Hidden Wisdom


He hides away sound and godly wisdom and stores it up for the righteous. Proverbs 2:7

This is from the Amplified Bible which I find a little over amplified at times, a few too many definitions for me when I’m reading. I like to comb through it, study it out for myself. I like to look up Hebrew and Greek meanings. I don’t always watch lot of ministry or read as many books as I used to. I read the Word. I study the Word and I do my best to speak the Word and live by it.

I did not always to this to the best of my ability, but I tried. I was making an effort. I want to make it easy for my readers if I can, I want to pray for you. And I want to ask the Lord to raise you an intercessor and someone close to you who will be a godly friend and confidant.

I could have used that. I didn’t have anyone I felt close to. the people I shared faith with drifted away from me. They were not as anxious to face their fears and demons and get a victory in Jesus or just didn’t believe me or maybe they just got lost, not unsaved but still lost along the way.

There are some things too that I’m convinced that you can only trust Jesus with. There are parts of your heart that are melted into His sacred loved and only He can reside there. Only He can move you to make certain decisions, or to follow a certain path.

As the Holy Spirit teaches you, as you ask for and learn to walk in the Spirit. He will admonish with loving correction and you will not yield to temptation or accusations of the enemy. You will yield to Him. As we step aside from natural, earthly, wisdom. and let the Holy Spirit lead us. He will begin to reveal this hidden wisdom.

Think of it as a treasure hunt. Like panning for gold. Mining for silver, which is a color that represents redemption. I like watching those vacuums on the ocean floor scooping out gold coins. Maybe, you have a map and X marks the spot. Some lost treasure from centuries ago, that many have searched for and even may have died for looms beneath the surface.

We’ve all seen the programs, been amazed by them. We tune in week after week. But what about the Word? Our living Word? What about Jesus? Isn’t He a treasure? He’s worth it all, all the exploration and deep reckoning. He’s worth every tear, every prayer, every fast.

He is worth all the scoffing, condemnation. Simply, because He does not condemn us. He loves us. So, as we have been studying wisdom this month, and as we keep our sister, wisdom, close, all year, let’s stop and contemplate the depth of that love, the Lord who created the entire earth and owns it. He knows where the riches are.

And He knows who He can trust with it. The riches, and the wisdom. Rebecca Jones

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom. Colossians 3:16 This month has been a blessing, from time to time we may study wisdom.

And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament…Daniel 12:3 / photo Jenny Marvin

Youth and Wisdom

Why can’t we all be as wise when are young? Don’t you always hear women say, if only I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have…married that guy, took that job, let my children do this or that or even run away from home, took that first drink, believed someone that everyone does it. You can fill in the blanks.

Today, I was talking with a friend online who’d had a party for her 18 yr. old granddaughter. I told her I prayed that God would bless that girl with wisdom and joy. I can imagine, if I had been a wise hearted woman at 18.  I would definitely have made better decisions. Even if I had still not had the opportunity to get into college as soon, (actually, I never got to go ) and not stayed in either the Baptist or Pentecostal churches I was in, I would have never let fear, other people’s or mine, stand in the way.

I used to worry about not being the best typist. Lots of people can type. But does everyone have a writing gift, especially one that can make you embrace the Lord, to envision Him as if He were right beside you, loving you, and by the way He is. I was still a fledgling, it was God, my Father, pushing me gently out of the nest to fly, while I clung to edge.

And even when He got me out, I was always falling and He’d swoop down to catch me. Resting, for a while, He’s sail me along again and then let me go, again and again, until I could fly alone. But then as swiftly as the winds of doubt and fear started to assail my life again, He was there, I could totally rest on Him, totally depend on Him. If I had to fly, if I was to soar, I would do it with Him, all around me.

He was beside me, behind me, around me, and in front of me. He was, and is, and is to come. He had dreams for my life that were far greater than any I would ever come up with. I waited on them, but He’d had these plans in His heart for so long and had been way ahead of me. He did it on the cross, and it was finished. I was the one faltering and though I was aware of angels, and looking back I know a couple I was unaware of, I was even more unaware of my Father’s love and mercy, His gentle grace upon grace that enveloped me, even when my wings we weak.

Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity. 1 Timothy 4:12 I knew this verse and let people walk all over me because I was sensitive. I knew some of the foolishness was just teenage angst but it hurt, and adults were no better, if I asked for help, they either could not or would not give it. Though I learned from wise men and women eventually, I still feel like that little bird out of the nest, but I have strong wings to fly on because they are His. And they are eagles wings.

This verse is one I would recommend to young people who are struggling, who have a desire to serve God. Timothy has sound advice being a young man taught by his mother and grandmother. And really, if you are 18 or 80, I can tell you that you, as a believer, are His child and He will help you to fly.

Don’t wait and look back and have regrets. Serve Jesus now while you have youth, but get wisdom. And for us older folks, He renews our youth, and we’ve already got it, if we use it.  Rebecca Jones Pete Bellis / Unsplash. I love your work.

Prayer and Wisdom


We already know that we can ask for wisdom, it is the principal thing, our sister, and that getting it is better than silver and gold. For if we have wealth without wisdom, we may not be able to keep it, and if you have no joy or peace or your health fails, you can lose it.

But if you instead seek God’s wisdom and counsel in an availing prayer as a righteous daughter of the King, He will guide you into truth by His Spirit. You must have a desire for it. Seek Him in prayer. You can’t waver, I know, I did it without realizing it. So we need to prayer for daily wisdom.

Proverbs 3:15 declares wisdom as being more precious than rubies. Nothing else you want compares to that. That is also a song lyric. Lord, nothing I desire compares with you. People will tell you that you can’t have it all. I too, thought that was probably true. I thought that if you worked, your children, might not get enough attention. And that if you had children, how could you work? How do you get it all accomplished as a stay at home mother or as a business woman on the go. The wisdom of God is the only way you have it all.

For a long time, I tried to do what I thought God wanted me to do in order to be healed. But I was not lacking faith, or wisdom, as much as not letting escape me. And maybe, I did lack wisdom in some areas. But once I knew the depths of His love, I could no longer ignore what His wisdom was.

He was trusting me completely, and I was Him. There was one thing that I lacked, I wasn’t focused on sitting His feet as much as should have been, I was the one working and running and cleaning and cooking, the sister that was perhaps a little envious of Mary of Bethany.

If we see wisdom as a woman, our sister, we may find there were many wise women in the Bible, Mary, pondered things in her heart. Deborah was a judge and Lydia was a business woman. However, I don’t think that we can overlook Mary of Bethany as a wise women. She gave all she had to Jesus, she chose her part and it will never be taken away. Now, isn’t that wisdom? Sitting at the very feet of wisdom, Himself.  Rebecca Jones Unsplash photo

Lead Me To The Rock


When my heart is weak, I cry out to you from the very ends of the earth. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I am. Psalm 61:2 Other translations say overwhelmed.

I like the idea of using weak here, and it can mean weak in spirit, or soul. It doesn’t have to mean there is something wrong with your heart, but that is covered too. Overwhelmed is also an especially good translation. A lot of times I feel overwhelmed, I have so much to say and can’t get it all out there.

Sometimes, I feel it’s the Lord overwhelming me. He sees me so much different than I see myself. I feel almost as if I have to run to keep up, but it is He who slows me down and calls me to rest. So when we are in a foxhole of sorts, and the slings and arrows of the enemy flying over our heads, we are on our knees or face in prayer, and come boldly before Him in grace and begin to cry out for Him. From the mire and muck of a battlefield in our mind we come to the rock that is higher, His thoughts and ways are higher.

When we are weak, He is strong, even a child’s song reflects Him in His power. When we are overwhelmed. our hearts are weak figuratively or literally, Lord, lead us to the rock that is higher than we are. It is He who holds the keys, the answers. He is the wisdom  and peace we need.

He is our anchor in a stormy port and our lighthouse. He is the Lord, saying not to fear as we have stepped out of the boats and begin to fall, He reaches for us. We must not take our eyes off Him, ever. It is not about us, it is about Him. It is all about Him, it revolves around Him.

Jesus wants to lavish you with love, not smother you. So He is the one to focus on and depend on. We need to build our foundation on Him. We need to stand on His promises. And when waves of life and winds of doctrine and problems cast a dark shadow on our hearts to weaken them, to burden them, we can hear the word of Jesus, telling us to let our hearts not be troubled.

We can be totally overwhelmed and totally free at the moment we call out to Him, when we are weak or overwhelmed, lead us to the rock that is higher. For there is rest, safety and shelter there. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Build A House

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established. Proverbs 24:3

We have already read about a wise woman building her house. She builds it up with her hands while a foolish one tears it down with hers. We could also say with her words. Go ahead and picture for yourself, the woman who can get out there and get dirty and carpenter, or the one who draws plans, decorates. Maybe, even paints or hangs curtains.

Now picture the brawling woman who is never content, and not comfortable with herself, arguing, breaking dishes. A worse case is one who never does housework, lazy, arrogant, angry and bitter, defiant. You never know what to say around her that will set her off.

The wise woman builds her house on faith, prays over her family. She is the peacemaker in squabbles, but will not tolerate disrespect. She will seek the Lord in every area of her life. She knows how to make do, to serve leftovers. She knows how to live in the abundance of Christ because of her giving and she knows how to manage if there is less. Since she knows she is a daughter of the King, that she is beloved, blessed and highly favored by the Lord that He is her provider, everything she touches will prosper and be worth and walk in white.

The brawling woman doesn’t know the Lord. She may know about Him but she may not have a loving, personal relationship with Him. Whether, unsaved or unskilled in the Word, she gives in to temptation, goes to bed angry, is focused on herself and not necessarily her family. Alcohol and drugs drive wedges, so does doubt and unbelief and being unequally yoked.

Paul addresses unbelieving spouses, the Lord covers the children because of the sanctification of the believer. Though they still will have to accept Jesus as Lord, His promise is for your house. It becomes the duty of the husband or wife to win the other over by demonstrating the love of God. I know this can be difficult, but it not impossible.

The Lord will never allow you to stay in an abusive situation. He does not want your life or your children’s in danger. A few arguments over minor things, a few verbal jabs will come from unbelievers, and I’m sorry to say, sometimes even believers but it is not necessarily time for lawyers. Be quick to forgive, don’t go to bed angry and talk calmly. Try to obey the Holy Spirit, He can rekindle lost love and if it was not love, He can make it new. And He can tell you if you should leave.

People that are hurting hurt each other, but people will also lie, deceive, and try to control you. This is why we need the Holy Spirit as a guide to discernment. Sickness and disease and mental oppression are also things that cause women to become angry and brawlers. Long term grief, illness and pain, can make an irritable woman into a monster. They still need consideration and prayer, perhaps counseling.

Whichever you are, you are loved. Don’t think of yourself too highly as a wise woman, give Him the glory. Don’t be arrogant, be confident in Him. and if you are somewhere in between as a lot of us may be, let’s lean into wisdom, she a sister to hold our hand. And should you be suffering physically, mentally or psychologically, there is hope for you. His name is Jesus.

He came to die for you. He loves you in your mess and He can love you right out of it. And if it takes a while it’s worth it, but then there are those times, it is immediate, so reach for the hem of His garment. Rebecca Jones /rawpixel

The Way of Wisdom


I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. Proverbs 4:11

Have you ever had piano lessons? You have to have instruction. Learned to drive? You had a driving instructor. the same is true if you ski, scuba or sky dive. it is true if you take ballet or gymnastics. I spent a lot of time with aerobics instructors.

Someone is always there to teach you, parents who will give you scoldings on table manners or eye rolls. Grandparents who will tell you stories about the good old days ( though the Word warns against calling them that, because our hope looks ahead ), they regale you  with tall tales and spoil you but mean well.

There are teachers, sitters, pastors, a host of people we encounter to teach us and lead us in something, whether reading or algebra. And yet, all these things are knowledge. We learn them. They are not necessarily wisdom. Wisdom is in some instances, common sense. It is not good to do the eye roll at your parents, but do children do this?

If you’re old enough, you don’t run in front of cars, or cheat on tests. Now, that is getting some wisdom. Let’s talk some more about how God leads us into wisdom. He will, upon receiving Jesus as Lord, save you. He will baptize you with His Spirit as well if you ask and it is a powerful experience. He will give you the Holy Spirit to be your best teacher. He will guide you into all truth because He is the Spirit of truth.

He will draw you God, give you the desires of your heart which are God’s dreams for you. He will walk you through and talk you through, if necessary, any thing you may need Him to.  Proverbs 21:16 make it plain and it doesn’t get any plainer, that if you don’t walk in the way of wisdom, you will wind up dead.

That should be a sobering though to young people before they take the first drink or smoke the first dope, but sadly, many are not loved enough to be taught wisdom and even worse still they just will not listen.

Wisdom will save you from evil, from those who speaks devious things. Proverbs 2:12 While Isaiah 40:14 asks rhetorically who taught the Lord? Job 28:23 declares God alone understands  the way of wisdom. He knows where it can be found.

And we do too. So let’s look up a few verses, and put our feet on God’s path, the way of wisdom. Rebecca Jones




Rebecca Jones

Wisdom and Revelation

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I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know Him better. Ephesians 1:17

What a beautiful verse and I began to pray it as I started to write. We all could benefit from a Spirit of wisdom and revelation. We all could stand knowing Him better. Of course, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom. He actually has many roles, we see Him as the Wisdom, Understanding,Counsel, Knowledge, Fortitude, Piety and Fear of the Lord. A visit to my Pinterest board will give you a lot of teaching on the Holy Spirit, a category with the same name.

Of course, there are many gifts from tongues to miracles. That’s why we should be desiring spiritual gifts, and praying spiritual gifts for others or more specific for their hearts to be able to receive from God. Personally, I was always pursuing His peace and I should have realized, I already had it. It is finished! Jesus declared it from the cross.

Sometimes, we are seekers, and sometimes we are just fraction away from His presence. We could be so close to healings and miracles and not realize it. I know I was. I talked before about having words of knowledge, it can be general, like thinking someone should go to the doctor. A rhema word is more specific, like seeing a minister on television say that there’s someone about to commit suicide watching this program, the Lord says don’t do it.

I had someone comment to me last week on matters of the heart. I sent her a verse, later the Lord reminded me of the verse in Jeremiah, that the heart is deceitful. Of course, a believer has a changed heart and that no longer applies, I felt the Lord speaking to me to relay this message. There was no particular hurry to it. I sent her a follow up message, to which she replied that I reminded her of what true friendship is.

Not me, the Holy Spirit. He gets credit. God gets the glory. Another time I told  a minister friend that she really needed to rest. She told me she did. I didn’t have to tell her that the Lord told me she could burn herself right out of the ministry. I also learned of some others who prayed for even more specific attacks aimed at her.

A person’s heart has to be born again, their minds constantly renewed, fed on the Word of God, settled or at least taking root in that good ground. The Lord will answer this prayer, but it is up to the person to receive, we have a free will.

It is a beautiful prayer and worthy of being prayed for someone you love. It  should be a desire of our hearts and if is yours today I pray it for you, now receive from the King of Kings. Rebecca Jones

Redeeming The Time



Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside redeeming the time… or… Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Colossians 4:5

Both these translations are very good. I would have skimmed over the word outsiders before, and not given it a lot of thought. But you know, people are noticing, even paying attention, if there is something different about you. If you radiate the love of Jesus without being preachy, if you exemplify His joy, when you’re ready to lend a hand, all these and other things are speaking the life of Christ.

Unfortunately, this is where we also draw fire. But what did we expect as believers? Jesus was hated without a cause.  And still, I have people telling me, ” Your mother prayed for me”, and I answer, that I was there. I have women calling me an angel, and I’m not, I’m just me doing my best to be who God wants me to be.

I follow up on things. Make sure to ask how people are doing, even if their profession of faith isn’t like mine. Jesus overpaid for us, we weren’t really worth it. But He thought so. So when you do a little extra people notice. Don’t just visit in the hospital, call when someone goes home. Send flowers, e-mails. Buy a good old fashioned card.

Check up on the elderly, neighbors, take an interest. And people are glad if you remember the names of family members or children. I don’t always. Right now I’m trying to encourage older people not to give up on life, especially some who have overcome major illnesses.

Personally, I can’t imagine a world with more problems without it being the Tribulation, so maybe, we don’t even have a lot of time to redeem and we’d better get busy being the salt and light to a dark world of outsiders who need desperately to see and hear that there is hope in a Savior.

So whether at work or school or even at the grocery store, in a restaurant or wherever you are, be the beloved and shine His light on others, and if you are like me sometimes, spending too much time at a keyboard. Get out and see people and come out from under your bushel ( basket ).

Because there is hope, and His name is Jesus. Rebecca Jones / Engin Akyert, photographer, thank you.


Wise In Your Own Eyes


Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment  to your bones. Proverbs 3:7,8

How many people do we know that are wise in their own eyes? I know, your making a list. I never was one really, in fact, I think I tried to be, to be strong and have great faith. But inside, I felt like a nobody. But God showed me that was not so. He had guided me since the age of eleven. Though I have yet to accomplish many of the things He dreamed for me and I hoped for, I know I have succeeded in learning that fear the Lord, that is reverence and respect that sacrifice. He never wants us to be afraid of Him.

I have to admit I was afraid of not having enough faith, of His power, of enemy attacks. All of these bring me running to the Lord as a shield and fortress. We are not to suppose we are always right. So much of what I thought about was God was not true.

Instead of an angry man with a gray beard throwing thunderbolts at me for my mistakes and letting me go through perils to teach me a lesson, He gave His beloved Son to save me, He was beaten, his beard plucked, literally, torn  from His face. He is love personified and He is sovereign and just. He does keep His word and so should we. Even if we fail, He is faithful. Jesus made a way for us when there was no way.

His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher. We see the natural, He sees the supernatural. We see mountains, He says speak to them, they will move if you believe me. He sees time differently from eternal viewpoints. We look at it by a clock or calendar, chronologically. We see the impossible. He makes all things possible.

We dwell in the here and now and worry about the future, or relive the past. That is a dangerous place to wander  around, the what if’s, or why me’s, or if only. The madman roamed the tombs, he could not even be chained and cut himself with rocks, much like people do today. It brought him a strange relief to see his blood and know he was still alive in such a place as this a place of death, the past, distant memories.

Jesus crossed in the boat to this town plagued with demonic forces, one tried to sink the boat and Jesus slept until the disciples called Him, He calmed it with His word and was able to deliver the madman to his sound mind. Abel’s blood cried out, maybe the madman’s did. Perhaps, Jesus heard his cries, a fragment of a tormented soul.

No, the past and bad and bitter memories should be laid to rest. Keep your focus on the new things God will do. Jesus’ blood cried out as well. You have to release others with forgiveness and shun the urge to be mad, sad or angry. Then refreshing comes.

Don’t let your heart become angry or bitter, take a moment to rethink those thought. Even if you have a right to be angry or hurt. It is not good for your soul. It is not wisdom, it is not health. Don’t harden your heart over small things, they will grow larger each day. Don’t let don’t and unbelief creep in and put evil into your heart and mind. Shun it, stay away from it, turn your back on it.

God’s word is loaded with wisdom. It is loaded with peace, joy and love. Look at things in God’s perspective. He is wisdom, He will give you wisdom. And you will find health and healing and refreshment will come. God knows what He is doing even if we don’t, we should’nt count on ourselves, that is being wise in our own eyes. Rebecca Jones / freerangestock

Seek The Wisdom of Jesus


“Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers? Matthew 13:54

Jesus was wiser than Solomon. He was God in the flesh. But even so, He experienced humanity. He was in all ways human. He was tempted, tested and tormented by the religious. He suffered more than any human being. It was a vicious, cruel, and undeserved death put on Him, by us.

We didn’t deserve heaven, He didn’t deserve hell. He paid a high price for people who could care less. Many do not believe and sad to say, some of those who do are far less interested in knowing  Him than they should be.

Jesus was pure love. Wouldn’t it be good if we could come close? I can barely imagine that though I try. People were amazed at Jesus. They marveled at His wisdom.  They knew Him as the carpenter’s son.

He was also falsely accused and for that I am deeply sorry too. He should not have come to save me and had to be called Beelzebub or a wine bibber. What awful people mocked and scorned and ridiculed and yet, He loved them, kept His mouth shut and healed, delivered and worked miracles.

Yes, Jesus was the wisest of all, so it is wise to follow His word and keep His commandment to love, don’t let others steal your joy, or your peace. He is good all the time and worthy of our praise.

And I give Him mine. I did not deserve such love, though I expected a miracle, I already had one in my heart, the wisest of all, Jesus. Rebecca Jones / shutterstock