Rings On Her Toes

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I want to tell you a story about something I deeply regret. It happened years ago at the local farmer’s market of all places. There were lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and sometimes we had done some canning, though I’d much rather just go to the store. For whatever reason, it was a weekend outing.

I think I was sitting in the back seat when I first noticed the lady. She was perhaps a 30 or 40 something, sitting the passenger seat of an SUV and I’m not certain, but I think she could have been filing her nails. She was slender, moderately tan, barefoot.

And she had rings and bracelets, shades. I don’t recall her face. She probably had sunglasses. And she had her bare feet against the dash, and rings on her toes. Her husband was shopping and would ask her something. I don’t think she ever got out or I didn’t see her move.

She might point out a selection, and he made a few trips among the vendors and returned with her to drive on off. I told my mother, he probably did the cooking or the canning. I’m sure he cleaned house, too. At least it was my perception of him. I was always surprised to meet men who kept house and helped with children. It wasn’t what I grew up with.

Even though I was probably not even thirty, at the time, I was used to being the cook, cleaning lady, laundress, the chief cook and bottle washer, jack of all trades and master of none. I have repented over my misjudging this lady.

It was obvious, she was cared for. He was just doing some shopping as she relaxed. Her appearance didn’t make her cheap or tawdry, just in style. She was not necessarily spoiled or lazy, working her poor husband while she lounged, she probably did have loungewear and a box of chocolates in her bedroom. So what?

She probably took bubble baths and went to the spa. She had money, means, and the opportunity to be taking care of herself and letting her husband take care of her, too. And he did not appear to have minded. If they went home and she went and sat by the pool, he probably went to the kitchen and chopped up veggies and threw something on the grill, and some towels in the dryer. The kind of husband that Jesus would want for any woman, even if he did have an occasion bowling night or round of golf.

I truly misjudged her that day, and I am sorry. I must have misjudged him also. Because that day set me up. I, too, misjudged the Lord. Yes, it’s true. All He wanted was my love, and to let Him love me. I could not rest with my feet up, pressing on the powder and blush. No, I was running trying to please Him and everyone else. Trying to figure out how to earn a better living when He had made a way. How to be healed, when His back healed mine.

I couldn’t see me as beautiful because I looked through the eyes of others and my own and I condemned me to a life of grieving a lot of lost love. Love I desired and needed desperately. I should have  looked through His eyes, as He fought to keep them open through blood and sweat on the cross to get a last look at His mother and friends, as the jeers and mockery rang out. Before He died for me. I should have looked through His eyes.

Years have passed and love was lost, but all hope was not gone. Because I began to rest and see me as He did, and if I sometimes felt as though I was on the cross the enemy crushing me, His resurrected body took me into an embrace, He touched me healed me, gave me His amazing grace and now I can sit at His feet, my alabaster box is broken. Or we can walk hand in hand as He leads me beside the still waters. He leans in to listen to me, is never to busy for me. Attentive and protecting, loving. That is just what he wanted husbands to be, to take care of things and free women from worry, to be a comforter as the Holy Spirit comforts.

So even if I relax or kick back, even with  no toe rings, the Lord is there saying,  ” You’re tired, you just rest. I’ll take care of it. ” And guess what? I’m not crazy, lazy or kidding you. I’m older and wiser, and I’ll just thank Him and let Him love me. And I love Him too, because He first loved me.


Such A Time

For such a time as this, Esther 4:14.  Have you ever thought that you lived in the wrong time? I have. I love the 1920’s. I don’t drink, never have, so prohibition wouldn’t have bothered me. I love the cute hairstyles and flapper dresses, though the conduct might not have been to my liking, I’m not the gun moll type. I love silent movies, I would have had a face then.

And then there’s the 1930’s and 1940’s. Oh, to be a glamorous movie star. The victory rolls and the family life, the ideal suburbia after WW2.  I went through sci fi. And then I was in my western stage as a teen, I got to meet the Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore. I wore jeans and cowboy boots and a Stetson, and I wrote cowboy love stories, covered wagons and such, probably not me, and then I was back into the 1980’s and the boots gave way to leg warmers and other writing. I was doing aerobics and singing all those great songs.

I was interested in family history at one point. I heard a lot of Civil War stories. I was from Atlanta, but I could never fathom the life led by the women of that day. Most had it harder than Scarlett O’ Hara. The gowns were great. But that’s not me. Though I love the cooking and the fancy cotillions. A lot of my family were sharecroppers, though my great grandfather was once a deputy in Texas and worked on the railroad.

And the 1950’s, not so much my ideal era, some good music, the 60’s, I was there but I had go go boots and a mini skirt, not me. And God help us what happened to fashion in the 70’s. There were a lot of good Bible movies made in the 1950’s, they were spectacular and lavish productions.

But to have lived in those days. Unless you were a princess or queen, you could have had it rough. Women were often secluded and summoned by the King. They would have their own quarters, servants. They would have had lavish jewels and clothing and lived in the lap of luxury. But to have been Eve cast out, Sara, jealous of Hagar, her own mistaken plan backfiring. Ruth, gleaning. Hannah tormentedby Penninah and those are just a few…..those were hard days. I can’t imagine pitching tents or baking the bread or making sandals from camel’s necks.

I was never much of a swashbuckling fan, I don’t fit the wench type for a scalawag. I was a damsel in distress and Jesus saved me, my knight in shining armor. Jolly old England and maiden fair, castle walls and jousting. The Moors and Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie,  I can see me at tea and writing in an English cottage covered in climbing roses.

I have always had a vivid imagination, but it doesn’t compare to God’s. He can do far greater than we ask or imagine. In fact He already has because He sent Jesus. Who could have ever thought that a real heavenly King would come and take the place of the lowliest of all?

I heard a young man say that the Bible was just a book of stories, fairy tales. Even fairy tales are based on some truth. Every story is. Every person has a story. But there is real evidence that these people lived and died. There are tombs, names. And lots of historical accounts. Is the Bible a story book, yes. It has good stories and bad. An accurate historical record. Whether buried in catacombs or preserved in ashes at Pompeii, those women were real.

And we know Jesus was real, His tomb is empty. He said, He would be back. People have always waited. But we are closer than ever to His return, the signs and seasons have been passing, to be alive in the day of the Rapture of the Church or catching away, if you prefer, to see the beautiful Lord and live forever with Him. I wasn’t born in the wrong decade or century, I empathize with people of all kinds but do not believe in past lives. It is a deceptive lie, the enemy was there, too.

To see Him appear in His glory, I was born at the right time. For such a time as this. Rebecca Jones


Do You Even Know Who You Are In God?



Do you even know who you are in God or are you walking around incongnito? Well, I was. I knew His promises, I knew His Word. And believe me, I stood upon that Word, because there is no where else to turn to. Now truthfully, I was saved at a young age and knew I had a passion for Christ. But when I pursued that passion, I did it by following rules that were laid out for me. Not actually what the Lord said.

By the time I was in my twenties, I was very sure about some things, others, not so much. The enemies of my soul had rallied against a girl who knew the Word, but not so much about the Word, Jesus, who came among as a flesh. When I was deeply touched by His great sacrifice, I had to tell myself that He could do it because He was God. My broken heartedness about Jesus’ death on the cross was drawing me closer to Him, but the enemies lies grew loud. I tried convince myself, that the verse that hung on my wall was true, Mark 11:23.

That you could have anything you asked Him and believed. Little did I know how much of a firestorm that verse would set off in my life. I prayed about something, I thought God didn’t want me to have it. I told myself that maybe He didn’t want me to work there because it would dangerous. I lived smack in the middle of downtown Atlanta. There was crime, drugs, you name it, and the devil had already thrown it me, but angels were stopping it. If I was safe here, I was safe anywhere.

I could not help loving Jesus and the things I loved, anymore that I could breathing. that too, became an issue later on. The enemy would that lifeline off if he could, but I know the one who breathed on me to begin with. More time ticked on, was lost, I thought, my life was like a slow clock. My days seemed so long and dragged by. I kept writing and hoping and prayed another prayer.

This time I knew there was a difference. I felt it, I sensed it. The Holy Spirit for whom I cried out to when I was in despair was so near. I was happy. I knew He answered. I began to study. I began to pray. I had expectations that were high, and they were dashed again. even though I knew God could do anything.

Suddenly, I was happy. Even ecstatic but that seemed to be short lived. I waited. I prayed more I studied more. I heard that you were supposed to wait patiently on the Lord. I was battling fear, but I knew God was supposed to answer prayer. I did not realize how He call things to be as though they are or that is not slack concerning His promises. Oh, I knew the verses, or at least the latter one, but I waited. I heard people say the longer you waited the bigger the miracle, but I studied things that were far different that what I should have studied, I got into prophesies, end times, but I had one thing I was certain of and then that seemed to wane.

I stood against problems for others and gave no thought to my own joy in Jesus fading, I let the wicked one tax it through pain and worry, bouts of fear and other things I won’t go into except to say they remained ongoing battles in my mind. I could not resolve a loving a God and a long ago prayer.

When thing did change, it was like I grew beter and others worse, I was super Christian and nobody wanted to be around me anymore but I knew the enemy and the tactics well. I was just trying to help. He has restored so much to me and I am so very blessed, I wish I had truly just studied love, more and more and more, because He is that. That is what saved me, healed me and set me free.

I no longer answer the accusatons ringing in my head if they come. No longer apologize for still being alive and having faith, for speaking life into my life and others, for believing firmly, unwavering, rooted and grounded, I have been bowed and bent, seen days of looking at the desert dust of my wilderness only taste the rough sand and choke on bouts of bronchitis, while waiting for deliverer to lead me to the Promised Land, when He was there all along. He had appointed times, I missed a lot of them but no more. I taste and see the Lord is good.

Pentecost is the 4th of June, I wnt out and felt a lovely breeze on warm afternoon, the Holy Spirit is blowing, moving on our behalf. Do you really know who you are in Christ? Seated in a heavenly, place, called, chosen. The devil knows and he always knew even if we didn’t. Oh, he sees your righteous robe given by Christ, we could not earn it. And he sees the Holy Spirit seal as a mark, just like the one  he will one way try to impose on the world. The devil has been around a long time, he’s accused and tormented for thousands of years.

I’m not advocating that he is by any means on an equal footing as the Lord and it’s a struggle between good and evil. No, he was thoroughly thrashed at the crucifiion. What happened to Jesus, has been turned on him. But he recognized certain people, or his demons, Jesus, Paul…..but there were some who could not cast out the devil, the disciples, because of unbelief, not enough pray or fasting, their spiritual eyes were blind, but others did not even carry the authority of Christ, and got beaten up.

So what about it do you know who you are or are you getting beaten up? I’ve been a little of both, and that won’t do. The enemy reconizes me, so I keep an eye out for him, standing the wind of the Holy Spirit. Rebecca Jones


Betwixt and Between


Every get that nagging feeling somewhere in the back of your mind or in the pit of your stomach that whatever decision you make will be wrong? Jesus never meant for us to feel that way. Worry was not something He intended. He knew it would not change a thing.

Yet, there are times, I’ll admit it, that I feel a little betwixt and between. Sort of, between the proverbial rock and hard place, the devil ( which ironically is the name of a rock ) and the deep blue sea. If I remember correctly about 400 miles away. I’m not even sure of how that saying started. It’s not important, I just feel that way.

Feelings should never override God’s Word on a matter. It is right or it is wrong. There really isn’t a middle ground. But there is the real rock, Jesus. To hold onto, to stand on, to lift me higher than the waves that crash around me. I have had some decisions to make, and I felt myself back tracking on them a little.

There are things I wanted to do and accomplish and I know the truth. But then the enemy wants to rail upon me and hurl the insults toward my heart. And he wants me to waver. To waver badly, to fail again and to fall. I read recently that God wastes nothing, not time or anything. I thought I had wasted a lot of time, and a lot of my life but I know that I have done the best or at least at the time, my best. I fought fear and lost. And I  fought fear and won. Victory is in Jesus, so it must be in me.

So in the wake of my mind trying to wander and waver to be betwixt and between. I will not, I refuse to be bewildered and bedeviled. It hurts too much! And it is such a waste of time, of precious time until the Lord’s return. I can hardly wait for His glorious appearing.

And I know that I am free, because He made me so. So not matter what comes. He will make the crooked path straight. A way where there is none. A stream in the desert as my mouth gets dry and strength starts to wither. I am dry from handing out so much of my portion, Jesus.

You can never have enough of Him. He will not let you hunger or thirst. He sustains me. I can do nothing without Him. So I am placing my hopes and dreams on a solid rock, and even if it is pounded by sand and sea. I will not be shaken, I will not move or waver. I will not give the evil one room to prowl the recesses of my thoughts. I have far too great a salvation.

I am between a rock and a hard place. I am between Jesus and whatever I face. But He always comes first, and He even goes first. So why should I worry? If Jacob could sleep on a rock and see angels on a ladder, I can sleep in His peace and grace, and be neither betwixr or between. Rebecca Jones

Reminders of Love


With the clock ticking down and eternity on the horizon, we fragile humans are still in need of love. We tend to forget to tell each other, appreciate each other, to do little things to help each other, to bear a burden, bake some cookies, drop by, send an e-mail, make a call, or stop by for a visit.

We all speak a different love language, for some people it’s gifts or affirmation, for someone like me it’s words, flowers, attention or just listening. Others repond to touch, a hug or hand holding. I think I fit that category as well.

Men and women are operating on different planets by popular self help books ideas. I think we are a lot more alike than we care to admit. Women haved fought, gnawed and clawed their way into the workplace, out of financial need and the desire to escape the humdrum of homemaking. They sacrificed a lot to vote, to be heard and faced oppression and harrassment, even while trying to have it all, to keep a home and family running with two incomes.

Women are strong, steady, compassionate an loving. They are mothers, sometimes mothers and fathers, sisters, daughters, aunts, teachers, nurses. I know women who could fill a cavity and bake a casserole.  Some who could serve their country, and sell cupcake at the school carnival. Women give love and need love. And working on ways to give it and receive it takes work. Whether intimacy, in marriage, or with the Lord, we decide how to spend time, how we give attention to each other.

Men are not as talkative, but I think they are a lot deeper than the television remote and recliner, if they gave themselves a chance. I know men who are sensitive and sensible, a guy who can do a root canal and run errands, clean house, pick up his daughter and a dessert to go t a dinner party after his wife returned from a church outing.  There are those who are not too macho to read a bedtime story or put on a tiara for a tea party.

I also know guys who would not appreciate a pastel color or watch something without rustic looking men running around in the woods. These kind of men, and I know, there are exceptions, probably couldn’t or wouldn’t cook a romantic dinner and wouldn’t dream of doing a load of laundry. (without their T shirts turning pink)

I think sometimes we all run around like frightened children when God tells us to fear not. He is in control when we are out of it. It is a fruit of the Spirit, and last on the list probably beause the other things have to work first, beginning with love and they begin to kick in. As children of the Most High, we shouldn’t need to be reminded of His love but we do. He told us to keep the mind of Christ that He gave us renewed, and how easily it is overtaken  by life in general.

It is so easy to run around in a daze and let the clouds of doubt swoop in and erase the promises we have heard and sown into our hearts. But if we hear His voice today, it is the day of salvation. Let listen to Him. Listen to His heart reaching out to us to remind us of His love, that He died and rose. He’s there for us man or woman. He makes no distinction, He intends to bless both.

I love Him and I know He loves me, I blessed everyone I could this week and now I’m reminding everyone of His love. I pray fo marriages, sound one and those in trouble, I bless them, and remind you of His love.

Why did we fall in love to begin with? What mattered then? What matters now? Are we prepared to spend some intimate times witheach other and the Lord. The only one we can change is us, by submitting to God. Don’t let the enemy’s weapons of deceit and division, rip apart a family, if it can be resolved by putting away the remote and communicating. By turning off the computer and  engaging in conversation?

Let me remind you again of  a loving Lord, one who left heaven to come to earth and to hell to regain authority lost by the first couple. A couple He blessed, who He placed in the garden, who left under a curse, a curse Jesus broke in Gethsemane and on Calvary.

Spend some time with the Savior, He can and will save you, salvation is ongoing, eternal, His love is amazing and His grace and He’s always saving me from something. Be blessed  and reminded of His. Rebecca Jones

My Joy and My Delight


Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my Joy and my Delight. Psalm 43:4

I’ve known for a long time that I have been without joy. Oh, I have been happy at times, joyful at others, but that real Jesus joy was gone. Health problems, enemy attacks, the constant what if’s. What if I had done this or said that? Or what if I had not done this or said that?

What if I could have moved on when I was twenty five, if had had gotten that great job and been on my way? Why can’t a lot of Christian people see what I see that God wanted their lives to be? Too many whys? Too many questions, too many answers, all wrong.

Jesus is the only way and the only answer. He’s the one with the answers. He makes a way where there is none. I realize that my joys were life long and eternal because of Him, He is always there. And yet, you can step in and out of the Spirit, as easily as walking from room to room, or stepping in and of shoes.

My real joy was in my faith, the anticipation of answered prayer. Seeing things change for the better. Health restored, minds cleared and burdens financial an otherwise lifted. I am always accused of trying to be Jesus but who better to copy? I know I’m not Him nor anywhere close.

My real joys were in knowing He heard and answered my prayers. Delays and doubt and other people swayed me, but I knew. In His presence, that is where joy is. That’s why I love to sit here and tell you about HIm. He is so very good to me.

Now I know I desperately need to let go of the whys and what if’s the longing of approval that never comes and may not ever from others. He is the one who matter most to me, and I desire His presence most of all. He will not leave me alone, if I go room to room or wherever He takes me or sends me, He’s there. He wlks beside me, my joy. My Jesus.

So when I start to step out of peaceful and comfortable shoes and head out overe rocky and thorny ground. I ‘ll stop. take a breath, say a prayer and whisper, Jesus. Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my Joy and my Delight. Rebecca Jones


When It’s Hard To Breathe

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Is the summer heat getting to you? Is it hard to breathe? I  read about the ancient Christian practice of prayer breathing and I was blown away, pardon the pun. I was doing this myself already at the Holy Spirit’s leading. I have had bouts of bronchitis that would literally choke me. The summer heat is  not helping those with chronic breathing problems, this is an updated post but I thought I would rewrite it in response to the question of keeping cool for a fashion and summer link up. Both literally, and keeping your cool. Staying hydrated is a must, water of course, and iced tea. And breathing cooler air, even moist air.

Jesus, His name is like the fragrance after the rain. There is a name for that, did you know that? It is called petrichor ( pe- tri – cor ). The morning mist, the dew, the rising heat from a summer storm that drifts the steam away into a a cooler evening. God was in a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by that. Clouds are full of mist and water, the Spirit is like that, wind, breath, life.

The Holy Spirit is in us, around us and over us. The sweet fragrance of His precious promises that permeates our atmosphere. The gentle wind that passed by me on a hot day or the crisp breeze of fall. Prayer Breathing is different to chanting and yoga. Though chanting is like it in a way, it is more of a tradition if not Catholic form or prayer, it was practiced in the early church. I learned about it from a lady from England. It is not channeling, the only spirit we want as believers is the Holy Spirit, He can get rid of any others. Yoga is not Christianity, though some people will try to incorporate it, while the Bible and life are full of symbolism, we have to discern.

A breath prayer is simply meditating on a verse. Psalm 23, 91 and I have been doing The Lord’s Prayer.  John 3:16, you pick, what applies to you. I like harp music. I like some acoustic guitar, and piano solos. There are excellent Christian artists whose music will help relax you. Cooler air relaxes you, ever wonder why the hospital is so cold? You breathe better.

I can breathe cooler air better. I had turned the air down a notch. It’s hard to do most anything when you can’t breathe well. So keep cool, relax and pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. And since I am also adding this post to a fashion blog, I can recommend the light summer dresses, that go with sandals and the floppy hats, that we all need to  wear with our sunglasses and sunscreen. Women need to protect their skin, especially with fair complexions, like myself.

Many of us just don’t t do sleeveless but they can vary in length an still let the cool air in. Dresses themselves will also come in different lengths, mini, below the knee, and even maxi, if you are uncomfortable with a short dress, add a pair of shorts. I had a discussion about being ladylike with a fellow blogger, she had written about being graceful. I’m sorry to say it appears to some to be a lost art. And we southern girls are given to pearls, so some would go well with any light color dress, perhaps a loose choker or bracelet and earrings. You are set for the day, casual work attire or evening walk.

I like teals, and peach, light blues or sky blues, but summer is definitely the right time for white, and you can accessorize with belts or scarves or any number of items to give your wardrobe a splash of color. And if you like a light scent of perfume, body wash or lotion, may I suggest Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It is available at Belk and online.

As for men, they are naturally stronger and try to overdo. Men who retire will feel a loss, as their work has been a huge part of their lives. They will lose interest in hobbies after so long or have already worked so hard that they are in less than the best of health. Either way, if they are receptive ( some men have read my blog ),  and are believers, they can learn to pray this way or wives, explain it, and pray with them. Prayer, salvation, intimacy with Christ are all very personal experiences. I hope to share what I have learned from the Spirit, after a lot of my own trial and error, I rely on Him.

And as for deep breathing, If you are ill you may need to start slow, have you ever used a rescue inhaler or nebulizer? It’s the same principle. My ceiling fan will be going over my head, just sitting there late at night, I’m breathing easier and I will sing to the Lord and go to sleep. It is also an excellent singing exercise. Of course, you can do it anytime, As many times a day as you can.

This morning, the 4th of July 2018 has found me with another bout of bronchitis and sinus problems, I was so congested that my eyes were literally closed and itchy. Benadryl  is helping. And this morning I was not prayer breathing or singing  just asking Him to breathe on me and for me, a prayer I have prayed for many even on ventilators, and quite a few have come off. I just sat there taking deep, cool breaths.

Do you have trouble breathing, does your baby? Do you have asthma? Emphysema? Allergies? Or like, me was it the bronchitis and hacking cough, not good.  Do a few each day, do 37 if you can, sing, that’s good too. Oh, I hear you…you sound good to God. And you may have talent you haven’t discovered.

So let’s go….The Lord is my shepherd, inhale…..I shall not want…exhale

Lead us not into temptation…..deliver us from evil. from the Lord’s Prayer

Ephesians 2:18….He is…….our peace.

Surely……..goodness and mercy…..shall follow me.

Come unto me….I will give you rest. Get the idea?

You will have a new way to study the Word now, so get breathing. Whether you sing or not. Father in Jesus name I pray for suffering people today, that the restraints and constrictors on their hearts and lungs, for isaiah 53 healing to spring forth, and demonic attacks halted and lives and chains be broken, even smokers delivered with a breath prayer, we need your help, we seek your presence, loose us in your love. Set us free. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

From Isaiah 53….by His wounds we are healed….by His wounds we are healed…by His wounds we are healed…..just breathe….this is one I do personally, for my back and some other issues. I praise Him for the healing He is pouring out.

I have already recommended this to several people including one who is bi-polar and the family of a baby with cystic fibrosis. I truly believe this early church teaching has found a voice and that this will benefit believers and cause non believers to believe. Spirit, pneuma, wind…the Holy Spirit breathes. God breathed and created a living soul. He never intended us to struggle in our walk with Him, that’s why He sent Jesus, and He gave His last breath for us, it is finished. If you can only breathe His name do so. If you can breathe deeply from the diaphragm, while you are healthy, try it also to increase oxygen levels, Don’t overdo it, and keep taking medications until the doctor takes you off.

Please try this if you are suffering. I believe it can even help with anxiety and panic attacks. I hope you are having a  wonderful day and can beat the heat, when it’s hard to breathe. Blessings…

It is February 23. 2021, I can hardly believe it. I updated this again and have not had bronchitis since writing this, if symptoms start, I rest and pray. Please check out my posts on rest and visit my blog anytime.

Updating this again, this helped me through a long hospital stay and Covid, December 2022. See Rachel Britton’s video teaching.

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White Dove on Brown Surface Under Blue Sky

Pentecost is coming in the year 5777. June 4th, 2017. Suddenly, like a mighty rushing wind the upper room filled and people began to speak in other languages. People thought they were drunk, but they could understand their own language. God who had confounded them in Nimrod’s day, restored them in way on Pentecost. People knew that these men were not scholars but fisherman, it had to be a gift from God. Indeed, the Jews had to see the cloven tongues of fire, because the food laws would not let them put anything else in their mouth.

In these day, we are bound to see the miraculous occuring. Not everyone, but those who are able to believe in Jesus and remain in Him, and who listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow intently. Suddenly! It could be on the horizon. Your miracle, your breakthrough your healing, the breaking of financial chains, the salvation of loved ones, suddenly.

In the days leading up to Pentecost this year, let’s prepare our hearts to receive. We can read 1 Corinthians 12 about the gifts of the Spirit. If anyone tells you that speaking in tongues, miracles and the like are not for now. It just isn’t so, Jesus is the same. Spiriual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as He see fit and as we grow in grace.

There is one Lord and many gifts that are to benefit the body of Christ. We must learn to work together and to discern, for there are many false doctrines around, but this is not a time to fear or faint as the Bible says, just to trust Jesus, He wil not fail. He will be the Lion of Judah who prevails, when before He was a Lamb. The devil tries to copy that roar, attempting to still overthrow God. And He never will.

Jesus is still on the throne and that accuser, adversary, enemy of all believers is fallen, cast down, judged and condemned to the lake of fire. And he is to be walked over, stepped on and trodden sown by the followers of the very one he sought to destroy, who did and will again untimately destroy him. Suddenly! Rebecca Jones


Leave Them To Heaven

There is a wonderful old movie called Leave Her To Heaven, starring Gene Tierney and Cornel Wilde. A writer falls in love with a woman who is beautiful but as evil as they come. She eventually murders his crippled brother, falls down a flight of stairs to miscarry a baby, and eventually poisoned herself to pin her murder on he and her sister, who has become his new muse.

Though not a lot of us would lead that type of life outside a theater or a novel, there are still people who we will cross paths with and we need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. I am so opposed to domestic violence and spousal abuse. I hate the verbal too, it is cruel and can destroy a soul that God created and called to be beautiful and full of his glory, not only the wife but even the husband.

I just read of a woman who compromised her faith and moved in with a man who seemed like a dream, but became a nightmare and killed her son. It happens everyday. And while these once in a blue moon kind of women that appeared in film came along very seldom before, the fact is the reality and crime shows are full of real people, real women and children, real violence, real murders. There are real cold cold cases and some things only God can solve.

There are probably statistics on this. Women were not taken seriously about being abused. it was not looked at as criminal to beat your wife or children. Dirty laundry was not aired. It is not just poor or uneducated, it is rich and over educated, not just black or white but very black and white, that it is wrong.

While any one of us may have argued, or pushed or shoved, or even spanked a child. God had a better plan. He wanted to be the head of the family and let it trickle down father, mother and children. God wasn’t punishing you with a set of rules that you could not keep, He planned marriage and parenthood.

Perilous times have escalated. Prayer is not in schools. People hate people for being different or for no reason. Some chldren raise themselves. People are slaves to alcohol and drugs and a macho stereotype of life. Jesus was the kindest, most gentle and strongest man ever, and look what He endured to save us. Even the worst of us.

I always encourage women, and women who have children to leave dangerous situations, I pray God gives you wisdom and a safe place to go. I pray a new wave of angels to flood the world and find you and bring someone to help you. I pray for God, Jesus, Himself to step in and cut the head of the viper off and free you and don’t look back. You are too precious to become a statistic, your children too precious. Give yourself a chance to live and learn to love again, the right way.

You are a person, not property, not a maid or doormat. You were created by your creator to love and be loved and nothing less, never settle for less. The only man you need that badly is Jesus. He will handle the tough cases, the hard hearts. I ask you to change yourself, pray for help, offer to help. But if it ever comes to dangerous point, walk away.

I know from personal experience, that some of the people I have tried to help over the years listened. Some still fought and argued. Some were always being counselled. Some never grew up. Some chose money or drugs over family time. And some pretended to know Jesus, but not the one I know who loves so.

There are some I cut off for a while, others God removed, some or many I prayed for, and saw little or no change. He answered the prayers. But did they receive? We still have free wills. I choose to love. I choose life. I choose joy and peace. And if necessary, I can say a final prayer, and leave them to heaven. Rebecca Jones

Beautiful Gene Tierney who also had a sad life, movie poster for the film.