White Dove on Brown Surface Under Blue Sky

Pentecost is coming in the year 5777. June 4th, 2017. Suddenly, like a mighty rushing wind the upper room filled and people began to speak in other languages. People thought they were drunk, but they could understand their own language. God who had confounded them in Nimrod’s day, restored them in way on Pentecost. People knew that these men were not scholars but fisherman, it had to be a gift from God. Indeed, the Jews had to see the cloven tongues of fire, because the food laws would not let them put anything else in their mouth.

In these day, we are bound to see the miraculous occuring. Not everyone, but those who are able to believe in Jesus and remain in Him, and who listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and follow intently. Suddenly! It could be on the horizon. Your miracle, your breakthrough your healing, the breaking of financial chains, the salvation of loved ones, suddenly.

In the days leading up to Pentecost this year, let’s prepare our hearts to receive. We can read 1 Corinthians 12 about the gifts of the Spirit. If anyone tells you that speaking in tongues, miracles and the like are not for now. It just isn’t so, Jesus is the same. Spiriual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as He see fit and as we grow in grace.

There is one Lord and many gifts that are to benefit the body of Christ. We must learn to work together and to discern, for there are many false doctrines around, but this is not a time to fear or faint as the Bible says, just to trust Jesus, He wil not fail. He will be the Lion of Judah who prevails, when before He was a Lamb. The devil tries to copy that roar, attempting to still overthrow God. And He never will.

Jesus is still on the throne and that accuser, adversary, enemy of all believers is fallen, cast down, judged and condemned to the lake of fire. And he is to be walked over, stepped on and trodden sown by the followers of the very one he sought to destroy, who did and will again untimately destroy him. Suddenly! Rebecca Jones

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