My Joy and My Delight


Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my Joy and my Delight. Psalm 43:4

I’ve known for a long time that I have been without joy. Oh, I have been happy at times, joyful at others, but that real Jesus joy was gone. Health problems, enemy attacks, the constant what if’s. What if I had done this or said that? Or what if I had not done this or said that?

What if I could have moved on when I was twenty five, if had had gotten that great job and been on my way? Why can’t a lot of Christian people see what I see that God wanted their lives to be? Too many whys? Too many questions, too many answers, all wrong.

Jesus is the only way and the only answer. He’s the one with the answers. He makes a way where there is none. I realize that my joys were life long and eternal because of Him, He is always there. And yet, you can step in and out of the Spirit, as easily as walking from room to room, or stepping in and of shoes.

My real joy was in my faith, the anticipation of answered prayer. Seeing things change for the better. Health restored, minds cleared and burdens financial an otherwise lifted. I am always accused of trying to be Jesus but who better to copy? I know I’m not Him nor anywhere close.

My real joys were in knowing He heard and answered my prayers. Delays and doubt and other people swayed me, but I knew. In His presence, that is where joy is. That’s why I love to sit here and tell you about HIm. He is so very good to me.

Now I know I desperately need to let go of the whys and what if’s the longing of approval that never comes and may not ever from others. He is the one who matter most to me, and I desire His presence most of all. He will not leave me alone, if I go room to room or wherever He takes me or sends me, He’s there. He wlks beside me, my joy. My Jesus.

So when I start to step out of peaceful and comfortable shoes and head out overe rocky and thorny ground. I ‘ll stop. take a breath, say a prayer and whisper, Jesus. Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my Joy and my Delight. Rebecca Jones

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