Growing Pains of The Heart

alvin mahmudov

So many things affect the heart. And I mean more that just diet or exercise. The heart and spirit are sometimes interchanged in Scripture. Sorrow of the heart can break the spirit. How terrible a thing that griefs mimics fear.

Jesus was acquainted with grief and sorrow. More than anyone He knows ans understands matters of the heart and heart conditions. Even when we are growing up, children experience growing pains. I have to admit, I didn’t think they were real at first, I only knew one child to mention it.

But it not just an imaginary thing, like fibromyalgia and many other things women experience, hot flashes, etc., growing pains are real and some people experience them and others do not. I have to say I may not have been fair about not believing it, but children can be prone to exaggeration and will say things to get out of school, I have even known a few little hypochondriacs.

I have had my own share of growing pains as an adult and as a believer in Christ and His healing power. That healing goes deep and to the bone, His word is quick and powerful, sharper than the two edged sword.

And like growing pains, they are felt by some and not others, the healing words and prayers. perhaps, I should say received by some and not others. Healing is a promise afforded to all believers and even unbelievers at times for signs, and through intercession.

Growing as a Christian, as we are expected to do by God, even though we should keep child like faith, has it share of pains, pains of the heart, pains of love, wanting and needing love, desiring love and waiting for love. And even healing or health.

And while we are experience all the changes as we grow, we are healthier and stronger because of them, because in our weaknesses, He is strong. We all have different experiences and understand and process information or interpret them differently. I have stopped explaining or defending my position to some after they continue to disagree. The Lord defends me, mistakes and all I am forgiven, I remain in grace.

The main thing is that we don’t close off our hearts, or block the arteries of faith. We are not skipping a beat in fear, palpitating with anxiety when we truly accept who lives there. Although we have trials to come up, He is our righteousness, and the ugliness of fear takes hike at His name.

We must learn to grow in grace and live in peace as much as possible. even if we have a few growing pains of the heart, His love is there for us. Rebecca Jones / photo Alvin Mahmoudov, thank you.

LORD, my heart is not lifted up;
my eyes are not raised too high;
I do not occupy myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned child with its mother;
like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, hope in the LORD
from this time forth and forevermore. 

Psalm 131, quiet your heart…

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Fearless Heart



I have always had to deal with fear. I knew the verse, that I had not been given a Spirit of fear. Timidity, some versions say. I was easy going but not a pushover. Or so I thought, the trouble is sometimes, being worn out by the enemy, another weapon used on the saints. Fear had worked in my family before and the devil and to had try it out on me. It didn’t work.

Oh, there were days, lots of them. I was oppressed with it. I could cast down imaginations, but I thought way to much. I did not know there was a prayer to release the fear, terror, and torment, by claiming God’s righteousness in Jesus. No one ever told me, so I’m telling you. As a believer, you are righteous because of and only because of Jesus. Use it! Don’t listen to the wicked one! That foe is defeated, bound in Jesus name. You can have a fearless heart with Jesus.

He was without sin yet took sin for us, we were not righteous but He imputed that to us, and we have to use it to thwart the enemy, Jesus expects to. If you are quaking in your boots, bind the spirit of fear. Claim Isaiah 54:17 for yourself, no weapon will prosper. But above all else, loves make the difference, His love. It crushed fear and still does. Just stop, take a breath and love Him and let Him and He will love you, and love the fear right out of you, you may have to whisper Jesus, you may have to shout but He is there.

You can plead the blood of Jesus over you. Fear is not in your spirit as a believer. It oppresses it, it is the flesh and in your mind. It is possible to let Jesus drive it all from you. It is possible to be fearless and have a fearless heart. And that heart will be at peace and give you His rest, no matter the situation. It is also possible to feel that twinge, even have it gnaw at you and pray and go right on know Jesus is with you every step of the way.

I’m not saying you will never experience it. I’m not saying it won’t try to pop back up. Because I have had it to. It is a lot easier to get rid of, as Jesus helps you overcome. You have already overcome as a believer. Because the greater one is in you. And He has over come the world. We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us! And He loves us everyday.

We are to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, not just  those in Revelation it is for now. It is actually true that already have, it is a matter of receiving it by faith in His name. Demons tremble in terror at His name. We may tremble in awe of His power and love, but we will have the sound mind. So do not fear, it is in His Word 365 times you know, it’s there for a reason, and 70 as a command better than a vitamin, we can take one a day or more and be fearless in Jesus. Rebecca Jones / stock photo

Daughter of Light


Live as children of light. Ephesians 5:8

I like being a daughter of light. Of course, I like the night too, because it was good in the beginning, and it is a time to rest and pray, to be quiet and still before Him. I like the poem She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. The first line is. ” She walks in beauty, like the night. ” And the night is beautiful with the moonlight and stars, the gentle breezes and the smell of rain on cobblestone. I find it cool and calm and restful, much more than before.

The darkness that we do not belong to, much more than the night is that of the enemy, the prince of the power of the air, the wicked one, the accuser. That darkness lurks even in the day, and in the blackest of hearts of men. Women are not immune, though theirs is not necessarily the violence or cruelty, it is the oppression and depression, the darkness that take away the light that God would give them.

The very light that makes us shine for Him and is not to be hidden. The very light of the world, the Spirit of God and Christ, Himself, that resides in us as a believer. Why do we allow the enemy’s darkness to overtake our light , when Jesus is the light?

We must keep a close watch on what we hear and see and say, what we allow to influence us. Is it the fear of the daily news or just the mundane of life in general, is it overwhelming, crippling fear that grips us or shame, guilt, worry. Nail these to the cross of Christ if you can use that imagery. He took it for you and gave you His light in exchange.

I like low light, candlelight, soft lighting, yet His brightness is still there. And it is hard to look at because it is so bright and harder to turn away from. I pray it blinds the devil, who only pretends to be the light he was. May God through His grace give us the wisdom to separate light from dark as He did. The devil will try to blind you from the things of God, especially spiritual gifts. Fear is a favorite weapon, he cannot create, only imitate and not very well when the Holy Spirit is discerning.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. Matthew 6:22 Look at the picture, see the sparkle, the light in her eyes, believers can or should be able to recognize and prefer other believers.

I have said before that you can stand in the darkness of night and be full of light, or stand in the brightest of sunlight and be full of darkness. You can even choose to walk in beauty, like the night, His love and light, like stars in your eyes. We are to walk, to live as children of light, a daughter of light. Rebecca Jones / pexels / full poem on my Pinterest board.

Real Girl, Real Heart


I know, it’s a funny thing to hear a grown woman say but I admit it, ” I just want to be a real girl. ” I’ve said it, now, I’m saying it again. And I’m not the only one, I have read several comments from women who have that invisible, overlooked, feeling. And it is very real, even though it’s not really true. A negative self image projected onto the screen of our soul, a projection operated by the enemy. Bur we are real girls, with real hearts.

Being overweight scarred me. When I didn’t have the career I thought I would, it  didn’t help. The devil will bowl over, if not run over your self esteem, and he paints an ugly picture of you. One of those nightmarish ones that are probably considered masterpieces by some. God’s masterpieces are priceless. You could never put a value on Jesus.

The devil comes with, ” Look at so and so, she’s got it made, and look at you. Who’d even want you? ” You’ve been there haven’t you? You wanted to get married or be a mother, get a promotion, didn’t you? You just wanted to be a real girl.

Or maybe, like me, you needed a healing touch. I got it, but it still took a long time to heal from these lifetime problems, old enemies, that wouldn’t die, fears, failure and rejection. I really was left out and overlooked, invisible. But sometimes, it was me walking away from the mundane and crude, I was a Christian, I didn’t always fit in, the trouble is, I didn’t always stand out either. I could never really shine, though His hand and light was upon me, I wasn’t out from under my bushel. I was not a puppet on a string, and yet I was pulled in many directions, all the while wanting to be a real girl.

Wouldn’t it be something if we, like Pinocchio had our noses to grow every time we lied or believed one of the enemies’? We’d certainly be bumping into each other on the street and none of us would feel invisible. You couldn’t miss us then. Our puppet strings tangled in his web of lies, and a sea of noses. We’ve all listened to the chatter of the adversary.

I know your thinking you don’t lie. And maybe, you don’t. But yes you do, when you start speaking the devil’s ideas instead of your own, or God’s. ” I’ll never make it. ” ” There’s no help for me , no hope at all. ” ” I’ll never get this job. ” ” I’ll always just look at food and gain weight. ”  Is your nose growing yet?

And what’s worse the thoughts and lies get bigger, and the wounds deeper. Instead of a splinter, or thorn, we move to moat and beam, comparing faults and failures, instead of lifting each other up. Instead of magnifying the Lord and His name, we magnify what we don’t like about us instead of seeing the beauty that He created inside. It’s there, even behind the little wooden heart or stone one of the one who makes disparaging remarks, because you see, I hurt so much, because was a real girl, with a real soul, and real love. And a real heart.

And you are a real girl, too. We are all very real, even the wicked ones, they are real people too. And if they stopped hurting others, maybe they would stop being the devil’s puppet and become real in Jesus.He guides our steps, His love is music on our heartstrings. And He binds the real broken hearts, and heals the real ones. And with the sword of the Spirits He severs the strings that pull us away from His image of us, He makes the invisible, visible through faith. God created something out of nothing.

He framed the world and hung the stars and gave them all names and remembers every one. He frames the face of His children and they shine like the Son. Portraits of real people, with a real hope in a real Lord. And they know Him, if they know love.

I just wanted to be a real girl. I wanted a real life and a real family and a real home of my own. I had an image of what that might look like. It didn’t appear real, God was too good to me. But it was true, God took a girl who thought the life she imagined was a dream, and He began making dreams come true. He writes the story.

And He can turn fiction to fact, make fairy tales real and give us a happily ever after. He creates the masterpiece, composes the song, is the artist of our souls. He make life and love very real and very powerful. So for the many times I was hurt and stung by cruel words, and was told I needed a real job. I am real girl after all, with a real heart for Jesus.  Rebecca Jones / stock photo

Unthankful and Unholy Hearts

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy…2 Timothy 2:3

Let’s look at a different translation and even another verse.

For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that! ( 2-5, New Living )

Wow! That’s a mouthful. When I heard the phrase the other day, I had to look  it up. The Bible has a lot to say about these people and today we call them egotistical or narcissistic. You can put names on attitudes or personalities, or even initials, but the word clearly defines these people as not thankful or holy. Certainly, their hearts can not be.  And honestly some demonic powers are worse than others and there is point whee natural passes into supernatural. Anger can even be in a righteous sense, but violence and murder and demons with names.

These are the people we live among today. Those we pass on the street. They could be someone we know, work with or even a family member. What is behind all this? The devil, the enemy of our soul. It it another way of seeking to devour us and our testimonies for Christ.

That verse is kind of scary isn’t it? If not for the Holy Spirit! He is the power that makes us godly. Sadly though, many don’t walk in the measure of the Holy Spirit given to them or are even aware of  making use of their spiritual gifts. Some may believe going to church or a repeat after me prayer is enough. It would be if sincere and acted upon. Lives would be transformed.

Marriage and motherhood are not sacred anymore. There is a lot of hostility and anger on both sides of the argument. Christians angry at unbelievers and vice versa. And even Christians against Christians. God doesn’t want houses divided. It is the devil’s way of dividing husbands and wives, separating parents from children or children from parents, it clutters the court with custody battles and divorce, because of pretending to be religious and denying His Spirit. Are we unthankful and unholy?

We are made righteous by the blood of Jesus, sanctified, justified, so as believers, we are holy only through Him. Nothing we can do would ever earn it. As for being unthankful, it is complacency. Not necessarily, the entitlement displayed by so many, the all about me attitude, selfish, self centered. But still, we neglect to be grateful and stay humble before the Lord.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like the idea of being boastful, proud, betraying someone. I do not care to unforgiving or especially unloving. So what is wrong with us? Nothing we can’t fix with Jesus. So let remember to never deny the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is my prayer that He moves this spring, and causes winds of change to blow throughout the world just as He does, you may not always see Him, but He’s there, and there is the evidence of His presence. Gifts, healing, miracles. Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis Unsplash / love the boots

Becoming A Bride of Christ

I never related the love of Christ to a marriage so much until I started blogging. i knew God created it, it  was His will, and I believe between a man and woman. Yet, there were so many things I noticed about Christian marriages. I remember being young, and seeing a principal’s wife working the cafeteria, pregnant, no make up, the was tiny and had dark circles, she looked exhausted, and this was a fledgling Christian school in the 70’s.

I remember other women also with no make up, tired, thin and gaunt. They looked like shadows of what God wanted them to be. I am not criticizing these women, nor judging, not even their husbands. People not only perish from lack of knowledge, they fade away, And truly, they should flourish. No longer rosy cheeked and cherubic, are women at the mercy of whatever life hands them or at God’s? I say God’s.

I have seen couples in counseling, some who should have been some, who would probably die rather than admit being wrong.There is no shame in needing help. Did we not need a savior? And I have said before, salvation is an ongoing process, He saves me from something everyday. All day and night, I am not omniscient.

While I was never thin or wasting away, I have felt like I was. I’ve seen the dark circles. Battled the same old insecurities. I have rehashed the past until it was hash. I chopped through so many what if’s and why’s. If only I had done this or that. We all do it. I spoke to a lady who is a nurse, and she has had to overcome fear to blog. I said I was surprised because she was already successful, it makes no difference, we are all targets of the wicked one.

And so often our words betray our weaknesses, and he knows how to hurt us. For some it is illness, others pain or finances. Some women want children ans some gave into abortion. Hearts are breaking for forgiveness and love and there is only one love to fill that gap. Jesus…the beloved bridegroom, no one knows love better, because He died to give it to us.

Jesus wants us to be joyful and productive, He encourages us to work at what He has planned for us. But He also wants us to rest in His love, He wants us to not fear or worry, He left us His peace. He is the perfect ” husband “. A bride of Christ should have the perfect ” marriage ” , and relay that to her husband. And the husband is a part of the church, the spiritual bride. Wedded to Christ in that sense, He should lay down his life for his wife, giving himself to her as Christ gave Himself for the church.

I have seen the dictatorial Christian men dressed in suits, the wives and children in tow. Marching in lock steps, stair steps of children, the wife must be tired. Is she an equal or a subservient? Honor and obey, works both ways, and to Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can satisfy a thirsty soul. You should not live in fear of someone you love or walk on eggshells. Being a Christian is not and excuse to be overbearing or intolerant, nor passive and apathetic or too lenient and tolerant. The Holy Spirit will teach you to love, to parent, to encourage others. Never stay in an abusive and violent situation, if you need help ask.

Our only true identity is in Jesus. He knows our hearts. His opinion matters more than anyone. I once saw nun with a glow on her face, no make up, but singing pure praise and love to her beloved Lord, may we all find that glory as we become pure brides of Christ. Rebecca Jones

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Whom Shall I Fear? Take Heart!

Is it just me or does everybody hear that growl? The gnawing in the back of your mind that it isn’t going to happen or work out. You’ve made a mess of it again, you’re not that smart, that is wasn’t God after all. Well, then he’s at it again but the good news is the growl, prowl or even howl of the enemy pales and limps off into a putrid oblivion when we start to fear not. We might be easy pickings but not when Master’s hand is firmly grasping us.

So let’s review fear, forget the anagrams, the cute slogans, people who have not been accustomed to it will say to get over it, but it’s not that easy alone, but we have Jesus. I am giving you the I AM’s take on it. Oh, and forget the one a day, it’s in the Bible 365 times, but if you are a believer on a mission, you’ll probably need more that one.

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Say to those who have an anxious heart, “Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, (divine retribution ) with the recompense of God. He will come and save you. ” Isaiah 35:4

Fear not, for you will not be ashamed; be not confounded, for you will not be disgraced; for you will forget the shame of your youth, and the reproach of your widowhood you will remember no more. Isaiah 54:4

And His affection for you is even greater, as He remembers the obedience of you all, how you received Him with fear ( reverence ) and trembling. 2 Corinthians 7:15

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment,    ( or torment ) and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. I John 4:18

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (sound mind ). 2 Timothy 1:7

Do not be afraid of sudden fear nor of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes. Proverbs 3:25

But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them, nor be troubled. 1 Peter 3:14

and many more…What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

So, who should we fear, respect the Lord, resist the devil. Oh, he may come around seeing if he can devour you. But fear, terror and torment the unholy trinity will be far, if you confess you are His righteousness, only because of Him nothing we have done. I once studied fear so much, that is was my focus and not Jesus, fear does not belong in His place as the most important one in my life, fear is not, never has been or will be.

I can’t resist Jesus, I can resist the devil,especially with His back up. And if you are experiencing fear,read these verses, ask someone to help you when you need to resist fear, bind that spirit. Matthew 16:19 Seek professional help if you need to or take medication, you can still have faith.

And a sure word for overcoming fear, love. Take heart, He has overcome so we can. John 16:33 Read about love, His love and study His love. Receive His love and deliverance from fear. He is for us, not against as believers, whom shall we fear? Rebecca Jones /  pexels

Dimples of His Love


My Post (2)1

I get to read a lot of fellow bloggers posts. So many are well written and are intended to encourage women in their walk with Jesus. One phrase that has been a familiar one is His fingerprints, it is about being created in His image, His workmanship, how we are knit together, formed in the womb.

We continually phrase and rephrase His words to express our views on how we are becoming new creations, conforming to the image of Jesus, what we do to become stronger believers, more mature in faith. Are we masterpieces? His workmanship, anywhere near it?

The answer is a resounding, yes! And we can say it with joy! Even a hallelujah! As believers, Jesus bought and paid for our souls, no matter how sorry, miserable, or unworthy. It cost Him dearly and His salvation is a precious gift. More than even on a baby, newborn and wrinkled, chubby and pink, freshly fashioned with the fingerprints of God, are His fingerprints on us.

A believer is also born again, the spiritual emergence from the womb, that God’s creations come from in the Spirit, we are wrapped in the fingerprints of God, as I told a friend last week, the dimples of His love. Not just a cute or even funny turn of a phrase. I find myself rubbing my legs in lotion to soothe winter dryness, and there the are, the dimpled knees and thighs, that He formed to make me walk, even though I have had times and illness that prevented me from walking, I can walk, because He has fashioned me to be favored and healed and walk in His presence, dimples are a gift.

As I type, I notice the eight little ones under my fingers at the back of my hands, on occasion a little blue vein, it will show when I have pounded the keyboard too long or too late. I never paid much attention before. I really never noticed. I can praise Him for those dimples too. And for hands that can perform a myriad of tasks, even if they are tired.

I can of course convey His love, typing hands, healing hands, holding hands. I have loving hands, firm hands and hand that reach out to others, and hands that hold the Lord’s hands. Hands that pray and fold and fold laundry, prepare meals and plan events, that purchase things we need, He has fashioned me to both love and be loved to touch and be touched.

And then the ones that sort of pin tuck the cheeks, face or perhaps backside. I was looking at my picture, sometimes I smile and have one, sometimes two, one sort of stands out against a silly, slightly, crooked grin. The smile that starts out slight, and ends up a laugh, my nonstop cherry lipstick never smears. It’s a little dry but it never smears.

I might start to look at the double chins or the short neck but God says no. ” See that sparkle in your eye, I put it there, the glow on your face, that is me, my light and love shining through you. You are my child. My beloved and masterpiece, I am still perfecting you, my fingerprints are all over you, you are dimpled with my love. ”

He may even add that like a sculptor, His hands are wet, with the Holy Spirit, and He pats and even pinches that skin to perfection. renewing both inner and outer being and spirit, He is perfecting the creation that in His mind is already formed and perfect. We were created and spoken into existence by the breath of God, and He is for us not against us and with us for all eternity.

That perfect little dimple that parts the cheek as smiles slip across us, His joy. It’s probably just His fingerprints. No, actually, His thumbprints as He holds our faces gently, dimples of His love.

His peace, Rebecca Jones /  Connor Wilkins Unsplash Adobe Spark


Soak In His Presence

Valentine’s Day may be over, I hope you got a treat.  And still we can soak in His presence today, whether or not you can go to the spa. Every woman needs time every day to rest and relax in the Lord So let’s go to the spiritual spa. Jesus said to Come unto Him all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Did you know that that is not written in the declarative sentence form but imperative? It is written as an interjection.

Hey, let’s go back to English class here even if we read a devotional as we soak. Interjections usually have an exclamation point. Though the Bible had no punctuation as we know it, originally, just jots and tittles. Jesus was a calm and gentle man but He made Himself perfectly clear. Many promises to the believer are conditional,  there is something the believer must do in order to receive, like Mark 11:23, you have to believe you receive, not when you get it but when you pray.

So rest is not merely a suggestion but an insistence, one might even say a command. He did not us wandering a desert, and not entering His rest. You will never find rest or peace without His peace. And His peace is miraculous, nothing like just a brief respite from trouble, it is being smack in the middle of it and know He’s there too.

I started to put a woman soaking in a tub of bubbles, and that would have been nice, but since we are to be shod with the gospel of peace, I went for a foot bath. Sounds good, I might get a pan of water and go for it. I used to buy tea tree oil at the mall until the little shop went out of business, and later I was able to find Ahavah from Israel in some stores. Ahavah, pronounced like it sounds, means love. And that’s what God is.

There are lots of great products from the Dead Sea, with salt and minerals, all kinds of creams, mud masks and hand lotions. If you can only take ten minutes to put on lotion it will be a little soaking, of course, music is good always. And I got some Amazing Grace by Philosophy, great stuff.

Perfumes and aromatherapy are something else to consider, though I have heard some who are against aroma therapy, I know there are certain fragrances that are calming, the perfume I wear is, and it is my secret. Sorry. There are perfumes  that are sold with names like Queen Esther, sandalwood and spices are mentioned in His Word, I would just ask the Holy Spirit what to use or avoid. I would avoid the new age things, though I have been in spas that do that type thing and have an Asian influence or music. Believers will know what God sees as acceptable and what He will have them avoid what is not. It is not anything to panic about.

I know a lady who got rid of certain novels because she felt they glorified killing, actually, I think they may have been more tame than those fear instilling ones, and I do not believe Christians need to watch excessive violence or that directed toward women.

We were made to love and be loved and not to be treated any way other than God intended, we were made for His rest, to wear the shoes of peace and walk in His amazing grace, and in order to that, we are going to have to soak in His rest, at least a little while every day. Rebecca Jones

Do You Toil And Spin?


And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin. Matthew 6:28

Jesus is telling parables again, got to love Him. And understand Him. If we worry, we don’t get taller, and we don’t live longer. Solomon is his finest is not as arrayed in beauty like these flowers of the field. So why are we worried about clothes? And yet we do and not only clothes.

I have cleaned closets, organized shoes and jewelry. I wanted to look like I had it all together even though I was falling apart. I was a mental mess. My prayer life was waxing cold, I was so tired I was just thanking Him and falling into another fretful night of sleep? Sound familiar? That’s not the way to pray, it’s better to pray His word over our situation.

I was toiling and spinning. Even though work is a necessity. It doesn’t have to be so laborious and a burden. Jesus can make our work enjoyable, indeed He broke he curse off Adam’s toil in the Garden of Gethsemane. Housework should be shared too. A family should be  able to keep a house clean and pick up each other’s slack, not dump dishes and laundry all on the mother. Women were not made to be pack mules or workhorses. They were made to love and be loved.

They need the rest of the Lord, and if you want a happy home, women should be given time for that, and the whole family needs His rest, or they can fall into toil and spin. I was curious about the phrase. I knew there were spinning wheels and I suppose even looms back in the Bible days, women had to work hard to make clothes, but we see Lydia prospering in the New testament. She probably had women working for her, was able to produce the purple that was expensive and sell to wealthy clients. She was also able to give charitably. Did she toil or spin? I think she was blessed. That’s what Jesus does for you, we are under His grace.

I looked up toil and spin. Toil,  hard and continuous work, exhausting labor or effort, a laborious task, battle, strife, struggle. As a verb, to travel or move with difficulty, weariness or pain. I know all about moving with difficulty, weariness and pain. Now, spin. It is to twist yarn, and many other definitions as to work, play and aeronautics, and physics, but one caught my eye to draw out, protract and prolong. Doesn’t that sound like work? Sounds like work to me?

I have had to slow down. I try to make things easier for others too, but they don’t always do it for me. But the Lord will help me. I am going to learn not to worry even if it kills the devil, or at least sends him toiling and spinning and reeling with terror. And I am learning and lean into His rest, and that knocks him for loop. Loving Jesus isn’t a struggle, no letting love you. Rebecca Jones / stock photo — If you are joining me from Moments of Hope or have not read my Valentine’s post please scroll back.