When It’s Hard To Breathe

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Is the summer heat getting to you? Is it hard to breathe? I  read about the ancient Christian practice of prayer breathing and I was blown away, pardon the pun. I was doing this myself already at the Holy Spirit’s leading. I have had bouts of bronchitis that would literally choke me. The summer heat is  not helping those with chronic breathing problems, this is an updated post but I thought I would rewrote it in response to the question of keeping cool for a fashion and summer link up/  Both literally, and keeping your cool. Staying hydrated is a must, water of course, and iced tea. And breathing cooler air, even moist air.

Jesus, His name is like the fragrance after the rain. There is a name for that, did you know that? It is called petrichor ( pe- tri – cor ). The morning mist, the dew, the rising heat from a summer storm that drifts the stea, away into a a cooler evening. God was in a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by that. Clouds are full of mist and water, the Spirit is like that, wind, breath, life.

The Holy Spirit is in us, around us and over us. The sweet fragrance of His precious promises that permeates our atmosphere. The gentle wind that passed by me on a hot day or the crisp breeze of fall. Prayer Breathing is different to chanting and yoga. Though chanting is like it in a way, it is more of a tradition if not Catholic form or prayer, it was practiced in the early church. I learned about it from a lady from England. It is not channeling, the only spirit we want as believers is the Holy Spirit, He can get rid of any others. Yoga is not Christianity, though some people will try to incorporate it, while the Bible and life are full of symbolism, we have to discern.

A breath prayer is simply meditating on a verse. Psalm 23, 91 and I have been doing The Lord’s Prayer.  John 3:16, you pick, what applies to you. I like harp music. I like some acoustic guitar, and piano solos. There are excellent Christian artists whose music will help relax you. Cooler air relaxes you, ever wonder why the hospital is so cold? You breathe better.

I can breathe cooler air better. I had turned the air down a notch. It’s hard to do most anything when you can’t breathe well. So keep cool, relax and pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. And since I am also adding this post to a fashion blog, I can recommend the light summer dresses, that go with sandals and the floppy hats, that we all need to  wear with our sunglasses and sunscreen. Women need to protect their skin, especially with fair complexions, like myself.

Many of us just don’t to sleeveless but they can vary in length an still let the cool air in. Dressed themselves will also come in different lengths, mini, below the knee, and even maxi, if you are uncomfortable with a short dress, add a pair of shorts. I had a discussion about being ladylike with a fellow blogger, she had written about being graceful. I’m sorry to say it appears to some to be a lost art. And we southern girls are given to pearls, so some would go well with any light color dress, perhaps a loose choker or bracelet and earrings. You are set for the day, casual work attire or evening walk.

I like teals, and peach, light blues or sky blues, but summer is definitely the right time for white, and you can accessorize with belts or scarves or any number of items to give your wardrobe a splash of color. And if you like a light scent of perfume, body wash or lotion, may I suggest Amazing Grace by Philosophy. It is available at Belk and online.

As for men, they are naturally stronger and try to overdo. Men who retire will feel a loss, as their work has been a huge part of their lives. They will lose interest in hobbies after so long or have already worked so hard that they are in less than the best of health. Either way, if they are receptive ( some men have read my blog ),  and are believers, they can learn to pray this way or wives, explain it, and pray with them. Prayer, salvation, intimacy with Christ are all very personal experiences. I hope to share what I have learned from the Spirit, after a lot of my own trial and error, I rely on Him.

And as for deep breathing, If you are ill you may need to start slow, have you ever used a rescue inhaler or nebulizer? It’s the same principle. My ceiling fan will be going over my head, just sitting there late at night, I’m breathing easier and I will sing to the Lord and go to sleep. It is also an excellent singing exercise. Of course, you can do it anytime, As many times a day as you can.

This morning, the 4th of July 2018 has found me with another bout of bronchitis and sinus problems, I was so congested that my eyes were literally closed and itchy. Benadryl  is helping. And this morning I was not prayer breathing or singing  just asking Him to breathe on me and for me, a prayer I have prayed for many even on ventilators, and quite a few have come off. I just sat there taking deep, cool breaths.

Do you have trouble breathing, does your baby? Do you have asthma? Emphysema? Allergies? Or like, me was it the bronchitis and hacking cough, not good.  Do a few each day, do 37 if you can, sing, that’s good too. Oh, I hear you…you sound good to God. And you may have talent you haven’t discovered.

So let’s go….The Lord is my shepherd, inhale…..I shall not want…exhale

Lead us not into temptation…..deliver us from evil. from the Lord’s Prayer

Ephesians 2:18….He is…….our peace.

Surely……..goodness and mercy…..shall follow me.

Come unto me….I will give you rest. Get the idea?

You will have a new way to study the Word now, so get breathing. Whether you sing or not. Father in Jesus name I pray for suffering people today, that the restraints and constrictors on their hearts and lungs, for isaiah 53 healing to spring forth, and demonic attacks halted and lives and chains be broken, even smokers delivered with a breath prayer, we need your help, we seek your presence, loose us in your love. Set us free. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

From Isaiah 53….by His wounds we are healed….by His wounds we are healed…by His wounds we are healed…..just breathe….this is one I do personally, for my back and some other issues. I praise Him for the healing He is pouring out.

I have already recommended this to several people including one who is bi-polar and the family of a baby with cystic fibrosis. I truly believe this early church teaching has found a voice and that this will benefit believers and cause non believers to believe. Spirit, pneuma, wind…the Holy Spirit breathes. God breathed and created a living soul. He never intended us to struggle in our walk with Him, that’s why He sent Jesus, and He gave His last breath for us, it is finished. If you can only breathe His name do so. If you can breathe deeply from the diaphragm, while you are healthy, try it also to increase oxygen levels, Don’t overdo it, and keep taking medications until the doctor takes you off.

Please try this if you are suffering. I believe it can even help with anxiety and panic attacks. I hope you are having a  wonderful day and can beat the heat, when it’s hard to breathe. Blessings…

It is February 23. 2021, I can hardly believe it. I updated this again and have not had bronchitis since writing this, if symptoms start, I rest and pray. Please check out my posts on rest and visit my blog anytime.

When Its hard To Breathe

2 thoughts on “When It’s Hard To Breathe”

    1. I really hope it helps. last week I had bronchitis again, it’s been 100 degrees here in Ga. I did even do verses, just breathed cooled air and prayed, instead of bouts that last weeks, it’s only a matter of days, thanks, Jodie.


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