When You Walk Away From God


I read that the worst words you will ever hear is Jesus saying depart from me, you workers of iniquities, I never knew you. And that has to be the truth. I can’t imagine hearing that. I know I never will. I thank the Lord immensely for it. I know Him. I have always known Him, even when I didn’t know how much I knew Him. I can’t imagine not knowing Him at all.

How do people get through the day without a prayer or a praise? How do they hear the news that they or a loved one are ill or a child? How do they go will no one to call on help when all hope is lost. Who do they believe in for a miracle? Who’s shoulder is strong enough to bear any  burden that comes your way? Who will gather your tears and put them in His bottle?

I can’t even comprehend the depth of despair, the horror, I can’t imagine the outer darkness, the demons, the gnashing of teeth, even though I wore mouth piece with TMJ. I can’t imagine eternal damnation, never a day of quiet or peace, always a noisy  screech, gut wrenching cries and screams of terror and fright, torment. Eternal flames, stench, misery, and thirst. Outer darkness?

And no living water. Can you fathom that people don’t believe in heaven or hell, or a loving Savior? Most people have heard of Jesus. But a lot of people simply do not know Him as the loving Son of God. They may not have respect or appreciation for His sacrifice. They probably have very little or no knowledge of the depth of the sacrifice. No knowledge of the Old Testament and lambs were presented to pay an atonement. Jesus, His only Son, was the only acceptable sacrifice to redeem a fallen world. While human sacrifice may have been common among pagans, even children or babies as in Moab, Jesus was the only one God approved of, even though He asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, He didn’t expect him or allow him to do it.

As a side note to that Isaac, born to an old couple was their pride and joy. Isaac means laughter. God tested Abraham’s faith but  would not take his joy, instead He gave His own only begotten Son. John 3:16 says He came to save the world, of course they have to receive it and believe it, and He did not come to condemn. But Romans 8:1, says there is no condemnation to us in Christ Jesus. That is a great comfort.

All His words are, the Bible is full of poetry, wisdom and directions for life. And extraordinarily full of love. Can you understand people walking away from that? But people do. They walk away from their faith for many reasons, and though I believe salvation is eternal, they are losing rewards and blessings in their lives, and might even cut it short with sin or worry. Or reckless living, like the prodigal son, it says riotous living.

People often get disillusioned with ministries or Christians in general. They may not have had a prayer answered. Or perhaps, someone the love died. There are many reasons that people turn away. the Lord will not force His love on them. And still He loves them in His rejection.

Jesus wept. He wept often over Jerusalem and I know He wept over Lazarus and in the Garden of Gethsemane. He wept for me and you, all of us as sinner. And no doubt, sometimes, even as believers. I will not walk away from Him, ever, will you? Yet, people will and they will one day, be turned into hell and hear those horrible worst words, depart from me, worker of iniquity. I never knew you. Rebecca Jones / free stock photo…


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