Happily Ever After


Recently, I have seen romances but without happy endings, the sad and bittersweet, better to have loves and lost, than never to have loved at all sort of things. They all had who people who either clicked or just got each other, or came to see it way too late after one had given up their life or their freedom to enjoy love.

Too many times, love stories are silly, Lord forgive me, even stupid. But you see morals in older programs and the fact that one person will give so much for another is indicative of God’s love. Today many women suffer under the labels put upon them by depression and abuse. Some of us who once dreamed about Prince Charming may not feel that way now. We are trapped in the ashes of Cinderella.

Or maybe we are Sleeping Beauties, about to waken after all this time with a kiss of peace from the Lord to bring us around, to see in us what He does, the true beauty He put there Himself as we came to know Him. We walked an aisle once when we fell in love with Him, did we not?

We are the beloved and He has given us sleep, Psalm 127:2 says, He knew we were up too early and on the go and staying up too late, and now by His grace He has given us rest, a chance to dream and to heal. And He will wake us soon. Let the sleeping bride rest, she may move mountains when she wakes or the beloved may be moving them for her.

No longer oppressed by the wicked steps, or just relatives or people in general. He is waiting to be a knight in shining armor. We have all been damsels in distress, afraid to love or be loved, afraid of being hurt again. We, like eve before us have all be deceived by an enemy, we have all deceived ourselves by not thinking the right way about ourselves and life and others.

Perhaps, we let our joy be stolen, compromised to much we believed in or were led astray. It could be that we were beaten and bruised literally or figuratively, or suffer a long time with pain or grief, deep hurts or sorrows that no one knew, the Lord knew.

And He promises beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and more, that He may be glorified in us. He wants to perfect and protect His love in us. He writes better love stories, and He wants us to live happily ever after. This will be a true royal wedding, with angels instead of guards and chariots instead of a carriage. As a blissful and peaceful, and even faithful bride of Christ we will live happily ever after. Rebecca Jones

Friday Bonus / The Marriage Supper


Many people do not believe in a pre -Tribulation rapture or catching away of the church. Personally, I do. without going into further detail of the whys and hows and suggestions of others, I will just stay with the marriage supper.

Imagine the best beach wedding ever. Jewish couples are married under a chuppah, pronounced ( hoop – ah ). Look at the canopy in the background. Traditional wedding were arranged, the father of the bride would give consent, the couple signed and agreement, called a ketubah, drank from the same cup.

The bridegroom to be then left the bride, for as long as a year. He was going to prepare a home for her. The bride and bridesmaids waited, it was common for him to show up unannounced and unexpectedly, even though they had a general idea of the time, the season, they may never have known the day nor hour.

That is why we are to keep our lamps lit lest they go out like the parable says, and we are not prepared to meet the bridegroom. Will He find us in faith? While no one knows the day nor hour except the Father, we are to be watching and diligent, some expect Him in the fall, during a feast day. I don’t suppose there is anything preventing Him from coming anytime the need arises.

The wedding lasted for up to seven days of singing and dancing and celebration. And there was a great feast. The seven days are the seven years of the Great Tribulation. No one precisely set a date, for a day is as a thousand years. It is in a twinkling of an eye. We could be gone and back in minutes, I just can’t say and no one knows but God.

Then Jesus will return, defeat the Anti Christ and remaining enemies and reign a thousand years. the devil will be loosed for season, some who are born have not been tempted and some still refuse Christ as Lord. But he will be bound cast into the lake of fire. And I used to want to see that, but now, I don’t care as long as he is gone.

And we will have an eternity with Jesus, our beloved, the happily ever after we have longed for, no more tears, no more pain or sorrow. Eternal life. We will enjoy a new heaven and earth. Every day will be new and we will just keep falling in love with Jesus day after day, over and over again. Sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, oh, what a love between my Lord an I.  I keep falling in love with Him over and over again. Rebecca Jones / pexels

The Holy Spirit, and the Bride

There are many who don’t believe in a Rapture of the church. True, enough, the word is not in the Bible, it’s called a catching away or in the Greek harpezo, meaning to snatch by force. It is like snatching someone from a fire or off a train track, not just taking their hand and walking them off. And true a lot of the teaching started in the 1800’s. Knowledge has increased more people, could read. God has a time clock, not like ours. We have just celebrated the Jewish New Year. And the Day of Atonement, could He come in the fall? Perhaps.

And those who believe in the Rapture, for it is a more familiar term, will be either pre, or mid trib, or think you go through the Great Tribulation. Without going into great detail, let me say, I agree with pre trib. There are arguments for the others but knowing Jesus as I know Him, He won’t leave us in that. Why? Didn’t God spare some from the Flood and Sodom and Gommorah. He went to great lengths to send Jonah to Nineveh, He even gives woe to cities of doubt and unbelief, saying others would have repented.

He went out of His way for the woman at the well, and waited for Lazarus to die, so He could raise him to show God’s glory. He went to the cross, He has pursued me in all my shortcomings, even though I thought I was chasing Him, Psalm 34:4, says to seek peace and pursue it. I have been pursuing the Prince of Peace a long time, but He was really following me.

People think the Rapture is the second coming of Christ, but I don’t. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says we are caught up to meet Him in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord. He doesn’t come to earth, that’s later to defeat the AntiChrist which is not much of a battle for Him and His returning saints, then when He sets up His kingdom, the Millenial reign, that is the Second Coming. Now, this is what I have been taught, learned from my studies.

To me, it is more important to know you are a believer and shine a light for others. Jesus said we would have tribulation but He had overcome it, this is different that the Great Tribulation, that spans seven years, though that time is very different on heaven and earth, that’s why we don’t know. I have a very deep, personal feeling that He would like to return, but the Father will say when or at least I think they will agree, they are waiting for every soul who will believe in His love, He is wanting to heal and deliver, so please, give Him a chance.

While there are those who think they can influence the time of the Rapture or bring on the AntiChrist with hate and violence or even war. God is still in control. We need to have self discipline and self control. We need to be the beloved the figurative church that is the proverbial Bride of Christ, without spot or blemish, to walk in white with no  wrinkle in the wedding gown, which is in truth a robe of His righteousness.

The only way we can do that is to be yielded to the Spirit and to be walking in love. So it is safe to pray to the Lord to help us give our will over to His, for His ways are perfect, and pure. The Holy Spirit helps us pray and His prayers are perfect. Even Jesus prayed not my will but yours as He wrestling the temptation and fear away from Himself in the Garden of Gethsemane.

If you don’t think He was afraid, remember He was human as well as the Son of God, and fear and torment aren’t the norm in heaven,  even the very Son of God had to trust Him and was in need of the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance. So, we as followers of Christ are not greater than He, Jesus knew we needed His Spirit, and that is why He returned to heaven. He knew one day He would welcome the Spirit and the bride. Rebecca Jones / Mihai Staphan, thanks.

Thank you joining me for Supernatural September that turned into Holy Spirit September. My October Writing Challenge is on again, this is the 4th year I have participated in it with Crystal Stine. I am doing. ” What Kind of Soul Are You? ”


Forever Hold His Peace



I’ve never been particularly fond of the basic marriage vows, or I guess, traditional ones. The Bible even says that the traditions of men make the Word of God to no effect. I guess I didn’t like the ’til death do us part. Standing there beginning a new life, that should be the farthest thing from your mind.

In sickness and health, well,we all get a cold or something minor, and I know, people want to take care of their spouses, but this is kind of dismal too. Almost as if we expect some lingering illness or terminal diagnosis. Again not the first thing that pops in my head as you are exchanging vows and rings.

Even the obedient line should be, ” Do you take this woman in obedience to Christ, to love and honor her, and cherish her with your life? ” That’s better, because men who are believers should put aside the immature and boyish and even selfish nature, that would have them leaving their wives. spending more time with the boys, the fixer uppers, in the garage. On the golf course, your wife will be teed off. Sorry, husbands.

And that’s not to say you can’t do things separate, just not all the time. She knows you may not want to go the mall and look at shoes, or get a manicure. But you could bake some cookies, have a date night, family night. Just have a fast food night so she doesn’t have to cook. Read to her, I like it. Write her a poem.

Do you take this man and do you take this woman are good questions. Remember, God created marriage between an man and a woman and wanted to be the Father of both the bride and bridegroom. He is the Father of the bride, in Spirit and of His beloved Son, the bridegroom, Jesus.

And you know that line at the end where the minister asks if anyone is opposed to this union, Let him speak now or forever hold his peace. How many times does anyone actually speak up? Oh, we’ve heard the stories, the ex’s come back for revenge, some true, some exaggerated. Maybe, a screwball comedy. We know parents object and the family feuds, a lot of fathers never approve of the son in laws and mothers think no one is good enough for their baby boy. And I understand. So imagine  how God feels about His children. He loves them more that you do.

So speak now, blessings, call things into existence as He does. Speak now, speak softly, speak truth and speak love. And forever hold His peace. God is the author of peace, He writes the best love stories, and they are happily, eternally, ever after. wedded to each other and betrothed to Jesus, accepted by the Father into the beloved Son, forever hold His peace, it is a gift. Rebecca Jones / Beatriz Perez Moya, thank you.


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Wedded To Peace

Wedded to peace? What does that even mean? It means something wonderful. It means that the Father loved us so much He gave us His Son. And if we are believers, we are the bride of Christ and He is the beloved bridegroom. And though a marriage in spirit, we are no less intimate with Jesus because He knows our hearts, even better that we know our own. He loves us more deeply than any husband could. Yet, He desires for our marriages to include Him, and He can make them loving and satisfying.

Jesus also knows the Father’s heart and He relays His hearts desires to our spirit, He gives us the desires of our heart. So Jesus as our bridegroom, can satisfy the longings of our soul. We are wedded to His plans for our lives and marriages and we are wedded to His grace, and we are wedded to His peace.

He gave us the promise of His peace in John 14:27. He willed us His peace and it was our inheritance. He had to wear a crown of thorns so that I could have His peace and  I walk in it now more than ever, because I truly know His love like never before. He had to die to give me peace. So why would I refuse such a gift, I dare not. Could I ever so be unfaithful to my beloved? I am wedded to peace.

And just how am I or are we wedded to peace? We have to receive it. It is a gift and we have to receive it, life would take from us but it is not the false peace of the world. It is not spiritualism or mysticism, yet, I hear someone define a life that follows Christ closely as being a mystic. I mean the enemy’s side. Though it is spiritual and there is mystery to Jesus but the Father promised to show us His plans if we called on Him. And now as a believer who has walked the aisle in white to be spiritually wedded to her bridegroom, the Father has placed us in the covenant of His peace.

A covenant is an agreement between two parties, binding and legal, eternal with the Lord. He has welcomed us in and accepted us into the beloved, Jesus. Our names are in His Book of Life. He even has a book of remembrance, an bottles full our tears, and golden bowls of our prayers, that are a sweet smell to Him. we have been justified, purified and sanctified, washed,even bathed by the water of His Word. His shed blood covered and removed our sins. We are white as snow.

He is our beloved bridegroom and we are flawless before Him, though we may not see ourselves so, the Father looks at us through the eyes of the love of the Son. So we should be quick, to believe, to receive and forgive. Our hearts should keep a repentant but not condemning spirit, so that we can be confident in Him. He cut the covenant of peace by sending Jesus, the angels herald the peace on earth.

He is Wonderful, Counselor, but also the beloved Prince of Peace. And we are His bride, He is the bridegroom. We are wedded to peace. We have walked the aisle escorted by our Father, and been kissed by His holy kiss of peace. He did not even have to lift the veil, He knows His bride, and has called her by name and she is His. Laban may have deceived Jacob by substituting Leah for Rachel who He loved, hence the use of a veil in weddings to this day. No, Jesus was not deceived, but gave His life willingly. He takes Rachel, the lamb, He was her substitute, so He could offer her His heaven. And yet He loves Leah, the doe eyed, weary bride. He knows that we are weak but He is strong. He keeps the covenant if we fail, He does not.

The veil of the temple was rent or torn at His crucifixion, it was some four inches thick, there is and even deeper study here, but the colors associated with it were upon His body. What He suffered for us weds us to Him in salvation, as a bride uses her husbands name, so we have His, His authority, His benefits, His gifts and His peace.

He does not want us to worry or to be troubled in our hearts, for He is there our beloved Jesus. He is in our hearts, a spiritual union the Father arranged, He calls many, but few are chosen, We did not choose Him, He chose us and calls us beloved, our Prince of Peace. Should we not understand and not refuse the gifts love?  We should be the beloved, the Father chose, and then we are wedded to peace. Rebecca Jones /pexels

Wednesday Bonus / Always A Bride


I know you have heard the old saying, ” Always a bridesmaid and never a bride. ” That’s about to change. When Jesus calls us to heaven, actually, it is true anyway, in a spiritual, and very real way. From the moment we walk the aisle to receive Him as Lord, we are always a bride. We are always beloved. We are His beloved and we are accepted into the beloved, which is Jesus by the Father, because of His sacrifice.

We may not think so, realize it, feel like it, or even act like it, but we are always a bride. In the spiritual sense, He is the bridegroom, we are His. He purchased us with His blood, redeemed us at the cost of leaving heaven. He called us by name. He will even give us a new name one day.

The joy of the wedding day will fade, the joy of belonging to Jesus should not. But like a marriage, things come our way and difficulties arise. It often drives couples apart, or at the least distances them, couples can live separates live under the same roof. There are arguments and indiscretions, even adulteries and lies. Words that were once spoken in love become harsh, trite, without any sincerity, even glib. I love you sounds like, I love soda or coffee.

Work and children demand time and couples are not as close, they often refuse to make time for themselves, and while putting children ahead of you is a good thing at times, God should have first place, so life falls into place. Get a sitter, have a date night, do not neglect the love that brought you close. It sounds reasonable, I know it is not always the case.

That is natural love, I heard this week that there is a Greek word for family love called,  “storge”. But wedded bliss to the bridegroom Jesus is different, agape. He always loves you, even if you are not as close to Him as you should be, even if you do not receive His rest or know the intimacy of His plans for your good. He prays for you. He longs to hold you. He is always there. He does not lie.

He will not leave you. You are not an orphan nor a widow. He rejoices over you the same as when you first loved Him, because He first loved you. Because He is altogether lovely, you are beautiful in Him.

He is seeking a church that is a pure bride, without spot or blemish, and He has it in us as women who walk in white before Him. We must never forget that He is love in the deepest sense of the word and His word are meant to calm us, to give us hope, we willed us His peace.

How many weddings have you been to? Were they informal of extravagant? Many women wear their mother’s gowns, and some keep them in trunks or display them some way, How about framing a veil, with a wedding photograph. I have even seen pictures hung over clock left on the time when babies were born.

Time and love belong to God as we do. He holds them in His hand and He makes eternity His, He makes all things beautiful, but it has to be in His time. He redeems it, and so should we. What are we doing today to share God’s love, can we spare Him some time?We should spend it wisely, being the beloved, and always a bride. Rebecca Jones / pexels

For your Maker is your husband, the LORD of hosts is his name; and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth He is called. Isaiah 54:5 Some translations say Jehovah or Yahweh.

A String of Pearls

I have been thinking about pearls, after reading a post that mentioned them. In fact the lady used the phrase holding onto my pearls. I guess I clutch mine too. In our series about the Father and brides, I really never included pearls. We are His pearls, He paid a great price for us. Pearls are sort of a staple here in the south. They go with everything, casual wear or work attire, with sweaters or blazers and even jeans. They adorn wedding dresses and little black ones.

They fit ankles and wrists and come in chokers or strands, Though I love the choker look, I have never been able to tolerate something really that close fitting. Strands are lovely especially in two or three lengths and I love the down the back look. There are rings and earrings too. I’m sort of a bracelet girl.

Whatever your preference, and however different our backgrounds, whatever our ethnicity or skin color, Jesus is our best adornment, the fragrance of His aroma perfumes our lives and He is perfect and the only way we’d have any hope of being anything worthwhile. He make us worthy, worthy of love and of grace and even favor and peace.

He left heaven for us and redeemed us with His shed blood. We are new creations in Him. Our new lives tucked away, hidden in Him. He gives us revelation of His love and what we are to become in Him. daughters of the King. More valuable than rubies, anointed and crowned whether we think so or not, we are bold and beautiful before Him, walking in white.

Can we taint that? We can both quench and grieve the Holy Spirit’s work in us and we don’t want to do that. Either, intentionally or unintentionally. We should be aware of the enemy’s devices but even more so the Lord’s great love, that He is slow to anger and great in mercy. He gives us new mercies every day. Grace is not a concept but a person, grace is Jesus.

His grace is sufficient, He is pure love and He will allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. He will cover us with His wings and we can rest in Him. He is our light and love and nothing separates us from it. We have a saying that southern girls wear pearls, well, it is more important to wear the love of Christ.

We are to do everything in love and with out complaining or arguing. Sometimes, that can be difficult. But we are to live in peace with all as much as possible, and that is what it says. There may be some things or people we have to avoid to stay a beautiful bride of Christ but that is alright.

Our Father loves His pearls of great price. He sent His Son to purchase us as the earth is the field in the parable. Will everyone be saved? Only those who believe in Him as Lord, and He is the only way, He said so. No matter what people believe He is the only one who gave His life for us. Philosophies and theories won’t do that.

Sometimes, I feel as though I have cast my pearls before swine as the saying goes, there are people who just don’t understand the Christian life. They think it is set of rules, and refuse to follow, when it is one commandment to love. And some people will use the grace message to justify sin and that is wrong as well. God knows our hearts and intents, and He know His pearls, the Holy Spirit strings us together, in a beautiful setting. It is wisdom to speak only what He tells you to share with others.

As the time grow near to His return we are drawn together by Jesus as we lift Him up. Whether in the churches or through internet or even a blog, women ( and even men ) can come together as a pearl belonging to Jesus, each one different but alike in His love, we are banded together, and like one of my bid band favorites, we are a string of pearls. Rebecca Jones / public domain

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Not My Father!


I hope I’m not going to upset anyone with this post. I realize we may have different beliefs. It is just that I have come to know God so much more than I ever dreamed possible. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, to hear what I was doing wrong. And He’s not that way at all. Though He will admonish you and He is firm.

The only problem He hates is for me to turn away and start to  wander into the old ways, going back to worrying.  And fear is a no no, not just a suggestion, it is a command. He wants you to love with His love. He is love, and freely gave His Son, He will not withhold His hand to us, rather we are in it always. We are engraved in His palm and He and  Jesus are one.

So, it bothers me to hear people consoling someone’s loss as God needing another angel, the Job line, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Yes, blessed be His name, He is magnified and praised. And yet, He’s got plenty of angels, innumerable, to be exact. He could make more, not take a baby. And God protected Job, which is a very old text from the days of Joseph, it was the devil who wanted to go after him, God doesn’t employ the devil, he was kicked out, fired.

The Holy Spirit is our teacher. The devil is the adversary, and he takes away. John 10:10 makes it clear. But God allows him. Yes, because we have free will and often choose to think badly of God. Sometimes, it is mercy, sometimes,we don’t know. We do have a say though, we can pray and believe. I realize that things happen, from living in a fallen world, from consequences of sin, free will. But God is not the villain He is made out to be.

I see storms that destroy homes and churches, and people call it an act of God. God does not cause chaos and confusion, He authors peace. The devil destroys. He sent Jesus to destroy his works and He did. The devil is called the prince of this world, the prince of the power of the air.

Now, I know perfectly well the verses you can quote, I can quote some back. I’m not here to argue. You see, God tried to reveal Jesus throughout the Old Testament. People were such pagans and idolaters, that many times, it was better not to mention the devil or they might follow him more. God tried hard to save more from the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, He brought the Deliverer called Moses, but they would not rest and let Him be God, they chose commandments they would break, kings who were wicked but God sent prophets. When He would have given them grace.

It is by no means a chess match, checkmate God has always won, game over, He is one up on the devil if not more, the King is on His throne. The wait for the Messiah was a long one, and still He was rejected. He was crucified but that gave us a chance to know our Heavenly Father, who gives good gifts, never changes, always loves.

He is tender enough to take our hurts away, to guard our hearts with peace, and mighty enough to save, heal, do the impossible and miraculous. Jesus took so much for us, He revealed it throughout the New Testament what He could not in the Old, and by His Spirit through Paul and John what He could not had He stayed. It was better for Him to go and send the Holy Spirit, so He could reach us all. Jesus brought grace and truth, do not abuse that gift.

Next time, something bad happens, it’s not always the devil, we live in a fallen world but have access to protection, but don’t believe for a moment that God is causing things, He may have to allow them because He keeps His word, He won’t interfere or intervene  without faith in Him, so pray and believe He is good all the time. He really is, even if you don’t see it. You probably have no idea how you are protected day after day. He has been good enough to show me many times, after the fact, because He doesn’t scare you.

He is a very present help in trouble, not causing the trouble. Call on Him, He will answer and show you things you never knew. And when someone gets on the news saying God did this or that, or trouble is brewing, you’ll know that He is available to reign in the waster, the destroyer, the ravager, and maybe you can say, ” Not my Father.” Rebecca Jones / Min An thanks.


Let The Father Love You

When I faced a situation in 2012, it took a lot of prayer, speaking in tongues, confessing the Word over me, but more than anything I had to know the Lord loved me. Like a lot of little girls, my father left. I think that does something to woman and how they perceive God. Even though I did have a family, was brought up as Christian, it leaves a hole or scar.

Nothing against my parents, nor anyone’s, blended families come together, and yet there are weekend visits and custody battles, the using of children as pawns, it happens, even among believers, why? Because people are human, selfish, ignorant of the Word. They do grieve  the Spirit.

I was trying to love God, to do what I thought was right. I did what I was taught was right, only it always wasn’t. A lot of the people charged with caring for me and teaching me, didn’t know how fully the Father loved them either. It wasn’t their fault, when grandparents had also separated. When their fathers were absent too. And theirs before dead, drunks or abusive? Who knows what was in the past of others?

No offense to old time religion, but the Bible does refer to following the Ten Commandments alone as the ministry of death, how much more glorious is the covenant that is both new and better through Jesus? They only had glimpses of His outpouring of love. It is hard to believe in a loving Father when you expect Him to be the hard man of the parable of the talents.

So many children have been afraid to approach their fathers, some men are hard to talk to. But you can discuss anything you need to with your Heavenly Father. Jesus made it possible to approach Him. He is not hard to talk to, but He will be firm and correct you because He loves you. He admonishes you.

He did not give us the Holy Spirit to be a spirit of fear, but of reverence, fear is from the enemy. In truth the Holy Spirit is the one with no fear, power and love, the sound mind, we have neither without Him. And we have Him now, like in No other time.  women in the Bible would have loved to see our days and know Him like we do.

Your mothers may have rocked you, sang to you, kissed your tears, But did your father? Did his? Even if you have no mother or father living, you have God, let Him love you. We can rest richly on the promise of His lavish love. He did not even spare Jesus, why would He withhold His hand of blessing? Why would He not love us? Is it just that hard to believe? Oh, we’re not good enough. No, we’re not worth it, but Jesus thought so, so we should as well.

For some of us, it has been too hard to believe. Even if our fathers loved us, they don’t compare to God. We can’t expect them to. Only in His love, being loved themselves and knowing it confidently can they even begin to. I used to pray for God to save people, now I just pray for Him to love them, if they can’t accept His love and not try to earn it, they will never know it and that is a shame.

Children will often say to look at them, and want approval. I just sang and danced in the walkway, at four, five and seven. I didn’t ask for approval, I had God’s even if my father had left. When I walked on the beach as beside still waters, I had His approval, and standing on a pier with the wind in my face, I had His approval. As I grew up I fought a battle to win approval from a lot of people. I didn’t need His. But it was not their battle nor mine, God was victorious even if it took me a while to get it. He approved of me, and stamped His Holy Spirit seal on my forehead, and off I went.

And still I never knew how much He loved me, His arms outstretched, His back gaping, His face mutilated. There was nothing wrong with me or the way I loved Him, I had to give myself the gift of loving me enough to let Him love me, that’s all. I was disqualifying me, though He never did.

So this month, whether daughter, or bride, or even mother or grandmother. Love yourself enough to let your Heavenly Father love you. And if you have an earthly father, pray for Him to know the Heavenly Father’s love. I will agree in prayer. It is the best gift, wedding or Father’s Day, or any day, let the Father love you. Rebecca Jones / pexels





Sunday Bonus: Letting Go, Father Knows

Years ago, I wrote a poem about letting go. I had read the story of an old woman who sat on her porch and held a handful of marbles, one by one, she dropped them into a bowl. When questioned about why she was doing it as she sat and rocked, she replied, ” I’m learning to let go of the things I loved. ”

Now, of course, I know that she was expecting to die, She had thought up a way to let go of what or who she loved by dropping a marble and perhaps, thinking about them or saying goodbye in a way. I wasn’t nearly the woman of faith that I am today and I haven’t read the poem lately, not sure I even still have a copy.

But her story is not without merit, because we do need to let go of things, not necessarily of the people we love. But cares, worries, fears, doubts, you could use marbles, stones in a pond, cards in a hat. Verses of scripture that applies to the situation, drop it in a little prayer box, leave it, don’t pick it up again. Jesus carried a cross for you, even though He told disciples to take up the cross, He had not been crucified, we were crucified with Him, raised to sit in heavenly places.

We have the Holy Spirit and can cry out Abba Father, all because of Jesus.  So why worry, fear, carry a cross of shame? When death reigned by Adam’s sin how much more life will by Jesus redeeming us? I know people die, not everyone will receive or can even believe for the miraculous, some choose heaven.

But we can be alive and remaining when He comes. Will He find faith? He asked that question. Will we be remaining in Him and He in us? Are we keeping His words in our heart, or are they too, being dropped like marbles? Are we letting go our first love, Jesus? Are our words strewn out among the winds, sowing a whirlwind. Or are they life and health to all our flesh? Like His?

Are we sowing seeds among rocks or thorns, do the (evil) birds come and take them away? Because we are not good ground? Because we did not understand His words? Because we gave up to easily or too soon and began to drop our proverbial marbles. And admittedly, the enemy has tried to make us lose them.

In the south preachers can be old time and hellfire, and we should be brought under conviction by the Holy Spirit for salvation, but then we should move past the message of falling short of His glory, and into faith, hope and love. Grace and peace. If all we ever hear is fear and condemnation, where are our grace and peace?

And by the same token, the grace message that is wonderful, should not be abused or taken out of context. Grace was not cheap and we should never cheapen His salvation and sacrifice with willful and unrepentant sin. That causes people of faith to question it. And sinners to question believers’ salvation, if there is no difference in their lives.

It’s time to drop marbles, I’m letting go of the things that hurt me, one by one, they drop into a bowl. A bowl that is one an angel holds and take before the throne like a prayer and I pray it is burned upon an alter, all the things that keep me from receiving God’s best. May it be a prayer of sweet incense that goes up before the Lord. Jesus sacrifice pleased Him, it was finished. I can draw near to God and Him to me.

I’m not letting go of the things I love, except in the sense of trusting God with them, for if I hold too tightly they slip through  my fingers but they are safe in His hand. I am letting go of hurts, disappointments and fears, worries, cares, stress and anger. He promised me peace and I want that, life and life more abundantly, I want that. So what is it I will let go of or you, something to think about today? Letting go, Father knows? Rebecca Jones / public domain / Be sure to read the previous post. Two today. God bless.