God Is Behind The Scenes


God is working behind the scenes. Really, He is. Just like a director, He has written a perfect script. He does, whether some believe it or not have a perfect will and a permissive will. Jeremiah tells us about the good plans He has for us, if we are not walking in them, then we should be praying about it. Sadly, many Christians will walk far below what God has planned for them. Forgive me, but out of ignorance. We perish for lack of knowledge. Oh, we have knowledge, and even think it is superior or that we have to help God out like Sarah and Abraham tried to do, it doesn’t work. God is still smarter than we are, that’s why He is God and we’re not.

I am not condemning you as I have myself in the past. It was a popular Charismatic phrase to say, there nothing wrong with, God, the message, it must be you. People were being condemned right out their healing and many other blessings, the grace was theirs but when we are not in Christ, we are disqualifying ourselves. And then there are those who abuse their grace, who continue to live a sinful life, knowing and willingly, and He is not pleased.

How? It can be a number of reasons, it can be unforgiveness, greed, unbelief. The Holy Spirit can help you discern your strengths and weaknesses. We all have our faults and failures, Romans 3:23 is something that was drummed into us. Do you want to be saved by the skin of your teeth, plod aimlessly along or do you want to know the love of Jesus? It’s a choice.

But I am thankful His mercies are new every morning and the Jesus ushered in a time of grace and truth, and mostly that He left me His peace. He will restore you, put you in His perfect will, praying in the Spirit gives you perfect prayers. Bind things on earth, and loose the things of heaven. God allows what we allow, and we put up with way too much from each other and the devil. If we could seeing healing and more people saved, there would be revival.

God wants to bless us. He sent Jesus to free us. But we need to be free indeed. We must be willing to learn, have a teachable spirit and walk in the Spirit. We must love each other, deeply. Be tenderhearted, forgiving. We need not only to read and study the Bible but to be a doer, rightly divide. Don’t give in to the plans of the enemy who has set his mind to kill, steal and destroy. We want life and more abundantly, for it to run over and flow out to others.

We don’t need to be beating ourselves and others up with the cross. Jesus destroys the enemy and his works, but it is up to us to love. We have to let Jesus us love us or we will never know those plans to prosper and be in good health. Never under estimate the power of prayer, as you wait pray for others, knowing someone is praying for you, even Jesus, our intercessor and High Priest. he is not limited, He is unlimited.

God is at work behind the scenes, He gave us great dialogue in His Word for prayer and praise, He has staged the scenery, lit the stage, and we must take our cues, deliver our lines and follow our directions. We have missed marks, been off key and kilter, but He is a great director and one day there will a command performance. Rebecca Jones photo…/ Jakob Owens Unsplash Thank you. /Not About Me November

Soaring with Him Ministries


6 thoughts on “God Is Behind The Scenes”

  1. Rebecca, I am ever SO thankful for His grace! Where would I be without it?
    Yes, it’s true that we need to extend this same grace to others, instead of beating each other up.
    The world does enough of that already…

    Thanks for writing!


  2. I still struggle with asking why from time to time. There are some things not meant for our understanding but I keep my faith and hope that things will turn out good in this life and not just the next. Your neighbor at coffee for our heart!


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