Being Mother and Father


Being a mother is hard work at times. But when you find yourself being mother and father to your children, it sometimes seems impossible. Let me assure you, with you, it probably is  but not with God.

You may find yourself in the predicament of raising girls and wanting them to have a father, then dating becomes a problem. As a Christian, you should not be one of those women who have sleep overs or allow their children lots of  ” Uncles “, that being said, there is a real need for girls to have a protective and stable, firm and loving man in their life, possibly, a relative.

But make no mistake ladies, God gave women inner strength and if you have to step in and fill the role He will help you do it. there are so many snares of the enemy to fall into. So having a dialogue is essential with children. Be honest, get on the level of smaller ones, try to remember being a teen, and strike up the conversation with them. You don’t have to get into your personal life. That’s is still your decision, but be aware of making a good choice for all of you. God can help with that and the discipline.

Many men may tell you that women can not raise boys to be good men, it takes a man. I beg to differ, knowing of women that have done it. That’s another lie from the enemy. Not necessarily told intentionally by men but a deception, none the less.

It may take a firm hand. You might have to ask the Lord to toughen you a little, but if you have the willing heart to take over both roles, wait for Him to send you the right spouse, He will help you.

God will let the Holy Spirit discipline hard to handle boys, you may not see Him at work but He will, if you allow Him to. So don’t be afraid. God is on your side. He will fight for you and defend you if you just be still.

I know women suffer many things and many trials but God will see you through every one of them. Give God your best and He’s already given you His. In my own prayer time seeking the Lord Iwas reminded that a loving Father instructs children in love and sows God’s Word into them, they are never too young to start learning about Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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