Leave Them To Heaven

There is a wonderful old movie called Leave Her To Heaven, starring Gene Tierney and Cornel Wilde. A writer falls in love with a woman who is beautiful but as evil as they come. She eventually murders his crippled brother, falls down a flight of stairs to miscarry a baby, and eventually poisoned herself to pin her murder on he and her sister, who has become his new muse.

Though not a lot of us would lead that type of life outside a theater or a novel, there are still people who we will cross paths with and we need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. I am so opposed to domestic violence and spousal abuse. I hate the verbal too, it is cruel and can destroy a soul that God created and called to be beautiful and full of his glory, not only the wife but even the husband.

I just read of a woman who compromised her faith and moved in with a man who seemed like a dream, but became a nightmare and killed her son. It happens everyday. And while these once in a blue moon kind of women that appeared in film came along very seldom before, the fact is the reality and crime shows are full of real people, real women and children, real violence, real murders. There are real cold cold cases and some things only God can solve.

There are probably statistics on this. Women were not taken seriously about being abused. it was not looked at as criminal to beat your wife or children. Dirty laundry was not aired. It is not just poor or uneducated, it is rich and over educated, not just black or white but very black and white, that it is wrong.

While any one of us may have argued, or pushed or shoved, or even spanked a child. God had a better plan. He wanted to be the head of the family and let it trickle down father, mother and children. God wasn’t punishing you with a set of rules that you could not keep, He planned marriage and parenthood.

Perilous times have escalated. Prayer is not in schools. People hate people for being different or for no reason. Some chldren raise themselves. People are slaves to alcohol and drugs and a macho stereotype of life. Jesus was the kindest, most gentle and strongest man ever, and look what He endured to save us. Even the worst of us.

I always encourage women, and women who have children to leave dangerous situations, I pray God gives you wisdom and a safe place to go. I pray a new wave of angels to flood the world and find you and bring someone to help you. I pray for God, Jesus, Himself to step in and cut the head of the viper off and free you and don’t look back. You are too precious to become a statistic, your children too precious. Give yourself a chance to live and learn to love again, the right way.

You are a person, not property, not a maid or doormat. You were created by your creator to love and be loved and nothing less, never settle for less. The only man you need that badly is Jesus. He will handle the tough cases, the hard hearts. I ask you to change yourself, pray for help, offer to help. But if it ever comes to dangerous point, walk away.

I know from personal experience, that some of the people I have tried to help over the years listened. Some still fought and argued. Some were always being counselled. Some never grew up. Some chose money or drugs over family time. And some pretended to know Jesus, but not the one I know who loves so.

There are some I cut off for a while, others God removed, some or many I prayed for, and saw little or no change. He answered the prayers. But did they receive? We still have free wills. I choose to love. I choose life. I choose joy and peace. And if necessary, I can say a final prayer, and leave them to heaven. Rebecca Jones

Beautiful Gene Tierney who also had a sad life, movie poster for the film.

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