Show Me Some Respect


Father's daughter:

Years ago, I went back to the church where I was saved to see a televangelist. I remembered where the bathrooms were, and slipped out the back and went with my mother. We would have slipped right back in had  a lady not stopped us . I suppose she was an usher, but she was taking her job way too seriously and being confrontational. Yes, there was a prayer being said, but I wasn’t saying anything, didn’t have a screaming baby or unruly child in tow. She was rude, I wasn’t, I just waited.

I thought later how that might have discouraged someone less devout and determined. What if I had not been a believer? What if I had walked out without ever knowing Jesus? There are no ill feelings toward this lady, from years ago. I totally respected her decision, if not her demeanor. She must have been showing respect for the minister or maybe the Holy Spirit. I don’t know. I can’t recall anything that stands out, other than a little fear, a man trying to hit on me and this lady that I didn’t want to mess with.

I was respectful, and I ‘m not saying she wasn’t but ” Would you mind waiting until the prayer is over? ” would have been nice. Show me some respect. And when I ignored the pick up artist, he moved to the next girl, now he needed to show respect.

We have all been taught to respect our elders, most of the time I do. I have disagreed with some though. Children should obey their parents in the Lord, but “in the Lord” is the key. If you are always critical and condemning, you won’t get respect, that’s true of grown ups as well. That is not being “in the Lord.” He didn’t get offended like I will, I have said, ” How dare they do that or talk that way to me? ” Jesus knew who He was and didn’t have to argue. He kept his mouth shut way better than we do. He carried Himself, like a King. He dismissed a lot of things, like He woulda servant. His faith in the Father made His words a servant, and everything obeyed Him. He also cried and sought the lonely places to pray.

WWJD, what would Jesus do? No, watch what Jesus did! He didn’t argue, get into disputes, He didn’t get dragged into gossip or conflict. Was He the Son of God, yes! Was He love and peace and truth? Yes! Was He demanding? No. Was He commanding? Yes! Was He passive? Not in the least. He irritated and angered people, too bad. He’s in charge. He deserves respect!

Jesus carried Himself not in, pride, like that old fallen enemy but with with a divine purpose and presence. The King enters, demons bow and flee. We should bow our knee or head and show Him respect. We don’t have to disrespect people to serve Jesus, I’m still learning too. Sometimes, we give respect and don’t get it. Sometimes, we get no respect at all. Children need to know you mean business but not that you’re mean. Men do too. I’m still surprised at the good old boy attitudes. Don’t rail but don’t ever let someone start treating your badly and you won’t end up with problem. Take your spiritual authority, don’t allow, the enemy to kill, steal or destroy. And don’t take ushering quiet ladies from the bathroom like a secret mission.

Jesus loved and respected women and as Daughters of God, we should expect it. Demand it in an appropriate way. We can wear confident crowns because He wore our crown of thorns. Let’s do our Lord proud and show some respect. We are modern day Esthers and He put us here for such a time as this, to teach and give respect. Rebecca Jones


Intentionally Pursuing


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