Betwixt and Between


Every get that nagging feeling somewhere in the back of your mind or in the pit of your stomach that whatever decision you make will be wrong? Jesus never meant for us to feel that way. Worry was not something He intended. He knew it would not change a thing.

Yet, there are times, I’ll admit it, that I feel a little betwixt and between. Sort of, between the proverbial rock and hard place, the devil ( which ironically is the name of a rock ) and the deep blue sea. If I remember correctly about 400 miles away. I’m not even sure of how that saying started. It’s not important, I just feel that way.

Feelings should never override God’s Word on a matter. It is right or it is wrong. There really isn’t a middle ground. But there is the real rock, Jesus. To hold onto, to stand on, to lift me higher than the waves that crash around me. I have had some decisions to make, and I felt myself back tracking on them a little.

There are things I wanted to do and accomplish and I know the truth. But then the enemy wants to rail upon me and hurl the insults toward my heart. And he wants me to waver. To waver badly, to fail again and to fall. I read recently that God wastes nothing, not time or anything. I thought I had wasted a lot of time, and a lot of my life but I know that I have done the best or at least at the time, my best. I fought fear and lost. And I  fought fear and won. Victory is in Jesus, so it must be in me.

So in the wake of my mind trying to wander and waver to be betwixt and between. I will not, I refuse to be bewildered and bedeviled. It hurts too much! And it is such a waste of time, of precious time until the Lord’s return. I can hardly wait for His glorious appearing.

And I know that I am free, because He made me so. So not matter what comes. He will make the crooked path straight. A way where there is none. A stream in the desert as my mouth gets dry and strength starts to wither. I am dry from handing out so much of my portion, Jesus.

You can never have enough of Him. He will not let you hunger or thirst. He sustains me. I can do nothing without Him. So I am placing my hopes and dreams on a solid rock, and even if it is pounded by sand and sea. I will not be shaken, I will not move or waver. I will not give the evil one room to prowl the recesses of my thoughts. I have far too great a salvation.

I am between a rock and a hard place. I am between Jesus and whatever I face. But He always comes first, and He even goes first. So why should I worry? If Jacob could sleep on a rock and see angels on a ladder, I can sleep in His peace and grace, and be neither betwixr or between. Rebecca Jones


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