Focus on Jesus




I’m into photography. It’s a hobby even though my camera isn’t that great.  I try to get that perfect shot. You know, where everyone is together, eyes open, no crying children. It isn’t always easy is it? Guess that’s why there are so many gadgets to help you crop, reduce red eye, pet eye and all that.  Sometimes, you even get a good shot and it’s all blurry.  Sometimes, you get one that’s just a little off.  And there are times when everyone leaves before you even get a picture. I used to want to run from my aunt, she likes candid shots.  Your mouth might be open or your hair sticking up,, like the bad driver’s license nightmare.

But when we aren’t focusing on Jesus, our vision ( dream or life plan ) can be blurry.  I knew what I always wanted and was never swayed by nay sayers that that was me and not God’s will. But I was blurry and teary eyed over the loss of that dream.  I recently got it back, and I have still had blurry days because I had let my focus slip onto myself, what was I doing wrong, why people didn’t share that dream when I knew they were a part of it. I had allowed so much to well up in my soul that I was suffering physically and mentally and even emotionally.

If someone bursts your bubble or you never reach a goal, if you are mocked.  It can be devastating.  Even a small, off kilter, or off center shot can mess up a great picture.  So can a little misstep or mistake, so can a hurtful or cruel word.  God gives us dreams and visions, literally and for our life.  He loves you in your good times and He loves you in your failures.  He understands.

We all have heard how we fall short of the glory of God.  Sure, we do. Most of us probably have no idea what His glory  really is , but I expect we will things manifesting in the Spirit before His return if we are diligent and keep focusing on Him. Take your best shot and stay focused on Jesus.  Rebecca Jones


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