Reminders of Love


With the clock ticking down and eternity on the horizon, we fragile humans are still in need of love. We tend to forget to tell each other, appreciate each other, to do little things to help each other, to bear a burden, bake some cookies, drop by, send an e-mail, make a call, or stop by for a visit.

We all speak a different love language, for some people it’s gifts or affirmation, for someone like me it’s words, flowers, attention or just listening. Others repond to touch, a hug or hand holding. I think I fit that category as well.

Men and women are operating on different planets by popular self help books ideas. I think we are a lot more alike than we care to admit. Women haved fought, gnawed and clawed their way into the workplace, out of financial need and the desire to escape the humdrum of homemaking. They sacrificed a lot to vote, to be heard and faced oppression and harrassment, even while trying to have it all, to keep a home and family running with two incomes.

Women are strong, steady, compassionate an loving. They are mothers, sometimes mothers and fathers, sisters, daughters, aunts, teachers, nurses. I know women who could fill a cavity and bake a casserole.  Some who could serve their country, and sell cupcake at the school carnival. Women give love and need love. And working on ways to give it and receive it takes work. Whether intimacy, in marriage, or with the Lord, we decide how to spend time, how we give attention to each other.

Men are not as talkative, but I think they are a lot deeper than the television remote and recliner, if they gave themselves a chance. I know men who are sensitive and sensible, a guy who can do a root canal and run errands, clean house, pick up his daughter and a dessert to go t a dinner party after his wife returned from a church outing.  There are those who are not too macho to read a bedtime story or put on a tiara for a tea party.

I also know guys who would not appreciate a pastel color or watch something without rustic looking men running around in the woods. These kind of men, and I know, there are exceptions, probably couldn’t or wouldn’t cook a romantic dinner and wouldn’t dream of doing a load of laundry. (without their T shirts turning pink)

I think sometimes we all run around like frightened children when God tells us to fear not. He is in control when we are out of it. It is a fruit of the Spirit, and last on the list probably beause the other things have to work first, beginning with love and they begin to kick in. As children of the Most High, we shouldn’t need to be reminded of His love but we do. He told us to keep the mind of Christ that He gave us renewed, and how easily it is overtaken  by life in general.

It is so easy to run around in a daze and let the clouds of doubt swoop in and erase the promises we have heard and sown into our hearts. But if we hear His voice today, it is the day of salvation. Let listen to Him. Listen to His heart reaching out to us to remind us of His love, that He died and rose. He’s there for us man or woman. He makes no distinction, He intends to bless both.

I love Him and I know He loves me, I blessed everyone I could this week and now I’m reminding everyone of His love. I pray fo marriages, sound one and those in trouble, I bless them, and remind you of His love.

Why did we fall in love to begin with? What mattered then? What matters now? Are we prepared to spend some intimate times witheach other and the Lord. The only one we can change is us, by submitting to God. Don’t let the enemy’s weapons of deceit and division, rip apart a family, if it can be resolved by putting away the remote and communicating. By turning off the computer and  engaging in conversation?

Let me remind you again of  a loving Lord, one who left heaven to come to earth and to hell to regain authority lost by the first couple. A couple He blessed, who He placed in the garden, who left under a curse, a curse Jesus broke in Gethsemane and on Calvary.

Spend some time with the Savior, He can and will save you, salvation is ongoing, eternal, His love is amazing and His grace and He’s always saving me from something. Be blessed  and reminded of His. Rebecca Jones

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