Mary, Mary


There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

I took this photograph off my mother’s Pinterest board. It spoke to me about the sisters Jesus loved so. She has two sisters. They shared a lot together, and sometimes very little. And yet, everyone sees things from different perspectives. For most of my life, I thought of them as my three graces, I still do, though they were not always so because we are all human and have our moments.

Let’s face it, we’ve all failed to call someone, send a card, maybe forgotten a birthday, and for some reason or another missed a holiday get together. It happens, families grow apart. The enemy targets them with division.We are all going to have to do better before Jesus  comes.  How will we get along in heaven, just because it’s heaven? Why do we have so much trouble getting along here? I’ve read a lot lately about how the enemy has attacked families and seen people asking for prayer for those closest to them, it seems they are he hardest to talk to or pray for.

In truth, sometimes we just don’t want to do it or go because of the same old reasons. I hated being asked why I wasn’t married or being told I should be glad I wasn’t, when I wanted to be, the right way, the holy way, God’s way. I wanted someone to pray with me and for me, not the average arguing and status quo.  But I’m the dreamer.  A lot of times people misunderstood me. I speak very clearly even with a southern accent.  It’s the old selective hearing, and still seeing me as a child.  From the conversations we had, the same old ones, it’s clear to see when your family doesn’t know you well.  There’s always that line about how much weight we’ve put on, or how old we’re getting. “Are you really going to eat all that?”  “You’re how old, seems like you’ve been around forever. ” I plan to be, eternal life.

And I want to enjoy some of the life more abundantly while we are here.  I used to watch ministry teaching tapes eight hours a day.  And I watched mother read for hours on end. I encouraged her to balance it out. Truth is the enemy was stealing from us with cares of the world and wearing us out, to keep us from holding onto God’s truth. We had been hungry for that intimacy with the Lord.  The enemy always countered with one problem or another, the more we studied healing, the more we needed it.  I spent to much time focusing on overcoming fear, instead of on the most important thing, love.

We are all going to have to do better. We need to search deeply our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit, forgive and forget all the pettiness, perceived wrongs or real ones. We must take the focus off of us and how we feel or what we think and let go and let God do a work. We are His workmanship, He will not forsake the works of His hands, but some of us are still spinning on the potter’s wheel. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Mark 11:23 has been a source of contention. It is important what we say, because it is what we believe. And it’s important what we think because it becomes what we say.  The enemy comes for the Word sown into our hearts, the words we pray that line up with that, he wants to choke it out of you, cause you to doubt, to draw you away from Jesus. Mary found her place at the feet of Jesus and it made her sister angry. She needed help in the kitchen. There are so many ways he sows division.  That’s why we must rely on the Holy Spirit, our gift from Jesus. We may not be able to sit at His feet, but He gave us the Holy Spirit of the Living God to teach us, to make us remember, to help us forgive and even forget.

It is not just a name and claim it or mind over matter or positive thing formula.  It is about the beauty of grace that Jesus provided us with through His death and resurrection and the power of His blood.  My mother and I are close, she was young and it was hard for her. It is a miracle we survived.  We spent a lot of time looking to get to know someone we already knew, who knew us better than we knew ourselves. The only thing we were really missing is understanding the depth of that love. We have had many miracles since, some we realized. Some we are just beginning to see, by looking back and know that really was the had of God intervening.

I always tried to do a lot of housework for her. She says I do too much. I’d say not nearly enough. Though we disagree on some things, we love each other and we know it. But there have been times when didn’t always say it, when cares of the world got in the way. It happens in marriage, between sisters, friends and family. I always say if you love some make their live easier not harder.  Is it such a big deal to take out the trash or fold laundry and let someone spend that quiet, rest time with Jesus? Go out for breakfast, instead of watching television, or mowing the lawn, let your beloved rest. It works both ways.  But women are especially in need of intimacy with God, they desperately crave the communion of the prayer closets of their hearts.

Jairus thought he needed Jesus to touch his daughter. The centurion knew that His word was good enough, he understood authority. Husbands need to as well. Jesus was comforting not domineering. Both the centurion and the woman Jesus calls a dog, actually, it translates to puppy, were not Jews and He said they had great faith. The disciples He admonished, they had little faith, it didn’t last long. The enemy could get it. But they were used to the law. These two with great faith were not under that law, they just believed Jesus.  He have us a new law, a  new commandment, to love.

The man beside the pool told Jesus he had no one to help him get in. Yet, the Healer is standing right there. Even the beloved sisters were unsure about raising Lazarus, or if He had been there, he would not have died, and they believed in the resurrection in the future, yet there He stands.  Jesus is with us as well in the person of the Holy Spirit as a believer, we have Him and need to let Him guide us in truth.  We can all help each other out and take turns being Mary, things still get done, and some things are not important at all in comparison to the relationship with Jesus that Mary had.

Mother has a picture of them on her Women in the Bible board. It shows them with Jesus. Martha,Martha, full of work and worry…Mary, Mary has found what is most important and it will not be taken away. While we can all see ourselves in certain Bible characters, we have all been both sisters at one time or another. We don’t  have to compete for Jesus attention, there’s enough of Him to go around.  My mother is like a sister too, and we will be making time for each other to get into His presence.

I for one, have found my place at His feet and I can weep tears of joy, as the years of anguish melt away. He will never leave me or forsake me. I will hold  fast to His promises and know He is true to His word, He doesn’t care how old I am.  I am His Child. But I am a woman of faith and grace. He’s blessed me with youth, I look twenty years younger than I am. He ‘s not concerned with how much i weigh, but how much I believe and love Him and others.  Weights and chains that we have forged for ourselves melt in His glory.  He is not concerned with denomination, skin color, size or shape only if we are willing to trust Him.

Look at the picture, I could have used the Jesus one but this caught my eye because Mary, on the right appears to be consoling her sister, perhaps even apologizing. Was she angry, bitter or jealous?  Let’s search our hearts, we all need Him and deserve and can enjoy time with Him. He will listen, meet you at your level of faith. If I ” get it” maybe you don’t. That’s okay, I’m guilty of that, expecting people to see it my way. And if you, ” get it ” and I don’t. I’ll still be trying. There is no room for or need to apologize for loving Jesus.

I may have been a dreamer, Joseph, felt like I was swallowed up like Jonah. But Colossians 3:3 says that we have died  to our old lives, and our new life is hidden in Him. Don’t we owe it to the Lord and to ourselves to talk about Him everyday to our families. Pray together, for each other, according to His Word.  He is our everything if we will let Him be, our treasures are in Him, that’s why if I’m kneeling somewhere or singing softly a song of praise as I prop my head upon my pillow at night, I’ve found what’s most important, no one takes Him from me, maybe He’s smiling and thinking, or whispering, Mary, Mary.

Rebecca Jones


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