt the Lord would have us declare 40 days of Rest, Renewal and Silence before Him, set aside a quiet time, another way to Know His Voice. Love and Blessings, Becky…