Abba’s Girl


My father left when I was just under two, I never had a problem with it, until I grew up.  Although I had a family and Christian home, I was alone in my thoughts and creativity.  I knew my creative ways were from him, I thought my my mother didn’t understand that or maybe resented it. She assured me, I was wrong.  She had her own hurts, I knew some, she probably never confided others.  Suddenly, in my thirties I missed him.  Why would he leave us, what had we done, what was wrong?  The answer, nothing!  Something in him was wrong.  People everywhere must ask themselves the same question.  Their answer is probably the same unless there was abuse, affairs or some reason for divorce.

Thankfully, he never bothered to contact us and I didn’t have to be shuffled between homes. That was a blessing.  But then that little nag, what if he’d stayed.  How would I be different? Would I be a better person?  Live in a nicer house? Have a good husband and great career, instead of struggling?  The answer again is no.

I am my Father’s girl, Abba God.  He created me creative. It was His DNA that inherited.  It was His longing for me that my heart felt,  it was Him, I was lonely for…it was Him I dearly loved, who meant the world to me.  That kind of love exceeds natural human love.  I had someone recommend a book to me, it talks about how people can have an orphan spirit, even though they have parents, it’s just a deep longing for God.  It is not the kind of spirit that can be cast out, it’s just a longing, a loneliness.  God is calling you.

I never knew that could be me, I just thought my prayers weren’t being answered or that I was doing something wrong or that I was supposed to wait, none of this is true.  So if you are lonely today, look to God, seek His face, His wisdom. He will protect you, He will not leave you.  You are His child, if you colored Him a rainbow, He’d put it on the refrigerator, He cheers you own walks you down the aisle.  What a mighty God we serve, angels bow before Him, so should we, He’d pick us up, put us on His lap and tell us a story and how much He loves us.

None of us are ever truly orphans if we know Abba.  Rebecca Jones / photo…pxhere

A father to orphans and an advocate for widows is God in his holy dwelling place. Psalm 68:5

I shall not leave you as orphans, for I shall come to you in a little while. John 16:18 / Jesus promising the Holy Spirit

Enjoy Jesus!


Just thinking that Jesus died for me to have His joy,

Is something that I know, is difficult to explain.

The enemy’s works, He came to destroy,

His joy should should be in us and remain.

To know He endured such torment,

Was stricken with so much pain.

For me to have an abundant life,

Instead of hurt and misery and mundane.

That He was thinking of me, there,

In that place of awful sorrow,

Crying out to God,

So I’d be with Him tomorrow.

I would not dare disgrace,

The love of one who took my place.

It is so deep, rich, thick, filling the air.

He took upon Himself, all of my despair.

Enjoy Jesus, enjoy life in Him.

He removes, the hurt, the pain, the woe.

Enjoy Jesus, enjoy life, forgetting them.

Enjoy Jesus, He loves you so.

Rebecca Jones



Rose of Sharon


I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. Song of Solomon 2:1

He is our heart’s desire, isn’t He?

Jesus…You have not yet seen all His beauties, and you do not yet know all His excellence. We will soon see Him in all His glory.

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Isaiah 53:5


By His stripes or wounds we are healed. Please read Isaiah 53, if you are in need of healing, let it soak into your spirit. Depend on it rely on it. Jesus paid very dearly for our salvation and healing. Look at all the punishment He took for us. Rebecca Jones

The Love of Jesus

No one will ever love you like Jesus. No one ever could unless they know Him, and then we are still human. we must learn to walk in the Spirit and follow love ( Jesus ). May the warmth of His infinite and  eternal love shine on you today, wherever you are and no matter if you know Him or not, He will help you if you ask.

Just believe He loved you enough to die for you, to take you place and punishment and enough to be raised to sit beside the Father. Ask Him to make His home in your heart and seek His presence daily. You will truly never know love until know Jesus. Rebecca Jones

Holy Spirit, Surround Me


Holy Spirit, surround me.

You are the Comforter, the wind.

Holy Spirit, you found me.

You are my constant companion, friend.

You speak gently to my spirit,

It may sound like my own voice, or a whisper, still.

The Very Spirit of God, deep inside.

I dare not hide ,

From His wisdom and His will.

My heart is open,

My mind closes.

God, reveal by your Spirit,

What my soul, supposes.

I can pray, aloud…

I can pray in the Spirit,

Sometimes, an unknown tongue or moaning,

Directly to God, He will hear it.

The Spirit sees,

He always knows,

Angels follow Him,

Wherever He goes.

He searches out a matter,

Your heart , God’s heart.

Shows you things to come,

Born again, baptized in the Spirit,

Direct words of Jesus, and the Father from.

He helps you to pray, Holy Spirit come.

Sometimes, we don’t know what to say.

He will pray for friend or stranger,

Empower you to minister in gifts,

Warn you of danger.

What a gift, the third person of the Holy Trinity,

Always looking out for me.

Rebecca Jones


And God Created Woman


And God created woman,

To be beside the man.

To be comforted and to be loved,

And love him as only she can.

God instituted marriage,

And we know God is just.

One man, one woman,

Lots of tenderness and trust.

When God made woman,

She had peace and no fears, no doubt.

In sinful nature, sometimes,

Her emotions spill on over, pouring over.

She goes to God, keening a bottle of tears.

Tears, the husband should comfort and wipe away.

Just as Jesus will do someday.

For He was meant to love her as Christ,

Would, the church, His wife….

Even as far as to give his life.

And woman with all the quality of beauties,

Should be his first concern, after the Lord,

Helping with household duties,

Giving the best he can afford.

A woman will love a husband like this,

Soft spoken, strong, not given to immaturity,

Or even getting mad. She will be so glad, a marriage of purity…

To exchange rings, wedding vows and a kiss.

Rebecca Jones



God Artiste’


For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

You are special!

You are unique!

You are God’s handiwork!

You are one of a kind!

There’s no one like you!

And though you are created in His image, Spirit, you still have to live in your body and work on overcoming the nature of Adam.  But you are His artwork, He signed His name on you.  You are in His collection, a masterpiece by the Master Creator.

You don’t earn your salvation by works but you have good works to do that God in His Master plan intended for you to do.  It may be the very thing you’ve dreamed of doing and never thought you could. Ask Him!

He may use the circumstances of your life for you to help others, have you overcome something through Christ?  I know it’s hard to believe in a way, that He made you a specific and created  being with many underlying gifts and talents.

I am a writer, I love art and music.  He created me creative, I am my Father’s girl.

I have overcome major health problems and a battle with grief and fear, and I am here to help you. Like Jesus, I have compassion on people, yet I will also call evil, evil..fear and grief are evil, all sin, sickness disease, every thing the evil sends against you as a child of God.  You will overcome only by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus and the Word of your testimony.

Walk in love, it is the only answer, natural love is not enough, it takes God’s love. Believe the good things He declares for you, read, confess, pray His Word.

God bless you fellow work of art, I hope to hanging beside you in Heaven’s Louvre!  With Love, Rebecca Jones


Rest Your Wings




This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17

When you become a a Christian by truly confessing a belief in Jesus, that He is Son of God, was crucified and risen again, you are a new creation in your spirit, you will grow and fly, and come under spiritual attacks, that’s when you need to rely on Jesus and His finished work…He has gone before, He has the answers…so rest your wings pretty butterfly. God’s got you in His hand. Rebecca Jones /pexels


Focus on Jesus




I’m into photography. It’s a hobby even though my camera isn’t that great.  I try to get that perfect shot. You know, where everyone is together, eyes open, no crying children. It isn’t always easy is it? Guess that’s why there are so many gadgets to help you crop, reduce red eye, pet eye and all that.  Sometimes, you even get a good shot and it’s all blurry.  Sometimes, you get one that’s just a little off.  And there are times when everyone leaves before you even get a picture. I used to want to run from my aunt, she likes candid shots.  Your mouth might be open or your hair sticking up,, like the bad driver’s license nightmare.

But when we aren’t focusing on Jesus, our vision ( dream or life plan ) can be blurry.  I knew what I always wanted and was never swayed by nay sayers that that was me and not God’s will. But I was blurry and teary eyed over the loss of that dream.  I recently got it back, and I have still had blurry days because I had let my focus slip onto myself, what was I doing wrong, why people didn’t share that dream when I knew they were a part of it. I had allowed so much to well up in my soul that I was suffering physically and mentally and even emotionally.

If someone bursts your bubble or you never reach a goal, if you are mocked.  It can be devastating.  Even a small, off kilter, or off center shot can mess up a great picture.  So can a little misstep or mistake, so can a hurtful or cruel word.  God gives us dreams and visions, literally and for our life.  He loves you in your good times and He loves you in your failures.  He understands.

We all have heard how we fall short of the glory of God.  Sure, we do. Most of us probably have no idea what His glory  really is , but I expect we will things manifesting in the Spirit before His return if we are diligent and keep focusing on Him. Take your best shot and stay focused on Jesus.  Rebecca Jones