Only Jesus Restores Souls


Have you ever know anyone who has had a really close call with their health, an auto accident or some other instance?  Have you ever known someone traumatized? In mourning over a loved one, husband or child?  Have you ever watched someone in an ICU   ( intensive care unit ) just battle for life, someone in a coma?

These people all have had something happen to their souls and I believe that is the mind, will and emotions.  Some people have had profound near death experiences and are not even able to speak of them. Some people see their lives flash before them, the what ifs? And the regrets.

Some things are too deep and personal to speak of, there are few people who will tell you of their glimpses of hell. Many have experienced a light. That is God, but the devil also masquerades as angel of light, so you must know Jesus as your Lord. He is the only name that will save you. He loves you and died for you. Going to church, trying to be good, doing something nice for someone, doesn’t count.

It is by grace that you are saved and you can’t boast about what you do. We are supposed to boast of Jesus and His wondrous love. He is the only one who can restore a soul. He can reach into a mind that is lost in depression, torment or fear, and restore it by His blood, the crown of thorns He wore that ripped into His forehead.

He can reach into a heart that is badly broken, abused, misunderstood and mistreated. He can take in His hands and hold it gently to His heart and by the spear that poured water and blood from His side, He can make make it strong instead of weak. He can make it tender instead of hard. He can heal it with His love. He can nestle it together with one who knows love as well. He created love. He created and instituted marriage between one man and woman…God is love.

He can restore broken bodies, He healed withered hands and limbs, made the blind to see. He opened deaf ears and that’s what I pray He does in the Spirit also, open spiritually blind eyes and ears that have waxed cold to His love, grace and mercy and miracles.

He is the restorer of broken vessels, souls and bodies. The enemy has no access to  born again spirit but he will bear down on God’s chosen people. Sometimes, our minds and hearts are overburdened. Is that you today, it’s me. I agree in prayer, Jesus, we receive, restore our souls.  Rebecca Jones

Only Jesus Rescues You!


Every have one of those day? Yeah, sure. Everyone has!  I have had some pretty busy ones and some that were kind of lazy when I wish I’d made better us of my time and stop trying to juggle and spin all my plates in the air do a water ballet and go up on the trapeze. Is your life up in the air. Only Jesus rescues you.

Nobody can do everything. And while I believe nothing is impossible with God, that’s not what He had in mind I’m sure.  I spent lots of time trying to learn how to use a computer. I never was a great typist. I kept trying to find some business I could start, some job I could get.

Even though I didn’t have the best education or much experience at anything. I had hopes and I wanted something that was mine, not just something I had worked hard for but something with a ring of truth about it that would not leave me exhausted and overworked but blessed and so I’d have energy that I had not seen since my twenties, but even then I juggled.

It was an early morning and a late night, I would often exercise for four hours a day, I didn’t have friends because I was not into a lot of the things other people were. I was a believer but I don’t think I was preachy. I simply told them, I couldn’t go when asked out to a bar.

Even though I exercised like a maniac, I could not walk long distances. I couldn’t do the amusement parks and rides but I did enjoy looking through antique shows and going to the mall. Most of the time I went with my mother, I never did like people running me like I was in a whirlwind.

I’ve always liked slow and easy, even then He called me by His grace. He was calling me to the rest of Hebrews 4. I like the quiet things I can be passionate about like writing or reading or studying God’s Word. I like lively but not over the top or outlandish. I never thought I’d see so much reality television that goes a long way to keep people from gaining intelligence from it, except perhaps, not trying it at home. I watch very little television, I can keep to myself and keep busy.

I’ve gone back to my first love, Jesus, He was helping me to heal when I was a young woman and a bit of a tortured soul, knowing what she wanted her life to be and missing it so badly.  He answered all my prayers at once it seems like. Only He can love you like no one else, only He sees and speaks the truth to you continuously. Only He can never disappoint you. Only He will never leave or forsake you. When you opt to live by faith some will abandon you, curse you, hate you for no reason, just like Jesus, but it puts you in good company.

Only Jesus can see the scattered puzzle pieces of our lives and put them together again. Only Jesus can take our shattered tears of sorrow and turn them to joy, Only Jesus can find every broken shard of a fragile pure heart that has been broken like glass time and again by the arrows of the enemy and his constant accusations that are all lies in the eyes of God. Only Jesus can tear down walls, mend fences, build bridges and be our fortress, a stronghold to defeat all strongholds and foes.

Stop trying to be everything to everybody and let Jesus be everything to you. He always was to me. I just wish I known that a little sooner.  Rebecca Jones

Blooming in His Word


My mother drove past a church with this on their sign out front.  I must have been a late bloomer in some respects, though I blossomed in many other ways. Truthfully, I can tell you I never knew how much He loved me until I started blooming in the Word and here came the attacks.

If I studied about healing, I got sick, but I still studied and believed in healing. Prosperity, I had potential. No money. Don’t lose your hope or joy over the setbacks, Jesus is there. He wants to have us believe and pray from His rest and let Him take the lead.

I used to think If I did things backwards, like confessing healing instead of sickness. I’d be healed, God would see my big old faith, but all He saw was me getting sicker many of the times. Yes, healing is a good confession. It is a finished work of Christ. God calls things into being. Though we are to be like Christ and we are as believers, we often fall short.

And believe me there are always people who will remind you of that. If only they would stop to pray for you or lift you up when you fall. God’s love is about sowing seeds of love and kindness, joy, mercy, faith. Most anything can be a seed.

And we all know about weeding gardens, and turning the soil. Adding fertilizer and water and all the things that make flowers grow. Many people talk to them.   I read a great blog the other day by a young nursing student and whether you are young or old or even between, don’t let it bother you what others say or think. What matters is what Jesus thinks and He loves you, so blossom of in the Word, the Holy Spirit will get out the weeds.

Rebecca Jones


Prayer Changes Things


Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

We’ve all heard that the prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much, and that is true. But I have found myself more and more going back and rereading verses that are often quoted only to find that there is another part to it, So, it is a good idea to study and rightly divide the Word.

You have to know who Jesus was speaking to. Some verses are relative to us but were more directly toward the Jews.  As a for instance, Jesus warned about calling your brother a fool, but Paul calls the Galatians foolish for going back to the law after receiving grace.

The difference is clear between law and grace.  He even asks if they were bewitched. It may only be my considered opinion but Jesus was talking about religious pretense and Paul was questioning  the actions of those who had been forgiven yet were glad to go running back to try to make amends for something Jesus had paid for.  I know people question the teaching of Paul, I’ve even heard some make him out a bit Anti Semitic, but that is not so.

He persecuted and killed Jews, that’s very true. But the Holy Spirit began to work on the Apostle at the stoning of Stephen and eventually he was a changed man, enough so for the devil to send a servant to buffet him, yet Jesus revealed His words and he penned most of the New Testament.

And then it was John, who was the gentle disciple and saw himself as God’s beloved, that Jesus revealed the last book of the Bible to. Studying is important. I may not quote everything without having to look it up, but I do have great understanding as I read and allow the Holy Spirit to read with me.

So the first part of this verse suggests we confess our trespasses and pray for each other that we may be healed. This shows that fellowship and prayer and confessing our wrongs to each other can bring about forgiveness and healing.

Everyone may not be receptive if you apologize, but Jesus know the situations, talk to Him. And remember prayer changes things. Rebecca Jones


What Do I Pray?


In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans too deep for words.And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.…Romans 8:26

I can’t say it enough, pray in the Spirit. Let Him help you. He knows what to ask for when we don’t. He knows us, our hearts. He knows God’s heart. That’s why God can give us the desires of our heart, because they come from Him. I have recently heard the term witchcraft prayers, I see why it is called that. The Bible is clear that rebellion is like witchcraft, we don’t want to be praying amiss as James tells us. God never forces things on you, not even the Holy Spirit or salvation, nor gifts of the Spirit.

To pray to force someone to do something is rebellious, it is much better to pray for their eyes of understanding to open and for God to show them His love. I tried that, just binding the devil, but people still have a free will. And some people just will not receive.

Praying in the Spirit is powerful, it will strengthen you and change you.  What you didn’t understand before becomes clearer. I wish I could have done it a long time ago. I remember being behind a woman in the bookstore. She was obviously sick, the clerk offered her a mint. She replied, ” I’ll just go home and pray in tongues and get rid of it . ” she said in faith.

I was at the mall, later, with many spiritual attacks and problems. I couldn’t even walk at the mall. I finally had asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit but I moaned and groaned and never really said words, so I thought I was doing it wrong. No one really explained it to me in full, my back hurt too badly to go to church.

I finally had so much pain and after a fall I was almost a recluse at 50.  But after my mother prayed for me during another spiritual attack, I started to pray for myself, even if it was the moan or hum. I had to pray every three or four hours. Then I got better, twelve hours apart. The more I prayed, the better I got.

So don’t be like me afraid of the Holy Spirit, I’m looking forward to shopping!  And if you have the gift of tongues use it, or the enemy moves back in on you. I was a frightened girl at twelve when I first heard a lady prophesy in tongues, byt the time I was  thirty I could pray but did not always. Please let Him help you, but read about the powerful in 1 Corinthians 12-14 and then decide, you will have to repent of every sin and renounce false doctrine, but He is the Comforter, teacher and there to help.

Rebecca Jones / freeqration


Surrendering To His Grace


We have a perfect Jesus. You would think our lives would be perfect.  Through His grace it can be. But we have to surrender to His Spirit, bow to His wisdom and let Him take the lead. Too often we rush in with our own decisions and make the wrong ones.  Prayer is an option for us, but is is it first and foremost?  Are we trusting friends, family, feelings or the depths of God’s love and sacrificing His Son?

It is hard to fathom the depths of His love. You could fill the sea with it over and again. You could wrap it around the word like an endless ribbon. If only more people surrendered to His grace instead of a religion of bondage and servitude or trying to work for grace that is freely given. Jesus ushered in grace and truth, He piles on and multiplies grace upon grace. If more people were surrendered to His grace, there would be less hatred, strife, jealousy,envy and war. God has more than enough blessings to go around. More than enough love. A willing soul will surrender to love, He gives us a choice.

Every day is a blank slate of mercy abounding, a refreshing new start, not just cliche – the first day of the rest of your life.  As a believer, it is the first day of the rest of your eternal life, His mercy is new each morning. He renew our youth, sins is as far from east to west, something we probably can not measure.

Surrender old thoughts and ways to His thoughts and ways. His grace is amazing. Grace was manifested in the person of Jesus. Bow to His loving authority. Imagine a well that is never dry, a waterfall of the Spirit rushing over you, the mist of morning rolling in off sea or a wave after wave of whitewater  grace.

The smell of the spring rains against the honeysuckle or roses, an endless aroma of heaven captured in a breath of prayer. Breathe in heaven as you prayer in the Spirit, pray, listen, weep, rest and surrender.  Surrender to love, grace and peace.Surrender to Jesus. And when something arises, step aside the Wonderful Counselor is beside you.

Rebecca Jones



Cleansing The Temple


Most people have heard of the popular cleansing diets and drinks and the spa treatments for detoxing your skin or body.  Those kind of things were are probably still popular. I was believing God for healing my back. I didn’t have the money for lots of those things.  I kept hearing ministers touting vitamins and water.

Sure, water’s fine but I like tea and coke zero.  To me it seemed that they were asking me to give up certain foods do this diet or that one, buy these vitamins. Atkins was effective, but you get tired of the same old foods.

I was at my heaviest when I was the most lonely, afraid, when I had more stress than I could bear.  My health was worse, I resisted being put on blood pressure medicine because it was borderline and I thought I was resisting a family sort of curse, which was not true. I was certain that the fear I had was a curse, I heard teaching on that. Not true.

I also resisted being put on an anti depressant medication  for I had been to a doctor who said I was heavy because I was depressed. I was not buying it. I wasn’t healed but I didn’t think I was depressed. ( The Lord showed me something I was grieved about. )  He fixed it.

When I had TMJ, I took it because I was in so much pain. I could not get up in the morning.  I quit it, the same anti depressant was used for pain as it turned out.  I never recommend quitting a medicine cold turkey but I did.

As for food, I don’t think what you eat makes you holy or not. I know vegetarians and meat eaters alike who are still having troubles.  They exercise, drink water, walk. I found a verse in 1 Timothy 4:5 that says anything  you eat is alright if it is blessed. And that ended the debate for me.

Jesus also said that it is what comes out of us that defiles us, not what goes in.  This was in response to eating with dirty hands and He was opposed concerning many laws, but Jesus fulfilled them.  As long as you bless your food, use common sense, you are fine. You don’t have to go around casting out calories or speaking to fat.  A better confession is that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I am loved, made righteous and free in Jesus.

Not a temple to a false god, you don’t have to be a body builder or even have a gym membership.  Just be open to the love of Jesus and spend time in His presence, His rest, take a quiet walk with Him. Worship Him.

Don’t put your faith in the creation, food or vitamins. Be still and know He is God. Put faith in the Creator.  He loves you as a believer, no matter how you look! You are beautiful to Him! He wants you to be in the image of His dear Son, Jesus.  And He is in health, vibrant and alive for evermore.

Children who eat pizza and some who will not touch a vegetable unless you can manage to hide a pea in something, have energy to burn. Sow His Word into your Spirit, it will activate your flesh to life. Fill your heart and mind with good thoughts, Gods thoughts. They are meant for good and are plentiful toward you.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree but did not shrivel until He cleansed the temple of robbers and thieves.  It was dead from the root. The Bible is a spiritual book, it is parallels, cycles and patterns. It is allegorical and metaphorical, stories within a story, you have to read and study carefully.

I recommend highly the baptism of the Holy  Spirit. He is truth. He alone, will not leave you of forsake you and will never deceive you. False doctrines, religions, cults will. The Holy Spirit is a free gift from God. All His gifts are. And we are to use them and share them with the body of Christ.

So, we are the body, the temple. Jesus cleansed the temple with His Word and a whip. We are healed by the Word ( Jesus ), because He took a whipping for us in His own body. he broke curses for believers. How do we do this in our own bodies, our temple, the same way, with the Word, Jesus, our words agreeing with His, the Holy Spirit whips the demonic influences, which invade our thoughts and bodies with sickness, disease. The devil goes after weakness, painful memories, anything he knows hurts or torments you whether sin or trauma, or sorrow. The main weapons in his arsenal are fear and condemnation.

Our main weapon is Jesus! And if you have  the gift of the Holy Spirit, use Him. He will help you cleanse your temple and drive out all the robbers and thieves. I sincerely hope this is helpful. I want to see healing manifested. He is not a respecter of persons, He’ll do it if you do you part ant believe.

Rebecca Jones

Father, I pray this imparts wisdom to someone in great need today, make sure they see it wherever they may be let is bless them and bring courage and strength and healing to their mind, heart, and body. You are not alone, says the Lord, surrender to my grace.


Time To Unwind


Ever feel like you running out of time? I’m sure we are.  I won’t argue that there is a Pre- Trib Rapture or catching away of the church, I know Christians who still have issues about it. Yet, I believe a loving Lord would take away the church before the Anti Christ’s arrival. This is not what my article is about though.

I have been trying to teach women to rest in the Lord.  Jesus took so much punishment for so many of us to still be struggling in our day to day lives. I spoke to a young lady who said her workplace was difficult for her. Women are still cutting each other up with the tongues. I told her to speak peace there. We need to speak peace to our homes and churches and offices.  We need unity and not division.

God has enough promotion and provision for everyone and hey, ministers…there are plenty of souls to harvest. Why is the ministry any different? I was naive, when I heard about men not liking women in the ministry. But it is true, there are still some with sexist views, while God looks at us as neither male nor female in Christ, neither Jew or Gentile, and you know He’s Omniscient, He knows, there are yet serious oppositions from a male dominated area.

You’d think we’d be beyond this when it comes to Christ, but not always so. It’s a spirit that must be against the body of Christ. The continual violence on the news, the destruction and division families. Single parent, and fatherless homes, the transgender toilets being first at six o’clock. God help us, the devil is working overtime against souls being won. The best news piece I saw lately was a man that helped another who was shot off his motorcycle. He just went over to the church parking lot where the cyclist managed to stop, help stop the bleeding, and said, ” I love you man, I hope you make it. ”

One of our local reporters tracked him down, and he said he did it because it was right and his neighborhood had a bad reputation. Both men were black, and the man’s wife was also on the motorcycle so it could have been a disaster.  An excellent story in the light of all the bad ones, even seeing the remake of Roots and a new series called Underground, made me leery that the enemy is stirring up anything he can to divide.

I was talking about rest, you see from my article how easy it is to drift off into another train of thought. That’s why our focus has to be Jesus, so we can treat each other better, discern who needs to be avoided and who we can truly help. My mother is one who has had her share of trouble resting and relaxing in his finished work. I was massaging her back and told her she was tight to relax. She said she couldn’t. I’ve actually seen the chiropractor having trouble adjusting her.  She’s going to have to, we all are. If it takes napping, praise music, a walk or jog, saying no to something.

We need to de-clutter, de-stress and not be desensitized to the moving of the Spirit being so use to violence and bad news. Let’s do some good and make some good news, teach and preach and sing the good news of Jesus, it’s not on our backs, it was on His. It’s time to unwind. And we are running out of time. Rebecca Jones

He Calls Me Little One


I wanted to write a special post and this one is very personal. I realize though how many of us are still having trouble with receiving God’s love. I know I did. And looking back, it was always just and average Father’s Day, not this past one because I included the Heavenly Father.

Even if we are blessed with Christian parents, step parents of grandparents, they may not have the revelation of God as Father or I should say loving Father. Not until more recently, had I hear the term papa God or daddy God. Years ago, I would have taken offense, and I would have been wrong.  The Holy Spirit cries Abba Father and we are adopted sons and daughters. I believe in being respectful, reverent. I never have cared for frantic worship, but sometimes I suppose it’s just the person’s reaction. Sometimes, I have seen chaotic, I was almost pushed through a plate glass window once at a conference.

Everybody was running to get a seat and so did. There was an old lady who asked why I was running. I told her to get a good seat, I was doing as I was told. But now I think she must have been an angel or something. I can’t rush through life hysterical or in pandemonium. I hear the Lord calling us to rest, His rest, His peace.

I came to a place of being worn out, I’ve seen it happen to a lot of women. Mostly, caregivers. Frantic leads to hectic and to exhaustion. I never thought I could keep up with other people, I couldn’t stand the pace, but now I’m resting in the Lord, I may not be a sprinter, but at least this little mouse is in the race.

And as for fatherly love, I know what it is and isn’t. It’s kindness, not verbal or mental abuse, and certainly not physical. Jesus took the beating. I believe in discipline, firmly in some cases, but having authority in words is much better. And as believers we do. If God does not want His children in fear, why should we want ours to be?

If you can’t win or keep them with love, you never will with fear.  So talk to your loving Heavenly Father today, and don’t blame the earthly parents for being human, forgiveness and repentance is the way to go. I have been blessed to know a couple of people who have heard the audible voice of God, that is why the gifts of the Spirit are important to discern. One heard, ” Good morning. ”

He speaks mostly through His Word, through anointed believers, dreams and visions, but in a day when revival is here. He is calling us to believe, calling us by name. And I know as I prayed one day, He called me “little one “. I told my mother that I wanted to help someone, the way I wish someone would have helped me.  Doing unto others?

So I shared that to say this, you are never alone as a believe, if you are lonely, He’s calling you. Talk to the one who loves you most, ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The love and beauty of the Lord and His miracles surround us. Rest in that love. Rebecca Jones

The Painting ” Little One ” / J.Bryant Ward