Prayer Breathing



I just read about the ancient Christian practice of prayer breathing on a post by Rachel Britton. I was blown away, pardon the pun. I was doing this myself already at the Holy Spirit’s leading. I have had bouts of bronchitis that would literally choke me.

It was healthy. I felt better. I rested better. Gradually, I had more energy. The number 37 kept coming to my mind. I realized Jesus began His ministry at 30. And 7 is perfection. You can’t get any better than that. He breathed on His disciples. He breathed the Holy Spirit, as a believer so can we. If you can do 37 breaths that’s great, if not do what you can.

The Holy Spirit is in us, around us and over us. The sweet fragrance of His precious promises that permeates our atmosphere. The gentle wind that passed by me on a hot day or the crisp breeze of fall. He goes where He wants to, you don’t always see Him unless He has caused someone to be overwhelmed ( better than slain in the Spirit, you might look dead but He is at work on you ).

So what is prayer breathing and why is it beneficial? Can’t you just chant or do yoga? While some people may operate in these practices. Personally, I would not. However, I recently signed up with a lady who is producing what she calls Christian yoga, because she attended classes with not enough Word. Though there are choruses that are sung and chanted, I’m talking about other religions. I do like some of the Catholic services I have seen, I often find myself singing, ” For the sake of His sorrowful passion. Have mercy on us on the whole world. ”

A breath prayer is simply meditating on a verse. Psalm 23, 91 and I have been doing The Lord’s Prayer.  John 3:16, you pick, what applies to you. I like harp music. I like some acoustic guitar, and piano solos. There are excellent Christian artists whose music will help relax you. Cooler air relaxes you, ever wonder why the hospital is so cold? You breathe better.

I can breathe cooler air better. I stopped under the air conditioning at a store the other day to catch my breath, it ‘s already hot here in Georgia, we really didn’t have much of a winter. It’s hard to do most anything when you can’t breathe well. So keep cool, relax and pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

If you are ill you may need to start slow, have you ever used a rescue inhaler or nebulizer? It’s the same principle. My ceiling fan will be going over my head, just sitting there late at night, I’m breathing easier and I will sing to the Lord and go to bed. Of course, you can do it anytime, As many times a day as you can.

Do you have trouble breathing, does your baby? Do you have asthma? Emphysema? Allergies? Or like, me was it the bronchitis and hacking cough, not good.  Do a few each day, do 37 if you can, sing, that’s good too. Oh, I hear you…you sound good to God. And you may have talent you haven’t discovered.

So let’s go….The Lord is my shepherd, inhale…..I shall not want…exhale

Lead us not into temptation…..deliver us from evil. from the Lord’s Prayer

Ephesians 2:18….He is…….our peace.

Surely……..goodness and mercy…..shall follow me.

Let’s try Hebrew….A…hav….ah. ( Love )

Ani  L’Dodi V’Dodi Li  I’ll help you.

Ah ni La Do Dee Vuh Do Dee Lee —- I am my beloved’s and He is mine. Song of Solomon

Come unto me….I will give you rest. Get the idea?

You will have a new way to study the Word now, so get breathing. Father in Jesus name I pray for suffering people today, that the restraints and constrictors on their hearts and lungs and live and chains be broken, even smokers delivered with a breath prayer, we need your help, we seek your presence, loose us in your love. Set us free. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

From Isaiah 53….by His wounds we are healed….by His wounds we are healed…by His wounds we are healed…..just breathe….this is one I do personally, for my back and some other issues. I praise Him for the healing He is pouring out.

I have already recommended this to several people including one who is bi-polar and the family of a baby with cystic fibrosis. I truly believe this early church teaching has found a voice and that this will benefit believers and cause non believers to believe. Spirit, pneuma, wind…the Holy Spirit breathes. God breathed and created a living soul. He never intended us to struggle in our walk with Him, that’s why He sent Jesus, and He gave His last breath for us, it is finished. If you can only breathe His name do so. If you can breathe deeply from the diaphragm, while you are healthy, try it also to increase oxygen levels, it’s a great singing exercise as well.

Please try this if you are suffering. I believe it can even help with anxiety and panic attacks. Blessings…Rebecca Jones


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